Uncle reaches out to teach some strokes
Talk about hot today. Bet it's hitting 103 out here on my patio. Me, I live in Dallas, and believe me, it can be a scorcher in August. Forget about humidity. We wish we had some. No moisture can survive this heat. Thank goodness we put in a pool last year. It's one of those above-ground jobs from Kmart. Cost $350 and I had to put it together out in the yard. But it's almost four feet deep and big enough for us. Even got a plastic cabana thing for some shade.

Me, I am Walt, 46, your regular guy that works a tough 40 every week and look forward to staying home on the weekends. I sell floor tile for a living over at the old shopping center off LBJ Freeway, exit 312-B. Man, we got balloons and banners galore. That was my idea. Catches the attention of all the folks who pass our way. Worked my way up to assistant manager. And I only got a GED. Kinda proud of how far I've come.

Katie, my wife of 24 years, is in the house on the phone yapping with her sister. Good thing it ain't against the law to abuse a phone or she'd be a felon. Talks night and day to her family. I sure get tired of her voice. But she does all right by me. She holds down a regular shift at a nursing home a few days a week.

Laying on my plastic lounger, I figure it's time to cool off in the pool. I've been drinking beer for a few hours trying to relax. I stand up and stretch and realize I need to take a leak. I wobble over to the edge of the pool and slide down my trunks and let the lizard out. I look down and note that it looks like it's chubbing a bit, so I skin back the foreskin a few times and note with satisfaction that my 6 inches is moving up. Gonna rise to 7 if it feels like it. I start a nice stream of pee off to the side on the grass and groan in relief. After a few seconds I fluff my balls and think about how to handle the tingling in my belly. Might be time to go in and push Katie on the sofa and fuck her. It's been a few days and the idea is sounding good to me. Katie has a nice ass for a middle age gal. She is short in the tits area; I guess she got that from her mom. But her pussy is still pretty tight after two dozen years of regular pounding by my cock. She likes it still and I get it whenever I want it. Girl can suck a mean dick, too. She is one of those gals who loves the taste of cum. You'd say I'm a lucky guy.

As I ponder my next move, Katie opens the back door and hollers at me to quit pissing in the yard. I mutter my usual "fuck you" and laugh at her. Then she hollers that Doris, her sister, is coming over for a while. Doris is divorced for a few years from some asshole in Tyler. I like Doris okay for a sister-in-law. I like looking at her tits when she is around. She is so dumb she don't know I do it. She is the baby of her family and not exactly your Mensa candidate. I wouldn't mind slipping my cock up her chute a few times. I bet it's dusty since she left that guy. Doris has a kid named Vincent. He's okay for a spoiled 16 (you pick the age) year old. He whines a bit too much for my taste. He's got them braces on his teeth and looks like some kind of dork. Skinny little runt. But he's family.

I now realize my time for pussy will have to wait until tonight. Once them gals get together, there ain't no telling how long it'll be before I can make my move. I figure I might as well lay on the float in my pool and drink a few more beers. I climb the ladder and plop into the cool water and mount my float. Life ain't so bad. I got my boombox tuned to some good country music and I float around in bliss with my hand in my trunks, thinking I'll just masturbate here in the pool to hold me over.

Ain't long before I note the back door opening and Katie hollers out at me. "Hey, Walt. Doris is here with Vincent. Vincent wants to swim, too. Keep an eye on him. Okay?"
Motherfucker, now I'm a baby sitter. I slam my arm against the water and splash it toward her and mutter another few choice words. Leaning up on my elbows, I see Vincent coming toward the pool with a fucking life vest on. For crying out loud, the pool ain't but four feet deep and this kid thinks it's the ocean. On top of that, he's wearing a red speedo thing that sucks to his belly and legs like glue. He must have gotten that three years ago. It's way too small for this kid. His white body is practically blinding me with the glare from the sun. As he climbs the ladder to test the water, I see his skinny legs and laugh to myself at the whiteness and lack of hair on his legs.

