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A Not So Simple Life
Chapter 11

I dressed in jean shorts and a t-shirt and headed down to the pool area. I walk over to the
bar and grab a beer and sit down between Rachel and Lisa.

“You not going to swim today” Lisa says.
“No I think I’ll sit this one out, too much estrogen in the pool for me”
I say and the girls giggle.

I look around and I count 12 girls
“Where’d the extra’s come from” I ask.

Rachel and Lisa just shrug their shoulders. Samantha sees me looking around and counting
heads and quickly comes over.
“Sorry Daddy a few extra’s showed up” she says with her best sad puppy look.
“Its ok baby” I say.

“Who’s the little girl” I ask noticing a very young girl.

Her skin a light brown she was obviously of Spanish roots but blonde hair so I assumed only
half. All the other girls were pale white so definitely not a sister and she was probably only
7 or 8 so it had me curious.

“Oh that’s Michaela she’s just moved here, she’s an exchange student staying with Jennifer”
She says.

Samantha smiles then runs back off to her friends and I just kick back and relax enjoying my
beer. Rachel and Lisa go and lay out to sun tan. I followed and as luck would have it the only
empty lounger next to Rachel had April on the other side. I sat down and hadn’t even leaned
back when she smiled at me.

“Mike could you put some lotion on my back please”
April says handing me the bottle with one hand and unties her top with the other.

Rachel was watching the whole thing and just giggled. I squirt a nice heavy stream across her
back causing her to jump as the cold liquid hits her. I get a nice view of her tits and smile. She
blushes and turns her head to the other side.

I begin rubbing the lotion in nice and slow making sure to color inside the lines with all the kids
around. I could see she had a wet spot when she spread her legs slightly for me to do her thighs.

“All done” I say

Then quickly turn and do Rachel, her I color way outside the lines with and get a nice kiss for my
effort. I lay back and finish my beer which April quickly replaces it with a fresh one. I drink it
quickly and she replaces it, little sluts trying to get me drunk I think to myself.

I just smile and go back to drinking normal. I relax until the sun starts to fade then kiss Rachel and
head inside to get dinner started. I was chopping up vegetables when I felt two arms wrap around
my waist from behind.

“Need any help Mike” she asks.
I recognized Aprils voice immediately.

“No I think I can handle it, I wouldn’t want you to get hurt”
I say grabbing her hand as it slid down towards my now hard cock.

“Oh, I won’t get hurt I’m pretty good in the kitchen” she says.
“Well you’re a little young to play with the big knives”
I reply still hold her hands from sliding down.

“I’m 17, I’ll be 18 soon I think I can handle your knife” she snaps back at me,

I laugh to myself and let her hand go. When her hand reaches my head and feels how fat it is
she gasps. Her hand then slides down the 9+ inches of shaft to my balls and I hear a louder gasp.
I turn around to face her, her face is bright red and her mouth is open

“Like I said, I don’t want you to hurt yourself” I say with a smile.

Then walk over and get some more food from the fridge. It takes her a minute to snap back to her
senses and she quickly exit’s the kitchen. She’ll be back one day soon I think to myself. Michaela
comes in as she leave and walks over to me.

“Do you need some help Mr. Michael” she asks as she plays with her cross necklace.
Nobody ever calls me Michael except maybe mom and dad when their upset with me. The fact
that she has the female derivative of my name doesn’t go unnoticed either.

“Sure” I say
I pull a chair to the counter and lay an knife down next to a pan of vegetables. She smiles and
climbs up and begins cutting.

“That’s a very good name you have, Michaela”
“Yes, it means “who resembles god” or “he who is like god” but I’m sure you already knew that.
Michael” She says with a little smile.

“Yes, Michael is also an Archangel leader of god’s armies but I’m sure you knew that, Michaela”
I say with a little laugh.

“Yes, I was named after my father he died before I was born” she says with a sad look.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you. Lets talk about something else” I say.

“So why no bathing suit, you not like to swim” I ask.
“I like swimming but I didn’t have a suit” she says
“Well you should have said something we have loads of them in the pool house for just such
occasions” I say smiling at her.

“I did ask Jennifer but she said no and for me to just be happy she brought me”
she said with a little frown.

