Miranada falls for her John takes him home and fucks for free
Part 5

Miranda woke suddenly, the sounds of morning, bird song, vehicles passing by, she felt sore, and realised to her disbelief she had fallen asleep with her long flexible double ended dildo inside her. it felt somehow comforting, but very wrong, the sparkly pink plastic contrasted with the pale pink flesh of her own shin and she felt as if it was stuck to her insides, but as she moved it a lovely warm wet feeling spread gradually through her, she pulled it a little then eased it back then tried again, and out and in and out, now she was using both hands, watching herself in the mirror as the thick plastic pistoned ever faster inside her until she felt a warm glow of satisfaction and lay back exhausted.

She stared at the toy as she extracted it, she felt better but she wanted to feel good, but frustratingly she could not rationalise what it was that she needed. She took the dildo with her to the bathroom, and she turned the shower on and peeled off her stockings, leather skirt and top as she waited for the water to run warm.

There was no separate shower in Miranda's small bathroom, the shower was above the bath, the shower head had a wall bracket but Miranda used it as a hand held item, the many tiny jets soaking and cleaning as she soaped herself with her other hand

The water felt good splashing cleaning, but to her horror she started to imagine it was a jet of hot cum, it didn't really work, there were too many tiny jets but the though excited her and she picked up the long dildo again, but frustratingly she could not work out how to manipulate it and herself and the shower head so as to sit with her legs spread and finally she gave up in exasperation.

She saw the bath was slowly filling, and realised the drain hole was blocked, fluff and dirt and a sweet paper, and only then did it sink in what a filthy state she had been in.

She dried herself with a large fluffy bath towel, and returned to her bed to think.

Miranda knew she could never report her ordeal to the Police, her career would be destroyed almost before it started, people would get to know the girl in the video was her. She would have to move away, she wondered if anyone would employ her if they knew of the video and she wondered how she could she have been so stupid to go in alone, when guidelines said two people must always be in attendance, and how could she have managed to arrive at the position of allowing the woman to overpower her, and how on earth had she ended up being raped by the man from Building Control.

She decided she needed to get her car and clothes back first, and then worry what to do next, she knew Queenie Jarvis her tormentor had reported she had gone sick with food poisoning so she decided to ring in sick again.

Miranda's sex felt sore and raw as she pulled on a freshly laundered thong, she tried tights and even some silk French cami knickers but could not get comfortable, so she chose blue jog pants with a white stripe and her trainers, with white ankle socks, a grey sweatshirt and a lightweight blue jacket.

Miranda drank her coffee and ate some toast in the tiny kitchen and between sips and bites she opened up her laptop computer to send her line manager and email to say she was ill, she had been violently sick yesterday and had come home early, but would be back soon, bad food not a tummy bug she guessed.

Miranda took the spare car keys from the drawer and looked out at the darkening clouds sweeping in from the west, she debated whether to call a taxi, but decided she couldn't really afford it, then she remembered the thirty pounds or was it fifty she earned by selling herself, was that all she was worth she wondered, a Taxi would be ten pounds at least, so she decided to jog back to town.

The thin fabric of the jog bottoms was no match for the cold and damp, but she enjoyed the sense of freedom as she ran easily retracing her steps of the previous night, and she felt a great sense of relief when she spotted her little Ford car parked where Queenie left it.

The car started easily, and Miranda decided to retrieve her clothes from Queenie's house Number Three, Alderman Lucas Drive, a former Council house just off the Hinksey Road on the East Canning estate, but first she drove home, and went to her bedroom to retrieve the tight top and leather skirt Queenie had made her wear. she threw the garments in a plastic carrier bag and made herself a cup of coffee, while she summoned the courage to face Queenie again.

The coffee turned into coffee and biscuits then waffles and syrup before she felt refreshed enough to drive slowly to the estate, she drove slowly past Queenie's house before turning into Steward Drive to halt outside number Seven.

The curtains twitched, nearly new cars on the estate always aroused suspicion, usually they meant the Tally Man or Council busy bodies, but Miranda dressed as she was for jogging, confused them.

