I opened my eyes and noticed Natasha’s head was on my chest, one of her legs between mine and my arm around her.
I opened my eyes and noticed Natasha’s head was on my chest, one of her legs between mine and my arm around her. I looked at the clock, it read 11am. I may as well get up, I had a strong feeling that my bedding needed changing. I turned Natty over onto her back...she did look adorable on me. I got out of the bed, lifted the sheet and noticed there was a decent size stain. It wasn’t that noticeable, especially with dark bedding. I lifted the sheet more, her pussy and inner thighs had some dry blood. I then looked down on myself, I had blood on my right leg and on my private area. I decided to shower first before I woke her up.

After my shower, I wrapped a towel around my waist and went back to my room to wake up Natty. I traced her face with my fingers, she grunted and rub her face.

“Wakey wakey” I said.
“Jack” she giggled.
“Good morning sleepy gotta get up, I need to change the bedding and you should go take a shower”
She sat up on the edge of the bed with just a shirt on.
“You ok” I asked.
“Yeah, just sore between...ew blood”
“I’m sorry”
“Don’t be Jack...I wanted you to be my first” she said with a smile.
I smiled back.
“Aw you’re blushing” giggled Natty.
“Yeah yeah, now get your cute lil ass up and out”
She got off the bed and turned around.
“What...this cute lil ass” she said as she bent over.
“Uh huh” I said.
She put her shorts on and left the room.
“What is with the females in this family” I said to myself.

I put a shirt and shorts on then I ripped the bedding off the bed and gathered them up. I left the room, walked down the hall, and heard the shower was on. I tossed the bedding down the stairs and went to my sister’s room. I gently opened the door, poked my head in and saw Crystal was still asleep. I went over to the bed next to her and leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips.

“Mm” she stirred awake.
“Good morning beautiful” I said.
“Good morning handsome” she said with a smile.
“Get up and shower, I’mma go make breakfast”
“Ok” she said.

I gave her a passionate french kiss then left the room. As I was walking down the hall, Natty came out of the shower in a towel. We past each other smiling then she smacked my butt.

“Hey...I’ll get you back girl” I said.
“Hope so” she said as she continued to my sister’s room.

I just shook my head and went to go do my laundry. After I put my sheets in the washer, I headed to the kitchen. As I started to cook scrambled eggs and bacon, the both of them came down and sat at the table.

“Hey Jack” they both said.
“Hey hey”
“Scrambled eggs and bacon huh” asked Natty.
“Any sausage” asked Crystal.
I turned my head towards Crystal. She sat there with a smile.
“No” I said.
I went back to cooking.
“So Natty, where did you disappear to last night” Crystal asked.
“Um...I went to Jack’s room...thunder scared me”
“Aw how cute...did he protect you” asked Crystal.
“Ok breakfast is ready” I interrupted.
I put the eggs and bacon on our plates and we all started to eat.
“Natty so um..”
“What’s everyone doing today” I interrupted.
“Let’s go swimming” said Natty.
“Yeah let’s going swimming” said Crystal.
“What the fuck is she up to” I thought to myself as I nodded.

I finished my breakfast, put the dish in the sink and went to my room to make my bed. As I got done making it, Crystal and Natty entered my room.

“Ok Jack, we’re ready” Crystal said.
I spun around.
“Huh...what” I asked.
“To go swimming dummy”
They both giggled. They had on tiny bikinis, no room for imagination.
“Oh...lemme get my trunks on”

They left, I grabbed my trunks and then changed into them. I headed downstairs to the back door. They were swimming, I took a deep breath in and out then stepped outside.

“Hurry up slow poke” yelled Crystal.

I started walking up to the pool and stood at the edge. I took off my shirt and dove in. The water was very nice and warm, a little too warm for my liking but it’s how my mom likes it.

“Hey Jack, can I get up on your shoulders and you can launch me like last year” Natty asked.
She swam up behind me and wrapped her arms and legs around me.
“Natty you’re doing it wrong” I said.
Then I saw Crystal dart over to us.
“Don’t you dare woman” I said.
She dove under and I tried to get free but she ended up pulling my trunks off. Natty and Crystal both swam away but Natty wasn’t fast enough. I got her by the ankle and pulled her to me.
“Tell Crystal to give me the trunks” I said.
“What...these trunks Jack” Crystal asked as she threw them out of the pool.
I tossed Natty aside and went after Crystal. She got out and ran around to the opposite end and dove in.
“You better run” I said.
I turned to Natty.
“Nooo Jack, was her idea” she said as she desperately got out of the pool.
“Wait...why do I care, I fucked em both” I said to myself.
“Fine I’ll go get em” I said.

As I was just about to get out of the pool, the screen door opened up and mom stepped out.

