Steve becomes Mirandas first John

Steve Davies watched the office clock, occasionally glancing at his watch and the clock on his computer monitor as the time crawled towards Two thirty when he had to depart for his three o'clock appointment.

He fiddled with an email to colleagues, pushed papers from in-tray to pending, and back again and generally performed his duties as a senior council manager with the practised ease of a man with no conscience, he worried as always, he had an image to maintain, he could hardly have an office affair, without word of his little problem getting around, and the humiliation of leaving the lady disappointed after a one night stand was getting him down.

Steve knew the police were monitoring the CCTV his colleagues had installed in the red light areas, indeed he had spent many happy hours viewing selected highlights with colleagues and Police colleagues so picking up a whore was not really an option, hence his Three o'clock appointment with Mrs Jarvis at number three, Alderman Lucas Drive, just off the Hinksey Road on the East Canning estate.

Two thirty came around, Steve walked down to the staff car park, unlocked the door of his silver grey Ford using the remote control, hung his jacket on the hook beside the door pillar and drove carefully through the twenty mile per hour zone, trying not to attract attention until the Sat Nav led him unerringly the wrong way down the one way system to number three, he parked behind a small grey Ford.

Steve checked his tie in the reflection in the glass of the car door before he turned and walked up the short cracked and broken concrete pathway to the fading peeling blue painted door of Number Three, he knocked loudly, then stood back away from the door and waited, but nothing seemed to happen, he listened intently for sounds of movement but heard nothing, then his heart leaped as Queenie Jarvis answered. "Just a minute."

He heard footfalls as Queenie descended the stairs, he heard the rattle of the lock and chain as she prepared to open the front door and then he heard her again.

"Sorry Love." Queenie apologised, as she opened the door wearing a housecoat over a sensible skirt and blouse as agreed, "You're early."

Steve stared at Queenie's ample chest and felt his erection gradually subsiding, Oueenie looked just like one of his mother's WI chums, he thought.

"I got a touch of thrush, but my girlfriend's upstairs waiting," she continued, "Bondaged, she's a bit shy."

"Yes, alright, that's fine" Steve agreed readily, relieved that he would not have to try to perform for Queenie , "Is it the same money?"

"Extra fifty quid if you don't mind." Queenie simpered, "But she's really lovely, you'll like her, our Sadie told me what you like."

Steve smiled nervously, he never used the same lady twice, but even so when he asked Sadie for suggestions he never suspected she would share their experiences with a third party, "Oh" he exclaimed quietly.

"Highly recommended," Queenie reassured him, "do you have the money?"

Steve handed the notes over, "Leave the fifty on the bedside table upstairs for Randa will you" Queenie requested, as she returned the last fifty.

"Randa? is she foreign," Steve asked, nervously.

"Miranda, short for Miranda, but you're here for love not conversation" Queenie recovered quickly and suggested, "Don't stand on the doorstep, slip your shoes off and come upstairs."

Miranda lay on the bed struggling trying to free her wrists, or to spit out the ball gag which was hurting her mouth, or to free her legs or the leash or collar around her neck, Queenie had no sooner threatened to make Miranda "do" her Three o'clock, than they heard a knock at the door and Queenie had thrown on her skirt and top and housecoat and rushed downstairs.

The sound of approaching voices then footsteps coming up the stairs spurred Miranda to even greater efforts to get free, ugly red marks appeared at her wrists where the hard metal pressed against her soft flesh as she realised it could be her last chance to struggle free but suddenly she froze with shock as the door opened revealing a man, ruggedly handsome yet shy and nervous, smartly dressed, dark haired, broad shouldered, blue eyed she knew him, not by name but she recognised the face, the tie and suit, he worked in building control, in the offices on the third floor, two floors below her own office. She froze, uncertain of what to do.

"Mmmm ugghh Mmmm" Miranda tried to shout, to plead to beg but Steve had no chance to understand.

"Lovely little actress ain't she." Queenie suggested, "What do you think."