She strode rather than jogged around the corner, clutching the plastic bag of clothing leaving Steward Drive before passing twenty one then nineteen Alderman Lucas Drive until she arrived at the short cracked and broken concrete pathway to the fading peeling blue painted door of Number Three.

She strode down the path and banged furiously on the door.

Queenie stood immobile in the corner, her thin negligee pulled tightly round her, while goose-bumps and her gentle shaking betrayed her fear, the crunch of feet on broken concrete the confident rap of the policeman on the door it was as if all her instincts had been wrong and the bitch had been to the police.

"Come on answer the door Queenie, I know you're in there." Miranda shouted. as she moved around to look through the Lounge windows. "I can see you, Queenie" Miranda announced, as she peered in, and saw Queenie's ample bust protruding past the edge of the wall she tried to hide behind.

Miranda tried the door handle and found it was open, she pushed inside, listening and looking before carefully moving down the hallway to open the Lounge door.

"Oh, sorry I didn't hear you." Queenie lied.

"Just don't," Miranda suggested, "I want my clothes, I want my car keys and I want that film."

"Sure, " Queenie replied, "keys on the coffee table, bra in my room and the suit is in the car."

"Liar!" Miranda snapped.

"No, its in the back, behind the seats." Queenie replied.

Miranda produced the carrier bag and handed the skirt and top back to Queenie "Well I brought these back, so where is the tape."

"Ron has it, he needs to dub it, he says it'll be all right if we dub it, but don't worry, it doesn't look anything like you dear, honestly."

"No, I didn't recognise myself yesterday," Miranda admitted. "but I should report you, you raped me, or helped others to, I just don't why I'm being so reasonable."

"It was the rejection," Queenie guessed, "Sadie said you tried to pull after I went and you got a knock back, that's the hard bit love, not selling yourself but when they won't pay twenty quid." Miranda nodded.

"It gets worse as you get older." Queenie said, "When you have your tits done and everything and they go for the young ones, cup of coffee love?"

"Yes please." Miranda replied as Queenie made her way past Miranda to the kitchen
where she put the kettle on, "Sugar."

"Queenie, please we need to talk, two lumps, ah," Miranda said in confusion.

"You were getting so frustrated last night pet." Queenie announced, "I bet you flattened a few batteries last night!"

"I used a," Miranda broke off in mid thought, "No, no, we need to sort this out Queenie I want that tape."

"Ron says it could be worth about ten thousand, three for you, if you help dub it."

"Don't be ridiculous." Miranda said as she collected her car keys and zipped them into her pocket.

"Wouldn't take ten minutes, I could call him over?" Queenie suggested.

"No," said Miranda, "Three thousand, is that cash?"

"Yes," Queenie agreed, "I'll get Ron over after me two O'clock if you like."

"Where's my Bra?" Miranda asked.

"In the red room," Queenie suggested, "on the bedside table. take the skirt and that up when you go."

Miranda picked her way past the coffee table and out to the hallway before turning to climb the stairs, she opened the bedroom door and turned on the red light, her black bra lay on the bed, the shoulder straps re attached, Miranda heard Queenie behind her as she picked it up.

"What are you doing creeping upon me?" Miranda challenged.

"No, I just came to see if you found it, it's nice, I used to have one like it, a bit padded, like that, before." Queenie explained.

"Yeah before you had the implants, yes you said." Miranda said irritably.

"We got off on the wrong foot." Queenie suggested a she came closer to Miranda, her arms encircling Miranda's waist, as she sniffed Miranda's hair. "Mmmm, you washed your hair, it smells lovely"

"Queenie!" Miranda protested, but Queenie's hand was exploring down Miranda's jog pants.

"No knickers?" she queried.

"I was too sore after what you did to me." Miranda complained.

"I've got just the stuff in my cupboard," Queenie announced as she made her way to the bedside cabinet, and selected a tube of ointment,"Its Vanilla flavour," she explained, "Trousers down then."

Miranda slid her jog pants down then kicked her left foot free of them to allow her to spread her knees enough for Queenie to work the ointment into the soreness of Miranda's mound.