“Hey mom, do me a favor and gimme my trunks”
“I see that you lost” laughed mom.
“Hey I was out numbered”
Crystal and Natty started giggling.
“Next time just get out and show them what they can’t have. Plus you have nothing to be ashame of”
“Mooooom” I said while blushing.
Everyone laughed and she threw the trunks to me. I put the trunks on then started to get up out of the pool.
“Ahhh got a cramp in my help me out” I yelled.

Mom came over, learned over and reached her arm out. I jumped up, grabbed her by the shirt and pulled her into the pool. She hit the water and I hopped out of the pool.

“Ow you lil shit, you better run” mom said.
“But mom, you have nothing to be ashamed of” I said.
Then we all started laughing.
“Very true” mom said.

She then took off her shirt, threw it out of the pool and then her shorts. My mom really have nothing to be ashamed of. She was a beautiful woman. She was 33 years old, 5’9 tall, 135lbs with long dark brown hair and blue eyes. She had a nice ass, long legs, C cup breast and luscious lips.

“wooohooo mom” said Crystal.
I ran to the other end and jumped in. I came up behind Crystal and put my arm around her neck.
“Mom help” yelled Crystal.
“Stay back woman or the girl gets it”
“Oh really” mom laughed.
I pinched Crystal’s ass.
“Ouch, he pinched my ass”
“Like I said stay back or she’ll get it again”
Mom came swimming towards me.
“Whoa shit” I said.

I pushed Crystal towards mom and dove under the water. I felt her grab onto my trunks and yanked them off. As I came up out of the water, I heard Natty wrestling with my mom.

“I got her Jack, swim away”
“Too slow Jacky boy” mom said.

My mom raised my trucks out the water and chucked them out of the pool. They all started to laugh.

“Ok no problem” I said.

I swam to the edge of the pool and hopped out.

“Nice butt” all three said at once.

I bent over, grabbed my trunks and put them on.

“I know I do and I’ll be over here laying in the sun” I said.

After a few mom got out and as she walked towards me. She was a beautiful sight, her bra and panties were white so them being soaked didn’t hide much of anything. Her breast were gorgeous, the areolas were pink and the size of half dollars, her nipples were poking out about ¼ of inch, she had the most amazing cameltoe and a thin strip of pubic hair. I couldn’t take my eyes off her until.

“I can tell you like what you see Jack” said mom as she walked up to me.

I looked down and realized I was pitching a tent. I blushed and put the beach towel over it.

“It’s ok Jack, just teasing you” she said as she kissed my head.

I turned my head as she walked toward the back door. Her ass was gorgeous, nice and firm, not too small and not too big.

Crystal and Natty got out of the pool. My sister laid down in the other chair.

“Imma go get changed” Natty said.

As she entered the house.

“Did you see mom’s sexy body” asked Crystal.
“Yep and she caught me staring and with a hardon”
“Oh my god really. She say anything” she asked.
“She said, I can tell you like what you see”
“God Jack everyone wants you” she giggled.
“Oh get real” I laughed.
“I hope to look like that at her age”
“Well you’re almost there” I said.

She lifted up her bikini top and cupped her B size tits and gave them a massage.

“A little bit more to go for these”

Her areolas and nipples were just like mom’s breast.

“Very nice sis”
“You have them soon enough” she winked.

She put her top down and we went into change. I changed and remembered the wash. So I ran down to put the sheets into the dryer. As I closed the lid to the dryer, my sister came up behind and hugged me.

“Whatcha doing hotty” she asked.
“Drying my sheets I had to wash”

As I turned on the dryer, she then slid her hand down my shorts and took a hold of my cock.

“MMmm” I moaned.
“Did you two make a big mess” she asked.
“Yeah” I said as I turned around.

We kissed.

“Jack come to my room tonight”
“What if Natty wants to sleep in my room”

“I’ll tell her to sleep in my room but if she asks you, just say no and that you’re not feeling well”


We kissed again.

Natty came running down.

“Hey Crystal come, I have the barbies set up”

We went up stairs, I to my room and them to Crystal’s room. I sat in my gaming chair and played Halo 3 till mom called us for dinner. We all sat down to eat.

“So mom how was work” I asked.
“Rough, I pulled something near my lower back”
“Oh if I knew that I wouldn’t have pulled you in the pool”
“It’s ok hun, water felt I got you back”
“Yeah yeah”
The girls laughed.
“Natasha, your mom called she’ll pick you up tomorrow night” said mom.
“Ok Aunt Jenny”
“I’m done” I said.

I got up and put the dish in the sink.

“Have fun Crystal, your night to do the dishes” I said and ran upstairs.

I end up taking my shower early. After I put on a tshirt and boxers, I went back to playing halo 3. A couple hours later Crystal and Natty came into my room.

