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Chokey Mummy

Throat blocked by dumpling
You slumped, turned blue, stopped breathing
Hot mum not to be

The most tragic cases I deal with are those involving pregnant women. It felt wrong that someone so looking forward to bringing new life into the world would die with her child. This did not make pregnant corpses less attractive to me. Indeed, I find that pregnant corpses exude a special charm. Of the several pregnant cases I have dealt with, the most needless and tragic death was when a 4 months pregnant woman choked and died while having dinner at a restaurant. Apparently, some boys who were running around bumped into her, causing her to inadvertently swallow the entire dumpling that she was chewing on, which obstructed her windpipe. I heard that she could have been saved if her husband had used the Heimlich on her immediately but he apparently was afraid of hurting his unborn baby so he just gave her ineffectual mouth to mouth breathing until medics arrived later. By the time they Heimliched the bread out of her mouth, it was too late. I could have assigned the case to my assistants but I when I heard that the patient was young and pretty. I decided to take a look myself. When I pulled back the sheet covering the body, I saw the bluish face of a very pretty and very dead woman. She was only clad in a pair of black panties so I could see her pregnant belly and breasts jutting up at me seductively. For pregnant bodies, we will usually follow the family’s wishes of how to deal with the baby. For this case, the victim’s husband had requested that the fetus remain in her body and that they will be buried together. They have also requested that she not be embalmed as they did not want to cut her up so all I had to do was to dress her up and make her look alive again. Of course that is not all that I would do.

I made sure that I was alone in the room and then locked the doors. I took off my clothes and lay on top of her. Her rounded belly felt good against my body. I gave her some mouth to mouth and imagine being able to save her and her child.Her cheeks puffed out pretilly with every breath I blew into her open mouth which still smelt of the food she had last eaten. I sucked and licked her breasts although there was little milk as she did not lactate. I stroked her lovely face and smelled her hair as I pulled off her underwear and soon I was impregnating her dead womb. I was careful not to be too rough on her body as I did not want to force out her fetus which would have been quite messy and hard to explain as she was not yet decomposed enough for a coffin birth.When I was spent, I washed her corpse thoroughly, holding up her naked body next to mine as we took a shower together.

After drying both of us, I took out a bra, a blue tube top and a long purple dress from the bag that came with her. I pulled the bra over her pregnancy enlarged breasts, I held up her body to slip the tube top over her to hide her cleavage from prying eyes during her funeral. I then pull the dress over her. It was not a maternity dress but her family insist that she be dressed in this for her funeral. Therefore, she ended up with a prominent baby bump pushing uncomfortably against her dress. I then helped her put on a pair of shoes. Next, I combed and styled her beautiful hair so it stretched out beautifully behind her head. Finally, it was time for make up. I used a cream coluored foundation to cover her bluish face and red lipstick to give some colour to her purplish lips.. I gave her a quick kiss on her cold and soft lips. After applying eye shadow and spraying her with a bottle of perfume, she looked lovely and ready for her funeral.

Bloated and Sexy

Having drunk your fill,
You come to me blue, bloated
I press, water spurts

Some of you may still remember the double drowning case where 2 girls died after their raft overturned. I was fortunate enough to handle both cases because unlike most drowning cases, those girls were recovered before they could decompose and become putrid and bloated. Seeing how pretty and full of life they were from their photos in the newspapers, I really felt a sense of tragedy. Some idiot did not do the safety checks and now these two young lives have been snuffed out literally by the cold muddy waters. But I can't help feeling tingle of pleasure as freshly drowned victims have always been my favourite. There is something about their (relatively) undamaged bodies and usually bloated bellies that is so appealing to me. I also like the way water spurts out from their mouth and nose when I press down on their bellies.
I decided to start with the one named S. From what I read, she had been a sporty and lively girl. Her feet were caught in an underwater sluice gate and by the time she was brought to the surface, she was already beyond hope although I am sure her male friends, teachers and the medics tried hard and enjoyed themselves in the process of giving her mouth to mouth and chest compressions. I lifted up the sheet covering her body and saw a girl with short hair who was very attractive in a youthful and spunky way. I held up her limp and wet body and pulled her tank top over her head. I then laid her back onto the slab, clad only in a white bra and shorts. Her feminine curves and youthful appearance was really sexy. She appeared undamaged besides her bluish complexion and darkened lips. I also noticed that she had a little pot belly which was inconsistent with her otherwise trim and fit appearance. I suspected that it was actually bloating due to swallowed water and I tested this by pushing down on her bulging abdomen. There was a gurgling sound and brownish water bubbled out from her mouth. I pushed a bit harder and more water spurt out from her mouth and two streams of water flowed out from her nostrils. I decided to continue with this until all the water is purged from her body. Soon, her belly regained its flatness. I cleaned the water from her face and proceeded on my work. But first, I enjoyed myself by giving her chest compressions and mouth to mouth, pretending that she could still be revived. Her breasts were firm and perky. Her mouth tasted salty from all the tidal waters she had swallowed but her tongue was titillating as I flicked it around her mouth in a post mortem French kiss. I then stripped her off her damp and slightly smelly bra, shorts and panties. As she has not been raped, I then proceeded to ensure that she would not be buried a virgin. Hopefully, I would not get any weird disease from all the dirty water she swallowed.

When I was done(both the sex and the embalming) , I gave her body a long, thorough wash. After drying her stiffening corpse, I dressed her in a a sleeveless top and a pair of jeans. I tidied up her hair and applied a thin layer of makeup on her face. Another satisfied customer.

Bloated and Sexy Too

Stuck under too long
Water fills lungs and belly
Wet bra so sexy

After a short break, I started work on the second victim. After a short break, I started work on the second victim, R. She was supposed to be the sweet and demure one. I lifted up the sheet that covered her. The moment I saw her, I thanked heaven for sending me a second young, hot and untainted corpse in a day.She was prettier than S and her long hair was tied in a neat ponytail. She still had her tank top on and her tummy does not look as bloated as S’s. I lifted her upper body up, causing her head to loll around limply. A small stream of brownish water dripped out from between her slightly parted lips. Looks like they didn’t get all the water out of her either. I wrapped my arms around her midriff which felt slightly rounded and soft and gave her a couple of Heimlichs. More dirty water flowed out from her mouth and my final push resulted in a sexy sounding belch from the dead girl. I then helped her out of her soaked shirt, revealing her sexy maroon colored sports bra. I then removed her green hairband, letting her beautiful long hair flow freely around her beautiful sleeping face. I then lay her body onto the slab again.
I removed her sports bra, letting her small but shapely breasts pop free of their tight constraints. I gave each nipple a quick nibble before I stripped off her shorts and underwear. Determined not to let her remain virginal after death, I proceeded to have my way with her.
When I had impregnated her dead womb, I embalmed, washed and dried her and help her put on a pink dress that made her look lively and sexy.

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Person below, best part is, this is the 2nd part.

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if you people think it is so sick why the hell did you read it? it plainly states in the categories under the title "Necrophilia" that doesnt mean sex with the living you morons! i know you are confused by big words but you can google them. next time i advise you google the big word before you read the story and think its disgusting. as for the author and the stories if you want to write about fucking dead women you go right on with it. you are a gifted writer and far better than some of the stories i have read on here. keep up the good work!

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I want to be those girls

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Sick? What's wrong with you people?
Closed-minded haters.


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not sick. just a regular necrophiliac.

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