“Really” I say with a questioning look.

She puts her head down slightly as to avoid eye contact with me.

“Yes, she doesn’t like me much I skipped 2 grades when I came here as part of the exchange
student program when they tested me. Her grades aren’t very good so her mom has been throwing
mine in her face” she says.

“Well at least her mom likes you I guess that’s something” I say.

“Not really she just did it because it looks good. She doesn’t even talk to me just wheels me out
for display. Look everybody what a good person I am I took in an exchange student. That and the
check my mom sends her for my room and board is all she cares about” she says.

I could tell this chat was only depressing the girl even more so I tried once again to change
the subject.

“So you’re an exchange student, what country you from Miss Michaela” I say teasingly.
“Bogota, Colombia, South America. She says smiling as her head lifts up and she looks me
in the eyes.

It had lifted her spirits I’m sure when she thought of mom and home but it had a different effect
on me. My mind flashed back to the last time is I was in that shit hole. It had cost me my wife
Anna and the twins. Although it had given me Joan she had been taken as well.

“Mr. Michael, your hand” she yells shaking me.

I look down and I had cut my hand pretty good. She took a towel and was trying to stop the
bleeding when Rachel and Lisa came in.

“You take him up and patch him up and I’ll finish up in here with Michaela”
Lisa says to Rachel.

I go with Rachel upstairs and while she patches me up the obvious question comes up.
“What happened Mike”
“Michaela told me she was from Colombia and I got distracted I guess” I say.

Rachel had read my file and between what I told her and I’m sure Samantha told her she knew all
about my time in Colombia. Her response wasn’t what I expected though.

“Really, she’s from Colombia, that’s interesting” she said with a strange look.

I was all patched up, it looked worse then it really was a little iodine and superglue and I was good
as new. We headed back down to the kitchen and I start up the ovens and get the pans out. Rachel
goes over by Michaela and helps her. Their chatting away but my attention quickly turns to my
task at hand. Feeding 12 girls and 2 women.

Luckily the kitchen has two double ovens so it should go quick. I walk out and call the girls in
“Ok it’s make your own pizza girls grab a pan with the dough and add what ever you want to it.
Bring it to me and I’ll cook it” I say.

The girls dig in and the room echo’s with their chatter. Samantha comes hug me
“Thanks Daddy, I knew you would come up with something good”

I smile and kiss her head. Rachel and Lisa come over and give me a kiss and relieve me of my
duties. Nobody noticed that both women kissed me but April she smiled and blushed when she seen
that. I left and went to the theatre and laid out a selection of the latest movies and set up the popcorn
and butter machine. I checked the fountain drink machine and headed back to the kitchen.

“After you eat, if everyone would take your showers I have the theatre set up and you can watch a
movie” I say.

I head out and clean up the pool area and turn out the lights, then back inside to clean up the kitchen
with Rachel and Lisa. I tell them about April and they laugh

“Well I know how she feels Baby it wasn’t long ago I had almost that same reaction to your cock”
Rachel says smiling.

“You know she’s not going to stop now until she gets it baby” she adds

“Yes I was afraid of that” I say causing them to laugh.

After the kitchen was cleaned
“Well we’re headed up to bed Mike, have fun with the girls” Rachel says.

She grabs Lisa’s hand and they both give me a devilish smile.

“Oh no your not leaving me alone in a dark room with April are you” I say.

“You made your bed, now you have to lie in it”
They both say in unison then giggle and head upstairs.

A few minutes later Samantha comes down stairs, my baby girl will help me I think.

“You made your bed Daddy, now you have to lie it” she says giggling as she walks by.

“Dang women are conspiring against me, What ever happened to good old fashion jealously.
I guess that’s what I get for dating little sluts” I say as she passes me.

She just shakes her sexy little panty covered ass at me and turns her head back and sticks her
tongue out. Well at least she seventeen so I can’t get in too much trouble. Most of the girls are
already in the theatre taking up the first 3 rows.

Michaela is sitting in the back in one of the love seats by herself. April is in the other empty love
seat with a blanket and smiling my way. Choices. go feeling up the little nymph or keep Michaela
company. I do what any father would do in this situation I’m sure.

