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As the Battle of Hogwarts comes to an end Harry Potter would like nothing more than to have a peaceful life with Ginny Weasley, unknown to Harry there's still one man that seeks his death.
Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.

Authors Note: I apoligise for the delay in this chapter. I appreciate that you all care so much about the series i have created and enjoy reading it so much, and in the future i will try to complete my stories more quickly.

Part 10

Harry and Ron woke the next morning alone. Hermione and Ginny had left early, having left a note explaining how Mrs Weasley didn't know where they had gone and that it was best they got home before she found out.

Harry and Ron were severely disappointed. They'd both woke up horny as hell and quite fancied a little fun with their girlfriends before the big match. They did consider wanking over the naked pictures of Ginny and Hermione again, but came to the conclusion that they could probably hold on another night until they were back in England.

Around 10am the team coach came into their room and ordered them downstairs for a pre match meal and tactics discussion.

'Right the keepers vision isn't brilliant and her handling's been poor recently so attempt some shots at goal from range.' The coach barked as Harry tucked into his bacon and egg sandwich. 'Oh and Galvin, their seekers agility is good so watch out for that.'

Harry really wasn't interested in the the coaches pre match instructions. To him this game was just a matter of enjoying himself and helping raise money for a worthy cause. And to be honest he couldn't wait to get home. He was already missing Ginny, and he had an important meeting with the Ministry in a couple of days that he and Hermione needed to attend.

'I hope I don't make a fool of myself today.' Ron whispered, not looking up from his untouched food.

'Don't worry about it, you've been in good form for the youth team and it's just about making a spectacular game for the fans who have paid out a fortune for tickets. They'd probably prefer you let a couple in anyway.' Harry said.

In all honesty this did no favours for Ron's confidence. And as the team started to pack up and leave for the stadium he had turned his usual shade of green with nerves.

The team walked out into the bright stadium. Over 150,000 wizards and witches had turned up to see the biggest Quidditch match on American soil in over 100 years. The coach had decided Harry would be captain for the game as he was the most well known in the team and would provide a good foundation of support. Harry had his suspicions that all the coach cared about was trying to sweeten Harry up so that he might join their team.

As part of his role as captain he gave a quick speech to the team out on the pitch about representing English pride in the match. He then had to speak with the match referee and shake the other captains hand.

With a sharp blow of the whistle all fourteen players kicked off. Harry hadn't trained with Alicia or Katie or seen them play since school and he was instantly surprised at how much they had improved. Within a matter of seconds they had gained possession and passed to him. He hadn't expected the pass so soon and the ball had hit him in the face. Luckily Katie had managed to swoop below him and collect it before the Americans did.

'CONCENTRATE HARRY!!!' The coach shouted from the stands.

It took him a while to adjust to playing chaser, but after about 10 minutes he'd picked up his game and was on the same wavelength as Katie and Alicia. He'd even managed to score a goal! Yeah he had been aiming for the right hoop and not the centre one, but he didn't think anyone noticed. Katie and Alicia were on a different level however. They darted inbetween opposition players, making smooth passes and never giving the ball away.

After 15minutes the Cannons were leading 110-20. Ron had picked up confidence before the game, maybe a bit too much, and was pulling off a lot of spectacular saves. Playing up for the fans however had cost him two goals.

The game continued to flow with some brilliant goals, brutal bludger hits and at the very end a dramatic race for the snitch. Galvin had been beaten to the snitch by the American seeker after a low dive.

So the Cannons lost 210-240. No one was downhearted except for the coach, who yelled for 10 minutes in the changing rooms after. They had put on a wonderful show for the American supporters and knew that they would help a lot of people with the money they had raised.

Everyone soon made their way to the players lounge, where there was journalists, sexy women and free beer waiting for them.

After two hours of interviews, plenty of vodka shots and lustful women attempting to catch their eye, Harry Ron and Galvin formulated a plan for the rest of the night.

After gathering up some more people they headed out into town. Alcohol was fuelling their minds as they made their way towards a gentleman’s club similar to the one Galvin had told them about. They finally found one tucked away in a small part of town. From the outside Harry thought it looked like a shit hole and considered heading back to the hotel.

