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Getting acquainted
Chapter 1. Getting acquainted.

This year hot spring days came early in Moscow and everybody was happy to leave cold temperatures in the past. It brought a surge of activity to the city and it was clearly seen. Malls were filled with shoppers, looking for goods. Beaches were filled with teenagers ditching schools on the prowl for fun.

There was Borisovo’s pond in Orekhovo-Borisovo, the southern district of Moscow. That was the place where high school kids liked hanging out.

It was just the kind of a day that made kids skip classes and hang out at that region's only beach – Borisovo’s pond. The pond was an enormous pool with a beach. By noon, it was crowded with hormone-loaded teenagers, getting high and looking to hook up. You could hardly see there anybody older than those who were eighteen.

Mike and Serge were exceptions, as they were the most of their lives. They were both successful in their careers, had a lot of money but they hung out at that beach whenever they could.

On this particular day at one o'clock a brand-new sports car appeared there. Two guys in their mid-twenties, Serge and Mike, were in it. They were very cool, but rough guys.

Serge was over 6" tall, with short cut hair and a rippled abs. A tribal tattoo of black curved lines encircled his right forearm. He liked clubbing, which he could afford, because he worked as a top manager of some famous international company that his father owned.

Mike's appearance was much the same as Serge’s. Japanese hieroglyphs were tattooed on his back. He worked as a Surgeon General’s assistant and therefore the man had an unlimited access to any kind of drugs he wanted. He often took advantage of his position. Mike and Serge had been best friends since they had been children.

To make the story short, they both were about the same height, weight and age. On top of that, they were handsome but rough, well-muscled men who were rich enough to get anything or anyone they wanted. Their motto in life was "You can get anything you want with enough money; if it can't be bought, then it’s not worth having.”

The car pulled up to the curb at the spot they liked to park in. At that very moment other cars drove away to allow these men to park there. Mike and Serge were famous for their roughness and nobody wanted to mess with them. They were ones of the most dangerous persons on the block.

As they parked, everybody was staring at their car, especially teen girls who went crazy from seeing slick cars and who liked famous persons.

Mike got out of the car and enjoyed the attention he had been paid. He knew that he could get any girl who wanted. Smiling, the man stood tall and thought how good the day would be. Then Mike got bottles of strong drinks out of a cooler. He opened them as Serge spread a wide blanket.

These men were being watched by girls who wanted to be a part of their company and those who wanted to have a drink but little had the girls known that some drinks had been already spiked to use them for wasting stupid cunts.

The day went by, Mike and Serge just had a good time: they switched among sunbathing, swimming and drinking. All the way they checked out all the chicks that passed by and the men discussed them.

Their place of camping was perfect because every gal who wanted to swim had to walk past them to get back to the beach. Girls liked swinging their asses before these grown-ups’ eyes. Mike and Serge noticed every gal and thought about having some fun with one of them. They were sure that these high school girls looked forward to being invited.

The guys weren’t already sober when they saw a real knockout who had been wandering around them for a while. The men’s drunk imagination gave them a dirty thoughts and the horny guys decided to try their luck with her.

They checked her out. The girl was about 5 feet tall. Her bikini hardly covered her body and the girl’s ripe perky tits with protruding nipples under the material attracted much attention. Her body was very slim and her tiny, tight ass asked to be touched. On top of that, her red hair fell to the slender shoulders framing her doll’s face and her starring eyes gave anybody a desire to hug this angel.

Serge and Mike had hard-on from just watching this beauty. It was much for them and they weren’t in the condition to conceal their emotions. The men just wolf-whistled at her over and over again.

The redhead always hated any vulgar behavior but she was a bit stoned from some weed she had been recently smoking. Besides, she had a rush on these older guys and the girl was eager to hang out with them because they were really great hunks.

A blanket with her stuff on it was nearby and the redhead decided to put all the things together and walk home. She thought that these guys considered her too immature for them. It made her sad very much and she started gathering her stuff together.

The redhead was in the middle of doing it, when she heard, “Hey cutie! Join us!”

It made the redhead happy but the girl knew how to act. She just pretended that she didn’t hear them. The redhead was trying to look like she was exhausted and planned to leave the beach.

When she passed them, Serge tried his luck again and asked in a very friendly tone, "Hiya girl!"

Smiling, the redhead replied, "Hi guys! Like every single girl here, I couldn’t but notice you’re looking hot. I like you so much, guys!”

The girl was so happy that these older guys invited her in that her mouth ran with her mind in neutral. The redhead never acted like that but she hoped that flattery was the only way to get closer to them and she really wanted it in her current mood.

"Thank ‘you’!" Mike said. "You are so fucking hot that it got us high and hard if you're old enough to get the point of what I am meaning!"

The redhead was shocked by his vulgar manner of speaking. She looked at him and Mike sat on the blanket, grinning. Perhaps, it was the girl’s imagination but she thought she saw the devilish fires in his shining eyes. The redhead knew that he was excited because every guy looked at her in that condition.

The girl’s eyes instinctively slid down his body. To begin with, she looked at his well-rippled chest, then to his six-pack stomach and finally down to his swimming trunks. His cock was clearly outlined by the tight material.

As the girl’s eyes slid down his friend’s body, Serge stared at the girl. He knew by his own experience that she wasn't going to leave. Every young girl liked to be with older guys and it was a rare case when she could be without her immature classmates.

When the redhead’s eyes stopped at Mike’s crotch for a while, Serge understood that the girl was interested in adult games, not only in talking. The idea of that just gave his cock some stirs.

The redhead believed that the guys didn’t notice how long her eyes were at the crotch’s area because any sort of dirty thoughts could occur to them. She had just never seen a big piece of hard meat like that before!

"Do you like what you see, sweet face?" came out of the blue.

"Very much, guys. Very much!" she would have never said it if she was sober.

"I'm sure Mike's about cum in his trunks just watching you. What about joining us?" Serge shot out another question.

"Sure thing!" the girl simply replied in spite of that very dirty comment.

"It should be noted that you are the first girl who attracted us much and if you are not a blond you can add two plus two!" Some hint was heard in his voice.

"Of course, I am not stupid and I have the whole day free!" the redhead immediately became talkative. "Yeah, I'm so thirsty!"

The girl tried to sound dirty like the guys did. The guys definitely liked her manner of speaking because they smiled when they heard about her need for something to swallow. Hearing that the redhead wanted to drink, Mike knew that it was his time to lead the process of tempting.