“Samantha” I say waving her over.
“Yes, Daddy she says coming up to me”

So like a good father I explain to her that she needs to be a good ambassador of our country and
Show Michaela that we’re not all like Jennifer and include her and be her friend. Samantha goes
and talks to Michaela for a minute. Then they both leave the room holding hands and giggling.

I guess they made friends I think and head over to make me a drink. Looking around the room all
the girls are in t-shirts and panties. Good thing its going to be dark I think to myself no way I could
sit through the movie looking at them.

A few minutes later Samantha and Michaela return. She is smiling and wearing one of Samantha’s
t-shirts and a pair of panties. All the seats are full up front but the one Samantha was in so they
share it and sit together. Jennifer doesn’t look to happy about it.

I finish my drink and make another as the last girl arrives. I look over and April is eyeing me so
I decide to tease her a little. I walk over and take the Love seat behind her where Michaela was
sitting. I turn off the lights and hit play.

It wasn’t much of a tease I think to myself, Little slut didn’t even bat an eye and got right up and
sat next to me. She thru the blanket over us and hit the recline button. This didn’t go unnoticed
by the other girls and they were all whispering to each other.

I heard Samantha say “She’s Seventeen it’s legal”

Followed by a little smile over her shoulder back at me. Courtney walked up and put her hands
on her hips and stared at her giving her the I can’t believe your doing this to me face.

“Slut” she says then goes back and sits with the others.

My only real concern was Samantha these were her friends how would it affect their her friendships.
I can get up now and leave and that should put me back in their good graces. April would still be a
Slut but that’s her problem. Samantha did smile at me and her statement she’s seventeen said she
was alright with it.

I decide the latter is the best course to take and get up and leave. Samantha follows me out.

“Don’t worry dad my friends know how guys are none of them think bad of you, April’s wants to act
like a slut so treat her like one is what they said” she says then gives me a kiss.

Well that was pretty clear I think as Samantha rejoins her friends and I hear giggling. I head upstairs
to put on some PJ pants figuring I might need the extra room later. When I open the door to the bed
room I was shock. My mouth fell open and I just stared.

Lisa was on all fours naked her back arched and Rachel was behind her with a fist full off her hair
pulling back hard. She was naked except for the purple strap on she was pounding into Lisa as she
slapped her ass. Which wasn’t the first slap judging from the bright red color of Lisa’s butt cheeks.

They only stopped for a second when I walked in, just long enough to look my way and smile.
“Take that slut” Rachel says slamming into Lisa and slapping her ass.

Lisa just smiled and cried out from the slap followed by a moan. I changed into my PJ’s Laughing as
I looked down to see my cock bulging obvious to the world it was hard. I’ll have to do something
about this, I walk over to the bed and pull Rachel back. I was surprised as she pulls the strap on out.

It was about 9 inches long but it was in Lisa’s ass, not her pussy. Her gaping asshole was looking
good nut I dropped my PJ’s and shove my hard cock in to Lisa’s pussy. She was still as tight as she
was last night. I didn’t waste any time and started pounding into to her dripping wet pussy.

Rachel went and laid in front Lisa and spread her legs wide. Removing the strap on I noticed it was
a double and Rachel had the other 9 inches in her cunt. Lisa didn’t waste anytime bending her head
down to eat Rachel’s sweat pussy.

It was long before I felt the tingle in my balls and when Lisa’s pussy began squeezing my cock
when she came. I pushed harder and deeper and began shooting rope after rope of hot sticky cum
into her pussy.

Rachel knowing I had cum quickly moved and knelt beside me. As I pulled my cock from Lisa’s
Pussy she was right there sucking the cum as it leaked from Lisa’s pussy. Getting a good mouth
full she crawled on the bed and kissed Lisa.

My cock was still hard and Rachel was on all fours so I grabbed her hips and took a step over behind
her. She never even looked back, she just moaned as my cock slipped inside her tight little pussy.
The second round took longer as I fucked Rachel hard.

Lisa went to clean my cock after but.
“No leave it, I want to see just how much of a slut April is willing to be” I say.