Steve stared at Miranda as she lay across the bed, he wanted soft compliant subservience not the restrained helplessness Miranda exhibited as she lay bathed in the glow of the red lighting, a crude painted whore, tied, gagged and bound yet for all that her sex glistened with anticipation, her perfect yet small breasts were real enough yet her constrained tummy held flat by the corset and the child like hairstyle were clearly intended to deceive as she was clearly older than a child, in her twenties at least but the prospect of sex without conversation was something Steve found tremendously exciting, perhaps too exciting he worried as his penis reared and strained.

"She's just raw sex" Steve replied to Quenies earlier query.

"Best get your kit off then," Queenie suggested "I got a hanger for your jacket and trousers." Steve started to undo his trouser belt before unzipping his flies, he stepped out of his trousers before handing his jacket and trousers to Queenie to hang up.

Miranda quickly realised the predicament she was in, clearly this man was committing a serious breach of trust, a offence punishable by instant dismissal by visiting a woman in works time and was clearly not going to want to get into more trouble.

"Mmmm Mmm" Miranda moaned "Help me." but Steve was down to his underpants, his shirt and tie on the hanger Queenie had handed him, and his manhood was straining,Steve carefully eased his underpants down his hairy legs showing Miranda the full extent of his straining manhood, Queenie looked on admiringly, almost straight with only the very tip emerging from the smooth foreskin but nice and long, six inches seven perhaps, it was difficult to tell without a ruler, but nicely streamlined, easy to insert, Queenie regretted not "doing" Steve herself briefly but remembered Sadie's warning of premature release.

Steve advanced towards Miranda dressed only in his socks and vest Miranda stared at Steve's penis, perversely hoping he would want her to suck it so he would remove her gag and allow her to scream, but no he crawled up the bed and rolled the condom Queenie had handed him over his straining penis and before she could really resist his fingers were at Miranda's sex.

Steve llaced his knees between Miranda's and eased her thighs apart and she saw and felt the tip of the condom against her crotch but it was starting to slide backwards towards her tight puckered Anus.

"Wrong hole love, she hasn't had an enema today so best not," Queenie suggested "and it's a hundred extra, here let me." she took more lube and as she sat on the bed she first worked more lube into Miranda's sopping hole, before grasping Steve's penis firmly to guide it between Miranda's the soft yielding flesh of Mirands's lower lips, it slid in easily for an inch or two pink on pink, Queenie looked on approvingly, she could not really see the join, it was like they had become one, not erotic like when a black cock pistons in and out but soft and loving.

"Nnnnnn," Miranda protested but Steve was already easing further inside her, spreading her as he thrusted. reminding her of what she had missed in recent weeks. reopening the tunnel where only dainty fingers usually played, reminding her of her femininity, making her juices churn and her heart flutter as first gently then more firmly then forcibly he thrust against her holding her shoulders to get a better purchase until finally he was fully sheathed inside her, his thick curly pubic hair raking her freshly shaven mound and tickling the area around her now exposed clit, his manly chest now so close her pert little breasts that she felt the hairs on his chest seemingly brushing her erect straining nipples. and his mouth so close to her shoulder she feared his hot breath would burn her skin.

Steve raised himself up, his chest away from her breasts until he stared down into Miranda's eyes looking but not seeing her distress or was it excitement, he wanted to kiss her scarlet lips bur the gag was there impeding him.

Miranda felt Steve's hot peppermint scented breath on her face, it seemed bizarre to be penetrated without being kissed, her sex still felt strained, but by now her arousal was easing the discomfort although she was still aware that with her arms tied behind her, she was helpless Steve continued to pin her to the bed and thrust into her making her totally his.

Miranda realised she could do nothing more to resist, she steeled herself for the onslaught and comforted herself with the sure knowledge that at least she would get some satisfaction, as he thrusted, once, twice, three times. four thrusts, her clitty started throbbing with excitement and then to her amazement and disbelief she felt his pre orgasmic twitching.

