The story continues a couple of years later.
Years went by. My initial shame and fear faded as time went by and the sky did not fall on my head as I felt sure would happen.
We didn't do anything again, after awhile I was sure she had forgotten about it.

It was her tenth birthday which changed my mind.

Well, just before it in fact. But hey, who's counting.
My entire extended family were coming in for the birthday, flying driving and otherwise making their way to our house from all over the country. Even my great aunt Joan was coming, and she almost never went anywhere. Getting her out was not easy though, in fact it was so hard that my parents had flown out to meet her and help get her here in one piece.
I was at home and in charge. At 18 I was pretty responsible and completely capable of caring for the family home while the parents were away for a couple of days.

I was sitting in the lounge doing some of the last homework I would ever have to do when I heard a voice shrieking from the back yard. My little sister was calling my name. I hadn't checked on her in awhile, so I sighed, put down my books and went out.
It was a beautiful day outside with blue sky and warm sun and my little sister was standing on a chair she had dragged next to the pool.

"Look at me!" She yelled excitedly.

I did, and was stunned by my reaction. My little sister was standing on the chair, her little arms above her head, her body stretched as tall as she could go with her bathing suit riding up over her tiny, perfect ass. I thought I Had managed to put this all behind me, but my eyes were glued to that flesh, so smooth and fresh, dripping with water and slightly paler than the browned skin around it. When she went to jump in the pool, her bottom moved in the most wonderful way I have ever seen flesh move.
She jumped out as high and far as she could, (which wasn't very far of course) and plunged into the water. I watched her disappear for a few seconds, then pop up with a huge grin. She shook her hair and said-

'Did you see?"

I nodded and smiled, trying hard to forget just what I had seen. Trying to wipe it from my mind, but I couldn't. The thought was racing straight down to my cock, paying no attention at all to what my brain had to say about the matter. I felt it twitch, and knew I had to get out of there.

"That was fantastic sis, I have to go back in now ok?"

'No! You have to stay and teach me to dive!" She pouted at me.

The thought of holding her wet little body straight while she learned to dive was tempting.
Too tempting.

"No, I really have to go. I have work to do, I'll come back out later, ok?"

She blew a rasberry at me and slipped below the surface of the water. She was angry with me, but I could fix that later. Right now I had to get my rapidly growing erection away from here!

I raced inside and barely made it into the kitchen when my hand shot down my pants to grab my throbbing cock. In the lounge room I opened my belt, in the hall I dropped my pants, but the time I got to my room my hand was already pumping my shaft and I threw myself down on the bed with force.
I tried not to think of her, but I couldn't help myself. Montages of her by the pool,
Her little wet ass poking out at me,
Her on that night sucking my cock,
Her grinning face looking up at me,
Her teeth covered in my cum...
I pumped faster and faster on my rock hard cock, my fist shuffling up and down it's six inch length, my other hand rubbing around my thighs, my balls....
I thought of my sweet little sister standing in front of the pool, peeling off her swimsuit and my fist slammed up and down my cock, my legs spread apart and I began to finger my asshole with my other hand.
I imagined her kneeling down in front of me, facing away, begging me to return the favour and lick her sweet virgin pussy...

"Oh sis..." I moaned.

My pumping reached a peak and I slipped a finger inside my asshole, wiggling it a little. The pressure built up in my balls, harder than it ever had before! I was going to... going to...

"What are you doing?"

The walls of fantasy came crashing down and suddenly I was a teenage boy wanking on my bed with a finger in my ass. I flipped over and pulled a blanket over me in shame before I even had time to look. My sister was standing in my open doorway, eyes wide. Obviously I had forgotten to shut the door when I came in.

"I was... Ummmm... Well. I was doing..."

"What we did that time?'

She looked at me with such love and loss in her eyes that I was stunned. Could she actually have missed it? Could she have meant it when she said she wanted to do it again?