We all laugh as I pull my shorts up and give them each a kiss. Rachel and Lisa are already in a
69 sucking my cum from each other pussies as I close the door. I head back down to the theatre.
I take my seat next to April who smiles and covers me with the blanket. I kick back, lets see just
how far this little slut will go I think to myself.

Her hand is on my thigh almost immediately just softly rubbing as she leans over putting her
head on my chest. Even though I had just cum twice my cock begins to grow as she tries to build
the courage to touch it again.

I reach down and take her hand and place it on my cock trying to speed her along. She pulls back
when it twitches but only for a second before she begins rubbing my cock once more. She looks
up at me and I kiss her slipping my tongue into her mouth. She returns my kiss and begins rubbing
my cock harder.

I reach down and pull my cock out my PJ’s its still moist with Rachel’s and my cum on it as she
takes it in her hand. It startles her slightly and then her curiosity takes over and she smells her hand.
She obviously recognizes the smell of a girls cum. She looks up at me nervously.

“Taste it, its Rachel’s cum” I say.
She looks at me as I guide her hand to her mouth. Her tongue comes out and licks her fingers.

“Maybe later you’ll get some while its fresh and warm” I say and smile.

Its obvious from her face that she hadn’t really thought this thru. The realization that she was
fixing to be turned into a little slut sunk in I think. Her face went a pale white and her hand was
shaking when I placed it back on my hard cock.

She sat motionless for a good 5 minutes. I’m sure in her mind trying to decide if she was ready for
this, even more scary for her was her not knowing what she was in for. Her hand was still shaky but
She began stroking my cock again.

I let her relax until her hand stopped shaking before I slide my hand down between her legs. I
grabbed the crouch of her panties and pulled down. We were already laid back so they easily slide
down to her mid thigh. Her pussy was already wet as I slipped my finger between her lips and
inside her.

She jumped and gasp as my finger went inside her. I used a second finger and made nice slow
circles inside her pussy stretching her tight hole as I rubbed her clit with my thumb. She was breathing
hard and moaning softly her little hips rocking. She reached her orgasm within a few minutes, only her
sister Cindy looked back when she let out a loud moan.

She looked up at me and I kissed her, then with my hand on the back of her head pushed it under the
blanket to my hard cock. Her inexperience showed as she tried to get my cock into her little mouth.
She got it in and began bobbing her head only taking a few inches into her mouth.

It wasn’t a bad blow job but it wasn’t great either. Every time she stopped I would push on the back
of her head. I’m sure her mouth was sore and tired considering she probably never sucked one for
more than a few minutes before it came.

After about 10 minutes I started pushing her head making her take more and more of my cock. She
gagged several times and soon had a good 7 inches in her mouth. I finally let her come up after 20
minutes as the movie was ending. Her eyes were all watery when I turned on the lights.

The girls were all going to pee before the next movie. They all seemed to know what she had just
done and the eyes they gave her as they walked passed sent a chill down my spine. They all smiled
at me like everything was normal.

Courtney’s look was the worst of all as she stopped and stared her sister down like she was a
street whore fucking her husband. Then to add salt to the wound she smiled at me and kissed
me on the cheek.
“Thanks for everything Mr. Mike, Samantha is so lucky to have you as a dad” she says.

“Whore” she snaps at her sister as she walks off.

I actually felt sorry for April when her sister walked off. She was broken mine to do with as I
pleased, she completely resigned in her mind that she was now my whore. She started to pull
her panties back up to go pee but I stopped her.

“Take them off” I say in a tone she knows isn’t a request.
“Yes, sir” is all she replied.
“And use the bathroom in my room”
I say knowing Rachel and Lisa are naked in bed together if not still fucking

I head over to my office to bring up the video display and watch. Samantha follows me in and shuts
the door.
“Everybody’s making sandwiches so we got a few minutes Daddy” she says.

Then pulls my PJ’s down and drops her panties and bends over my desk.
“I need you inside me now, Fuck me hard Daddy” she says wiggling her little ass at me.

I step behind her and she’s nice and wet as I slide inside her. She grunts as I hit bottom and begins
moaning softly as I stoke my cock inside her tight pussy. She started panting and her pussy began
to squeeze my cock she was fixing to cum and so was I. I slammed into her as hard as I could she let
out a scream as we came together. Thank god for sound proof walls I though to myself.

