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It was Thursday February 13, I was sitting at my desk, kind of thinking about Stacey, and our encounter, we have talked a couple times since then, but never talked about the event. The phone rang startling me out of my thought’s, I picked the phone up and a voice said, hi it’s me Stacey. I think I froze, because I made no reply, and she said hello hello are you there. I snapped out of it and said hi Stacey how are you? She replied fine, and wanted to know if she could stop over Friday morning. I said no problem, what is the occasion? I have a new valentine’s outfit that I want to show you. HOT DOG!!!!! My heart raced up to my throat, and I said I am here by 7 am. She said ok I will be there by 8 am.

Thankfully my office gal had taken Friday and Monday off for a long weekend, and the warehouse guys worked four days a week at 10 hours a day. So I should have no interruptions from the help. I thought man I got these new high tech web cams for my laptop, now would be a good time to try them out. They are suppose to work in very low light settings. I rigged up the spare office with my new web cams and hooked them up to the laptop, and tried it out. It worked great. Yea I know I a fucking pervert, but so what. I wanted to record this encounter, it may never happen again. I also got my digital camera batteries all charged up and got an extra memory card for it also. I was ready to go, I just hope I did not miss read the signals that she was giving out.

I left work and stopped at a Gift Shop, to get a couple of cards. I have to make sure the right women gets the right card. It would look bad if my wife got a card that says Stacey dear I love you so much. As I was checking out, they had a neckless there with a heart shape pendant on it that was very pretty. So I got it for Stacey, fuck the wife she just gets the card. I got home and put Stacy’s stuff under the car seat and took the wife’s card and hid it in my underwear drawer. I also got a complete change of clothes, just in case I need to take a shower at the Y after we are done, if everything goes as I hope it does. I hid that in the car also.

Just to refresh you on Stacey, she is gorgeous , in her upper 40's with a hour glass figure, blonde hair, soft brown eyes. Her assets were perfect 36 C breast, slim waist, perfect ass and legs, you could tell she worked out a lot to keep her body looking that nice.

Friday morning she pulled into the parking lot right on time. She got out of her car, and was wearing a white coat, with red fishnet stockings and red high heels shoes. I meet her at the door and she gave me a big kiss on the lips and gently rub her tongue on my lips. She smelled intoxicating. I took her hand and led her back to my office. As she turned for me to take her coat off her, which I did, and I took one step over to the closet to hang the coat up, and I stopped dead in my tracts and just plain dropped the coat. She look down to where I had drop the coat, and I followed her eyes, and said oops sorry and picked up the coat and put over the door nob.

She look stunning, with a red fishnet bra, her nipples were sticking through it, a red garter belt holding up her red fishnet stockings, a red thong with a solid red heart on it, and red high heel shoes. WOW!!!! I could feel all my blood running to one spot, and I was getting a little light headed else where. She told me that she was getting wet just driving over here.

As she looked around the office, she spotted the card with her name on it and the gift box right next to the card. She asked is that for me? I responded yes it is, and I grabbed them and handed the card to her first. She open the card, it was one of those usual mushy valentine day cards, but she loved it. I then gave her the gift box, which she opened, and gave a little sigh at the pretty neckless. She took it out of the box, gave it to me, and turned around so I could put it on her. She turned back and said thank you for the card and gift, and gave me a very passionate french kiss.

She saw the camera sitting there and said take a picture of me wearing my new neckless. So I did plus about a dozen more of her in different poses. I said now what? She whispered in my ear that she wanted a repeat of what we did just before Christmas. BINGO I read the signs right. She said where doe we go? I replied the end office is vacant. She grabbed my hand and said bring the camera. I just smiled, and complied.

We got to the other office, and I had the blinds half open, thankfully it was one of those clear days with the sun just coming up, so I did not need any office light for the web cams, even though they are suppose to work just fine in low light. I want nothing left to chance. She said just a minute I need to use the bathroom, which gave me time to double check everything to make sure all was working right. I put a blanket over the reclining chair to hide any possible staining we might do. She came back into the room glowing like a full moon on a clear winters night.

She walk right up to me and started to french kiss me, taking up the aggressor’s role, which was fine by me. She quickly had me stripped out of my clothes, handed me the camera and started to do a very seductive strip dance. I put the camera on video mode and recorded, as knew the web cams were recording also. I did a close up of her snatch and almost dropped the camera. She had her bush trim into the shape of a heart with the bottom tip of the heart just about touching the tops of her lips. And it was dyed the same color red as her outfit was. Very sexy looking, and a big turn on, cause I was rock hard. She finished her strip tease, and was completely naked, and her looks just took my breathe away.