Vincent climbs down into the pool slowly a step at a time. The cool water makes his nipples jump out. I laugh to myself as I watch this. Another step and he is up to his knees in the water and I see that he is really hesitant about this adventure. Two more steps and he eases in and begins to float, squealing and cutting up like a girl. I paddle toward him and tell him to relax and he will get used to it. He starts hopping around and then I see it. His little cock is perfectly formed behind the tight material of his speedo. I can tell he has a pretty nice package going there. He is definitely circumcised from the look I'm getting in between bounces.

My interest in his antics is causing a familiar feeling in my stomach. I reach down to my crotch and feel my cock. It's getting excited for good reason. Who can resist a treat like that?

Vincent splashes toward me and causes the water to bounce my float. I climb off before it turns over and dumps me. I reach for Vincent and hold him by the life jacket and look at his face. He is really nervous about being in the water. I push him back toward the ladder and he starts to climb my legs in an effort to be saved. It's then that I feel his little cock against the skin of my leg. I can tell he is aroused by this activity.

"Say, Vincent, if you relax and lean back you will float perfectly." This doesn't settle him, but he does stop whining as he looks at me. "Stretch out your arms and lean back" I tell him. I lift and push him over gently onto his back and hold him, one arm on his shoulder and one arm under his tight little ass. I lift him horizontal in the water slowly and he settles down nicely, laying his head back and beginning to float. My eyes go to his speedo and up close I can see the outline of his balls and cock as he allows me to pull him around the pool slowly. I adjust my hand under his ass where my fingers can grip a leg. I extend the fingers and graze his ball sac. He flinches as he feels this, but remains calm. I figure he has to trust me or he is gonna drown. I pull him along and begin making a circuit of the pool, my fingers moving to his balls as I walk. In a matter of a few steps his cock responds and I see the erection he has begin to assert itself. He has to have a good four or five inches he is working with. As his cock grows, the head of his cock starts to flare out of the top of the speedo. With him laying back he doesn't know this. My eyes are riveted to it. I have this crazy desire to touch it, but I have to be cautious. I have never been in a situation like this, but I have to tell you that my cock is raging in my trunks. I can feel the twinges of nerves firing off down in my balls and I almost want to groan. My hand slides down Vincent's ass and to his legs and I tell him to just float like that. As I remove my hand from him, he starts to sink a bit and he panics. I again grip his shoulder, but this time my hand is on top of his legs as I lift them. My wrist slides against the speedo waist band and I drag it down as much as I can. I have exposed the head of his cock and about two inches before it stops. I continue to rub his leg as we walk around the pool. I try to reassure him that he can float if he wants to try. I release my grip on his legs and the pattern repeats where his legs begin to sink. My hand goes back to his leg and I skim my fingers over his cock shaft on the way. He moans as I touch him. I see the shaft of his boy cock throbbing as it is touched by my fingers. Since he is not resisting me, I know this could work to my favor today.

We continue our lesson for several more minutes and I ease him to the side of the pool for him to rest on the ladder. I turn from Vincent and reach under water and push down my trunks and slide them away from me. Oh, but it feels like my cock is going to explode. My erection is painful as I grip it and move my hand up and down the shaft as I look at Vincent. He seems interested in what I am doing, but he cannot tell exactly what I am doing under the water. I crane my head toward the back door so that I am able to detect any movement coming my way from the gals in the house. It wouldn't do for Katie to come out here now. I'd be busted and in serious trouble.

As I approach Vincent, I stand on my tiptoes for a few seconds to allow him to see my cock. His eyes go wide as I approach him. My erection is now up to its maximum and my senses are on high alert. I know what I want, but I'm still a bit unsure of how to get there. Vincent licks his lips nervously as I approach him, his eyes staring at the water near my belly. My hands lead the way and I smile as I get to him.

