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Continuing the story of Paul and Jayne. Jayne secretly wants to transform Paul into a sissy. Will she succeed?
Paul decided to give Jayne a big breakfast in the hope of pleasing her enough that she would forget about her promises to shave his legs, pluck his eyebrows, put make up on his face and lipstick on his lips. He grilled two large sausages, three rashers of back bacon a large tomato which he’d cut in half, sautéed some new potatoes and mushrooms, cracked three large eggs to which he added a little cream before beating and pouring them into a frying pan with a generous amount of butter to make soft, creamy scrambled egg. He placed the breakfast before her, and sat down at the breakfast table with her.
“This looks wonderful, Paul,” she said. “Aren’t you having anything?”
“No, Jayne, I’m not hungry,” Paul replied.
As she tucked into her breakfast, a thought occurred to her. “I can’t keep calling you Paul while you’re dressed like that, can I? What can I call you? Paula? No, too similar to your real name. Angela? Hmmmm, maybe.” She paused while she ate another mouthful of breakfast. “ Yes, I’m going to name you Angela.”
When Jayne had finished her breakfast, she handed the plate to Paul and said, “Be a good girl, Angela, and wash up.”
“I’m not Angela, I’m Paul, and making me wear these ridiculous clothes is not going to alter that.”
Jayne put her hand under the table and up Paul’s skirt and squeezed his balls hard, making him gasp in agony. “Your name is Angela and you’re my sissy slave. NOW SAY IT, unless you want me to squeeze harder.”
Fearing that she would really hurt him, Paul quickly said, “My name is Angela and I’m your sissy slave.”
“Better,” Jayne told him. “Now do the washing up, Angela. Oh, and call me Mistress.”
“Yes, Mistress.”
It didn’t take Paul long to wash up, and when he’d finished, he joined Jayne in the lounge. She smiled at him and said, “It’s time to make you look more like the sissy that you are, Angela. Sit down and take your stockings off, but be careful, I don’t want you laddering them.”
Paul sat on the sofa beside her and reluctantly rolled the stockings down his legs. He saw that Jayne had a ladies electric razor in her hand. She took hold of his left leg, switched the razor on, and started to run it over his leg. When she’d finished, she took hold of his right leg and did the same. When she’d shaved them both, she said, “You can put your stockings back on now, Angela, and I’ll make your face look pretty, than you can vacuum the hairs from the carpet.”
Paul slowly rolled the stockings up each leg. It felt so different now that his legs were hairless, in fact he found it quite erotic. Jayne pushed him onto his back so that his head was resting on the arm of the sofa, then she put her knees either side of his body so that she was kneeling over him. She reached down to the floor for her handbag, lifted it up and rested it on Paul’s chest, opened it and took out a lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara. She removed Paul’s glasses and started to apply mascara to his eye lashes. Paul tried to move his head to prevent her from doing it, but when she reached behind her and squeezed his balls hard, he stopped resisting and allowed her to continue. When she was satisfied with the result, she quickly brushed a little eyeshadow on to his eye lids then applied a bright red lipstick to his lips.
“There, Angela, all finished,” she told him. “But next time we need to get rid of that moustache, shave your face a lot closer, pluck and shape your eyebrows, and forget the glasses. That will make you look much more convincing as a girl.”
“What do you mean, next time? You’re not doing this to me again.”
“Do you still want me as your girlfriend?” she asked.
“Of course I do, Jayne.”
“Well I will only be your girlfriend if you play these little games with me. After all, it’s only a bit of fun, and from the way you fucked me last night, it seemed like you enjoyed wearing one of my nighties. If you do this for me again, I promise you will have the best sex of your life. It will be the most mind blowing, erotic sex you have ever experienced. I will totally transform your sex life.”
Alarm bells should have started ringing for Paul at these words. But they didn’t. He didn’t grasp the full implication of what she was hinting at. So he carried on with the tasks she had given him. He vacuumed the carpets and prepared lunch.
“That was a wonderful lunch, Angela,” Jayne remarked after she had eaten. “I want you to fuck me now.” She led him to the sofa, made him lie down, lifted his skirt and pulled his panties to one side. His cock was already hard and glistened with pre-cum. She quickly removed her jeans and panties, climbed on the sofa and lowered herself onto his cock. She started to ride him, slowly at first, enjoying the feeling of a hard cock inside her, even Paul’s small one. But as she increased her tempo, she realised that he was about to cum, and before she could lift herself off Paul’s throbbing cock, she felt him cum inside her. No sooner had he cum, she felt his cock shrinking and realised that he would not be able to bring her to the climax she so desperately needed. She was annoyed that Paul had had his pleasure, but she was denied hers. She had been so turned on by the sight of him dressed as a girl that she wanted to ride him hard and fast until she had an earth-shattering orgasm.