"Ummm, yeah." I replied sheepishly.

She walked over to the side of my bed, looked me in the eyes and grabbed the corner of my blanket. I lifted my hands off of it and she started to drag it off me. Every inch was exquisite torture as the fabric dragged over my still hard cock.
The blanket was just above my hard-on when she paused and looked at me again. Then she looked down and pulled it the last few inches. My cock sprang to attention, rock hard, and spattered pre-cum on my belly.

"I thought you said we could do it again?" She said, and reached out her little hand to grip it. My head burst with pleasure as soon as her soft skin came in contact with mine, and I let out a little moan.

"I'm sorry" I said, "I didn't want to hurt you"

She started sliding her hand up and down slowly, watching a drop of pre-cum sliding down the side of my cock head.

"You were doing it differently to how you had me do it"

"Was I?"

"Yeah, you were doing this"

She kept her hand pumping up and down my cock, then reached in with her other hand. She started stroking my balls, then went lower and started playing with my ass. I gasped, she grinned. She slipped a finger inside and started pumping a little faster.
I was not going to last long.

"I'm going to..." I gasped while my body writhed under the soft, tiny hands of my little sister.

She smiled, leaned in close and whispered, "Do I get my special drink now?"

I lost it. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her mouth towards my cock. She opened up eagerly and I pushed her down onto it, her hot wet little mouth slurping eagerly over the head of my cock. I thrust it in as deep as I dared.
Three times, and I came.
A great torrent of cum shot out of me, more than my little sister could possibly swallow. She gagged as the flood shot into her mouth, un-swallowed drips oozing from the corners of her mouth as she tried to gobble it all up.
I shuddered again and again, thrusting my cock between her tight lips, the last drops of my seed shooting into her eager mouth.
I lay, relaxing as she cleaned up. Licking the whole area, seeking every last drop. It seemed she really did like her special drink.
After awhile, she finished and snuggled up next to me. I stroked her hair, her shoulder, her back. She purred like a little kitten and pushed in closer to me. My hand cupped her little bottom, the thin fabric of her swim suit doing nothing to hide the firm flesh below. I stopped for a moment, unsure of my next move, then threw caution to the wind and slipped my finger under the fabric.
Her butt was cold from the pool water, but smooth. Oh, so smooth.
She purred again and moved a little more, climbing higher on me. I realised that I could reach much more now, but wasn't sure how far I should go.



"Have you ever...."

She looked up at me with her wide eyes, her hands running over my chest to hug me tighter.

"Have I ever, what?"

"Have you ever played with yourself like you play with me?"

I slipped a few more fingers into her bathers, playing around with her beautiful tiny smooth bottom.

She paused and looked away, I think she was actually embarrassed!

"Once, it was funny but I didn't like it"

"when did you try?" I asked.

"After... after the first time I had the special drink from you. I felt all funny down in my panties. When I went to bed later I touched myself, but it felt strange so I stopped"

I looked at her. So beautiful. My little sister here in my arms, just her bathers between our skin. I couldn't stop myself.

"Like this?" I said.

I slipped my hand deeper into her bathers and slid my middle finger lightly across the top of her pussy

She gasped and froze. I froze too, worried that I had gone too far.
After a few seconds, she answered though she kept her face tucked into my chest.


"And did it feel like this?" I asked, stroking my finger across the top of her lips again.

She twitched, but did not react like she did last time.

"No" she said softly.

"Did it feel better or worse?" I said, pressing my finger in just a little bit deeper this time to stroke inside her pussy lips just a little.

"This is better" She said weakly.

"Do you want more?" I asked.

She looked up at me with her gorgeous eyes and nodded. She was so beautiful looking up at me, I just had to kiss her. I reached down and gently brushed my lips over hers while my finger explored around her pussy, not yet entering.
She kissed me back, and I gently pulled away from her. She looked at me questioningly as I lay her down on the bed. I smiled and stroked her hair to reassure her, then reached down to her bathers. She quickly got the idea and helped me strip it from her, the wet fabric peeling off to reveal her perfect smooth skin below.