"Hey, Vince, your life jacket looks kind of twisted. Let me fix it for you." I reach for the snaps and undo them. He has a death grip on the ladder. I reach in and open it and gain a view of his nipples as they punch out erect. I can see the goose flesh from the cool water. My eyes drift slowly down and I see his cock standing tall, the head bloated and pointing skyward. I reach for the speedo and delicately pinch the edges and expand the material. I pull it down as I look into his eyes. He is nervous, but I can tell he is not fearful. As I reach his knees with the speedo I note he pulled his legs close together to allow the removal. I push the speedo away and marvel at his beautiful boy body, hairless and on high alert. His cock seems to have taken all the skin from his balls to adjust its size. He was erect, throbbing and swollen to a delicious five and a half inches.

I slowly leaned into him and pressed my erection against his chest, my cock head only inches from his face. I reached between us and lightly gripped his cock and began to masturbate him. His legs opened and with my other hand I fondled his balls. Tight marbles would describe it. With no hair to impede the view, I swallowed hard as I tried to pace myself. Keeping an eye on the house behind him, I pulled on his cock, rubbing it against my leg as I pressed into his chest, hoping he would lower his head and taste my cock.

As he seemed unable to move, I knew I had to show him how this worked. My mind was racing as I thought out the ramifications and how to do this and not get caught by my wife or his mother. Latching onto no plan, I merely decided to lift him up the ladder a few steps. He adjusted his grip on the ladder and allowed this repositioning. I now had his cock in my face, his back to the house. I slowly lowered myself as I took his cock into my mouth. I began to tongue and nibble his cock head slowly. He began to moan as I devoured him. My mouth could fit his entire cock and I slowly bobbed my head up and down over the throbbing boy. After several seconds of this, I lifted off his cock and pulled his legs apart. I figured this was something I needed to do. I pushed my tongue into his very tight pink hole, slathering it over and over. Looking him in the eye, I told him, "Relax, Vince. This is how us guys play. Remember, we can't tell anyone about this. You know that; right?" Vince could only nod and lick his lips in nervousness. I pushed back to his pink boy pussy with my tongue and gouged it as I tried to enter the opening. As he relaxed with the enjoyment, I started to make progress. I could taste his juicy ass and my senses told me this was where I was going to end up today.

As I plunged his opening, I slowly stroked his young steel cock, not rushing him. I wanted him to feel the delights that were available. He moaned and wiggled as he tried to allow all I had to give him to enter him. Coming up for air and to check the back door again, I stood up and brought my cock to his face, the head of my cock touching his chin. I only hoped he knew what I wanted. As I pressed against him, his eyes were riveted to the man size cock before him. "Try it, son. Just try it," I said with a groan, my balls aching to feel his mouth. Slowly he lowered his face and allowed the tip of my cock head to rest on his lips. I nudged a bit and he opened his mouth and let me slide in the head of my cock. His eyes were wide as he tried to accommodate my size. His hand came over and he felt the shaft of my cock as it rested on his tongue. I groaned in delight and this inspired him to slide back the skin and squeeze my shaft. I pushed my hand over his and showed him how to masturbate me. He caught on quick and realized he could taste me and masturbate me at the same time. Warming to the new thing he was learning, he leaned down and began to slide his mouth up and down over my cock while he stroked me. Knowing this was working, my hands returned to his cock and I masturbated him.

Vincent, realizing this play was stirring something in him, he went to work on my cock, his tongue dancing over the swollen head and moaning like he was nursing a nipple. His sounds were increasing and I was concerned about the noise in the back yard. I told him, "Shhhh, or they will hear us, son." My eyes flew to the door as it opened, and out stepped my wife talking over her shoulder as she walked onto the patio.

Feeling immediate panic, I released Vincent's cock and pushed his mouth off of my cock. Katie could only see our heads and shoulders from her angle of approach, but I had to think quick. My trunks were about ten feet away on the bottom of the pool and Vincent's were somewhere else. Shit, his were even red. As Katie started coming toward the pool, I splashed the water with my arms and hollered, "Get Aunt Katie. Get her wet!" As I launched the water, I reached over for the float that was coming toward me and put it in front of me. I shoved it against Vincent on the ladder step, praying she wouldn't come too close to examine things.