I completely forgot about the video monitor but I did take a Viagra as we dressed and returned to
join the others. April was in her spot already when I got back her cheek still flush red from seeing
Rachel and Lisa I’m sure. I notice that Samantha and Tina now share a chair, The thought that
they’ll be sharing my cum in Samantha’s cunt once the lights go out brings a smile to my face and
a twitch in my groin.

I start the next movie and turn the lights out. I raise the blanket and April lowers her mouth to my
cock. She going to make a good slut one day. Her head pops back up as soon as she tastes fresh wet
girl cum on my cock. I’m sure her mind is trying to figure out just who’s cum it is as I force her
mouth back down on my cock.

I lean back in the recliner and my eyes close as I doze off. I wake about 30 minutes later and April
is still sucking at my cock. Yep she’s going to make a very good slut I say to my self. I guess the
nap did the trick because my cock is showing some life. Well the nap and Viagra I took in the office.

I reach down and pull her head up and have her remove her shirt. She only hesitates for a second
before she raises it over her head. She had perfect little pink nipples which I quickly sucked into
my mouth. She closed her eyes and moaned as I devoured her tender little breasts and finger
fucked her hot little pussy to another orgasm.

The movie was almost over by this time so I had her put her t-shirt back on.
“raise your legs and put your feet at your ass and spread your legs wide” I say.

She looks at me nervously “NOW” I say.
She does quickly and I slide my hand back down and begin lubing her ass with her pussy juice.
I feel her body tremble as my finger presses against her asshole.

“Is my little slut an anal virgin” I say in a mocking tone.
She just nods her head.

“After the movie go to my office and strip naked. There is a black hood on the desk put it
over your head and bend over my desk and wait for me.”
I instruct her in a firm tone making sure she understood it wasn’t a request.

The final scene is playing and then the final credits. I turn the lights back up.

“Ok girls that’s it for me, I’m getting old so I need my rest. Try and keep the noise to a low
roar” I say and laugh.

Each of the girls thanks me says good night and kisses me on the cheek. I walk out and head
up to my room. Rachel and Lisa are sprawled out naked and sleeping as I walk in. Lisa is
still wearing the strap on I notice because it glows in the dark. I quietly slip into bed behind
Rachel and kiss her softly.

She coos as I rub her head, rolling over to face me her eyes open and she kisses me.
“I love you, baby” she whispers.
“Have you come to give me some real cock” she says with a little smile.

“Not yet baby, I’m still teasing April” I say.
“Your bad Mike, Just give the girl some cock” she says with a little giggle.
“I love you beautiful” I say and kiss her before I leave.

I head into the kitchen to get a snack, Michaela, Samantha and Tina are in there as well.
“And what are you beautiful young ladies up to” I say and smack Samantha lightly on the butt.

“Just getting a snack Daddy, You want me make you a sandwich too” she asks.
“Sure, I’ll get us milk” I reply

We sit down and eat our sandwich and drink our milk.

“Samantha I left something for you on my desk” I say giving her a devilish grin.
“Ok daddy” she says and grabs Tina and runs off toward my office.

“So are you enjoying yourself Miss Michaela” I say.
“Yes thank you Mr. Michael, Samantha is way nicer than Jennifer. I wish” see says but stops.
“Well finish your sentence” I say
“Oh its nothing, I was going to say I wish Jennifer and I could be friends” she says.

I knew she had something else on her mind but I didn’t want to push it.

“Well your welcome to come visit anytime Miss Michaela” I say.
“Thank you, I feel special now or are you this nice to all the girls”
she says with a wicked little smile.

“Good night, Miss Michaela” I say laughing and leave.

I head down to my office and open the door and slip inside. Samantha and Tina have April
sitting on the desk with her legs spread wide taking turns eating her pussy and fingering her
Virgin asshole.

I walk over and kiss Samantha then Tina. April’s pussy taste is heavy in their mouths.
The girls smile and leave us alone. I pull her hood off and her eyes squint as they adjust
to the light.

“Who was in here” She asks.
“Shut up and lay back on the desk and spread your legs slut” I say

She quickly does as told and her shaved pussy is glistening with her cum in the light. I get
Between her legs and place my hard cock at her wet entrance pressing in slightly so just the
tip of the head is starting to stretch her tight little hole. She moans loudly.

