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You and your Step Daddy live together in a apartment and I have a date tonight and you think you will be home alone. So my date shows up and we leave. This is what you have been waiting on! You watch tv and are getting bored and you start to think about watching some of your daddy's porn he has in his room! You look and why your looking you come across his sex toy collection . So you find a good movie and put it in and start to watch it. Its call Deep Throat Teens . You have never seen stuff like this b4! The girl are young and the can take a 8 inch dick ! Your getting wet between your legs and you pussy is throbbing . You remember the toys and see a little pink vibrator and go get it and put it on you clit .. As soon as it touches you it like a shot of pleasure all over your body! You start to grab and pinch

you nipples your pink and puffy nipples the hard and you can feel it down to your pussy!!! In the movie he has her laying on her back now and licking her pussy and your imaging him licking your pussy!
Your getting in to it and you dont hear the door open . I come in , my date didnt go as planned and I call it off and took her home! I come in and I began to look for you. I dont see you so I go to your room and your not there . I can hear the tv in my room going and I open the door a little and look in. I see you playing with my vibrator and our tits and Its starting to turn me on.

I just stand at the door and watch you get off to the porn . I began to play with my dick and it so hard now. Your still getting into pleasing yourself and dont notice me at the door jacking off to you.You are wishing someone would lick your pussy like the guy on the tv is licking the girls pussy!

You catch a glimps out of your eye and see you daddy at the door. You jump and you see him shut the door and the he comes in .I back out to put my cock in my pants and come back in and act like im mad . I start to get own to you for being in my room and say you dont need to be doing that but my dick is still in control! You are still laying the naked looking at me . I tell you you have been bad and grab you and put you over my knee and start whipping you bare ass! I can smell you pussy and it getting my dick Harder and harder ! You are starting to feel different and your getting off on your daddy whipping you and you start to say please daddy whip me harder.

Im so hard I loose control and grab you and began to deep french kiss you and start to put my finger in your pussy ! You can feel my dick through my pants and start to unzip me . You reach in and pull out my dick and say I want to suck it like they do on tv daddy! I push your head down and you open you mouth . You so excited about getting to suck his dick that you try to take it all at one time! but you gag and back off ! I say thats not the way they did it and shoved you head back on my dick! You gag and try to pull up but I want let you. So you finely get past the point of gagging and your liking it! I about to explode in your mouth so I pull you off. You gasp for air and look around to see why I pull off . I now throw you on the bed and start to lick you pussy its so sweet and hot! I love the smell of hot pussy! I Lick your clit and all the cum around your pussy and on your thighs! I suck on your clit and pull it up till it pops out then I lick
it! You amazed at how good It feels and are about to crawl off the bed! You like it so much that you cum with in minutes. I feel the hot cum flowing out of you and Im so turned on that I just want to fuck you. But I still want to punish you so I take the pillow case off the bed and tie you hands together and tie you to the head board .
I tie your hands to the head board ! then I take my ties out of my draws and tie your legs apart so i can see your wet pussy ! Your trying to fight it but you like it deep inside! I began to inspect your body with my tongue and lick your neck and kiss your lips , then I bite your lip. I play with your ears and suck on your ear lob . I move on down your body to your awesome breast and litely lick all around them , until i get to your nipples . Then I suck on you hard nipples . I lick and bite them teasing you. You are overwhelmed an are so in to the moment that you are moaning loudly with pleasure.
I move down to your belly and lick around your belly button and then I move on. I get to your clit again and its so wet an I lick your thighs and tease you around your pussy ! You cant stand it and your wanting me to Lick your pussy so bad! I say you little slut your soaking wet and now I have to clean you up! I start to lick the juices from your sweet pussy and you taste amazing and My dick is so hard and precum is all over it so I say look what you did now you have make me make a mess and I shove my cock in your mouth ! You take every inch of it gagging and when i pull it out you suck it dry!

Now you little whore I going to show you how to fuck! I stick my cock in your swolling pussy an its so tight! I almost cum then. I drive it in you deep and hard and as fast as I can. Your In total pleasure and screaming please daddy fuck me harder , Im sorry daddy I ll do it again! You little slut your dam right were going to do it again! and I fixing to explode and I pull out and cum all in your mouth and then shove my dick in it till its clean!

I rolled over and just passed out ! After a while I untied you and said go to your room you little slut and think about what you did!!!
You got up and your knees where so week and said I sure will daddy with a big smile on your face!!!

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2012-09-14 18:11:27
Are you even old enough to be on this site? Not just horrible writing but reminiscent of a middle schooler trying to be something they aren't. Grow up, learn to write and come back when you are of legal age.

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-13 03:06:27
waste of time and effort

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2012-09-13 01:27:39
You and yours...this kind of writing sucks! Every time I see it I won't read the story....

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2012-09-12 21:50:10
Yeah, what he said VV

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2012-09-12 16:00:08
if it was in first person i think i would have liked it , as it is i couldn't get past the first paragraph

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