When he got inside though there was no way he was going to leave. The establishment was made up of a large room, bathed in dark red light, soft music playing out of big speakers. There's was around 10 metal poles spread around the room, with half naked women spreading their legs around them.

'Have fun boys.' Galvin said with a wink as he instantly made his way to a dancer on her own.

Harry noticed that she was only wearing a pair a knee high leather boots and a pair of red pants that had a hole cut on the front, revealing her shaved pussy to everyone.

'Harry, I don't know where to look first.' Ron said, his eyes wide open with amazement.

Harry honestly was too speechless to reply. Its not like he hadn't seen a naked women before. In fact he'd seen both Ginny's and Hermione's boobs just the night before. It was the fact that there was so many pairs of boobs and the odd pussy, that he couldn't believe he was actually here.

Finally regaining the ability to talk, Harry turned to Ron.

'Do you think we'll get in trouble if the coach finds out?'

'That's unlikely, he's sat over there with the other coaches.'

Harry looked to where Ron pointed. He was right, the head coach and all 3 assistants were huddled in the corner of the room, sipping champaign and slapping the strippers arses.

Harry couldn't help but laugh. Talk about setting an example.

It was at this point that two women walked up to Harry and Ron. One was quite short with blonde shoulder length curly hair, her curvy body squeezed into a very small muggle school uniform. The other was taller with short black hair, wearing nothing but a policeman’s hat, black tie and a very tight latex short shorts. He small perky boobs bounced ever so slightly as she walked towards them.

'Hiya boys, my names Cindy.' the blonde one said.

'And I'm Belle.' the other one said.

'And what we'd like too know is if you two handsome boys would like a special dance.' Cindy said with a wink, whilst Belle bit her bottom lip seductively.

After a quick glance towards each other, where they silently agreed that no harm would be done by them just having a dance and that they'd never speak of it back in England anyway, Harry and Ron agreed.

The two girls grabbed their hands and guided them through the back door. There was a corridor leading towards a managers office, but on either side of the corridor there was countless rooms. After finding a couple that were empty Harry made his way into one with Cindy and Ron went off into another room with Belle.

Harry took in what the room looked like. It had the same dim red lighting like the main room, and the same music was playing through a small speaker in the corner. The only furniture in the room was a old comfy chair in the middle of the room, which Cindy told him to sit in.

Just as he took a seat another women came into the room. Harry thought for a moment he was going to get a dance off of two beautiful girls because the new girl was dressed sexy, when he noticed the words 'Bar Staff,' printed on the back of her very low cut top.

'I noticed you come in sir, can I interest you in any drinks a tall.' She asked, asif the line was engraved in her brain.

'Ermm just a beer.' he said.

This got the attention of Cindy. After glancing at him she said 'He's not having a pathetic beer, get him a triple whiskey and a line.'

The bar women quickly returned with his drink and a line of powdery white stuff.

'Ermm excuse me, what's this?'

'Don't tell me you've never heard of Coke before?!'

'Ermm yeah it's a fizzy drink isn't it?' Harry replied, confused.

Cindy just rolled her eyes back and then knelt down and sniffed all the powder.

'Never mind sweetheart, just drink your whiskey.'

Harry knocked his drink back in one and felt its affects almost instantly. His head started to spin a little and his voice began to slur, but his excitement grew.

'Sooo...we go..going to st-start this dance baby.' he said like a drunken fool.

Cindy didn't say anything, she just passed him a piece of laminated paper. It took Harry around 5 attempts to read the list sheet properly. It had a listed of different quality of dances at varied prices.

Well if he was going to pay for a dance he might aswell get the best available he thought to himself.
Looking down the list he noticed that the Luxury Dance was the highest priced one. So he told Cindy which one he would like and handed over the £200. (He'd had some gold changed especially for the trip)

After she locked his money away in a safe she turned the music up on the speakers.

Leaning forwards, and giving Harry a lovely view of her cleavage, she whispered softly in his ear.