Finally I could not take it any more I shut off the camera and put it down, and I grabbed her into a big hug and then kissed her madly. It was a big reclining chair, and we sat down in it with our bodies locked against each other, kissing and groping each other passionately. My hands were busy rubbing, squeezing, massaging, and pinching her boobs and nipples. Finally we shifted a little bit so I had better access to her pussy. I lightly rubbed up and down both sides of her legs, as far as I could reach. I move up and started to softly rubbed the outside of her shaved lips. She was starting to squirm in pleasure.

I worked my head down to those wonderful breast and nipples and started to lick and suck them softly at first. I gradually picked up speed and sucked and nibbled on her nipples harder. She was starting to react to that by talking dirty to me. Tell to suck the tits harder and harder. Did I like sucking them big tits and those hard nipples. O make me feel like a woman again. She was really turning me on with her dirty sex talk.

Mean while my fingers were not idle and they were caressing her outer lips. Slowly I inserted a finger into her pussy. She was ready hot and juicy. I moved my fingers around real slow, in and out real slow, teasing her pussy. Slowly I picked up the pace a bit, and every now and then I would move up and rub her clit. She was really getting aroused, I could her start to pant softly. She was trying to talk dirty to me but the words were getting stuck in her throat. Slowly I reached my fingers deep into he pussy finding that sensitive spot on the roof of her vagina. I slowly finger fucked her hitting that spot as many times as I could. Finally she exploded into a very intense orgasm, locking her legs tightly against my hand, and flowing her juices in my hand and down my arm.

I move my head up to give her a kiss and she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me fiercely. I broke the kiss off and whispered into her ear, do you want me to eat that wet pussy, baby. She nodded her head yes. I said talk to me baby what do you want me to do. She whispered yes yes yes eat my puss, make me feel good, make me cum again. I worked my way down to her pussy, stopping at her tits and suck and nibbled on her nipples, before working my way down. I kissed her stomach and kissed and licked her belly button. Turning her on some more by doing this. I nuzzled her heart shape bush, inhaling the scented fragrance of pussy juice and perfume mixture, my favorite.

I kneeled on the floor got her situated, legs spread wide open. I grabbed the camera and took a quick video of this perfect view. I stuck my fingers in her puss for the camera, and worked them around. Finally I was to worked up to be taking videos, so I turned off the camera and put it down. Leaned forward with my tongue out and I started to lick and suck on her pussy. She started to move around on me, in a state of arousal. I licked up and down on her pussy, and I licked down to far and hit her asshole with my tongue. That brought an immediate reaction from her in some flinching. I did it again and again, till I was licking both her pussy and asshole as fast as I could.

All of a sudden she has this massive orgasm and floods my face with her cum, and slams her hips into my head, knocking me backwards, and I almost hit my head on the desk behind me. I am looking at her, and she has her eyes closed, but they snap right open real fast and she looks back at me. She shouts Fuck Me Now, Fuck Me Right Now. I grab her and pick her up and swing her over on the desk, and spread her legs and slide my cock right into her soaking wet cunt. I start to fuck her slowly and steady, trying to make this last as long as I can, but I begin to pick up some speed. I know it will not belong before I will cum. All of a sudden she says now baby cum with me now, and that is all it took and I blasted a load into her pussy. I staggered back and fell into the chair.

I grabbed the camera and stated the video running again. She was laying there with her legs apart, and some of my cum was leaking out. What a beautiful site. She sat up and smiled at me, then said she had to go to the bathroom. As she walk to the bathroom, I thought what a vision of lovingness. As she walked back out, I was watching her again, man I could watch all day long. Just watching her made my cock was start to grow hard again, and I got all this on film.

She walked up to me and looked into the camera and said a blow job to remember me by. I panned her body with the camera, as she then got down on her knees. She open my legs looking me straight in the eyes she lower her head down and started to suck on my cock. She licked and suck the head and put her tongue into my jap eye, then licked down the shaft to my sack. She gently sucked on one ball and then the other one, and then back up my shaft to the head. She stop and look at me and said the it has been a real long time since I have given a blow job. She went back to sucking my cock till she had it rock hard.

She got up and got herself positioned over my lap and grabbed my cock and put it into her pussy. She started to ride my cock for all it was worth. I got busy working on her tits licking and sucking them, and biting softly on her nipples. Hard to do holding a camera. I considered giving her my brand, but then I did not want to fuck things up, and get her in trouble over a hickey. All of a sudden she moaned loudly and collapsed into my arms, as she had another orgasm. As I held her tightly, I softly whispered into her ear Happy Valentine’s Day.

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to. as for the bewbs there were a bunch that i liked. 10, 19, and 33 were my ultimate choceis when i had to vote though. i mean, damn!Reply by on July 15th, 2010 at Thursday, July 15, 2010 @ 10:43 am@rose the rad sugar, well, awesome. And the #10 bewbs belong to a good friend of mine they're pretty fantastic.

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