"Maybe you wanna have a gulp of something stronger than Coke, sexy?" he friendly blinked at the girl.

"Do you really wanna give some of your booze to a nice, naive girl who is under age like me?" the redhead asked, flirting openly with the older guys who had already known she was on the hook.

"Are you a pre-teen? You look too fucking sluttish to be like that, you fucking bitch! Your cunt is practically hanging out of your bikini. Get your fuckin' virgin butt outta here, cuz we only party with chicks who can suck a cock at least!" Mike screamed in anger at her.

The words were so dirty and the man spoke to the girl like she was a crack-whore. Mike was older than her and the redhead considered that he had the right to speak like that to those who were younger than him. Somehow, Mike’s words made her upset so much that and she was ready to cry. The redhead wanted to party with them and she had to do something and do it fast or she would have to leave home.

Collecting herself, the girl pouted and said, "Hey, guys! Although I'm young, it doesn't mean I don’t like big cocks of older guys like you!” The redhead made a pause and added, “Maybe you'll even get some cocksucking if you act properly to me, okay?"

Mike and Serge glanced at each other, their strategy worked well again.

"May I stay with you and party?" the girl smiled.

Then the guys figured out that the girl was young but she had a slut within her fragile body. They just needed play well to discover it. It went without saying that this naive school girl could be turned into a submissive fucktoy.

As they thought of it, there was an awkward silence and the redhead guessed that she had fucked up her chance.

Serge suddenly exclaimed in his usual friendly manner, "Well, here I'm staring at your sexy body and I think you have the right to be by my side!"

Those words immediately made her happy and she thanked God that HE gave her another chance. The girl stopped paying attention to their foul language, believing that it was due to their drunken condition and excitement.

"Remember,” Serge warned, “Act with us like a grown-up; otherwise you can go fuck yourself. Is that clear, cunt?"

At first Serge thought it was too rude to talk that way but after the redhead nodded, the man understood it worked perfectly on this juicing little twat.

"Yep! You know, you're such cool guys and I like it so much!" she was in heaven with happiness and began relaxing, being between two great hunks.

"Okay! What's our little cunt's name?" Mike asked, searching for a spiked beer to pump up this bimbo.

At that time she towered above them and slowly pulled her tight white T-shirt over the head. It looked so erotically and the girl was an expert at teasing males. Little by little her bikini-covered tits were on a display. They looked so firm and perky that every man wanted to squeeze them. Then, in the same manner, the redhead pulled down her tight cut-off shorts, revealing her creamy thighs. Here she was.

"I'm Kate,” she said. “And by the way, I dislike being called a cunt! Slut is prettier to hear. Okay? I hate it! Some of the boys in school call a girl a cunt. They think they can treat girls like cum dumps. Slut is prettier to the ear. Okay?"

Kate knew that she was skating on thin ice with her request but she looked at the men in turn through the piggy eyes as if asking to remember her please.

"Okay! I'm Serge and this is my best friend Mike; we have been friends since we were kids. And you are right, baby. Since you are both a slut and a cunt like 2 in 1," he did a pause and the girl stared at him expectedly. "How about putting your sexy little ass up against my fucking rock-hard, leaking prick to warm me up?"

Their dirty talking had no limits but Kate thought it was some kind of a joke. She took off her shorts completely and stayed in her bikini only. The girl wanted to tease the guys more and she was about to turn her ass to them. As Kate was turning around, she glanced down at Serge’s trunks. The tent in his trunks looks huge like in Mike’s.

Kate’s ass faced the guys and they gave her dirty comments. The girl never liked these words but now she felt her pussy getting wet.

Then Kate teasingly knelt down between the older guys on the carpet. Serge was behind her back and she did an eye contact with Mike. It didn’t take much time before the girl was on all fours. She knew how to tease: the girl spread her knees wider and arched her back. Kate’s bikini left no much to the imagination.

Swaying her ass, the naive girl asked, "Great ass, isn't it?"

It was too much for Serge and he put his strong hands on Kate’s firm ass cheeks. He squeezed them and the girl didn’t protest at all. Serge took it as a signal and spread the cheeks. Serge was too excited and he couldn’t wait any longer. He boldly pressed the thumbs of his hands into her tight holes through the bikini bottom. The right thumb was forced into her asshole and the left one was pushed into her pussy.

Kate didn’t expect it at all and her tease had never gone too far.

"Hey, hey, hey! Guys! Don't be so fast!" the redhead panicked but she didn’t change the position.

Excited, Serge murmured, "I’m sure as hell that the bitch is ripe and ready to have her fuck holes rammed!"

It looked like he didn’t pay attention to what Kate had said and Serge kept on playing with her privates. His left thumb slid along her pussy cleft. The girl moaned and Serge felt the material getting wet under his touch. All her pussy was dripping wet. The bikini bottom hardly covered her pussy but the guy could see her ass hole that was covered with a thin string. Serge rubbed the puckered pink asshole with the right thumb.

Serge did it so skillfully that Kate went wild. Her hips bucked back in the rhythm of his movements. The girl didn’t conceal her emotions and she moaned loudly. It was the first time for her when she went wild but the redhead had to stop it until it was out of control.

Gasping, Kate said, “I need to get to know you better before you do something like that!"

The girl smiled like an absolute fool and the guys knew that she would let them do whatever they wanted. The redhead was high with excitement.

Serge knew that he had to cool off a bit if he didn’t want to come in his trunks and he said, “Okay.”

Kate tried to catch her breath and she laid on the right side. There was Serge behind her who tried to catch his breath too.

The three of them struck up a conversation. It went on in a friendly way and the redhead’s guard was down. She was too naive to guess that they were up to and Kate didn't notice that Mike opened a spiked bottle beer for her.

When she stretched out her hand for the beer, Mike told her, grinning, "This bottle has its own cost - kissing."

Smiling, the girl said, “Okay.”

Mike moved closer to Kate and the teenager put her lips on his. It was so thrilling for her to kiss the guy who was much older than her pussy was tingling again. The redhead relaxed and the tongue of Mike slid inside her tiny mouth. She thought it would be some sort of a romantic kiss but she was mistaken.

