You are at work. On your lunch break, you recieve a stunning bouquet of long-stem red roses. The card reads:
If you were mine,

…After a morning shower together... totally innocent, simply washing and toweling each other, somewhat sensually, and with loving care... we'd go our respective ways for the day... then come back together in the evening to enjoy a bit of conversation before going out to dinner... after dinner, we'd go on a long stroll under the stars... upon arriving at the secluded park, where I'd have already dropped off a two person sleeping bag earlier in the day... we'd crawl in and snuggle... gazing up at the stars in all their beauty and discussing how we feel about life and each other and such... after hours of this... we'd walk home.

...Once in the house, I'd lead you to our bedroom and slowly, sensually undress you fully… piece by piece... once you were completely exposed in all your glory, I'd gently lay you back and begin to massage your feet... I'd then move up your legs and once I had massaged your thighs for a half hour or so, I'd gently roll you over and give you an intense upper body massage... (scalp, temple, glands, behind your ears, neck, shoulders, and back)... I'd then return to your feet... after a while I'd massage up your legs and then focus on the backs of your thighs, very subtlety letting my thumbs graze the ever parting outer lips of your womanhood... I'd then deeply massage your firm cheeks, and then run my fingertips all over your entire body making you shudder... I'd kiss from the base of your neck, all over your back and down one leg... after kissing each of your toes individually, gently sucking, and licking them... I'd move up your other leg spreading soft kisses as I went... when I reached your firm cheeks, I'd plant loving, tender kisses all over it... I'd then roll you over and kiss up and down your entire curvaceous body on the front as well... I'd share with you a very intense, deeply passionate kiss before moving to your neck and biting at it for a few minutes... after that, I'd slide my tongue down your body, between your succulent breasts and down to the very top of your hair... when I reached you hair, I'd slide it back up, moving slightly to the side as I went... when I discovered one hard nipple, I'd swiftly suck it between my lips and nibble at it gently... after a few moments I'd move across your ample chest and do the same to the other... after a few minutes of going back and forth on your supple breasts, I'd run the fingertips of both my hands along the length of the insides of both your arms... reaching your hands, I'd interlock my fingers with yours and then lick down your body, this time, upon reaching your trimmed patch, I'd break all contact with my tongue, and gaze up into your now lust filled eyes... I'd then slowly move my head down and give you one soft kiss on your warm, moist, womanly lips... I'd then raise my head again and gaze back into your beautiful eyes…

…After what seems like an eternity gazing into the depths of your soul through those heavenly windows of yours... I'd again lower my lips to yours, and gently kiss up and down your wetness... I'd kiss all around your inner thighs and then gently glide my tongue up your slit in one excruciatingly slow stroke... when I felt you squeeze my hands in yours, I'd begin to gently nibble at your ever protruding clit... after several minutes of this I'd finally give you what you want and stiffen my tongue thrusting it as deep into your warmth as I could... I'd finally manage to unlock my fingers from yours and lead your hands to your goddess-like breasts before sliding mine under your thighs and grasping your firm cheeks in both... as you gasp, I'd tongue your blossoming flower with great ferocity... lapping vigorously at your sweet nectar... after an hour or so of teasing your clit and impaling you with my insatiable tongue... I'd finally slither up your body running my tongue along it as I went... once reaching your neck… I'd stop and begin to truly devour its utter succulence with my eyes and tongue... I'd bite you as hard as a I could without hurting you, a few times, to really get your senses tingling... then I'd move up and share a deep and passionate kiss with you, hoping you don’t mind a trace your own flavor, a flavor I've grown to love, being in my kiss... as I quickly sucked your tongue into my mouth and passionately caressed it with mine, sucking on it sensually... I'd gently slide my hands under yours and firmly squeeze your breasts without hurting you, and gently rolling your hard nipples between my thumbs and forefingers... after what seems like days, but is truly a mere hour of this... I'd lick back down your body and then begin to relentlessly lap your juices and enjoy your warm wetness...

...After a few minutes... I'd raise my body from the bed and disrobe slowly... I'd then lean onto the bed with one knee grasping my manhood and gently rubbing the head on your moist labia... never penetrating, just teasing you with your own juices... I'd continue this for a few minutes, occasionally slapping my hard dick against your stiff and sensitive clit... then finally lean down and give you one soft kiss and then bury my lips into your neck as I buried my manhood to the hilt in one slow, agonizing push... I'd leave myself fully inside you, feeling as though our very souls are dancing... all the while continuing to kiss and bite at your neck... after a few minutes, I'd finally slowly withdraw to the head and then very gently push back in.... after hearing a slight moan part your sweet lips, I'd know my tactics of intensity before speed are working.... and after a long half hour of this slow penetration.... I'd finally begin to quicken my pace, thrusting into your tight warmth a bit faster, to the benefit of both our nerves... I'd continue this sensual embrace satisfying our carnal lust for one another, for about an hour before finally pulling out...

...I'd lean down and lap up our love mixture before helping you to your knees... as you got to your knees, I'd gently nudge close behind you and rub the head of my quivering member along your juicy slit... and then in one quick thrust, I'd bury myself in you, making you gasp from a twinge of pain quickly transforming into pleasure by my thrusting... I'd continue to gore your body with a new sense of vigor, yet still lovingly... as I slid one hand around your thigh and begin to tease your practically raw and achingly-sensitive clit... with my other hand I'd move back and forth between holding your supple hip for leverage and massaging your nearest breast, pinching the nipple thereof...after nearly an hour...

...I'd again retreat regretfully... I'd gently lower you onto your side, as you are growing slightly sore from your rawing womanhood... once on your side, I'd straddle one of your voluptuous thighs and raise your other ankle gently, with your leg bent at the knee... I'd hold your top leg up as I reinserted my warm love tool into your ever-welcoming moistness... I'd continue to thrust into you gently until I felt you on the verge of an orgasm for about 45 minutes... then I'd finally start to pump into you with a hidden ferocity... after 20 minutes or so, I'd finally put you over the edge... as we shared in a wonderful orgasmic experience... me burying to the hilt and filling you with all you’d longed for...

...After we'd both start to calm from our orgasms, but before I lost my rigid ness... I'd withdraw from your impossibly tighter, love canal, which is still pulsating around my member... and I'd position myself behind you, gently reinserting my manhood into you in a spooning position... and there we'd lay... in post orgasmic bliss, until we fell asleep... with your moist, tight, vagina enveloping my manhood, as my being envelopes yours...

~Your Secret Admirer


2007-05-13 21:55:41
good very erotic in my case...ERECTION. But i'd be so creeped out by the creepy stalker.


2006-06-26 08:36:31
that was stupidly descriptive and gay. but then again it was for the mindless inpractical women


2006-06-07 18:29:32
dude u shit sucked ass it was long and boring


2005-09-20 18:01:26
o my god that was great


2005-09-11 21:09:32
I loved it and I'm a female! Deeelish!

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