Steve also felt the onset of premature ejaculation, but it was too late, no counting of sheep or concentration on the Building Regulations chapter three subsection A could halt the rush of sperm from the boiling cauldron of his testes to shoot down the length of his shaft to flood her womb, to fill the condom.

"Nnnnnnngg" Miranda screamed silently, how could he be so selfish, she wondered, she needed something, some satisfaction, her interest was aroused her clit needed attention yet instead she felt the condom swelling then his penis contracting, and sliding from her.

"She's good isn't she." Queenie asked.

Steve nodded, trying to hide his disappointment with himself and his performance.

"Great," he said brightly.

"Nnnngggg" No what about me? Miranda tried to scream but Steve was intent other things and Queenie enjoyed seeing Miranda's discomfort and humiliation.

"I'll give you Lilla's card, if you don't want to come back here again." Queenie offered as she watched Steve throw the condom down the lavatory, wipe himself on some tissue paper, operate the flush and then take his clothes from Queenie before starting to dress again.

"Goodbye Randa, Thank you." Steve said inadequately.

"Nnnngggg" Miranda tried to reply, but as Steve went to remove Miranda's ball gag Queenie stopped him.

"She's shy" Queenie explained. "She want's her money, tuck it in her corset."

Steve's fingers trembled as he eased the crisp fifty between the tough leather of the Corset and the pink softness of Miranda's skin, she wondered, no hoped, that he would caress her clit or nipples or at least do something to relieve her, but he merely said "Thanks" and turned away, collecting his Jacket from Queenie and after kissing Queenie's cheek as he went to descend the stairs.

He looked at his watch, it had taken nine minutes, from door knock to return to the car, but he felt satisfied, elated even and even considered whether he should seek the same whore again. The thought pleased him, at least he stayed hard long enough to enter her and she was lovely, and her cunt was lovely and soft yet tight and he hoped she had enjoyed it as much as he had.

Steve walked to his car and that is when he noticed the Council parking permit in Miranda's car window and a cold sense of fear came over him, "Miranda Holmes Social Services" it said, "On Call" how could they have known, he wondered, but more importantly, or was it coincidence, or was the owner, taking pictures or video at this very minute he wondered?"

Suddenly Steve needed to be in his comfort zone behind his desk.

Steve was indeed on video, Queenie's boyfriend had installed a state of the art digital Video recording facility with multiple cameras in the red bedroom and it showed everything, from the moment Miranda was naked on the bed right until Steve left the building.

With Steve gone Queenie returned to Miranda.

Miranda was crying, Quenie understood and took a slim six inch dilo from her shelf and gently slid it inside Miranda, she gave ten firm thrusts and then set it down.
"NNnngggggg," Miranda cried,

"Will you be a good little whore if I bring you off." Quenie asked.

Miranda's eyes darted around the room but finally she nodded.

Queenie stood up and selected a long leather belt from the wall, she slid it under Miranda and under her left arm but over her right, then she took a second belt an passed it over the left arm and under the right arm so Miranda found her arms trapped to her sides but then Queenie removed the Handcuffs from Miranda's wrists and pulled her arms to her sides.

"You said you would be good." Queenie reminded her as she took a large roll of tape and started to tape Miranda's left wrist to her left thigh, round and round she went with the sticky plastic until she was satisfied, and then despite Miranda's protestations she repeated the process on the other side.

Queenie undid the belts and returned them to the wall, she replaced the handcuffs neatly on the bedside cabinet where they belonged, and started to undo the cuffs and leash securing Miranda's ankles, before replacing each item neatly in its proper place, finally just the collar around her neck and the leash to the bed frame remained.

"You can use the bog if you want" Queenie suggested.

Miranda carefully pried herself up off the mattress and eased to he edge of the bed, carefully dropping to the ground before gently making the few awkward steps to sit on the porcelain of the lavatory.

Queenie watched intently, "Nothing more humiliating than doing a piss while someone watches is there sweetie?"