"Id it your turn for the special drink?" She asked.

"Something like that." I replied.

I knelt over her and ran my hands down her body, reveling in the fresh ten year old form before me on the bed. I knelt down and kissed her again as my hands continued their exploration.

"open your mouth a little, "I said, 'and poke out your tongue.

She did, trusting me completely, and I kissed her deep. Our lips joined and I darted my tongue into her mouth and massaged her tongue with mine. She got the idea quickly and started kissing me back, moaning a little and shifting uncomfortable on the bed. I could taste my cum in her mouth, but it was strangely not too bad. Just something else to share with my sister.
I moved my head and started kissing her neck, her shoulders, her chest.
It was completely flat, she had no breasts at all but her tiny pink nipples were doing their best to stand erect. I lowered my mouth and started licking and sucking around her nipples while my hand roamed over her thighs. She moaned as my tongue lashed her sensitive little nipples and I grinned.
She had no idea what was coming.
I kissed my way down her belly and she whimpered. She had loved me kissing her nipple and was obviously afraid it was over. I smiled to myself and kept kissing down, my hands gently separating her legs under me. For just a moment, my cock brushed down the face of her pussy and she writhed a little. So did I to be honest, but that was not what I was here for. I kept moving down between her lovely smooth little thighs until her pussy was in front of me.
It was perfect.
A little pink flower, fresh and open to me and just waiting to be kissed. Her tiny clitoris was poking at me up at the top, her pretty pink folds flowing down inside her pussy lips like rose buds. Her hole, so tight and wet and welcoming....
A started with my fingers, brushing around the sides of her little slit, pulling the lips apart to reveal more of her sweet flesh. Then I licked, one long slow lick from the bottom to the top.
It was as if my sister had been electrified. Her back arced and she gasped so loud I thought I had somehow killed her, but her hand reached for the back of my head and pulled me in closer.

"Do that again!" She gasped.

I complied, pulling her lips further apart with my fingers while I ran laps around her cunt with my tongue. It was so sweet! I had gone down on girls before, but none had this taste! It was like absolute purity, so sweet, so perfect. I delighted in the taste of her while I explored her with my tongue and she writhed in pleasure.
I began to lick methodically, up and down in a rhythm and she responded in kind, her body pulsing at me like a wave with each stroke of my tongue. I crept around with my little finger and began to play with her little hole with it while I liked and sucked on her tiny clit. It was so wet! So warm, so inviting that I barely noticed when I slipped it a little inside.
She gasped loudly and I realised she had never had anything that big inside her. Hell, she had probably had nothing at all inside her! I didn't push any further and stepped up the tempo of my licking. She relaxed after awhile and I slipped my finger in a little deeper. She gasped again, but this time she moved her hips a little, sliding deeper onto my finger.
I grinned and licked harder as I started to slowly slide my finger in and out of her tight virgin cunt.
She began to moan more loudly and I licked her harder. I could feel the tension building within her as I licked in time to her heartbeats. She started to shake and make strange little moaning kitten noises and I licked even harder, my finger sliding in and out of her tight little twat.
Then all of a sudden, she came with a scream! Her body bent backwards like a bow as shudders ran down her body. Again and again she was wracked as the orgasms assaulted her until finally she lay down on my bed. Tiny, sweaty, exhausted.

"That was the best thing ever!" She said finally, when she got her breath back, her eyes already falling heavy.

'Not quite" I replied, "but it comes close."

'What could be better than that!?" she asked sleepily, on the verge of unconsciousness.

"You'll find out, but not yet." I said, and kissed her once more before heading out the room.

"I love you" She said as I shut the door.

I looked back at my little sister, curled up so satisfied and naked in my bed.

"I love you too." I said, and shut the door.

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