Coming to a halt about five feet from the pool, Katie, shielding her eyes from the sun with her hand, said, "What do you think about barbequing some burgers for supper? I can thaw out some meat and make some beans. How's that sound?"

Literally sighing in relief, I gushed out, "Hell, I guess so. Just tell me when y'all want to eat." Katie replied, "It'll take a while to defrost. I'll let you know when it's ready to go." With that she turned and went back toward the house.

As Katie entered the back door, I looked at Vincent and saw he was as pale as a ghost. He appreciated how close we'd come to being caught with our pants down, literally. I smiled at him, pushed the float out of the way, and turned him around on the ladder so he could see that she had gone in the house. As he looked, he turned his head and said, "Hey, Uncle Walt, that was quick thinking, man."

As he was positioned with his back to me, I slid him off the ladder and along the side of the pool, his legs dangling behind him as he gripped the edge of the pool. I stepped in between his legs and reached for his cock again. He instantly moaned and his cock popped back up to steel rod. As he watched the house I moved closer and bent my knees until my cock was brushing his ass crack. I gripped my cock and slowly nudged it up and down, trying to find his pinkness. Patience has its rewards. My cock's tip found the opening and rested there while he flexed his sphincter as he felt it. I leaned over and whispered to him, "You need to relax for his, boy. But you will like it most of all. Breathe in and out and relax."

Vincent merely nodded his head as he began to blow air in and out. I began a slow pressure against the tight opening and waited. Then I proceeded to push a bit. Slowly but surely progress was made as my cock head burrowed its way into his ass. Upon stretching his ass so wide, he gasped and looked back at me and said, "Uncle Walt, you can't do that. It hurts. It won't go in."

I leaned over and whispered to him, "Oh, it'll go and you will like it. Just relax." After a few seconds of adjustment by Vincent, I felt his body relax and my cock was alert to continue its journey. Inch by inch I worked my cock into his ass. Through a series of starts and stops I eventually felt my balls touching his balls. Vincent turned his head and said, "I feel so full, Uncle Walt. When can we stop?"

I began a slow action of pulling out an inch and returning. Then two inches. Then three. Before long I was able to bring the head of my cock to his ass entrance and then drive it back in. As he became accustomed to it, I picked up the pace. My balls were on fire at the tightness of his boy pussy. It was amazing how tight it was. My wife's pussy was loose compared to this. I was caught up in my fun and began to work my cock in and out, faster and faster. As we both watched the back door, I pushed and pulled my cock through his opening, heading for the final release.

Sure enough, all too soon I felt the point approaching and I began to slam in and out. My back arched suddenly, my legs locked and I grunted and moaned as I leaned my head back and my cum blasted out of my cock into his rectum. I pushed it as far as I could, the spurts splashing into him as I bucked and fucked and lost track of the surroundings. Vincent moaned with each spurt as it filled his opening. The water in the pool was splashing against the sides of the pool, creating a mini-tidal surge as I wrenched out the last of my cum into his boy pussy.

Nearly collapsing at the exertion, I backed off a bit, my cock slumped and popped out of his hole, and I just went under the water, my energy totally gone. I was limp in limb and in cock . Vincent tried to close his legs as he turned on his arm and see where I went. As I came up for air again, I saw a smile on his face. He was in the midst of the aura of a pussy well-fucked, something new to him. I pushed myself to him and reached for his swollen boy cock. I started to masturbate him faster and faster until he grimaced and cried out in surprise with his first dry cum. He soon went limp and fell back against the edge of the pool, happy with his experience.

After a small time of rest, I retrieved our swim gear and pulled Vincent's back on and adjusted them. Vincent looked at the smile on my face and said, "Uncle Walt, do you think you could give me more lessons next week?" I figure I may have stumbled onto another source of pussy in the family after all.

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