'I promise your going to enjoy this, now just sit back and relax.'

Harry found that he couldn't do anything other than sit back and relax. The alcohol was tearing through his body now and he just slumped down in the chair.

The music started out slowly. Cindy was swaying her body in time with the song, rubbing her hands over her legs, bum and tits. As the song picked up in pace she began to unbutton her shirt seductively, never breaking eye contact with Harry. Soon her tits were out, and Harry couldn't believe how wonderful they looked. So perfectly shaped with large erect nipples. As Cindy carried on dancing to the song they began to bounce up and down gently.

She then turned away from him, breaking eye contact for the first time. Bending over infront of him, her skirt pulled up revealing her smooth curvy arse and to Harry's surprise, bald glistening pussy. She wasn't wearing any panties.

She pushed back into Harry, grinding herself onto his lap, looking round to see his expression. Harry could feel himself getting hard.

'Ohhh aren’t you a big boy.' Cindy said seductively as she stood up and faced him.

Pulling her skirt down and kicking it away she stood in front of Harry completely naked, looking at his tented trousers. She straddled his lap, grinding her pussy against his clothed cock in time with the music. Grabbing his hands she placed them on her tits. Harry tried to give them a squeeze but his arms felt heavy as his head began to spin even more. Unable to keep his arms aloft, Harry let them fall, caressing her stomach as they went until one of his hands brushed against her wet pussy.

'Ohhh cheeky.' Cindy whispered as she pushed her hips out, aiming her pussy for his hand.

Harry just about managed to drag his arm away from her. He didn't want things going to far. Cindy carried on grinding against his erect cock, leaning forwards so her boobs slapped against his face.

She carried on doing this for around another minute before she began to pull away. Harry was quite glad the dance was coming to an end. Well he was until she started to caress his chest, then his stomach, and then start to pull at his trousers.

Harry tried to speak, tried to tell her to stop, but the alcohol had really addled his brain and all that came out was a series of grunts.

Cindy had managed to forcefully remove his trousers and boxers so he was naked from the waist down. She reached out and grabbed his hard cock, beginning to stroke him slowly. Leaning forwards her mouth got ever closer to his cock, until she reached out her tongue to lick...

Harry tried to move, to stand, to push her way or to just do anything. But he couldn't function his body properly, his arms wouldn't move. He tried to shout for help but again all that came out was a series of noises. He noticed dark patches begin to form in his eyesight, as everything became blurry.

And as Cindy's tongue finally brushed against his cock, Harry's eyes rolled back into his head and he passed out thinking of one thing. Ginny.

Harry woke up in his hotel room the next day with his worst hangover to date. Although he couldn't actually remember drinking much last night. In fact he couldn't remember anything.

Turning to his side he noticed Ron was lying in his bed. Ron will most likely remember what happened last night when he wakes up, Harry thought to himself. It was then that Harry noticed blood spread over the white sheets.

Quickly grabbing his wand off the bed side table, he rushed to Ron's side. It wasn't a pretty sight. Ron's face was black and blue, cuts everywhere and a nose that was clearly broken. He was however peacefully sleeping.

It was just when Harry thought of waking Ron that Gavin walked into the room.

'Morning Harry.'

'What the fuck happened to Ron?!'

'You can't remember? You were there after all.'

'I can't remember anything after the match.' Harry said.

'Well you better sit down. It was a long night.' Galvin responded.

He quickly explained to Harry all about some of the team and coaches going to the gentleman’s club, and all about Cindy and Belle. Vague images came back to Harry as the story was retold.

'...Well when I noticed how long you and Ron were in that back room for I started to get suspicious.' Galvin explained. 'A lap dance doesn't take that long. So anyway I walk into the cubicles and I find the two tarts you went off with sitting in the corner having a drink. When I asked where you and Ron were they just laughed and pointed to the back door. And that's where I found you unconscious, half naked and Ron beaten to a pulp.'

'But how did we end up there?'

