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The story continues as a divorced mother of two overly sex incoragable teens has one on the hook. lets see if she can real him in without the plan going disastrously wrong
( Passions of Innocents )

Chapter 2
… Thank Heaven for Little Girls …
… Barbusie …

Gloria woke at around noon Saturday to the sound of a cat meowing by the front door. She was spooned real comfy with Keith holding her from behind, she could feel his cock nestled good and firm between the cheeks of her ass. When she wiggled it a bit, 'Willy' began to slowly wake up and she could feel it getting a little harder as it wedged a little firmer in her crack ass, as if it were stretching after being gently woke from a sound sleep.

Although she felt safe and snug lying next to Keith, she had to pee something fierce. She quietly and gently slid out from under his arm and sat up watching him sleep, with a smile on his face. When she noticed this, it made her smile as she grabbed the terrycloth robe slipping it over her shoulders as she walked out of the room. She began to walk up the hall to the living room she noticed that she was a little sore and walking a little funny. She went to the door to let the cat in and on into the kitchen to make some much needed coffee. Then she went looking for her cell phone.

After starting the coffee, feeding the cat, and checking in with Helena, she walked back down the hall and stopped at Keith's bedroom door and looked in. He was on his back now with the covers kicked down to his knees. His cock was laying across his lower belly, half hard and appeared to be napping on his stomach like a puppy.

She grinned again and went on into the bathroom to take a shower and brush her teeth. When she was done, she went back to the kitchen and poured herself a cup. She started to pour Keith one but remembered she never asked how he liked it. So she just sat a cup next to the pot and went back down the hall and into Keith's bedroom.

She sat on the edge of the bed sipping the coffee and watching him sleep. As she sat there marveling at his naked masculine glory she sighed and thought. 'It's a shame that she's gotta share this man with her daughters.' But when she caught the both of them sleeping half naked in Helena's bed about two weeks ago, she knew she had to do something to guide her little darlings down the right path or she may never see any grand-children in this life time.

Then she smiled as she thought. 'Wouldn't it be just dandy if he and Helena fell in love, got married, and had a kid or two.' She knew full well if she was going to some how manage that feat, it would be a long campaign requiring strategic amounts of manipulation. She had started this little potential disaster, and there wasn't any going back now. She'd half to play the hand she dealt herself and see how it turns out. She just hoped and prayed that Keith wouldn't hate her if he ever figures it out.

She set the cup down and slid across the bed along side of her sleeping lover. She began to vary lightly caress his legs and stomach tickling his nipples a bit, then slowly sliding her hand down and began top lightly tickle his scrotum. This caused 'Willy' to wake up and stretch and it looked like it was yawning. She grazed the tip of her finger lightly up the full length and then back down to his balls again. Then she slowly wrapped her lips around the now rock hard cock and began to suck and lick on it slow and lightly.

Keith had woke up when she crawled across the bed, but he kept his eyes closed to see what she might have in mind. When she'd woke the monster up and had him charged and ready, he began to squeeze the muscles around his lower pelvis causing 'Willy' to jump up off his stomach. He squeezed four times and in a mock French accent said. 'Bonjure madam." She began to giggle and asked. 'How long have been awake." 'Ever since you crawled back on the bed." He said reaching up and pulling her to him. He kissed her real sweet and deep and asked. "How do you feel this morning, Kid?"

She sat back, looked at him and grinned. 'Well, I kinda feel like I was a cheerleader that just got banged by the varsity first string." Keith grinned. 'Have a good time, did you?" She leaned over and kissed him real sweetly and said. 'Baby, I have never felt this good or this content since I hit puberty." She kissed him again. 'It's getting late, and I really need to get back to my little darlings before they run away from home. 'You just gonna run off and leave my like this."

She smiled real big and leaned back down and kissed him again, this time with a hell of a lot more passion. Then she slowly worked her way down his body, stopping at his nipples to lick and nibble on those for an minute. Her hand was busy stroking on his ragging boner and tickling his scrotum once in a while. She drug her tongue on down and licked around his belly-button a few seconds and then she went on down taking his now dripping cock into her mouth till it hit the back of her throat.

Wrapping her lips around it she commenced to give her new lover another world class blow-job. She swung her ass around and straddled his chest and he began to lap and suck on that fine blond pussy like it was a split open Georgia peach. 'Baby, he huffed as he licked, 'This little pussy of yours is sweeter than Tupelo honey." She giggled a little and sucked a little harder picking up the pace.