“Movie time” they both shouted.
“Hold on” I said.
“No” said Crystal.
She stepped near the xbox.
“Don‘t you do it” I said.
“Owww I’m scared”

As she bent over and pushed the power button. I jumped up, ran to her and pantsed her then smacked her ass real hard.

“Ouch” she yelled.
“Paybacks a bitch” I said.

I took off to downstairs.

“Mom protect me” I said laughing.
“What you do now”

Crystal came running down.

“Mom he pantsed me and smacked my butt”
“Oh sis, before I forget...nice butt”

We all laughed.

“Ok, go get the movie ready...I’mma go get changed” mom said.

I put in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 in the blu-ray player and turned the t.v. on. We all sat down, my sister in the lazy boy, Natty on the floor and me on the couch. Mom came in wearing a t-top with her tummy showing and very short shorts.

“Jack, can you massage my lower back” asked mom.
“Sure mom”

She laid down on her stomach, I pressed play to start the movie. As I looked down to straddle her upper legs. The shorts barely covered the lower part of her butt cheeks.

“Where’s it hurt”
“Here” she said as she pointed to her lower back right above her right butt cheek.

I straddled her legs and started to massage her but was having trouble getting a good grip.

“Your pajama shorts are silky, hard to get a grip mom”
“Hold on”

She reached behind herself and slid down her shorts. There was about two inches of her butt crack showing.

“Oh my god, she has no panties on” I thought to myself.

I began to massage her again.

“Yes right there” she moaned.
“I feel a knot mom”
“Try to work it out hun”

As I continued to massage her I couldn’t help but think about what happened earlier. The mental image of her body popped into my mind. As I was leaning forward a little and trying to work out the knot, I felt some pressure at my cock head. I just figured it was my boxers holding back my hardon. Suddenly, I felt my mom’s hips slightly move up and down, which then caused me to feel my head slid over her shorts covered pussy.

“Mm” mom moaned.

My mind was racing, she kept moving her hips and I kept massaging. I leaned back just a little to see between her legs. My cock tent was not sliding over her shorts covered pussy, it was infact sliding over her bare pussy. It was in the inner pant leg of her shorts. I’m guessing by her moving down her shorts gave me access.

She continued to move her hips as I massaged her. I looked over to Crystal, she was fixated on the movie. If I didn’t stop soon, I was going to cum.

“I have a cramp” I said.

I got up real quick, sat on the couch and covered my hardon with a pillow.

“Thanks hun, you got the knot out”
“You’re welcome mom”

Mom got up and fixed her shorts.

“I’m heading to bed, gotta go to work early tomorrow again” mom said.
“Goodnight mom” said Crystal and I.
“Natty is asleep, I’ll put her in your bed Crystal”
“Ok mom”

She picked her up and went up stairs. A couple minutes later she came back down and went to her room. Crystal and I finished up the movie.

“Jack I’ll go up first, gimme two minutes, if Natty is asleep, I’ll keep the door on a crack. If shut, I’ll text you when to come to my room”


We kissed passionately then she went off to her room. I turned off the player and t.v. as I waited. When it was time I headed to the stairs. I was about to head up them when I suddenly heard a sound. I waited at the bottom to see if I could hear it again. I heard it again and it was coming from my mom’s room. I quietly went down the hall towards her room, I placed my ear gently on her door and heard a slight buzzing noise.

“MMmm” moaned mom.

She kept on moaning and as the seconds went by the louder and the more she did. Suddenly she went quiet for a couple seconds.

“Ooooh Jack” followed by a long moan.

I quietly went back to the stairs and up them.

“She had to be fantasizing about my dad...but he died five years ago...don’t be stupid Jack, she couldn’t be fantasizing about you”

I looked towards my sister’s room and the door was cracked open. I went to her room and opened the door, her lights were dimmed down, my sister put a finger to her mouth for me to be quiet.

“Come here” she whispered.

I gently closed the door then went to her.

"Stand up on the bed over her. When I grab her shorts, you gently lift her hips off the bed"

I nodded.

She pulled the cover off Natty. I carefully stood up on the bed over her. She grabbed Natty's shorts, I then gently grabbed Natty by her knees and slowly pulled them up in the air. Crystal pulled the shorts and they slid past her butt. I put her back down, I got off the bed then Crystal remove her shorts completely. Crystal then spread Natty's legs.

"She has a nice pussy Jack"
"Mmm yes she does"
"Let's get naked then you go lay next to her" Crystal said.

We got undressed real quick.

"You are beautiful sis"

I walked over to her, took her into my arms and kissed her passionately. She grabbed my cock and stroked it.