Miranda stared, her insides had seized up it seemed, she so needed to go and yet nothing would flow, but then Queenie leaned over her and as her hands caressed Miranda's belly so they heard the tinkle of drops splashing, then a gush and then it was quiet.

"Is that better?" Queenie asked, "Relieved?"

Miranda shook her head her clitoris still craved attention, "I'll get you some milk, keep your strength up," Queenie promised.

Miranda saw the chance for escape as Queenie rose and went downstairs leaving the bedroom door open, and as soon as she dared Miranda tried to lift the bed so she could slide the end of her leash from under the bed leg, she jammed her shoulder under the bed frame and with a almighty heave Miranda found the leash came free the black leather sliding under the polished mahogany leg.

She wasted no time, and wearing only her corset and stockings she crept as quietly and quickly down the stairs as she dared, the front door was locked and she could not get her fingers to the catch, "Oh, you came down," Queenie said in surprise, "I have your milk here"

Miranda had no choice but to follow Queenie as she caught hold of Miranda's leash and ked her into the lounge, the leather couch look inviting but Queenie looped the leash around a hook on the lounge door as she went to sit alone on the couch.

"Good for shagging is leather," Queenie said conversationally, "Oh of course your wank, I reckon you're my height, I'll get you something."

Queenie was gone but a few seconds before returning with a broom, the end of the long wooden handle beautifully rounded and polished from much use she showed it to Miranda before propping it against the wall.

"Try this," Queenie suggested, as she unhooked Miranda's leash.

Miranda stared at her, not understanding Queenie's intentions but Queenie put an arm round Miranda's shoulders and a hand on her crotch and made her bend at the waist, Miranda struggled to keep her balance.

Miranda watched horrified and helpless as Queenie brought the polished rounded end of the broom handle up against the pink softness of her glistening pubes and as Queenie''s fingers probed and separated the gentle folds of Miranda's Lipstck smeared lower lips Queenie quietly drove the hard dark ebony coloured wooden shaft deep into Miranda's sex.

"Turn round Randa." Queenie ordered and as Miranda turned awkwardly so Queenie closed the door trapping the broom head against the floor at the base of the door while at the same time she looped the restraining leash over the hook on the door once again.

"Wank yourself then," Queenie suggested, "I'll open the curtains."

Miranda tried to stand upright but a spasm of pain or was it pleasure raced through her, she relaxed and another spasm hit her, every time she moved the pleasure-pain became intolerable, her moans from behind the gag became more tortured and as Queenie opened the curtains Miranda realised if she could see out then people could also see in, but that hardly mattered.

Miranda moaned into her gag, Quenie smiled as she sat on the couch to watch Miranda, "I like watching girls wanking" she said, "especially stuck up bitches, hurry up its nearly school kicking out time."

Miranda tried to move away but the leash held her back she couldn't lift herself high enough to climb off the broom handle and her attempts were making Quenie chuckle as Miranda's lower lips seemed to grip the shaft lifting the broom bodily off the floor only for the handle to gradually to slide out leaving a glistening slippery trail on the ebony of the shaft.

Miranda was standing on one leg, on tip toe, stretching to the utmost against the restraining leash when her screaming muscles could stand no more and she slipped down onto the full length of the hard firm broom shaft exciting her more than she could bear.

"Arrrgggggh" she screamed, the gag completely unable to restrain the force of her screaming but then Queenie advised, "Not so hard dear just ride it nicely."

Miranda's insides felt as if they had been forcibly ripped from her, but the broom handle was now loose no longer sticking but moving freely and despite everything Miranda was starting to ride the shaft. rising and falling as she flexed her ankle muscles and as she now found she needed to bend her knees to get the full effect as her juices flowed, everything in her upbringing told her she must stop, but her body would no longer follow her heads instructions, there was no way she could stop, she just had to relieve the unendurable throbbing within her no matter what the consequences.

"That's nice," Queenie said, "Wave to the mummies going to the school," she suggested and pointed out the young mothers on the footpath just a few yards away and then Queenie walked up to Miranda and unfastened the strap on the ball gag.