“So how do you like being a little slut so far April, Is this what you wanted’ I ask.
“Its not what I expected, I just thought it would be different, not like this” she says nervously.
“Different, What did you expect” I ask curious what she thought.
“Well I expected to be in control, have you begging to fuck me maybe, I never expected to
actually be treated like a slut and the things you have already done to me” she says.

“So you want more or have you changed your mind” I ask.
“Well I want that cock in me I know but I don’t know about the rest it scares me. I seen Rachel
and Lisa fucking each other in your room” she says.

I start pushing into her slowly, she’s tight and wet her pussy wrapping it’s self around my cock
and squeezing it. “So how many cocks have you had in this tight pussy” I say pushing deeper.

“Ohhh, dam your cock is the biggest that’s for sure” as I slide deeper
“it’s the 4th one” she grunts out thru the pain.
“Ohhh god it feels like I’m a virgin again” she cries out.
“Fuck your definitely in virgin pussy now” she cries as I push into her womb.

I hold my cock inside her as her pussy spasms.
“Fuck I’ve never been this full, fuck I’m ready to cum already” she says panting.

I start stoking in and out of her slowly, her body quivers and her pussy squeezes around my cock
and she screams as she cums collapsing on the desk trying to catch her breathe. I don’t wait for
her to recover and start pounding her sensitive pussy hard and deep.

She has lost all control and lays there shaking in ecstasy screaming and moaning as I pound her
her pussy relentlessly. I was ready to cum and she was I’m sure her body now seemed to be in
a constant state of orgasm.

“Your on the pill I assume” I ask.
“Yes, god yes, pump your cum into me” she says between screams.

With that I slam hard into one last time and her body spasms wildly on the desk her eyes rolled
back in her head like she’s possessed as I pump my hot cum inside her womb.

I pull my cock out after her pussy stops spasming. I see traces of blood I guess she really never
has had a big cock in her.
“Ok clean it slut” I say.

She looks at my confused.
“My cock, clean it with your mouth” I say.

She keep down and kneels in front me. She sees the traces of blood and makes a face and looks
up at me. Seeing no sign of mercy she reluctantly takes it into her mouth and begins sucking me.
“Now tonight was mild April, We’ll call it a taste of being a real slut. Now the choice
is yours. If you come back to my house the next time you will be a slut and used as one”
I say coldly.

She looks up at me with tears in her eyes
“Yes, sir” is all she says.

I dress and walk out the door and head up to bed. Rachel kisses me as I slip in the bed naked.
taking my still hard cock in her hand (the Viagra still working). She smiles and pushes my on
my back and climbs on top of me.

“so do we have a new little slut” she whispers.
“I don’t know, we’ll see if she comes back” I whisper back
“Did you fuck her good” she whispers
“Yes, she was bleeding a little when I was done” I whisper smiling
“She’ll be back” she whispers.

She moans as she pushes back taking my cock inside her warm wet pussy and lies on my chest.
her hips slowly fucking my cock as we kiss.

I wake in the morning and me and Rachel go for a run. After our shower we head down and make
breakfast. April doesn’t say anything to me during breakfast I’m sure her mind was still trying
to figure out what she wanted to do. After breakfast the girls all went swimming and I went to my
office and review the latest Intel on my target.

I lost track of the time until I heard a knock at my door. It was 2pm and the girls were beginning
to leave. Trickling out a few at a time, they were stopping at my office to thank me before they
left. Courtney and April left around 3.

“Thanks for everything Mr. Mike and next time I’ll leave the slut at home”
She says giving April a dirty look before turning back and smiling at me.

“Your welcome Courtney and its was no bother at all. The slut is welcome too”
I say unable to keep from laughing.

April walks up and quickly kisses me on the lips the exits quick try to catch up to her sister.
I see little sister black mailing her when they get home I think as they leave. About 20 min
Later Jennifer and Michaela came to my office. Both thanking me and kissing me on the

Michaela is wearing a short skirt and her little but is wiggling way more then is required to walk
as she leave. Stopping at my door she looks back over her shoulder and wiggles it one last time
and smiles. She’s way too small and young to be acting like she is I think it must just be my

All the girls were gone by 4pm so it was just Rachel, Lisa, Tina, Samantha and me. We spent
a quiet evening at home relaxing in the jacuzzi and grilling fish and shrimp. Later that night
we all sleep in my bed exhausted nobody even mentioned sex.