Mike’s tongue immediately went deep inside her mouth like they were long-termed lovers. He didn’t waste time and their tongues started struggling. The kiss was dirty and much saliva dripped down from Mike’s tongue on Kate’s but the redhead didn’t stop him. They kept on kissing and slurping sounds were heard by Serge. He wanted his piece of the cake.

The guy put his hands on her slim body and her body felt relaxed. Kate was having a good time. Serge’s hands slid above to her tits. It didn’t take much time for them to be under the bikini top. The breasts were ripe and perky for her age. The nipples got hard with excitement. Serge mauled the girl’s tits and she didn’t try to stop him although the redhead had never let anybody do it before.

This threesome was hot and nobody wanted to stop it. Mike was the one who broke the kiss and he glanced at the girl. Her look was blurred with excitement and the spiked drink, her lips were wet with their mixed saliva and Serge was nibbling her ear with his hands squeezing her teen breasts.

Little by little, Kate came to herself after that hot making-out and she began wiping the mixed saliva off her face. Serge who had been caressing her ear and neck was felt so good that she didn’t try to free herself from his arms. The redhead knew that she wouldn’t be able to move his hands off her breasts and she didn’t want to do it at all. She just let them be.

Smiling, the excited girl said, “Thanks, Mikey-boy. Did I deserve that beer?”

Mike opened his mouth to reply, but Serge was the first to speak, "He told you to kiss, but he has never told you to kiss him on the lips!"

The dirty meaning of his words occurred to Kate and she protested, "Oh no, guys! I hardly know you and you've kissed and felt me up already!"

Despite of her words, the pussy was slippery and the nipples were hard. The bikini top was crumpled over the ripe breasts and Mike could clearly see the swollen teen nipples. Serge’s hands had never stopped twisting them and it gave the girl much pleasure. She didn’t want him to stop it.

Mike went berserk and burst out , "It means that you are a fucking cock-teaser. We did warn you. Get the fuck outta here! We like to be with mature chicks!"

Serge followed the game. He got his hands off her perky tits and slapped her ass hard with his open palm. The gesture was clear: they both wanted her “to get lost”.

Kate was ready to cry like a baby. It was so funny with those older guys and she had messed it up again. It was all her fault. Yes, they were vulgar but it was their nature and the redhead could get along with it. There was nothing else that she wanted more in the world than to party with Mike and Serge.

So she collected all her self-confidence together, bit her upper lip and, looking down, answered in a playful tone, believing it was her last stand, "What about stroking your cocks later and maybe more after that, huh?"

"Mike, I see our Kate is good enough for us after all! Give her the drink and I guess she'll pay for it later, because I just adore her tight ass with its nice deep crack!" Serge complemented her.

Serge didn’t play on the shy side. As a matter-of-factly, the guy just grabbed her curvy hips and pulled her tight ass to his crotch. He knew that Kate would never do anything to stop him at that moment.

She was glad that they bought into this and she was ready for anything now. The redhead even felt Serge’s erect cock pressing against her ass crack. Kate was afraid to move and just let it be.

Their make-out lasted for half an hour. At first, the redhead, deep inside, had protested it but then her inhibitions disappeared that boldness and she began enjoying it. She liked the way Serge’s cock, Serge’s huge cock, slid along the ass crack and Kate’s pussy got dripping wet. On top of that, Mike was watching them and it excited the girl a lot. But it didn’t last long and he joined the party. Mike started wet-kissing her in a moment. All in all, there was a hot threesome: the girl was sandwiched between the studs. One kissed her as another pawned her breasts and rubbed his crotch against the girl’s ass.

But it wasn’t enough for Mike and he asked the excited redhead, "By the way, Kate, where do you live?"
"I live not too far from here,” she replied, gasping with excitement. “At Jasenevaja Street.”

"Ah, the street where the poor people live,” Serge tried to humiliate the girl more. “I’m sure as hell the way the poor make for a living! Am I right, whore?"

It drove him crazy and the guy grabbed Kate’s hips roughly. Serge started rubbing his crotch against her ass and it could be got from a distance like some lovers were having a wild sex. All that made the girl feel like a real prostitute but she liked the feeling of the guy’s hard-on. She was a natural-born cock-teaser.

Serge’s words and her high condition made her to be talkative, "I AM NOT A WHORE! The only form of sex I have had was oral because I'm too young for anything else as you know, but I do play with my pussy from time to time with a tiny, handy dildo. I'm a ninth grader now. I've only sucked two cocks in my life and nobody knows about it. I don’t want to be considered a slut!"

"Okay, slut, let's go swimming! I need to cool off!" Mike exclaimed.

Serge understood the hint and he took his hands off her tits. Kate’s face was flushed already, her vision was blurred and she followed Mike’s command like she didn't hear the names they called her.

Their hot bodies plunged into the pond’s warm waters and they cooled off a bit. The three of them went further and further until Kate could reach the bottom only with her toes.

"Guys, I won't go any further! I can't swim!" the girl confessed.

The guys understood that it was high time for realizing their plan. Grinning, they surrounded her like a pack of hungry wolves.

The redhead guessed that Mike and Serge were going back to the beach where they would continue their adult games but the guys had made up something else. At that very moment Kate felt the guys' hands all over her body.

"Guys, I understand you like my body and to be honest I like it too, but I can hardly reach the bottom! It's too uncomfortable!" saying it, she was afraid of their reaction.

"You know, chick, it's high time to give us all you had promised!" Mike said, grinning.

With those words he put his lips on hers and his tongue slid deep inside her mouth without any obstacle. Kate just embraced his neck with her arms and she was having the time of her life. Mike broke their kisses from time to time with his tongue licking her face. On the verge of his excitement, his strong hands grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed her slim frame tightly against his muscled body.

It went on for a while and Mike somehow managed to move the bikini bottom aside, revealing the girl’s privates and Kate didn’t notice it but she began protesting as she felt her young pussy and asshole getting probed.

"Mike, stop it!” the redhead desperately said. “Okay, I'll jerk both of you..."

"And blow us! Promise that you’ll suck our dicks or you are going to swim back to shore bare-assed. I'm sure the guys on the beach would appreciate this, throwing big boners watching your dripping pussy as you walk out of the water! And then your entire block will call you a slut. The end of the story! Comprende?" Serge, who was behind her, asked smiling at her and pulled her hair back, "Maybe you should just be drowned here! Many people get drown from being drunk!"