He licked as she sucked, harder and faster they pleasured each other. Gloria was moaning and humming louder and louder the closer Keith brought her to the edge. Her breathing was quickening and getting raspier. All of a sudden she began to cry out and shuddered hard grinding her pussy down hard on Keith's slurping face.

He bent his knees up a little and was undulating his hips up and down in an effort to fuck her face. His balls started to tighten up and he knew it wouldn’t be long before he busted a nut. He reached up and stuck two fingers in her pussy and found her G-spot while rubbing on that with his finger tips. He kept flicking and sucking on her fully distended and swollen clitoris causing her to start convulsing, bucking her hips and crying out loud as she came, and came, and came, flooding his face with a torrent of pussy honey while raring back shivering and twitching over, and over, and over.

When that real good toe curler had run it's course she went back down on Keith and began to suck and slurp for all she was worth. She swung back off of him to get a better angle on his hard dick and worked on it with fevered enthusiasm. It wasn’t long before it was Keith's turn to moan and growl as he could feel the cumm churning in his sack. And in another thirty seconds he went stiff and cried out as he lifted his ass off the bed bucking and cumming again, and again, and again, till he had pumped everything he had into Gloria's hungry sucking mouth as she began to swallow. This time, she didn't miss a drop…

It was about 7:00am when Helena woke to find her scantily clad little sister sleeping soundly in her bed, again. She sighed and patted the little girl lightly on her bare bottom and sat up on the edge of the bed. She stood up and walked over to the window. With an evil grin on her face she grabbed the heavy curtains and slid them wide open. The early morning sun flooded in, illuminating her in her naked glory and the entire room with a brilliantly intense glow that made Charli groan out load and roll over.

Helena did a half turn and giggled a little and asked 'What are you doing in my room again, Charli?" 'I was laying there wondering when Mom was gonna be home and then there was this Big flash and a second or two later the loudest thunder I ever heard, scared me so bad that I just ran in here." Charli explained in a groggy early morning voice. 'Aahh, was my baby sister scared of the thunder storm?" Helena teased as she got back on the bed. 'Not at all, Charli countered. ' I just ran in here and got in bed with you, that way if I did get killed by lighting, I'd be laying next to you when it happened and we'd both get killed." She giggled.

Helena grabbed her pillow and swung as hard as she could thumping her sister real good on the back of her head. Charli not to be out done by her older sister, grabbed the pillow she had her head on sat up and swung at the same time, hitting Helena along side of her head. The sweaty pillow fight was on with both girls shrieking and giggling, pounding each other in a flurry of thumping body blows. This went on for about two full minutes till both girls collapsed on the bed out of breath and giggling.

Helena took a deep breath and smacked Charli on her bare ass cheek again and said. 'Come on up get up kid and you can have the shower first, your starting to smell a little skanky." She said with a grin. 'That's just your breath blowing back in your face." Charli countered, as she sat up. Helena got up and slipped her oversized night shirt on and headed out the door. Charli staggered sleepily into the main bathroom and looked at herself in the large mirror behind the sink. She pulled the silky nighty over her head and let it drop to the floor.

She stood there and looked at her self real good and thought as she ran her hands up her flat smooth belly to her diminutively developing 13 year old titties. She sighed 'They're not looking much bigger than they did yesterday. More like swollen bee stings." She looked herself in the eyes and grabbed a brush and began brushing out her long honey blond hair out trying to get the tangles out she got in the pillow fight.

When she had her hair brushed out, she twisted it into a tight rope and clipped it to the top of her head with a large clip. She stepped over and slid the shower door back and turned on the water. While she let the water warm up she sat down on the throne and took that ever relieving first long piss of the day. She wiped the piss off her little pussy and stepped into the shower and slid the glass door closed.

The warm water felt good, stinging her a bit as she commenced to soap her self up. She ran the wash cloth up each of her legs to the top of each thigh, and then up her torso and into her arm pits then down each arm. She scrubbed her neck, ears and the sides of her face last. She turned her back to the pulsing hot water and while keeping the cloth in her left hand she closed her eyes and slid her right across her soapy budding titties.