In the morning when I wake for my morning run Lisa and Tina get up as well to join us.
“When in Rome” Lisa says.

I head into the office and talk with John about my plan. I only reveal what he needs to know
to get the resources I need. Nicole is at her desk so I walk over and sit down next to her.

“So have you decided what your going to do” I ask getting to the point.
“Well I watched videos and talked to a lot of people and researched all kinds of things.
The submission really turned me on but I didn’t like the pain stuff. I don’t think I could
do the bdsm stuff” she says blushing slightly.

“Well its not necessary for the assignment all it requires is you to be submissive and have no
shame in being seen naked and used as a fuck toy, humiliation goes with it as well as some
water sports. The pain stuff depends on your master’s personal taste” I say.

“I think I can handle it then” she says.
“I’m leaving for Moscow tonight at midnight be there if your interested in starting your
training” I say and get up and walk out.

I head home and pack for the trip. Lisa arrives home first coming in as I was putting my bag
at the door.
“You go on a trip Mike” she asks looking at the bag.
“Yes, be gone for a week probably” I reply.
“I wanted to thank you again for everything you did” she says taking a step closer to me.

I was going to say it wasn’t necessary but I’ll wait until she’s done thanking me I think. Her
hands make quick work of my belt and button on my shorts. Releasing my cock as they
fall to the floor. She drops to her knees and takes my growing cock into her mouth.

Using one hand to stroke and suck my cock as the other is working on removing her own
clothing. Once my cock is hard she begins trying to deep throat it, gagging several times she
looks up at me.

“Its been a long time but I’ll get it” she says smiling before I watch my cock slip back into
her mouth and she gags once more.

She has managed to remove all her clothes by the time Rachel and the Girls came thru the
door. Lisa slides my cock from her mouth.
“Hi girls, I was just thanking Mike for being so kind to us” she says and goes back to sucking
my cock.

“Can I thank him next” Tina says as she unbuttons her school blouse and drops her skirt.

Samantha and Rachel see the bag by the door about this time and know it means I’m leaving
soon which brings a little frown to their faces.

“I think we need to take him up to the bed room to thank him properly” Samantha says.

“Yep I think your right” Lisa says releasing my cock from her mouth.

Tina quickly grab my hard cock in her little hand and leads me to the bed room. Once in
The bed room I quickly remove my shoes and shirt as the girls undress as well. Rachel walks
Over with a glass of water and a blue pill.

“Your going to need this” she says handing the pill and water to me.

Tina has my cock in her little hot mouth before I even have the pill down. I look at her a little
shocked at how much of my cock she has in her mouth.
Looking up at me she says “I’ve been practicing with Samantha”

I look over at Samantha and she’s putting on the strap on dildo. I watch as she slides the 9’ inch
dildo inside her little bald pussy. Moaning as she does then tightening the straps to hold it
in place. I lay back on the middle of the bed. Tina follows like she’s glued to me, not letting
my cock loose from her mouth.

That’s better I smile Tina is now on all fours between my legs her little ass in the air as she sucks
my cock. Samantha is all ready kneeling behind her as my head is pushed down and Rachel’s
sweet little pussy is pressing hard against my mouth. I feel Tina moan on my dick as Samantha
takes her pussy with her rubber cock.

Samantha must have been fucking her good because Tina was constantly moaning on my cock
as she sucked me. Rachel was humping my mouth hard as she reached her first orgasm. As she
drenched my face in her cum I filled Tina’s mouth with mine.

My cock was barely down shooting its last rope of cum before it was pulled from Tina’s mouth
and shoved into a tight pussy. Its hot wet walls squeezing any remaining cum from my cock
before it began riding me. It was Lisa I knew with out even looking. Rachel lifted herself off
my face only to be replaced by another bald pussy.

