a role play i am doing with someone on a chat site
this is an r p that i did with a friend of mine that lead to her being my slave she is in another state but i plan on having her move in with me and being my slave for real after college enjoy ;) btw the parts the use :example are emote codes for the site we use

abby: so what roles you want now?

me: what do you mean?

abby: i mean weve done the vamp one now lets switch so what other roles you got?

me: umm well the others are kinda rough

abby: lol your taking to the girl that almost ripped your throat out when we first played

abby: well <3 :) bring it on

me: well lets see your my sisters annoying friend and you come over one day for her but shes not home just you and me and i teach you a lesson

abby: sounds good you start

me: same details as usual im wearing jeans and a white tee sitting in the living room when you show up

abby: i knock hard on the door "marisaaaaa!! let me in!!"

me: i answer the door "its a normal house you dont have to knock so loud"

abby: "bite me rob" i barge inside "marisaa?"

me: i close the door and follow you "shes not home"

abby: "what? you said she was here on the phone"

me: "well she was then she left"

abby: i turn around on the stairs "great im stuck here till midnight ugh"

me: "well hang out till then i have something to show you anyway" i say heading upstairs

abby: "fine what is it?" i follow you

me: "right this way" i say opening my bedroom door

abby: walks in "well where is it?"

me: i come in and close the door hitting the lightswitch leaving us in darkness

abby: "hey not funny" i swing my fist hitting the wall "goddam it rob not funny!"

me: "what you dont like the dark? thats the reason you came over at night isnt it" i laugh walking around you

abby: i swing around trying to hit you "seriously not cool turn on the dam light"

me: i grab you from behind and pin your arms behind your back laughing

abby: "hey let me go asshole"

me: i walk you forward into a smaller room and close the door locking it "comfy?"

abby: "no no no not funny please let me out!" i pound on the door scared knowing its no joke anymore

me: i turn on the closet light revealing a box with your name on it

abby: "someone has seen too many movies" i laugh looking at it

me: "open it" i say sitting down

abby: "fine" i growl opening it

me: inside there is a black leather collar with a red horizontal stripe and your name on it a red silk blindfold and a leash

abby: (oh my god :blush)"i am not wearing these!"

me: "fine then starve to death"

abby: "fine" i put them on "there on"

me: "i want you kneeling then ill open the door"

abby: i kneel "done now open up"

me: i unlock the door and open it and stare down at my new pet smiling

abby: "well what now?"

me: i grab your leash making you stand and pull you from the closet

abby: i follow

me: i let go and sit down again "rule one you will remain naked when were alone"

abby: "w-what?! n-naked...n-no i cant do that"

me: "its either strip or do things the hard way"

abby: "the h-hard way? i just cant"

me: i grab your leash and yank leading you downstairs "then its the hard way"

abby: i follow feeling the collar pull tight as we head downstairs

me: i lead you down to the basement

abby: "wh-where are we going?"

me: i stop and turn around "you dare question me?!"

abby: "n-no" i look away

me: "good" i open the door and lead you down the stairs "close your eyes i want this to be a surprise"

abby: i close my eyes

me: i step hard as we head down the stairs letting my footsteps echo

abby: "wh-why are you doing this?"

me: i stop at the bottom of the stairs and yank on your collar forcing you to the ground "what did you say?"

abby: "nothing i-im sorry"

me: "come" i yank again forcing you to crawl

abby: i crawl along the cold floor

me: i stop next to a wall with chains on it pulling on your leash "stand"

abby: i stand

me: "last chance strip?"

abby: "no"

me: i chain you spread eagle to the wall

abby: "wh-what the hell is this!?"

me: "your punishment" i walk over to a trunk and pull out a long black whip

abby: my eyes fly open "please no im sorry ill strip please dont whip me!" (whips and chains too? omg :blush)

me: (thought youd enjoy that ;) ) "too late" i say running the whip along your back

abby: "god no anything but that please!"

me: "your right i cant whip you" i walk over to the trunk grabbing some scissors "clothed"

abby: "please no stop ill listen no" i plead feeling the scissors against my skin

me: i cut off your top and bra "how many times did you refuse to strip?"

abby: "i-i wasnt counting" i say biting my lip

me: "well once in the bedroom once down here and you tried to deny your disobedience so thats 3"

abby: i cling to the wall pulling at the chains " please!" i tear up a bit

me: "1!" i bring my hand back and crack the whip across your shoulder blades

abby: "ow! stop please no" tears flow down my cheeks

me: "2!" i smack you again this one lower

abby: "ah! please im sorry stop!" i stop pulling at the chains and let myself hang there

me: "3!" i whip you again then coil the whip and hang it on a rack next to the chains "have you learned your lesson?"

abby: "y-yes m-master" i nod

me: "good now" i release you and sit back down "come" i motion with my finger for you to come to me

abby: i stand and begin to walk towards you

me: i stand quickly and pull my hand back ready to smack you "did i say you could stand!"

abby: i drop to my hands and knees "no s-sir"

me: i sit again and watch you crawl to me

abby: i kneel next to you looking up at you my fear replaced by slight arousal and submission

me: i smile down at you "strip" i command

abby: "yes master" i stand and remove my jeans and panties fast tossing them aside covering my legs a bit hoping you wont notice how wet i am

me: "rule two you must wear this everywhere" i say tapping your collar "but you may cover it in public"

abby: "th-thank you master" i sob a bit

me: "now do you want to please me?"

me: .....

at this point her mother caught her up late and made her go to bed this is what transpired early morning when we spoke again

Abby: hey

me: hey

abby: how you robby <3

me: excuse me?

abby: i mean m-master :blush

it pretty much was us discussing many things about her new role as my slave until she had to go to school and when she went to school she obeyed rule 5 which was only wearing outfits i aproove and rule 3 no panties she is a good slave and i can not wait to meet her and use her like the fuck toy i know she will be lol i also told her that one thought i had was since she enjoyed humiliation id call a mistress to come share her she didnt mind that then i added that i might just tie her to a chair and force her to watch as the mistress and i fuck in front of her her response was D: not funny :'( sharing is ok but thats just mean and i ended our convo with then thats a good reason not to upset me isnt it? lol she also said that another slave would be cool if it pleased me and i made her beg when she asked for a picture of me i love it when she begs hope you all enjoyed more to cum for sure ;)


2013-02-09 02:36:26
in case any of you are wondering what our condition is i haven't spoken to her in about 6 months which sucks but oh well life goes on


2012-09-27 01:27:17
glad you enjoyed it and ive been to chat ave i must agree they do usually have lots of slaves there but its been down recently so i have to stick with and hope something comes along :P


2012-09-24 00:22:26
Wow that was very good. I also love to RP. They only thing with me though is I get very detailed with RP like im actually there and what not. But Chat-Avenue is a good place to find what your looking for as in slaves and RP chat b/c I go there all the time :) LOL


2012-09-17 02:15:38
i found mine in a chat room try putting an ad out online or go to sometimes theres lots of subs there

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2012-09-16 20:58:30
No seriously, where can I get one?

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