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My young niece and her husband moved in with me for a few months
My sister Bev called me to ask a favor. She lived hundreds of miles away, so we rarely saw each other, and she was somewhat of a prude and did not approve of my lifestyle. Anyway, she explained that her daughter Amy and her new husband were moving to the town where I lived and needed a place to stay until they could find one of their own. She thought that since I was all alone in my big house, that I could let them stay a little while.

I told her that I didn’t really know Amy all that well, but that she and her husband were welcome to stay. Bev explained that they had packed all their belongings in a trailer and should be at my house in a couple of days. I thought it was presumptuous to send them on their way to my house without knowing whether I could let them stay.

Two days later Amy and Buster pulled into my driveway. It had been seven years since I had last seen Amy, and was shocked at how well she had developed. She was a beautiful young woman, about 5'8' tall, 125 pounds, brown eyes and long brown hair, nice sized tits, and a really good looking ass. As I assessed her physical attributes, I recalled that she was my niece and that this was improper.

After proper introductions Amy and Buster moved into one of my spare bedrooms. Buster had a job in town with the local newspaper, but Amy had not started to look for work yet. But she got up every morning and made Buster, and me, a good breakfast.

During the second night there, I heard them in the bedroom. I stood outside the door, eavesdropping.

“Take all your clothes off” Buster told Amy. “I’ve got a dick that needs to be emptied.”
Amy said, “o.k., but try to hold back a little and not come so fast”.

“Fuck you” Buster said, “I just want to cum and go to sleep.” Then I heard them get in bed, and Buster started ramming her without any foreplay. Within less than a minute, he was groaning “fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming.” Amy said, “Dammit, Buster, I would like to have some fun too.”

“Woman, “ Buster said, “ your job is to open that pussy for me when I want to fuck, and don’t get any ideas about you being satisfied. And no, I’m not going to eat your pussy or slow down stuffing your cunt with cock. You’ll just have to get used to it.”

“You are so fucking selfish,” Amy told him. Shortly thereafter, I heard Buster snoring, so I walked away.

Amy got up and made breakfast. I noticed that she had very little to say to Buster as he left for work.

“Uncle Bill, I’m going to take a shower. I’ll see you later.” “Fine,” I said, “I will be doing a few chores and errands.

When I returned to the house, a couple of hours later, Amy was sitting on the swing on the back porch. It looked like she had been crying, and she was still in her robe.

I sat down with her and asked “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing majors. Busters and I don’t always agree on some things. It’ll be ok” then she started to sniffle again.

I moved over and put my arms around her to console her. She snuggled closer and said “you are a nice man.”

We stayed that way for a while, talking about her life. Then I noticed that the top of a robe had opened a bit. I looked without being so obvious and thought, “what a nice tit.”

I asked her something else about Buster, and then the floodgates opened. She really started to bawl. As I was cuddling her, the robe opened even more, and I thought, “what the hell” and put my hand into her robe and began to caress her breast. “Uncle Bill, stop” but since she did not sound so convincing I bent down, opened the robe more, and began to kiss her tit. She no longer was resisting, and I gave both her tits a good tongue massage. She was breathing heavy and I interruped my tit kissing and kissed her on the lips. Immediately her tongue was in my mouth, and she was moaning. I picked her up, took her to my bedroom, and removed the robe.

“We should not do this, no, no” but all this stopped as I moved to her inner thigh and began to kiss and lick it. Amy moved her legs further apart and I moved to her unshaven cunt. As I sucked on her pussy lips, she was now getting into a frenzy. When my tongue hit her clit, she really went crazy. She was gasping for air, and telling me how great this felt and that even though she was my niece, she loved what I was doing to her.

I could feel her tighten up, then suddenly she had a wild orgasm. “God, that was so good” she said as I then crawled on her, spread her legs again, took my cock and rubbed it on her pussy lips.
“Bill, don’t, we can’t” but then I put my cock about one inch into her pussy, and Amy lifted her hips to drive it on in. From there on, it was wall-shaking sex. We rolled over, and she got on top and kept driving my little six inch cock in as far as it would. I was afraid she was going to break the bed the way she was fucking me.

Her pussy juices were dripping all over my cock and balls, and then she once again went into the throes of orgasm. I was certain she was going to drown my cock with her juices, and now I could feel my cock getting ready to unload. She sensed it too–“Bill, pull out before you come, I am not on the pill” she said. “Baby, you are on top–I can’t get it out unless you move.”

“O.k.” she said but still stayed on me, clinching my cock with the muscles of her pussy walls.

“Amy, I’m cuming, I can’t hold it any more”

As I started to come Amy got even more active. I was sure we were going to be bruised tomorrow.

“I’m cumming, god, I’m cumming” I groaned.

“So am I,” Amy said.

Afterwards, Amy said this was the best sex she had ever had. We stayed in bed, fucked, I ate pussy, and Amy sucked cock. Finally, we got up and showered just before Buster got home.

He did not notice that Amy looked bushed. He just wanted to eat.

Amy and I continued to fuck almost daily for the next three months, until Buster got a job in another town. Amy had a baby six months later, and mathematically I figured it could be mine, but Amy never gave any indication that it was mine.

We still get together and fuck about twice a month. Amy says that is all that is keeping her sane, and I am happy to help her out.


2018-03-26 08:40:12
"My Niece, The Boarder" - Early Forties Year Old (Unmarried?) Uncle, William (Bill) and Early Twenties Year Old Married Niece, Amy and Her Good-for-nothing Husband, Buster.

The story needs some major work, such as an introduction of the scene, situation, character traits, ages, details, backgrounds. The story is rushed, there is no--NONE--foreplay (he hasn't seen his niece in years) and we are to believe she is a kind, sweet mother family member and the daughter of Bill's sister, Beverly.

Bill has a good life, a big home and a niece that needs rescuing from her bastard husband. Amy is the mother of Bill's baby (daughter or son?), needs a caring, thoughtful, gentle soul to care for her and uncle's child. Bill needs to help her to get divorced, bring her and baby home to his love and more babies!

The story is too short due to lack of details, NO foreplay and rushed sex! Give us a Part Two, an improved format and a loving couple!


2016-10-14 19:45:48
This guy has really got the knack or lucky as H__l

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2014-11-01 07:25:29
Nieces are always best fuck. Good luck, keep on

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2014-03-23 15:43:13
Could have been a great story but things moved along too quickly. Could have been twice as long and gone through the usual sequence of her touching it, kissing it, jerking it, and finally fucking it. But to just jump into bed with a niece without the foreplay, I don't think so. You should rewrite the story and make it more believable.

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2013-10-23 06:32:37
it's about time families started taking care of their family needs!

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