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The 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami washes up a delightful surprise for the mortician
Bloated green you came,
Gas and water I removed
Asleep, you look now

The next case occurred in 2004. I have long since taken over the job of chief embalmer at the company after Mr M retired sometime in the early 1990s. (As you can see, my memoirs will not be in chorological order but rather based on how I remembered my patients.) I had just received an order to embalm the body of the young female that had died in the terrible tsunami disaster 3 days ago. I had seen her photograph in the newspapers and knew that she was a pretty 19-year-old student who was holidaying with her family when the disaster struck. I opened the door to the embalming room to found the body lying covered on the table. A bag that the victim’s family had brought along earlier contained the clothes that she was to be cremated in. Her family wanted an open casket funeral so I knew I had a hard time to make the corpse look presentable, as I was aware that drowning does not make pretty corpses. I pulled the cover off and was taken aback by how beautiful the girl looked even in death. She had been frozen on her trip here and had already been defrosted. I pushed her breasts to test for their suppleness which was a test I have learnt to use on all his pretty female patients to judge if a corpse have been properly defrosted. Her hair was still wet and water was dripping off her body collecting in the grooves on the surface of the embalming table before flowing into the large basin placed below the table. I guess she was still in the clothes they found her in, a pink bikini. I studied the condition of her body as I squeezed and stroked her breasts. Her face was fortunately pretty much untouched by the water and was not bloated much. However, her abdomen was grossly distended and swollen with gases and fluids.2 cockroaches lay dead on her bloated belly and I brushed them onto the floor. Also, her whole body had turned slightly greenish in color. Decomposition had started .There were also minor scratches and bruises all over her body.
The challenge now would be to make her seem less bloated and discoloured. I fondled her breasts for a few more minutes then got to work. First of all, I lifted the sexy-looking thighs of the corpse and pulled off her bikini bottoms, throwing it into a bucket nearby. I then pushed my finger into her vagina which was slightly moist to his touch. I dug at it for a while then pushed her body over onto its belly. Her bloated abdomen prevented her from resting flatly on the table. I untied the straps of her bikini top and pulled it out from underneath her. There was now a fully naked, dead and slightly rotting 19-year-old hot chick lying prone before him. I was a professional however and proceeded with my work. I would usually use a trocar for draining purposes but there was too much gases and fluids in this body and it would be faster this way. I pushed down hard on her lower back, forcing my weight onto her bloated belly. I heard a loud gurgling noise. Then I was greeted by a foul stench as the girl simultaneously gave a long soft fart and belched loudly but somehow sexily. Then a dark, foul-smelling fluid spurted out from her mouth and nose onto the table. I gave a few more pushes as more gases and liquids were forced out from her body. Soon, her belly seem much less inflated though there was still a little bloating and she was lying face-down relatively flatly on the table. I turned her body over and her now uncovered breasts swung up into view, They were shapely and sexy-looking. I kissed their nipples gently and then could not control myself as I stripped my pants off and entered her repeatedly. As I thrusted forward into her, dark and foul smelling fluid was forced out by my pressure on her abdomen and leaked out from her nose and mouth. Strangely enough, I do not feel disgusted but rather turned on by it.
When I was done, I forced the trocar into her abdomen near her belly button. I started to drain the body cavity of any remaining gases and fluids. Blood was drained from a needle inserted into her neck When her whole body was drained, I injected her full of embalming fluid, massaging her arms and legs to ease the flow of the embalming fluid. As she had already started to decay, he injected her with twice the normal dose causing her tummy to bloat slightly once more, but this time with the embalming fluid. I then plugged in the hole made by the trocar with a plastic flesh-colored plug. Next, I opened the girl’s eyelids, revealing her dark pretty but glazed eyes, inserted eyecaps underneath the girl’s eyelids and wired her open mouth closed. I took the nozzle which hung above the table and started to wash the body clean of all the dirty fluids, mud and dirt. After making sure that the body was clean, I wiped it dry with a towel, paying extra attention to her face, breasts and vaginal area. I did not like to hurt my patients.

I then applied a layer of flesh-coloured powder over her whole body, massaging her gently as he was doing it, taking special attention to cover the various cuts and bruises on her body. I then started on the facial makeup, applying a layer of foundation, blusher and lipstick. Finally, I removed the clothes from the bag. It was a black spaghetti strap top and a long green skirt. There was also a strapless white bra and matching white panties and a pair of shoes. I lifted her legs up to pull the panties over her feet and legs until they were in place. I then pulled the skirts over her lower body and fitted the shoes over her feet. Next, I lifted up her upper body and helped her put on the strapless bra. As I was doing this, the girl’s head fell limply onto my chest and I gently kissed her forehead. I then pulled the spaghetti strap top over her but her belly was bloated from the embalming fluid and the top was meant for her while she was slimmer. With some difficulty, I managed to pull it down until it stretched sexily over her bulging abdomen. I then styled her hair.
When I was done, she looked as though she was sleeping peacefully. And she was very beautiful. Her bloated belly only enhanced her once svelte frame with a ripe pregnant look. To this day, I truly thank the tsunami for washing this beautiful lady to my doorstep.

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