'Slow down, I'm getting to that.' Galvin snapped. ' Well when I seen the state of you two I portkey'd you both back here and then went back to the club. I found the two girls you'd gone of with and forced answers out of them using magic. Turns out they'd slipped you and Ron some ecstacy into your drinks, and before you ask that's a drug that muggles use.' Galvin said as he noticed Harry's confused face.

'Anyway, so the girls told me about your drinks and I think it was the magic in you trying to repel the effects of the drugs, but it caused you to react differently to how the girls planned.'

'Why what happened?'

'Well you basically passed out, and the fact I found you with your trousers round your ankles outside doesn't sound very reassuring about what happened whilst you was out. They'd also took your wand, not that they knew what it was mind probably just thought it was valuable. But I managed to get that back for you.' Galvin explained.

'So how did Ron get in this state?' Harry asked.

'Well he reacted to the drug a little differently to you.' Galvin said. 'He didn't pass out, he just got really really angry when the stripper tried to touch his cock. The bouncer heard a commotion, walked into the room to find Ron punching the women in the face. Well the bouncer was a lot bigger than Ron, and he didn't have time to reach his wand. After he'd beaten Ron up until he was barely conscious, he chucked you both out into the back ally and left you there.'

'What a prick.' Harry said in disgust.

'Don't worry Harry I got him back for you, he's now a big bouncer with the worlds squeakiest voice.' Galvin said through laughter.

Just then there was a knock on the door and the teams medi-witch walked in.

'You wanted me to come up Galvin?' She said as she walked into the room.

'Yeah thanks Amelia, he's just there on the bed.' Galvin replied, pointing towards Ron.

Amelia spent a few minutes stood over Ron performing a variety of spells and applying a tub of lotion to his bruises.

'He's fine now, although I wish you boys would be more careful.' Amelia said sincerely.

'We do try our best.' Galvin replied.

'Well I’ll see you later.' Amelia said to Galvin as she left, although her little wink didn't go unnoticed to Harry.

'Amelia needed some company last night, if you know what I mean.' Galvin said, smiling.

Harry couldn't believe how free from care Galvin was. Trust him to shag the only female member of staff on the team, who also had to happened to be a beautiful brunette who owned a nurses outfit.

Ron woke up not long after being restored by Amelia. Unfortunately he couldn't remember a thing from the previous night either, so Harry and Galvin repeated the eventful tales from the night before once again.

After Ron spent considerable time listening to the story it all became a joke to the three of them. A proper lads adventure. Their good mood however was broken when the teams head coach came storming into the room yelling about how he had spent all morning obviating journalists who were writing a article about how British Quidditch stars were out of control and a bunch of hooligans.

After the the coach had shouted himself dry he stormed out of the room. Once out of earshot, Harry, Galvin and Ron just burst out laughing.

Ginny pulled her pants up and climbed out of bed. It had been two nights since she'd last seen Harry. To many others that would seem like no time atall, but too her it was a lifetime. She'd waited on Harry for 6 years until they'd gotten together. 6 years of desire. So now that she finally had him she couldn't stand not being by his side. She'd even tried to find some solace in the little note pad that Harry had bought her. She hadn't used it, other than to talk to Luna, since Harry had moved into her room. Harry had obviously forgotten all about his because Ginny had found it in his draw.

She'd also become accustomed to the late night romps in bed with him. Not since he took her virginity had she masturbated. Yet here she was this morning. Harry wouldn't be home until late that night and she had decided she just couldn't wait that long.

So she had used her own hand as a source of pleasure. Unfortunately, no matter how much she tried, she just couldn't give herself an orgasm any more. So still desperately horny and frustrated she began to get ready for a highly uneventful day.

Molly Weasley however had forgotten all about the boys coming back today. The girls seemed desperately lonely without them and had spent much of the weekend either visiting Luna or Neville.

This had given Molly and Arthur, and their new found sex drive, the whole house to themselves. Without fear of being heard or caught they had acted like naughty teenagers, jumping on one another at any given chance.