"I promise guys! I'll do whatever you want!" the idea struck her that her cock-teasing had never led her into a deepshit of a situation like that.

At that moment Kate felt their fingers touching her pussy. The guys didn’t waste time. Their finger tips spread the swollen cunt lips and found the clit.

The redhead’s arms were still around Mike’s neck and he could clearly hear her moans of pleasure. It was obvious that she was having the time of her life. She enjoyed it as the guys released their hard cocks from their trunks.

Kate had never felt so good and she couldn’t conceal her emotions. Her body was tightly pressed against Mike’s muscled body as Serge rubbed her clit. It was too much for the redhead and she began kissing Mike passionately. Her hot breath burned them both and their tongue danced around each other in a full throttle.

In the middle of it, Kate felt her arms were forced off Mike’s neck and she had to break the kiss. The girl was puzzled until she got the feel of the guys’ hard cocks in her hands. Kate knew that the time had come.

Although she had already given head several times to her previous boyfriends but they were her age. These guys were much older than her and their cocks seemed gigantic. Kate held their hard meats in her hands and she liked the way they pulsated. It didn’t matter whatever she wanted, Kate would have to satisfy them.

The redhead slowly started stroking them and the guys decided that everything was going as planned. Serge kept on playing with the girl’s clit and Mike got back to her pouty lips. The three of them was busy satisfying each other.

Kate heard Mike’s breath become heavy and she got that he was on the verge of orgasm. It meant that she wouldn’t have to give him a blowjob. In any case, their cocks were too huge for her tiny mouth. The redhead increased the tempo but Serge stopped her. Kate thought that something went wrong and became scared. She remembered that she was threatened to be drown. The girl broke the kiss and turned her face to Serge.

The guy’s eyes were full of lust when he said, "Let's get out, bitch!"

"But... but have I done wrong?" she almost sobbed.

"No,” he said, trying to console Kate. “I think it’s time to go to my place and become friends with our hard-ons… more closely. I want to see you in action or you have decided to break your promise?"

His tone was harsh and she knew that there was no way out. Was it her fault? Of course, it was! Her teasing tactics brought Serge and Mike to the current condition and Kate would have to do anything to stay alive. The redhead just had no choice.

On the other hand, Serge and Mike understood that Kate was a submissive girl and she would do anything to please. Their threats were just a lever and nothing more. The girl wanted some adventures and she got them.

The three of them walked back to the beach in anticipation of what was coming. On their way back, the guys fixed their trunks in the proper place. Kate fixed her bikini top over the tits and her bikini bottom over the bulging pussy and the ass hole.

Finally they came up to the blanket and Mike ordered, "Show us how sexy you can be when you get your things together. Fold the blanket and put all the things in the basket!"

After hearing that, Kate became happier. There was nothing obscene in the command and the girl could tease the guys again. Trying to show her best curves, the redhead knelt down as slowly and erotically as she could in front of the basket and she was about to pack the basket but Mike’s voice stopped her.

"Hey, what's wrong with you?” he asked. “Do you call that sexy?"

The girl knew that guys liked naughty girls and she tried to be like that. Kate just didn’t understand why she followed these two guys’ orders but she was eager to fulfill every single command. So in a slow motion, she got on all fours like a pet. Flushed, Kate arched her back so much that her inviting ass looked pushed out. It went without saying what reaction followed.

“A nice view, I’d say. What do you think, Serge?" Mike asked in a loud voice.

His voice sounded so loud that Kate got afraid of being heard by her classmates who were at the sands. Thank God, they were blocked from outsiders' sight with the guys' fancy car and nobody could see whatever she was doing. Kate knew that she had to be fast and the girl began picking up the stuff to put it in the basket.

In the middle of it, the redhead felt some kicks on her legs but they were easy and painless. It was Serge who did it so that the girl would spread her slim legs wider in that position. Kate was smart enough and she did it immediately. The redhead was on all fours with her knees at twice her shoulders' width and her ass up in the air.

"Yeah man, she looks even prettier in such a position. Just like some porn actress!" Serge exclaimed and gave his best friend a high five.

"You know a sure way to make it look hot!" Mike said in a very excited tone.

Kate kept on picking up the stuff and she was happy that they complemented on her frame. They were just doing a dirty talk and the girl relaxed, although the redhead knew that the older guys were going to have some fun with her really soon. And she was damn right!

In anticipation, one of the guys slapped her tight ass. The hit stung so much but Kate was sure as hell that much more was coming.

In the blink of an eye, the redhead felt the wet crotch of her bikini bottom being pulled aside and it revealed her private area in a moment. Then somebody’s palm touched the moist pussy slit of hers and it gave the girl some thrills. It didn’t take much time before a finger slid inside. Kate let out a moan of pleasure as the finger kept on sawing in and out of her hot spot. She was just out of her mind.

The teenager thought that it was good but then another finger was added. That was awesome! Her limbs trembled and the redhead rolled her eyes back into her head with pleasure. Unconsciously the girl’s body began moving back and forth.

Kate had been excited long and those fingers became slippery with her love juice soon. There was innocence no more: the girl’s body moves were boldly, her gasps and moans were clearly heard.

Mike liked that show and he said, “I like how her pussy grips my fingers!"

"Then try her backdoor!" Serge exclaimed, being in a perfect mood.

The redhead didn’t know what Serge meant but his words sounded dangerous anyway.

Kate felt the second finger slowly leave her wet pussy as the first one continued rubbing up, but suddenly she felt the missing finger trying her tight brown puckered ass hole. The redhead didn't pay attention to it until it slowly entered to the knuckle. The schoolgirl wanted to ask him to get the finger out, because she felt so full and she had never had anything in her butt, but she didn't want to ruin the moment.

All of a sudden, she heard Mike's voice whispering in her ear, "Baby, do you like it?"

"Mmmmm... Mmmmm..." it was all she could mutter in her current situation.

"It's kinda being double penetrated, but having cocks instead of fingers is far better!" Mike kept on whispering, but she didn't follow his words.

Kate was so interested in Mike's fingers, bringing her to a climax so fast that she didn't notice how a passing girl stopped, shocked by the sight and started talking to Serge.

"Honey, whose is that nice ass?" the blonde asked.

"Just another slut my friend and I have been hooking up with. You girls just can't pass up our cocks!"

"You are so funny!" the girl said, punching his shoulder playfully.