One lick and a smile came across my face Samantha, all the girls were sweat and I loved eating
little pussies but I have to admit Samantha’s did always taste best too me. Having that 9” rubber
cock in her while she fucked Tina had her Cumming on my face in minutes. She started to lift up
but I reached up and held her down. I wasn’t done enjoying her taste yet.

Lisa was fucking me hard her pussy squeezing and milking my cock. I was ready to cum again
from her working her pussy muscles the way she was. As my cum shoot deep inside her she
released her own cum with a loud scream I could even hear with Samantha’s thighs closed
tightly around my head as she squeezed and moaned having her second orgasm.

Lisa sat with my cock buried inside her. I could feel her working her pussy muscles to milk the
last drops of my cum from my cock. Samantha lifted her pussy from my mouth and I see Rachel
Laying next to me panting and moaning as begins to cum from Tina fucking her with the strap on.

Lisa lifts up allowing my cock to slide from her cunt only to be replaced my the sweet feeling
Of Samantha’s pussy sliding down my shaft taking me into her womb. She lays on my chest
for several minute slowly rocking her hips.

“Lay down mommy I want to suck his cum from you” I hear Tina say.

Rachel rolls to her side and kisses me her eyes glazed over from her recent orgasm. Even though
the pill was keeping my cock hard I welcomed to slow pace Samantha was fucking my cock.
Samantha keep her slow pace until her orgasm then collapsed on my chest.

I look over and Rachel has dozed off next to me and Lisa and Tina are cuddled up asleep as well.
I wrap my arms around my daughter and softly rub her back until she falls asleep, my cock still
deep inside her womb as I doze of as well.

I wake sometime later and look at my watch 7pm. My cock is still inside Samantha and I really
Don’t wan to leave her warmth but I smack her on the butt and give my cock a little thrust.
she wakes with a little scream and smile. I get a kiss for my effort her scream has woke the
other girls as well.

“Everybody get dressed lets go out and eat” I say.

The room turned into an instant mad house as four women tried to get dressed and showered at
one time. One thing I realize when I went to take my shower was I was never going to be allowed
to bathe myself as long as there were four horny women in my house.

“Ok what’s everybody hungry for” I say as we get in my truck.

“Olive Garden” they all blurt out at the same time. We all laugh.

“So Mc Donald’s it is” I say teasing them and we laugh.

After dinner its 930 as we leave the restaurant. My cock is hard as a rock and looking over at Tina,
she’s so small I think to my self.

“Here you drive” I say tossing the keys to Rachel
“I’m riding in back with Tina” I say with a smile.

Tina giggle and almost sprints to the truck. She has her panties off before we even get to the truck.
We climb in and Tina is grabbing at my pants to unfasten them, I lift my ass and she slide them off
and straddles me. Her little pussy was on fire when I reached down and rubbed it.

“Oh I forgot to mention it before but if your going to live in my house your pussy has to be bald”
I say as I rub Tina’s pussy feeling her peach fuzz covering her little mound.

“Ohhh does that mean they can live at the house then Daddy” Samantha says excitedly.
“I’ll shave her pussy myself tonight” says quickly.

Tina pulls my hand up and sucks on the two finger I had inside her as she impales herself on my
cock with a loud moan. She has a button up shirt on and I grab the two bottom tails and pull
popping all the buttons exposing her flat chest. I lean her back and take her hard nipples and little
breast into my mouth.

She moans softly as I suck on it, Samantha move in and starts sucking the other one. Tina starts
grinding her hips and moaning she was crying out in ecstasy as her first orgasm hit. As we turned
on the long road leading to our house Tina started riding me hard and fast knowing we’d be home
in a few minutes.

When she felt my hot cum shooting into her tiny womb she screamed out and shook from her own
orgasm. When we pulled up to the house she reluctantly raised her self up allowing my wet cock to
slide out of her. She had to share with Samantha to lick our cum from my cock.

I went upstairs and Rachel was laying in the bed naked waiting on me.

“I saved the best for last” I say as I lay on top of her my cock slowly sliding inside her as we kiss
“I love you” she says between soft moans as we make love until I have to leave.

I see a tear roll down Rachel’s cheek as I kiss her bye and leave. I arrive at the private hanger a
few minutes late. Looking around no Nicole I think and board the plane.

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