They'd made it a little challenge to have sex in every room possible before the boys came home on Sunday night. So far it was going well, having done the deed in the kitchen, living room, bathroom countless times, Percy and Georges old rooms (although they both felt a pang of guilt after as they thought of Fred) and even out in the backyard, bent over the chicken coup. The only rooms they hadn't got round too were Ron and Ginny's and the attic. They had given the attic a go, but the smell and pathetic moans from the ghoul had put them off so much that sex was impossible.

Despite the fact they were enjoying themselves more than ever, their new sex drive was doing them the world of good. Ever since walking in on Harry weeks earlier, Molly and Arthur had been having sex at least once a day, even up to 4/5 times a day with some magical help. Because of this they had both started to take more pride in their appearance in an attempt to impress each other even more.

Molly had lost a lot of the weight she'd put on through having 7 children. In fact she would go as far as to say she was no longer chubby but sexily curvy. She'd also spent more time each day doing her hair so that it was no longer bushy, but long an wavy. Add that to a few well chosen magical lotions for stretch marks and wrinkles and she practically shredded years from her appearance.

Arthur too had benefited from all the sex. He was no longer as stressed as before, causing his usual thin, balding head of hair to grow out more. All the activity in the bed room was also helping him lose the ever so slightly fat belly he had. In fact he was doing a whole lot more in an attempt to improve his physique.

You see he owned a lot of muggle objects and contraptions in his work shed. Amongst the numerous stuff he'd scavenged from waste tips and carboot sales was some weights and a running bike. He'd always overlooked them as he had no idea what they did or what they were for. However when Harry had come visited him in his work shed he'd explained a lot about the things in there, including showing Arthur how to use the gym equipment and how they could help him get in shape. So Arthur had been spending a lot of time in there doing various exercises. Molly never ventured into his work shed because she despised his love for all things muggle, well she didn't really but she thought he just needed to grow up abit. Arthur was glad of this however, he didn't want Molly to know just yet about all the hard work he was doing to make himself more attractive to her, she'd only think he was being silly. But the work was really paying off as he had slimmed down a bit already.

And he was really enjoying the workouts. He'd scoured the local towns for more cheap exercising equipment and had built himself a little gym. He found each piece of equipment very fascinating to use. Ron had also found out about his dad's little gym and he and Harry sometimes went down to exercise with him, Ron wanting to bulk up to help with his Quidditch and Harry just wanting to burn off the incredibly large and delicious meals Molly was now feeding him daily.

So with their new hobbies the middle aged couple were more in love than ever. So in love in fact that Molly wanted to show Arthur just how much, by pulling him into Ron's room and quickly removing her clothes.

Hermione had left about an hour ago to spend the day with her parents and Ginny had stormed out of the house looking highly frustrated, not telling anyone where she was going.

This gave Molly and Arthur a couple of hours to have some mad passionate sex in the two girls rooms before they got home, thus completing the challenge they had set themselves.

'Ohhh this is very naughty for you dear.' Arthur whispered to his wife as he finally got out of his clothing and lay back on Ron's bed.

'Well maybe I need to be punished.' Molly replied seductively, bending over her husband to present her now curvy arse.

'Ohh yes you definitely need to be punished.' Arthur replied, catching onto what his wife was suggesting.

With that he brought his hand down hard on her bum, causing Molly to let out a moan of pleasure. Nine more swats later and she had a perfectly red imprint of his hand on her arse cheek.

As Arthur began to kiss it better, he reached around and began to rub her pussy. He couldn't lie, he was genuinely surprised that she was dripping wet. He never knew he had such a kinky wife.

The couple could soon wait no longer, and abandoning the game they were playing out, Molly climbed on top of her husband. Despite only having sex the night before, she was desperately horny and wet. His hard cock soon slide into her.

Placing her hands on his chest, she began to grind her hips into him, pushing him deeper inside her.

'Ohhhh that feels sooo good.' She whimpered.
It wasn't long until she cried in ecstasy, a powerful orgasm thundering through her body, sending her out of control. She collapsed onto her husband's chest, panting. Giving her no time to recover however he flipped her over and started thrusting hard and deep into her well lubricated pussy. He wasn't going to last long and Molly had a surprise for him.

'I want your cum on my face sweetheart.' she panted.