Serge was very glad that they hooked up another beautiful girl. He was filled with excitement and put his arm around her waist. The girl immediately noticed it but she didn't remove his palm that slipped on her left hip. She liked those older guys’ attention very much. On top of that, the sight of the girl who had been finger-fucking so boldly in both orifices was making her hot.

Serge knew that he could try his luck with that newcomer. The guy turned that blonde and pressed her slim body against his muscular chest.

“Cutie, who are you?” he asked in a very friendly tone.

The blonde wasn’t so stupid not to know what was coming. She laced his neck with her hands. Her pouty lips touched his and the girl sucked in his lower one.

It was too much for Serge. His left hand slid down and squeezed her ass cheek as the right one moved to her bikini-covered breast and tenderly cupped it.

Although the girl’s boyfriend was thug-like but he never treated her so boldly like that stranger. However, she felt her toes curling with excitement. Unconsciously, her tongue darted into the guy’s mouth. The blonde wasn’t shy and their tongues wrestled inside their mouths. The waves of pleasure filled the girl with every passing moment as Serge continued touching up her slim lust-filled body.

In no time the guy’s palm pulled aside the material that covered her breast, revealing her teen boob with a hard nipple on it. Serge couldn’t resist the temptation. He lowered his head and took the nipple in his mouth. It gave the girl some good vibrations and he could hear her moans. The guy was sure as hell that the blonde liked it very much. The moans became louder and she held his head by hair.

When Serge released the nipple from his mouth, it was red and hard. The girl wanted him to continue and tried to hint him about it. Her lips touched his neck gently and the tongue started licking it, leaving a wide wet trail behind itself.

"My name is Natty,” the girl said. “As you can see, I’m not worse than your so-called slut.” The girl motioned to Kate who was getting her portion of pleasure from the other guy. “You know, you are truly handsome!"

"Like you are, gorgeous! My name is Serge, my friend is Mike and that filthy slut is Kate," with those words he smiled at Natty.

"How could my stupid schoolmates be at classes!" the blonde exclaimed.

"Sweetie, where do you study?" Serge decided to be talkative.

“Oh, I study at school №581 and I’m in the 11th grade!” Natty said with pride.

"Hey Kate, what's your school and your grade?" Serge was really interested if those sluts studied in the same school or not, although it was obvious that their ages were different.

"Mmmmm..." Kate let out a long moan in excitement and tried to reply, "School №581, the 9th grade."

She tried to keep her voice steady but it trembled with excitement. The redhead turned her head to look at Serge. When she saw the blonde girl next to him, she froze and got pale, notwithstanding she was flushed with lust. The blonde girl and the redhead knew each other pretty well. Natty was a real bully at the school and she beat the shit of Kate too many times. What would happen if Natty loosed her tongue and show her supremacy in front of those guys? Or tell anybody about that encounter?”

"Wow Serge, I know her! I beat that filthy cock-teaser now and then at school but I can understand you guys, she is a nice piece of ass!" saying that Natty squeezed Serge's cock through the trunks very tightly.

Then she moved to Mike and motioned him to get out of her way. He knew that something hot was coming and he obediently moved aside.

Natty got on all fours and slapped soundly Kate's ass, "Nice ass, you dumb bitch!" The bully shouted at her and Kate knew that she was in the shitload of a situation. "Pull the fucking material aside and began frigging your fucking asshole and cunt. Now!" she shouted at her again and Kate was in a hurry to pull her panty aside. She knew that the bully could make her life miserable. "Hey Serge, don't stand there like a fucking maggot and get us on the cell phone!"

The hunk thought it was a good idea and started recording as he watched Kate masturbating. Her pussy was dripping wet and the girl’s finger easily slid in and out of it but the redhead was an anal virgin. Her finger hardly entered her tight ass hole and it was clearly seen.

Mike wanted to join too. As he was walking around Kate, he threw his trunks off, revealing his big cock. Serge, the cameraman, managed to witness the frightened look on the redhead’s face when Mike sat in front of her face. It was obvious that Kate silently begged him for understanding. But Mike was too excited to stop. The guy just pulled her head to his bulky dickhead.

Suddenly Natty’s voice brought Kate to reality, "Hey, you stupid bitch! Your holes are tight now! Why?" With those words the bully slapping her ass again, but the poor girl was silent. "Answer me when you are asked, you miserable bitch!"

Kate was very scared of being beaten hard and just didn't know what to answer. She had to make up some excuse and do it swiftly.

"I'm sorry!" it was the only thing she could make up.

"Very lame excuse!" Natty continued.

"I'm too young for sex and my parents think that I shouldn’t have sex until I finish the school at least. Thus, I didn't allow the guys do it with me," Kate tried to reason with her.

“Ok,” the bully said. "I'll see to it because your talents wait to be revealed!"

Those words scared Kate to death and she knew that her life at school could be even worse.

Natty could see through the arch between Kate’s legs that Mike pulled Kate's head to his cock. She wanted to spice it up and ordered the redhead, "Spread your ass cheeks with your hands and don't remove them. Not a fucking sound! You know that misbehavior will not be accepted!"

Kate understood that obedience was good for her. She just had no choice. The girl stretched out her hands behind the back and put them on her supple ass cheeks. Then she spread them apart. The redhead was on display like a porn star.

“Hey Serge, come here and look at the nice tight holes waiting to sink into with your cock!" Natty said smiling at Serge.

"Nice view, baby but I promised not to fuck her... not today!" Serge was a man of a promise indeed.

Kate heard his words and they calmed her down. She considered them teasing not anything more but she was mistaken. Serge’s words let Natty down because she wanted to see the girl who she had constantly beating getting impaled on their cocks. The bully knew that the guys needed a chance. So she got down to licking the redhead’s tight pussy. When her tongue slid inside, Natty felt Kate’s pussy walls tightened and her legs trembled.

Unlike the bully, Mike didn’t want to force the girl too much. He knew that she just needed time and Kate was surely a fast learner. Mike and Serge wanted to keep her for coming sessions.

To begin with, Mike let Kate lick his dickhead. He understood that his cock was too big for her tiny mouth to swallow even the half of it.

Kate was grateful for not making her deep-throat that monstrous cock. Her agile tongue swirled around the huge head of Mike’s cock. The girl felt it twitching now and then. As soon as some pre-cum had appeared on the piss-hole, the redhead’s tongue immediately licked it away. In no time the whole dickhead glistened with her saliva.