"Mmmm nice." Miranda moaned, as she half closed her eyes but then she heard a buzzing "Hey Queenie." she exclaimed as Queenie switched the Rampant Rabbit on and offered it to Miranda.

"No, not that." Miranda said but Queenie had another idea, it was a penis shaped pink dildo with a harness and a sort of short penis on the other end, which Queenie popped in her own mouth before pulling the elasticated harness over and round to behind her head.

"Queenie." Miranda squirmed, but the sensations were divine, Queenie seemed to know exactly where and how hard and fast to press, and Miranda started to drift helplessly into a distant land of pink pleasure, Queenie paused and released the harness from her head to surface from between Miranda's legs.

"I need a breather," she announced.

"No" Queenie you can't" Miranda squealed, but Queenie took the harness in her left hand and started to pleasure Miranda again.

"Close your eyes." Queenie ordered and Miranda felt th gossamer light touch of the makeup brush, she knew it was the sparkly orange pink eye-shadow, then the touch of the Lipstick and finally Queenie put Miranda's own hand on the dildo while she parted Miranda's hair into two pig tails and tied them with ribbons once more, Miranda's top came off easily enough, Miranda changed hands on the dildo as Queenie pulled it off and then Queenie took the soiled leather Miniskirt and made Miranda put her arms through one by one as she pulled it down to her midriff.

Miranda was to far gone to realise they were no longer alone until she heard Steve's voice "I heard voices so I came right up."

Miranda gazed through half opened eyes, it was that man from building control again, and here she was masturbating in front of him, she really should have wanted the ground to open up and swallow her, but she was feeling too excited to stop.

"I got Randa for you again you liked her yesterday, I could tell, but she was being silly, all that bondage nonsense, but she's hot today. look."

"How much?" Steve asked.

"Same as before, but quickly, she's so hot and ready for you, don't let the moment pass." Queenie urged.

Miranda watched with detachment as the man discarded his trousers and jacket but to her surprise he discarded his shirt as well, even his socks and his manhood was rapidly rising to full length as he walked past her to turn and kneel on the bed while he rolled on the condom Queenie had handed him, then he knelt on the bed between Miranda's knes and as Quenie took the dildo from Miranda and pulled it from her dripping sex with an audible plop so Steve drove his full length inside Miranda.

"That's so nice, Thank you, Miranda whispered as she nibbled Steve's ear, "I need to cum, make me cum, you cum tooo," Miranda whispered as Steve pounded into her in a frantic burst of over excitement and Miranda's arms snaked around him pinning him to her. He only managed about a dozen strokes in all but Miranda was so excited by Queenie that she felt as if she had exploded, or if something had exploded inside her, and as she slowly came down from her high she felt Steve shrinking and knew they had cum together.

"Thank you. that was wonderful, oh my, that never happened before." Steve complimented Miranda.

"Right this is a knocking shop not a debating society" Queenie pointed out,"so pay up, get dressed and get out."

Miranda watched Steve dressing, she wondered if he realised he had made her cum, she admired his broad shoulders, he was great she figured, but could she wank for half an hour before each time they made love, she realised she was confusing punters with boyfriends and turned her back on him and pretended to sleep. He patted her bottom playfully as he left. "When will she be here again Queenie" he asked.

Queenie thought fast, "She works in Soho usually so I couldn't say."

"I recorded you on audio tape," Queenie told Miranda as she sat on the edge of the bed, "Perhaps we can dub the video with it," Queenie smiled at her, "You feel better now?"

Miranda held her head in her hands, "Sort of, sort of relieved."

"You're not going to take the kids away are you?" Queenie asked.

"No." Miranda replied, "As long as no one finds out it's me on that tape."

"That's a deal then!" Queenie agreed, "You don't fancy making a few extra pounds?"


"You're a natural!" Queenie suggested "but I suppose you had better get back to work."

Miranda dressed quietly, and when Queenie gave her back the plastic bag with her Leather skirt and tight top Miranda meekly accepted it, "Better do your make up," Queenie suggested and Miranda glanced at her reflection in the mirror.