Ever the gentleman he granted his wife her wish. Pulling out of her pussy he climbed over her.

Neither one of them heard the creaking of the stairs or the door clicking open.

'Here.. it comes... Urghhhh.' Arthur grunted.

'OH MY GOD!' shouted a shocked Hermione as she walked into her bedroom.

Molly and Arthur failed to react as Hermione got a clear view of his cum shoot out onto her waiting face, some landing in her mouth that was open with shock.

The couple just stared at Hermione, cum still dripping from Arthur's cock onto Molly's waiting face.

The shock finally subsided and Hermione looked away.

'I'm soo sorry Mrs Weasley.'

Arthur and Molly quickly tried to cover themselves up but by this time Hermione had rushed back downstairs.

After wiping the sticky cum off of her face into her mouth (ever the tease towards Arthur) and taking a quick shower, Molly went downstairs to talk to Hermione.

She found her in the living room staring determinedly at a open book, although her eyes weren’t moving across the page. When she noticed Molly sit down opposite her she turned bright red and remained silent.

'Hermione, about what you just saw, I’m so sorry. We didn't think you'd be back for hours.' Mrs Weasley said guiltily.

'My parent's got called into an important dentist call.' she uttered back quietly.

'I'm so sorry. It was stupid of us to go in there, into your room. I promise I'll put clean sheets out straight away.' Molly said, her head still hung low.

'It's ok Mrs Weasley, I know its just because you and Mr Weasley love each other.' Hermione replied, still refusing to make eye contact because she knew she'd die of embarrassment.

'Well I'm grateful that your so mature about this. Maybe we shouldn't tell Ron however...' Molly said. 'It's just we can't help it, were both so horny all the time...'

'Okay I've gotta go.' Hermione replied, wanting to avoid this conversation at all costs. 'Don't worry I won't tell Ron.'

And she quickly left the room.

Harry was sat in a waiting room with the rest of the team. Because of strict laws in America regarding magic, they had to portkey home from one of the very select stations in the country. It had took them a 7 hour coach ride to get here and they were all very tired, aswell as hungover. He wasn't really looking forward to getting back home. He knew he would feel guilty about the whole gentleman's club saga. Not to mention Ginny would almost certainly demand sex upon his arrival and he really wasn't feeling up to it.

The effects of the spiked drinks from the night before had took a massive toll on Harry and Ron. They'd been sick countless times that morning and still felt, to put it bluntly... like shit.

They now had to get a portkey back to England. Harry didn't like travelling by magic at the best of times, so this was surely going to be unbearable...

It Was.

Landing dizzily, Ron and Harry threw up once again before passing out. They finally woke up in a muggle taxi outside The Burrow. The sky had turned dark so they must have been out for a while.

'Your mate put you in here, said you'd had to much to drink. He's already paid for you mind.' The driver told them.

After thanking the driver for getting them home they started to walk towards the house. All the lights were off except for the kitchen. No one seemed to be coming out to welcome them. So much for the 'Welcome Home' Party.

Finally making it to the back door, Harry walked into the shock of his life.

Dudley was sat at the kitchen table, crying into Mrs Weasleys shoulder as she hugged him. Ginny and Hermione were sat in the corner, whispering frantically, looking uncomfortable. Arthur was stood at the far end of the room also talking in whispers to the Minister for Magic, Kingsley Shacklebolt.

No one noticed Harry and Ron walk in, until Dudley looked up.

'H-H-Harry.' he stuttered through tears, bring everyone's attention to his presence. 'They're dead...'

He burst out crying again as Mrs Weasley hugged him tighter.

'Who's dead?' Harry asked confused and shocked.

'If you'd like me to explain Mr Dursley.' Kingsley said stepping forward, as Dudley nodded his head. 'Your Aunt and Uncle Dursley were found dead in their home over an hour ago.'

He then lowered his voice so only Harry could here.

'We think its the muggle killer. Another message was left, only this time it read diffrently.'

'What did it say?'

'You Will Pay.'

There was no denying it. He now knew exactly who the message was for.

To Be Continued...

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