Although the girl despised the bully but she could help confessing herself that she was good at licking the pussy. It gave her real warm sensations of pleasure. Kate’s pussy was dripping wet and she couldn’t resist the temptation.

She was forbidden to remove her hands from the ass cheeks. Thus, she let her head rest on Mike's left thigh. Her eyes were rolled back into the head with pleasure and her tongue automatically slid up and down the guy’s shaft. She didn’t take much time his whole 12 incher was covered in her saliva richly. Now and then Kate’s mouth touched his hairy ballsac. The redhead was so excited that she tried to suck in his balls in turn as she felt her ass hole being intruded upon by a finger.

It was the bully who tried to stick her finger into Kate’s ass hole. It hardly entered and she started sawing in and out of it slowly, letting the girl get used to this sensation. Little by little Kate’s rectum stretched with it and Natty began ramming the teen ass hole. The sight of it was driving the bully crazy and she wanted to fist-fuck the girl like she saw it in some german porn flick. Natty just didn’t know that it was impossible to do with a virgin. The blonde tried to add another finger but there were no room enough for two fingers in Kate’s ass. The second finger couldn’t be squeezed inside it.

"Relax your ass!" Kate heard Natty's order.

The girl was scared and she knew that she should do whatever she was told. Kate did her best. The girl caught her breath and she thought she was going to be ripped apart. There were tears on her eyes and several minutes of torture lasted forever.

Soon Kate felt her ass hole getting stretched by two thin fingers of the blonde model. The infernal pain in the ass was overtaken with pleasure. Kate had been on her way to climax due to the circular moves of Natty's experienced tongue.

The bully was so into it that she didn’t notice what Serge had been doing.

All that time Serge had been watching the hot scene of his friend and two sexy teen sluts. Like in a trance, he took off his trunks and just stroked his cock. Biting his lower lip with pleasure, the guy came up to the bully from behind. Without giving it a second thought, Serge pressed his huge cock against the entrance of Natty’s pussy.

The bully started immediately protesting, moving her mouth from Kate's hot, squirting pussy, "Don't even think of sticking your big cock into my small love box! I have a boyfriend and I love him so much! There’s a slut not me if you wanna fuck!"

"What about giving head to me?" Serge asked playfully.

"Okay. Take us to your place and you'll get it, because there are too many eyes and my boyfriend can find out about us," Natty explained.

"With pleasure!" a devilish flame appeared in Serge's eyes.

He slapped Natty’s ass with his cock, leaving a wet trail of pre-cum on it. Grinning, he stood up and pulled his trunks up to the waist. Everybody was lust-charged. Mike and Natty stood up too.

The bully slapped Kate’s tight ass hard and said, "Guys, load your shit in your groovy car and I'll be back in a minute."

Kate was happy that her humiliation had finally finished. The only thing she had to do was to suck those guys’ cocks as she promised. It was wrong but the redhead was eager to take them in her mouth. Only that bitching bully Natty could ruin all fun.

When they all were ready to roll out of there, Kate and Mike were in the backseat and Natty was in the passenger's seat that was not near Kate and it made her happy. When they were all in, they started out.

After some time of driving a slight smile appeared on Natty’s face.

"Serge, which way would you like to have it in your car? Anything is available," asked Natty.

Even here, in the car, the bully couldn’t forget about Kate.

“Oh, girl. Give her a break, ok?” Serge said, irritatedly. But then the guy added, “Kate, take off your top. We’d like to see your perky tits during driving. And yes, move your bikini bottom to one side between your legs so we can look at your pussy."

Kate was both thrilled and scared with his proposal. She was afraid that somebody who knew her would recognize her in the naked form, because they were near her block. The redhead slowly undid her top with trembling hands and put it in the seat. Instinctively, Kate immediately crossed her hands over her tits.

"No fucking way, babe. We want to see those pretty rosy nipples." Mike voted.

Kate knew what was good for her and followed his command. She lowered her hands, revealing her tits that bounced during their driving.

Mike held his breath and his cock gave a twitch when the redhead pulled aside her bikini bottom. Her pussy looked wet with her love juice running out of the hole. Although that situation was terrible but Kate was excited and her torturers could see it.

The girl tried to enjoy it but the bully brought her to reality, suggesting, "Now slut, you’re so shy and useless. Show what you can do with your mouth on this bottle!"

The bully’s ideas became dirtier and the guys surely appreciated them. Serge was in a hurry to pass her a longneck. The neck of this bottle was half of the bottle's length.

Natty took the longneck. She brought the bottle to her lips and licked the upper lip very slowly and erotically. The bully smiled at Serge and he was absolutely sure that the show would be hot.

"Serge, what do you think is longer our dicks or this bottle's neck?" Mike asked, squeezing the ninth grader's left tit hard.

As the guys were laughing out loud at the joke, Kate felt that there was a wet spot on the seat under her ass. She was one hot little cunt and she was easy to excite. If the girl had only knew what was coming.

The bully passed the bottle to Mike. The older guy shoved his hand into his trunk and got his hard-on out. The head of his cock had already glistened with pre-cum. He brought the longneck to it. Smiling, Mike rubbed the bottle lip across his sensuous dripping dickhead. Then he handed the bottle over to her.

Kate took it with her trembling hands and she knew that they all considered her a filthy teen slut. There was no way out. The redhead brought the longneck to her pouty lips. The girl slowly took the end of the neck into her mouth and sucked it in a little. She tried not to think about anything and just closed her eyes. Kate was enjoying the sensation.

She imagined that everyone adored her body. In a moment she felt Mike’s lips on her chest. He did an awesome suction on her nipples, making them hard. Kate was so into it that she didn’t notice how his fingers touched the vulva. The truth was, they didn’t touched it, his fingers wet deep inside the slit. Although his fingers were thick, her pussy was so wet that several fingers entered inside easily.

It didn’t take much time for her to let out loud moans. Her mouth tried to swallow the longneck deeper, her bosom was heaving and her cervix bucked against the guy’s slippery fingers. Slurping sounds of finger-fucking the teenager filled the air. When the redhead almost reached an orgasm the car pulled to a stop.

"No, don't stop. Make me cum, Mikey!" Kate begged when Mike moved away from her body.

"Only if you stick my thick leaking dick in your tight little teen cunt, bitch!" he fucked around.

