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In this Story: I am 14 i just got into high school and the girls are starting to hang out with me this is my story of girls i hang out with and what i fantasize about them.
Sam: So i walk into my 6th period drama class one of the first people in there and I am tired coming from P.E. class with Mr. Bobof. And sam is behind me a ways and she comes up and shes wearing plaid skirt and pink shirt with no straps.witrh a black shirt under it. She gives me a big hug and my hand slips into her skirt, it's a little loose in the back. She doesn't even hardly notice until im sitting there staring at her blue thong. I was day dreaming about something when i hear Chaz...are you staring at my ass? Im like oh ya ur ass is so hot. She knows how hot she is so she just ignores it. So i take here back to the office to the side i talk to her and we get to talking about our sex life. Mine isnt too interesting and neither is hers. Her boyfriend is a dweeb and has a dick smaller than mine. A whopping 5 inches. She asks my size i dont really care so i said 5 inches and shes like wow lemme see it! My penis starts to grow from there. I wanted to take it out but then again i didn't. Anyway she took command from there. She un buttoned my pants and pulled them down. to my thighs and said wow what a nice bulge. My boxers were halloween print. She said trick or treat and i pulled down my pants to reveal my 5 inch penis. She all of the sudden grabbed it, and when she saw it perk up after that she went crazy about it asking me questions and stuff, because apparently her boyfriend was interested in sex at all. Then i asked to see her boobs because i showed her my most sacred part the least she could do is show me her tits. She untied the front of her corsait style shirt and her boobs sunk a little when she looked like she was having trouble with the black shirt so i took it off for her. From the porno i watched girls seemed to enjoy their nipples getting attention. So i went to rub them and she said ouch that hurts. I took off both her shirts and went to take off her bra when she looked at me smiled and turned around. She told me how bad she had been and that i should take it off of her. So i unhooked it and pulled it off. She managed to get bent over against the wall so her skirt was up and i saw her blue panties underneath. I went to hold her breasts from the back, but changed my mind and started to pull down her panties and got the full on vagina smell. Oh my god it was delicious. After i took off her panties and started to rub her clit she told me to rub faster so she could be all wet for me when she was done. So i rubber faster in circular motion and then with my tongue darted in and out of her pussy. She seemed to really enjoy it so i went faster until she said watch out but that turne me on more so i kept on licking when she came she screamed so i out my hand in her mouth to make her quiet so the teacher wouldn't hear. I lappe up all her vagina juice and loved it. I left plenty for lubrication. She turned around and saw my bulge and she was going to please me now. Now i was the bad schoolboy. She took me up the stairs to the dressing room, where when i was behind her walking she grabbed my bulge to let me know she hadn't forgotten. When we got to the room she told me to stand up it would last longer that way. I didnt know what she meant but when she grabbed my penis and shoved it in her pussy only once to get the juices all over it, then she started to work her magic. Her hands were way better than mine, softer, more tender, more attentive. Then she started making rings around the head with her tongue almost like a tease. Within about 3 minutes of this attention i managed to get out watch out but she seemed to all over it when i said that and she sucked on it til i was screaming in pain because of how tender it got after cumming. It was a ways down her throat when it started to shrivel. She looked sad, but i whispered to her that with a little more attention i could be ready again. She got happeny and started rubber it in between her ass cheeks. It almost immediately got hard again and she tol me she wanted to ride me like a horse so she gently laid me down and straddled me. Instead of the moving up and down she rotated her hips sideways in large circles. It got me on the verge but she knew and took it out and left me there. Almost in mid breath i almost cried. My climax was getting farther and farther away. She then straddled again and did the circles rubbing my penis all inside her so i could feel everything. She told me she was looking for her g spot and i looked confused and she told me not to worry. Withing a couple seconds she found it and started going up and down slowly. She came again so her pussy dripped all over my cock which was the hardest i had ever seen in my life. I told her i was going to cum so she got off told me to stand and she bent over and directed my penis into her asshole. This was my extreme fetish so i eagerly tried to ram it in there then eased up and went slowly at first but then i managed to get it all in there then moving in and out in and out back and forth and I grabbed her hips and moved her to my movements for maximum strdes. Whithin a minute i started to hear myself yelle when i bit down on my tongue and came all inside her asshole. She then sat down quickly and i saw cum dripping out of her asshole. She caught it with her finger and spread it on her boobs. I Spread it around and rubber my half hard penis on her flat stomache. She said I'm done for today i guess you cant wait for tomorrow can you? With one final jerk of my penis she turned around fixed her hair and put on her clothes. I whispered to her that there was still cum dripping and she told me to take care of it so i started licking her asshole til it was empty and i went to kiss her and we made out with my cum from her asshole and it was the best kiss i ever had.

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2008-08-22 18:22:57
i see why this story is rated so low,it fucking sucks ass,and umm these kids under me,ur saying ur 13 and shit,u gotta be 18 to be on here.


2007-11-06 00:09:36
Yeah dude I'm 14 with a 6 inch, a 5 inch would do shit....


2007-07-05 12:50:15


2007-03-10 05:23:09
that s a line of CRAP if ever seen one i 5" when i was 10 years ole


2007-01-03 21:44:56
ass bubbles? wtf?

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