"Oh gosh yes, I look like a." Miranda giggled, "Whore," she said as she allowed Queenie to begin to wipe away the garish lipstick and eye shadow and remove the ribbons from her hair.

Queenie followed Miranda down the stairs and watched as she walked away, stopping briefly to look back and wave to Queenie before she made her way back to her car.

Miranda took the rest of the day off, she found her clothes in the back of the car and returned to work on the Friday,

Part Six.

Steve Davies felt good as he made his way back to his car, he worried that he was becoming addicted to the excitement of visiting Queenie Jarvis's house for illicit sex in working hours but he couldn't seem to be able to resist.

His mood lasted almost a minute but then as he passed Steward Drive he saw that small silver Ford car again, he stopped and reversed back, and once again checked it out, the parking permit was clear, Miranda Holmes, Social Services.

Steve knew he was being followed, he considered waiting to see if the woman came back but decided to head back to the office, he checked the internal phone book and discovered Miranda worked in the same block as he did, then he discovered her address and most damning that she was "Sick" and not at her desk.

Steve waited for the inevitable call to explain and then when it did not come he tried to concentrate on his work but it was impossible.

Friday morning came and Steve arrived early driving into the almost deserted car park and picking a space with a clear view of the entrance where he waited for Miranda to drive in, he recognised the car approaching and then as she parked some distance away he saw the slim chestnut haired woman emerge dressed in a boring grey suit and his heart sank.

He had a vague hope that he could appeal to her better nature, plead that he was a passionate man just doing what passionate men needed to do, but when he saw her he realised it was hopeless.

Miranda saw Steve watching her, she wondered if he knew, then she realised he must know that it was she who he had been screwing, an uneasy stand off developed.

It was after nine that evening when Steve rang Miranda's doorbell, she answered it in her thick dark blue bathrobe which she wore over her knee length pink nightdress.

"Oh" she said, "You." as he pushed against the door chain.

"Bloody Hell," Steve swore.

"Don't push, I'll let you in." Miranda said, "How did you find me?" she pushed the door shut and unhooked the chain and reopened it wide enough for Steve to get through.

"Parking Permit, phone book." Steve replied as he moved into the hallway, Miranda motioned for him to go through to the lounge.

"Oh," Miranda responded, "Do you want coffee?"

"Coffee?" he replied, "Sure why not."

The kettle had boiled so it took but a second for Miranda to step into the kitchen and fill a cup. "milk, sugar," Miranda asked,

"Yes two, please." Steve requested.

"So, what do you want?" Miranda asked as she passed the coffee cup across handle first. "Sit down."

"I don't know really," Steve replied, "I just want to explain, I suppose." Steve remained standing.

"Explain, right" Miranda agreed, "Sit down, please, explain what?"

Steve sat on Miranda's couch, "I saw your car, read the parking permit."

"Yes." Miranda agreed.

"I was there," he said.

"Well obviously." she agreed

"I'm addicted." he said, "I can' t stop."

"No," she agreed. as she sat down on the chair facing him, "Do you want to."

"Yes, of course."

"Oh, so why come here." she asked perplexed.

Steve put his coffee cup down, "To explain."

"Explain what?" Miranda asked again, "What are you trying to say?"

"Thursday, and Wednesday." he replied.

"Yes," Miranda agreed.

"What are you going to do now?" Steve asked.

"Me, ah nothing." Miranda said.

"But your car was there, both times." he insisted.

"Right." Miranda agreed.

"You're just getting annoying now," He insisted.

"I'm sorry but what exactly do you want?" Miranda asked again.

"I need to know what you are going to do." Steve insisted.

"And what do you imagine I have in mind?" Miranda asked.

"Blackmail, report me to my line manager, why else would you spy on me." Steve asked.

"You really don't get it, do you." Miranda sighed.

"Get what?" he asked.

"I wasn't spying on you." Miranda insisted.

"So what was going on." Steve demanded.

"Go home and work it out." Miranda replied firmly.

Steve reached across and grasped Miranda's wrist, "Stop winding me up" he shouted sending a surge of excitement raced through Miranda.