"No fucking way!" Kate murmured, gasping from her nice sensations.

"Okay, then let's go inside and have our cocks sucked, and you'd better cum only from cock-sucking!" Mike stated.

Kate looked at Natty and saw the cell in her hands. She was pretty sure that the bully filmed the whole trip from the shore of the pond. The redhead wanted to ask her to delete the footage but there was no doubt about falling it on the deaf ear.

Natty grabbed Kate’s top and got out of the car. So did the guys. The redhead just couldn’t believe that she had to get out bare-breasted. The girl fixed her bikini bottom properly and a wet spot immediately appeared around her pussy slit. All her thighs were wet with her love juices. Kate crossed her hands over her tits and got outside.

The guys waited for her to get out. When the redhead caught up with them, the four of them was headed for Serge’s apartment. Kate was surprised that Natty was so silent all the way home.

The apartment was enormous and decorated in modern-style. It was a three-roomed condo with huge, bright rooms. Every room had a plasma panel on a wall, heated floors and the lower lights went from the floor up the walls.

They took of their shoes in the hall and bare-foot, they moved out to the sitting-room. There they settled on a sofa. Mike went to the kitchen and brought several cans of Coca-cola Light, because the guys could see that the redhead was on the edge and she could fall asleep if she had any more spiked drinks.

"Hey Katey!" Mike said in his usual friendly voice. "What about shooting some adult flick of yours for own private use only to see which sluttish limits of depravity a naughty teen cock-teaser like you will go to?” Then the guy looked sternly in the bully’s eyes, “You Natty… no talk about anything or I assure you we can be really dangerous!"

Kate thought it over and she knew that it would be an easy way or a hard one. She preferred the easy way. The redhead liked that the bully was shown that she was just a usual piece of shit not a superior boss as Natty always thought to herself.

"Yeah, stud! I'm a real slut for you! Come on, guys!" Kate sounded pretty wild.

It was obvious that it wasn’t their first homemade shooting. Serge got a tripod with a digital camera on it out of a closet and set it up two meters from the sofa.

"You're gonna be a director now, Natty," the guy said matter-of-factly.

The bully felt like a shit and she had to say something, "Ready, steady, go!"

Mike the announcer said, "Katey-girl, we’re gonna make this footage for your dad to jerk off to. He’d like watching what a filthy slut his teen daughter has become.” The guy grinned and continued, “I’m sure as hell that your dad will beat his fuckmeat until his big balls bounce on the couch as he watches his own fuckslut of a daughter. I am sure your daddy has wanted to fuck your cunt and ass and mouth for years! He probably jerks off in your breakfast cereal and you eat his cum all the time. He probably comes into your room when you are asleep at night and rubs his drooling dick all over your pretty face and those young pouty lips. Now, your daddy will have his own masturbation video of his little cumdump of a daughter."

Of course, all those words of obscenity sounded teasing to Kate and she didn’t take them seriously but the girl was mistaken. She would be in a deep shit if somebody who she knew saw that footage.

The teenager felt like a real high-class movie star and she started. Kate did her best to show her sexual pouty lips. Her agile tongue licked her lips vulgarly, making them look wet as she had her perky tits squeezed together in her hands.

The girl looked at the camera with her bedroom eyes, "Hello mommy and daddy! You are gonna watch the first video of your sluttish and really drunk daughter!"

After saying it, Kate lay on the back and pulled her slim legs up to the ceiling. Then the teenager raised her ass a bit and her bikini bottom slid up her long, lovely legs erotically. When the bikini bottom left her legs, Kate slowly spread’em and put her feet on the sofa. The camera zoomed in on her revealed pussy that was clean-shaven. It was clearly seen that it was wet.

"Daddy, this is my cunt and it belongs to you. You fucked mommy in the cunt to make me, so my cunt belongs to you too."

As she lay on her back with the spread legs, her pussy was like on display. Even the pussy lips opened a bit. Then the girl slowly turned and got on all fours. The redhead arched her back erotically and spread her legs so wide that her swollen pussy and tender ass hole were seen perfectly. Usually Kate didn’t talk dirty but she knew that it was driving males crazy and she kept on.

"These older guys were so nice to offer me their dicks, and they even promised to pay me $5 per a blowjob! Isn't that nice? You always taught me to follow the orders of older people and show respect!"

While Kate was talking, she couldn’t resist the temptation and her finger touched her hot pussy. It was too much for her and it slid inside. It took only one dip for it to become all slippery. The redhead was like a bitch in heat. Like in a trance, Kate’s finger sawed in and out of the pussy, making slurping sounds of sex. The more she played with the pussy, the heavier her breath became.

"Now my dear mum and dad, I'm a cum-dump for their cocks, and they are gonna give them to me! Right here! Can you see deep into my cunt?" The girl played her role.

The camera lens almost forced themselves into that teen pussy. She pushed her hips in and out and it looked like she rubbed her steaming pussy against the camera. She was a fucking piece of white trash and a jailbait.

Serge knew that it was high time to join her on the sofa and he stepped into the camera's focus. He was like real Apollo. The tall, broad-shouldered guy sat on the sofa and his legs were spread wide. His cock was hard as a rock. His trunks were around his ankles.

Kate turned around and slid on the floor, looking straight into the camera lens. Then she crawled to Serge slowly until she ended between his muscular wide-spread legs. The girl stared at the massive cock, throbbing and swaying. It was 12" long and very wide in girth.

Kate looked like a pet and waited for a command to serve her master. The shaft was covered in outstanding veins and the foreskin was peeled back. The whole dickhead was red and pre-cum bubbled from the wide piss-hole. His huge sagging balls swung over the edge of the couch.

Kate knew it was time and she reached out her hand to encircle the fat dick but Serge slapped her hand away, "Only use your mouth."

The redhead didn’t want to confess it but she liked to do what she was told. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. In a moment her agile tongue was cleaning up the head of the cock. Kate could feel the thickness of globs of cum. She tried to swallow as much cock as she could but the girl hardly managed to swallow the huge dickhead.

Serge could feel it and he pulled his prick back out again. He understood that it was her first big cock. So the guy decided not to force the teenager. Serge gently rubbed his prick across her pouty lips and then allowed her to suck on the head. Natty was good at shooting and the camera caught all of this.

"See what a beautiful big dick he has, Mom and Dad?" excitingly Kate sang.