Miranda struggled to keep the ball in her mouth but her writhing and pounding and gasps for breath sent it bouncing to the floor, "Nooooo" she wailed. "Please."

"Be quiet dear people are looking." Queenie warned but Miranda was past help.

"No, you bloody, I need, I need to, I need it," Miranda wailed, between gasps for breaths, " I need, oh my god," she wailed, "Ohhhhhh."

Miranda's breathing slowed, her thrusting slowed and she started to moan, "ohhhh, oh god, help me please,"

"Had enough dear? never mind." Queenie asked knowingly as she released Miranda's leash from the hook on the door. "have a little lie down." she suggested as she guided Miranda forward and down until she gently laid her head on the floor, pulling her away from the door and the penetrating broom allowing the sticky broom handle to drop to the floor with a clang.

"Oh Mrs Jarvis, I feel quite faint." Miranda replied.

"I'll get your milk dear." Queenie announced and she walked past Miranda and went to the kitchen.

Queenie put the glass of milk in the microwave to warm it before adding two crushed sleeping pills and a small tot of Rum and stirring it briskly.

Miranda was lying on her back when Queenie returned and Queenie supported Miranda and held the glass to her lips as Miranda drank noisily and greedily a few spots running down her chin to drop on to her breasts before leaving milky trails where they disappeared under her corset.

"Better?" Queenie asked.

"Mrs Jarvis, you," Miranda said as the tiredness hit her, "You really, Ah, really must let."

"Let you do what dear?"

"Me sleep." Miranda slumped gratefully down onto the filthy carpet turning her head so she rested on her left cheek and she started to snore.

Queenie fetched the dish cloth from the kitchen and wiped the sticky goo from around Miranda's sex, a sticky trail led down into the duct tape securing Miranda's wrists making it nasty and gooey and beyond into Miranda's black pull up stockings.

Queenie wiped Miranda dry with a hand towel, unbuckled her collar and leash and took them away back to the red room when she went upstairs to check the pockets of Miranda's suit and her handbag.

Queenie was going through Miranda's pockets when the mobile phone rang, out of curiosity Queenie answered it, "Hello."

"Is that you Miss Holmes."

"No, it's Mrs Jarvis here, that Miss Holmes had to go home in an urry, she got the shits real bad, stunk me bog out, she even left this phone behind, "

"Only she has an appointment."

"Ring the office, she told me," Queenie explained emphasising her common accent, "tell them I'm dying of gastric enteritis, she said, tell them to expect me when they see me, she said something about the staff cafe."

"Why didn't you ring?"

"I didn't have the number, sorry, " said Queenie, "but she only just gone, Mike from down the road drove her because she felt so bad, I had to lend her me dress cause she shit hers before she got to the bog. I hope it a'int courageous."

"I think you mean contagious but I'll pass the message on, you dont think she'll make it in tomorrow either?"

"Nor the day after, bye" Queenie said cheerily.

Queenie surveyed the contents of Miranda's pockets and Handbag. Car keys, tampons, Lipstick, pens and about Twenty five pounds and a few coins, no credit cards, no debit cards, Miranda was very cautious about carrying valuables onto the estate, "bugger!" Queenie said out loud then she remembered the fifty Miranda earned earlier, still tucked under the edge of her corset.

Queenie hung Miranda's grey jacket and grey skirt on a hanger, found a large plastic bag, and a smaller one for Miranda's shoes and then took them out to Miranda's small grey car where she locked them in the space behind the rear seats.

She saw her kids coming home, all in a bunch, Danny the eldest shepherding them along.

"Can you stop at Granny Fifield's tonight loves?" she said.

"Doing a special tonight mam?" asked Tania,

"Mind your own, anyway, here's fifty for her and twenty for tea."

Queenie watched the kids walk away, they often stayed with Eileen Fifield, Eileen's son Frank was Tania's dad or so Queenie told them, and it was handy for the kids to stop there when she got arrested or did a twenty eight day stretch for shoplifting or soliciting.

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