"You're very strong." Miranda suggested, "Don't hurt me."

"Then for heavens sake, tell me what is going on." he insisted

"The woman, girl whatever, why?" Miranda asked.

"Why, I don't know." Steve admitted.

"How long has it been going on?" Miranda asked.

"Months, once a week, for months, just an hour, after lunch."

"And the same woman?" Miranda probed.

"Different ones, same house, she brings in girls from other places." Steve replied

"So why two days running?" Miranda asked.

"This new girl, well, I just wanted more." He admitted.

"And today." she asked.

"No, she has gone back to London." he said.

"What's she like?" Miranda asked.

"Beautiful, well not her face but her body, she is so slim and the sex is wow." Steve insisted.

"Blonde I suppose, big breasts." Miranda suggested with a smile.

"No, brown hair, like yours," Steve replied, "and brown eyes, like yours and."

"You are remarkably slow on the uptake Steve." Miranda suggested.

"I don't understand," Steve shook his head.

"About my height, I guess, and you cum too soon."

"Who says." Steve demanded.

"I was there, you idiot, don't you recognise me?" she demanded, "I was tied up, you raped me!"

"Oh," Steve announced, "Oh my god, but not yesterday, no that was done willingly."

"She tricked me, both times," Miranda insisted, "But yes, yesterday was fun."

Steve pulled Miranda towards him, holding both her wrists.

"Fifty pounds," she asked.

"You little whore," he agreed, "yes, okay fine,"

"Upstairs?" Miranda suggested,

"Yes upstairs," He agreed but Miranda kissed him.

"Too far, take too long." Miranda insisted, "Here's fine." her nimble fingers worked to loosen Steve's trousers as her undid her bathrobe and lifted her nightdress to expose her breasts, suddenly she was naked, but she was pulling Steve's shirt, baring his chest then she loosened the laces in his trainers and pulled them off, pulling at his clothes until he too was naked.

"Upstairs," Miranda whispered, and dashed from the room as Steve followed until they both dived onto Miranda's bed.

Steve spread Miranda's legs but she cried, "I'm not ready, and as he looked on in horror Steve realised he was about to cum, he rushed to the bathroom and shot his load over the lavatory.

Miranda wiped him clean with a tissue, and as she did so he started to stiffen again, "See he likes me, I think I'm ready."

Steve reached out to touch Miranda, his fingers trailed across her sex until she grasped his hand and forced him to explore the wetness within and then as he strained Miranda led him back to bed.

This time she sat on the edge of the bed, her legs spread slightly and Steve carefully eased himself inside her "now take it easy," Miranda ordered as his penis gradually sank from sight disappearing within her, "Not too quick." she cautioned.

"Shut up." he insisted "Stop nagging, I'm paying all right." the bed springs settled into a regular creaking rhythm.

"Mmm, nice," Miranda whispered, "Make love to me, make me cum and I'll waive the fee."

"Waive the fee, what kind of talk is that for a prostitute," he asked rhetorically.

"I'm not prostitute, if you make me cum then no fee." Miranda agreed but his best attempts failed, no shuddering climax, no exploding fireworks in her brain, just a nice warm feeling of closeness, as he shot his second load of the evening, but this time into her.

She held him as his manhood shrank gradually. "I didn't cum." Miranda admitted, "do you want a coffee or anything?"

"I don't get you!" Steve admitted, "Coffee, after that, you just offer to get Coffee." he said as he climbed from the bed inspected his manhood and sat down on the bed again.

"Tea then." Miranda suggested.

"For heavens sake," he replied, "didn't that mean anything to you?"

"Well, I didn't cum." Miranda admitted, "I suppose you had better get home to your wife."

"No, not married," he replied.

"Girlfriend?" she tried.

"No," he replied.

"Boyfriend, Mother, whatever." she asked.

"No, I live alone," he replied.

"In that case," she said, "What time shall I set the alarm clock for?"

"Seven thirty?" he suggested.

"Seven, then perhaps we can have some fun before work?" she suggested.
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