"Go lay next to her Jack"

I got on the bed and laid on my side towards Natty. Crystal crawled up between Natty's legs, stuck her tongue out and licked straight up Natty's pussy lips. Natty stirred a little. Crystal licked a few more times.

"Mmm" moaned Natty.

Crystal then placed her tongue on Natty's clit and rubbed it in circles over it. Natty began to moan and move more. She slowly opened her eyes.

"Mmm hi Jack" moaned Natty.

Crystal continued to eat her out.

"What’s that...Crystal what.."
"Shhh just enjoy it Natty" I said.
"Mmm" she moaned and nodded.

I grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock. She looked down at it, wrapped her tiny fingers around it, and began to stroke it. Every time Crystal licked a good spot, Natty would moan and squeeze my cock. Natty's breathing got quicker, her moaning more often and her stroking was not quite under control. I removed her hand then went behind Crystal. I pulled Crystal’s ass up and slid my cock into her tight wet pussy.

“Mmm Jack” Crystal moaned.

I took a hold of Crystal’s hips and started to move my hips guiding my cock in and out of her. Crystal continued to lick and suck Natty’s pussy while I fucked her. As I slid in and out, I would thrust after every few strokes.

“Fuck me Jack, make me cum all over your cock” Crystal demanded.

I picked up speed and gave her harder thrust. Crystal was going crazy on Natty’s pussy, moaning, licking and sucking on it.

Natty moaning, fingers in Crystal’s hair, moving her hips up and down, pretty much fucking my sister’s face with her pussy. Natty’s moans came to a halt, locked Crystal’s head between her legs then she let out a long soft moan. I kept pounding my cock into Crystal’s pussy while she licked and swallowed Natty’s pussy juice. She then pushed up onto her hands and began to slam back onto my cock as I thrusted into her.

“MMmm babyyyy fuck meeeee” she moaned.

As I fucked Crystal, Natty sat up and started to make out with her. It was very hot fucking her and being able to watch them make out.

“I’m cummmmingggggg” moaned Crystal.

She slammed back into me, face planted the bed, reached back, grabbed my hips and held me deep in her. Her pussy locked around my cock then began to pulsate. As she slowly relaxed, she let go of my hips.

“Natty, I want you to suck his cock”

She nodded.

As I pulled out Crystal turned around, Natty came over to my cock and placed her lips around the head.

“Mmm” I moaned.
“Slide his cock in your mouth as you suck Natty”

Natty obeyed. My cock went about halfway then she gagged.

“Take the base of his cock in your hand and stroke it while you slide your mouth over his cock”

Natty was a quick learner. She started to stroke down as her mouth slid down my cock then she went back up.

“That’s it Natty...good huh” asked Crystal
“Mm Mm” moaned Natty.

Her hand and mouth felt great. Crystal came up, put her arms around me and we kissed passionately. I gripped Crystal’s ass with my left hand and my right hand guided Natty’s head.

“Mmm” I moaned in Crystal’s mouth.

I felt the pressure in my nuts.

“I’m gonna cum”

I began to move my hips.

“Let him fuck your mouth” Crystal said.

She released my cock, I then placed my left hand on her head and held it still. I slid my cock in and out of her mouth. A couple times she gagged but she kept sucking.

“I’m gonna cum, suck harder”

Natty sucked and sucked as I came hard into her mouth. She gagged and removed her mouth. My sister then placed her mouth around my cock and sucked me dry.

“Sorry Jack...your cum shot down my throat” said Natty.
“It’s ok hun, you did an awesome job” I said.

Crystal took Natty in her arms and gave her a passionate french kiss. Natty let out a few moans. They then separated.

“Do you like the taste of his cum” Crystal asked.
“Mmm it has a weird taste but ain’t bad”

Crystal turned to me.

“I put your cum in her mouth” she said with a smile.

I collapsed on the bed. We fell asleep as they laid in my arms one on each side, their heads on my chest and one of each of their legs between mine. I woke up and looked at the clock.

“Oh my god it’s 4:30am”

Natty was facing the other way so I just had to slide Crystal off me.

“Mm Jack don’t go”
“Gotta, don’t want mom catching me in here”

I got up, pulled the covers over them and kissed Crystal on the lips. I grabbed my clothes, opened the door and stepped into the hallway. I closed the door and started down the hall. As I came to the stairs to downstairs I saw my mom at the bottom. Fight or flight, I ran right into the bathroom, flicked the light on and shut the door.

“Jack” said mom.
“Oh fuck I’m dead” I thought.
“you in there” she asked.

My heart started racing and I began to sweat.

“Ok, well I’m off to work, see you you bye hun”
“Love you too, bye mom”

I started to relax, went pee, then decided to take a shower. After a nice long shower I got dressed and went to bed.


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