“What use was that to me, you pathetic weed?” she said furiously. “You haven’t even given me a chance to get warmed up.”
“Sorry, Jayne,” Pete apologised as Jayne lifted herself off his shrunken cock. He felt her hand on his balls and started to squirm.
“That’s right, Angela, move down the sofa. You can use your tongue first to clean all your cum out of me and then to bring me off.”
“You want me to lick my own spunk!” he gasped incredulously. “That’s disgusting.”
“Disgusting or not, YOU put it in me, so you can clean it out. Then, because your pathetic little cock was unable to give me an orgasm, you can keep on licking until I cum. And, I told you that you call me Mistress.”
“Yes, Mistress. Sorry Mistress.”
Jayne knelt over Pete’s head then lowered herself until her pussy was over his mouth. She shuddered with pleasure as his lips touched her. “Get that tongue working, Angela.”
Tentatively, he ran his tongue over the lips of her pussy. The taste of her juices and his cum made him feel sick, but he realised that if he refused to do as she’d asked, she’d probably squeeze his balls again. He slipped his tongue inside her pussy and used it to scoop his spunk into his mouth quickly swallowing it to avoid having it in his mouth too long. But even swallowing it meant that he couldn’t avoid tasting it. He felt totally humiliated. But after a while, when he had removed it all, he started to taste Jayne’s own sweet juices.
“Get your tongue in deeper, Angela,” Jayne ordered. Jayne fingered her clit as Paul thrust his tongue in as far as he could. She felt her climax building up. She was getting nearer and nearer. Suddenly, she was there. Her juices flowed onto Paul’s tongue and he eagerly lapped them up. All too soon it was over, and Jayne fell forwards exhausted from her orgasm, temporarily forgetting that she was lying on top of Paul causing him to struggle with his breathing. He pushed her up away from his nose and mouth gasping for breath.
Jayne eventually got off the sofa and used some tissue to clean herself. “At least you’re not completely useless, Angela,” she remarked. “You seem to know how to use your mouth and tongue. Let me get dressed and you can take me home.”
“I’ll have to change back into my clothes too,” Pete reminded her.
“No, Angela, stay as you are. Just put some shoes on so that you can drive.”
“I can’t go out dressed in your clothes.”
“Yes you can, and you WILL. Nobody will see you in the car, and if you run, you won’t be seen getting from the house to the car. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wear your own shoes as mine will be too small for you. But I’ll try to get hold of some your size for next time.”
“What do you mean, next time?” Paul asked.
“Didn’t I tell you? You can pick me up next Friday evening and we can spend the whole weekend having fun. In the meantime, I want you to make sure you keep your body hair-free. You’ll do it for me if you really love me.”
Paul couldn’t deny that he loved Jayne. She was his whole world, and she knew it. He drove her home and returned to his own house without anyone seeing that he was dressed as a girl. As soon as he’d closed the front door, he took the clothes off and cleaned all traces of make up and lipstick from his face.
The week passed slowly with Paul half dreading and half relishing the approach of Friday evening. It soon arrived, and he picked Jayne up from her house. Once again, she brought a large case with her. Once they had arrived at Paul’s house and closed the front door behind them, Jayne ordered Paul to undress and then put his hands behind his back. His cock started to get hard in anticipation of what was to come. Jayne took a pair of handcuffs from her case and fastened them to his wrists then went to the freezer to fetch some ice which she put in a freezer bag and without warning held it over Paul’s cock. Instantly, it shrank and Jayne quickly took a penis cage out of her handbag, and locked it into place. It had sharp studs along the inside designed to cause a little pain when his cock got hard.
“Time to turn you into my sissy Angela again,” she informed him. “And this time we’ll get rid of that moustache and pluck your eyebrows.” She led him to the bathroom and started the transformation. Soon she had him dressed in her old clothes and had skilfully applied make up so that he looked like a girl. Then there was a knock at the front door.
“Answer that, Angela.”
“I can’t go to the door looking like this, Jayne.”
“I told you, you address me as Mistress, and you WILL answer the door. NOW DO IT.”
Paul went downstairs to the front door and, shaking all over, he opened it…………

To be continued? Maybe.

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2015-06-24 12:44:36
I can't wait to read the continuing story of how Jayne forces Paul to become her personal slave (the feminine cross dresser named Angela), and increasingly urges her to go out in public dressed as the feminine Angela. Will she grow to appreciate Jayne's efforts to transform her into the submissive and obedient cross dressing slave? Can't wait to discover who Jayne has invited over to share in the spectacle of Angela - will it be someone with a bigger cock who can help to force Angela into becoming an excessively talented cocksucker and who can giver up her boi pussy on demand?

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2015-04-16 16:09:05
Please write more

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