As she got used to the big cock in her mouth, Mike moved into the picture. The guy checked her pussy and it was dripping wet. He drove his middle finger to the buckle into her cunt easily. Mike started sawing his finger in and out. The girl was so excited that she moaned loud. If the head of the cock didn’t smothered her moans, there would be neighbours asking, “What’s going on here?”

Mike was surprised that the girl didn’t have the hymen and he said, "Serge, this fucking slut has fucked us up! She ain't a virgin, ‘cuz my entire finger is up her cunt! But don't you worry, it's still really, really tight since the boyish dicks that fucked her must have been smaller than my finger."

After hearing what Mike had said and thinking there was going be a hardcore footage with this young girl, Natty tried to follow the action perfectly with those expensive lens of the camera.

"Mike, we promised not to screw her, so let's be men of our word and as she said, we only pay for blowjobs,” Serge said but then he added, “By the way, try her asshole. This slut probably uses her shit chute to pleasure the school boys!"

Kate considered their dialogues some sort of performance and acting. The redhead didn't take their abusive phrases close to the heart and got into action more and more.

Mike pulled his slippery finger out of the pussy and pushed it slowly into her asshole, "Wow! Her ass is even tighter than her cunt. Don’t you worry! Soon they both will be pretty loose. Come on now bitch, suck on my dick now!"

Mike did a motion for her to turn around and Serge pulled his spit-covered prickmeat out of her slurping mouth, saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah!"

Kate was really crazy now and sucked on Mike's cock wildly like there was no tomorrow. She just couldn't get enough cock into her mouth. None of her boyfriends had such a great size. The girl gagged and spit ran down her chin but still she tried to swallow more and more fuckmeat. She was a natural cock-craved nympho: one taste of cock-slop and they are forever hooked on dick. One has to have it every day.

Serge watched them and instinctively stroked his dick. He had never seen a girl so much interested in that stuff. The guy couldn’t bear it anymore and he ordered, "Mike, get your hot fucker outta her nasty mouth, cuz it's gonna be full of my cum! Bitch, when I cum you'll show me your tongue covered with my jizm!"

Serge grabbed the redhead by hair and turned her around rapidly. Mike’s hard cock popped out of her mouth and slapped against his abs, leaving the wet spot of pre-cum mixed with saliva on it. Her mouth was still open and Serge was fast enough to stick his cock inside the gaping hole. Mike could see that Kate was not happy now as his friend, grunting as an animal, rammed his hose into her mouth.

He did it just in time. As soon as the redhead’s lips had closed around the cock’s throbbing shaft, spurts of hot cum flooded her mouth. Kate tried her best to swallow all that baby-making cum but she wasn’t fast enough. There was too much cum and soon Serge’s cock was swimming in its own cum.

Natty could see that hot scene through the camera lens. It was clearly seen how Serge’s wasted cock slid out of the teenager’s mouth and thick streams of his cum poured out of the abused mouth. Some of it ran down her chin and upon her perky tits. The teen slut looked pretty cute that way.

Serge grabbed her jaws and made her open the mouth. “Your daddy will surely like it!”

With those words he put his wasted cock into the cum-bath of her mouth. The girl was smart enough and began doing the tongue job. Kate’s mouth swirled around that monstrous cock, licking off all globs of cum.

Natty was excellent at shooting every single detail. Even she who had a regular boyfriend, and they were pretty naughty couple, didn’t do such twisted things. The bully did the close-up of Kate swallowing all that river of cum and she even licked her lips away as if saying, “Yummy!”

"Guys, you were really, really right, I'm a dirty slut! Mikey, please cum on my teen tits!" she asked.

It wasn’t too much for Mike and he had been on the verge of an orgasm for a long time to bear it any longer. He stepped up to Kate. His figure towered above the teen slut as he blasted. The spurts of cum shot out of his prick and stained her heaving perky tits.

Kate knelt in front of Mike and squeezed together her tits as more and more cum landed on them. It looked like a real hardcore footage on the film and it was in HD.

Grunting, Mike tried to speak, "Oh baby, if anything, we know how to contact you. We’ll in touch for further meetings if we need them."

Kate didn’t take a notice. Her mind was spinning from spiked drinks and too many things happened to her today. She just nodded and began collecting her stuff.

Although Serge and Mike could be really bad-asses, they knew that they couldn’t throw those girls out. They should be driven home.

It took pains to put Kate in the backseat and Natty sat next to her. Her place wasn’t far and they reached it really fast.

It was a special day for Natty and she had another dirty idea, "You should do one last thing. You'll put your T-shirt on your wet slimy cum-covered tits and when you are at home you'll go straight to bed without taking a bath and sleep till morning. You will sleep in this T-shirt and your bikini bottom only and do not forget tomorrow you have to go to school! I want you to wear this T-shirt to school. Also do not take a bath, so you will have your cum-covered tits in school and think of your new friends all day. This will make your pussy drip all day. Wear the bikini bottoms to school under your skirt. Pussy juice will run down your legs all day."

With these words, Natty helped Kate put on the T-shirt. Then the bully picked up a permanent marker. She wrote "High school" in small letters and under that phrase she did "SLUT" in thick letters on her heaving boobs. Kate was really wasted and couldn’t get what was being written on her chest. After Natty had finally finished labeling her, Kate stretched out her hand, picked up her bikini bottom and put them on too. The bikini top was nowhere to be found in the car. The redhead didn't want to look for it too much, because her only dream was to get away from those disgusting people.

"Hey Serge, do you have any scissors in your car?" Natty asked him with excitement.

Knowing that the bully was very adventurous, the guy prayed that they were. Finally he had found them and handled them over to her. The older guys waited in anticipation what was on Natty’s mind. The bully took the scissors and cut off the bottom of Kate’s T-shirt. So her belly-button was uncovered when she wore it. The pink of her nipples showed through the tight material.

Kate couldn’t imagine how hot and teasing and sluttish she looked now. She was sure that it was one-night stand and all that nightmare would stay behind.

It took many pains to get off. The girl struggled up to her bedroom and threw herself on the bed. Her nipples felt like they were ready to explode. Her clit itched and her pussy was dripping wet.

It was a strange day, it changed her life and thank God her family was away as she entered the apartment. How would she explain her appearance to them? She fell asleep like a log. The next day she would begin her new life.


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