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Chad and I pretend I'm a the girl he really wants to fuck.
Lets Pretend
By Tikiman

Based loosely on true events. More fiction than fact.


Chad and I had been messing around for about a year. It started as masturbating together, and progressed to wanking each other, sucking, until finally I let Chad ass fuck me twice.

To this day, Chad easily had the longest cock I've ever seen. We never measured it, but if I had to guess, I'd guess around nine inches. Chad was swarthy, and when his circumcised cock got erect, you could really see where his foreskin would have started as most of his cock was Chad's darkish skin tone then there was a dark line that was roughly textured then it was almost pure white for about an inch until it reached his surprisingly small head of his dick. Long shaft, wider than it was tall, the tiny dick head looked liked it should have been on someone else's dick. My own cock is nothing to write home about, but my head was larger than his.

My room was at the back of the house and really crowded with stuff. I found that when I closed my door I could slide a dresser a few inches and the door could not be opened. My mother respected my privacy, but when you're on your knees being tirelessly pumped up the ass by your best friend's monster dick, the last thing you want is your mother barging in,

Chad was lying on my bed and had the fly of his button front jeans open. I could see he was already half hard and straining at his tightie whities. This was a clear invitation he knew I couldn't resist.

With all the junk at the end of the bed, I had to climb over him to get in. When I straddled him he grabbed my hips and I sat down on his legs. Now I've always been a little overweight but he didn't seem to mind my weight on his legs . His hands roamed up my body and under my shirt to my fatty man boobs. He looked me in the eye and said, "If you were a girl, you'd let me fuck you right?"

I knew there was a girl he'd been working on in our church group, and that she must have refused him yet again. He pulled my shirt off and I took his off. I rested my hands on his muscular chest as he mauled my almost b-cups. "Chad, I've let you fuck me twice now, what do you think?"

I stroked his dick through his underwear and I could see a wet spot growing. I got back off the bed and pulled down his jeans and undies until he was only wearing his gym socks. Then I quickly skinned off my shorts and straddled him again. I pulled his hands back to my chest. "Close your eyes Chad pretend I'm Elaine." His cock lurched and spat out more pre-cum. He always had the creamiest dick I'd ever seen. I slid down his legs and took his cock into my mouth. I'd never been able to deep throat him, but I gave it a respectable try. Chad had a natural stamina. I could blow him for an hour and if he didn't want to cum he didn't, or if we only had ten minutes, he could spew a load after just a few sucks.

After about ten minutes of blowing him I stopped and took him in hand and wanked a couple of loads of pre-cum out of his leaky cock. I crawled up his body. Seeing his eyes still closed I whispered in my best falsetto, "Chad, I need you up my pussy. Can Elaine fuck you pleeeeezeeee?". I scooted up, put his saliva and pre-cum soaked dick at the entrance of my asshole, and pushed backwards. He grabbed my ass and squeezed as I worked his length into me. His little head was always perfect to open up the way and we both knew that if we worked at it, I could take him the whole way. Today he was more worked up than usual and he started pumping as soon as I took any of him inside me. It hurt a little because we weren't going slowly enough, but I've always been a bit of a pain slut so I didn't mind. My six incher was rock hard, but I never touched it.

He moved his hands up my back and then back to my boobies. I moaned as he pulled himself up to suck on my nipples, something he'd never done before. I grabbed the back of his head as he sucked. He was driving hard into me and a part of me was worried we were making too much noise, but his thrusting dick was all I could think of. With his huge veiney penis scraping my prostate with every thrust I could feel the slow burn of a cum in my balls. I knew if I touched myself at all, I'd loose it.

I pulled his head up to mine and kissed him on the lips, something we had never done before. I could feel him pull back a little then his mouth opened and he started thrusting his tongue in my mouth as he pumped into me harder and harder. I knew he was close to losing it as well.

When we separated, hugged him to me and whispered into his ear, "Fuck me Chad. Fuck Elaine's creamy blond pussy. I need your cum. Fuck a baby into me."

That was all he needed. He plunged himself fully in me and I could feel him twitch in my rectum as he shot string after string of cum into me. It was too much for me and reaching between us to give it a pull, I lost my load all over his stomach.

He relaxed and fell back on my bed. When my breathing slowed, I realized he'd fallen asleep with his still hard dick buried up my ass. I was erect as well as I leaned back. With the feeling of fullness of a well stuffed ass, in a short while I stroked out another cum and my load splattered his chest and belly. Chad snored.

I took a towel out from under my bed and cleaned us up the best I could. I climbed over Chad's still slumbering form and put the towel under my ass to soak up the cum leaking out of me and snuggled up to him and fell asleep myself.


2015-09-13 19:44:07
In the next story can you mention the girl a lot more. Get one of the guys to describe her as he's jerking his friend off


2015-09-13 19:43:02
I really don't want them to be gay


2015-09-13 19:42:40
I like the idea behind the story a lot( two guys pleasing sachet her sexually while thinking about a hot girl that they know) but just checking are any of the two guys gay?

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2guys hmmmmlike to watch at least

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