She tickled and squeezed what there was of them and then slid her hand on down across her nearly bald pubic mound. She was just starting to grow a little hair, but there really wasn't much of it and it was so fine and silky that she could barely see it unless she was in a good light. She slid her fingers into the slit of her little pussy and began to rub lightly while pinching and rubbing her titties…

Little Charli had discovered the secret hidden joys that her little pussy held at the tender age of 8, when she was playing with a garden hose one hot summer day. She had drug out the hose to fill up her kiddy pool and started spraying herself like all children do. Sooner or later she was pointing the nozzle of the hose between her legs and when the water hit her tiny pussy it sent an incredibly pleasurably sensation up her spine to the back of her brain that made her shiver a bit. Giggling, she looked around to see if anybody was watching. When she was sure the coast was clear, she sat down in the pool and pointed that hose at her little twat again and held it there for a while.

The sensations she felt were so good and so tingly that it made her giggle in delight as the tingling got bigger and seem to spread out, getting more and more pleasurable. When the sensation was just about to the point that she couldn't stand it anymore, her 10 year old sister Helena came running out of the house and jumped into the pool opposite her little sister. 'What are you doing Charli?" She said smiling at the silly look her sister had on her face. 'I have no idea," the younger one panted. ' But it sure feels good."

Helena sat and watched wide eyed and ginning as Charli's face went from silly, to wide eyed surprise when she began to shiver and quiver really hard. Then she went stiff and her face went into a real tight grimace as she groaned and giggled through three body racking waves of spastic convulsions. Then the little girl collapsed back against the inflated ring of the pool with this real big grin on her face. Helena just sat there and wondered if her pesky little sister had finally lost her mind.

Charli sat up and grinned. 'You have got to try this, it is ssooooo much fun." She giggled. 'You’re a just a naughty little perv, Charlena." That made Charli a little mad, and she picked up the hose and pointed it at her sisters crossed legs and right into the V between her legs. The water in the pool was up to her waist now and the jet of water had to go through the water before hitting Helena's swim suit covered crotch. And the diminished intensity just made her mad and she began to stand up to splash her sister.

But as she began standing, Charli with a devilish grin held the jet of water right on the target and as soon as her sister was standing the sudden and over whelming tingling and throbbing sensation caused her little knees to buckle, dropping her little ass splashing back into the nearly full pool again. Then Charli moved closer and held the pulsing jet under the water about 3 or 4 inches away from her older sisters crotch and Helena smiled and just spread her legs wider and let curiosity at this never before felt sensation get the better of her. And in about a minute she was the one shivering and grimacing and bucking her hips convulsively as the waves of incredibly intense pleasure coursed through her from head to toe. Now she was leaning back against the side of the pool the an angelic smile on her face…

Charli was seconds away from a really intense orgasm with one foot up on the foot board and her head thrown back with her eyes closed and her hand rubbing her little pussy at a fevered pace. Then there was a tap on the door and Helena yelling. 'Breakfast is ready, quit playing with yourself and get down here before it gets cold." Helena giggled as she walked back down stairs. She knew full well what her little sister was doing in the shower. The kid spent more time alone playing with her pussy now than she ever did playing with her Barbie dolls a few years ago.

No sooner then she stepped back into the kitchen the phone rang. She picked it up. 'You awake already?" Her mom asked, 'It isn't even noon yet." 'Good morning to you too, mother." Helena responded. 'Did you find ya a man momma? Your not home yet." She said grinning. 'Ya something like that, I be home in about an hour or so. I take it you two are still alive?" 'Well I am, but I wasn’t sure about Charli. She was beginning to smell like something that died so I made her take a much needed shower, and she 's been in there for nearly an hour now, again." Helena explained. 'Ya, like you don't spend a lot of your time in your room with the door locked. You guys just chill and I'll be home soon with something I want to talk to you two about." Gloria added. 'O.k. momma, we'll be here. Helena said. 'O.k. then bye sweetie." 'Bye, momma."

Helena was just hanging up the phone as Charli came into the kitchen and sat down at the table and asked. 'Was that Ma?" 'Ya, she said she'd be home shortly and that she had something she wanted to tell us. Helena said sitting down across from her sister. 'Man, I really hope she got laid last night, she's been really crabby lately." Charli said with a smile. The two giggled and began speculating as they ate their pancakes…

'So, you are coming to diner tomorrow night?" Gloria asked Keith as she was zipping up her skirt and slipping into her sandals. 'I wouldn't miss it." He smiled and took her in his arms again kissing her real sweet on the lips. She hugged him tight and then said I really gotta go and open the door. Keith let his lower lips pooch out like a disappointed little boy she just smiled, blew him a kiss and went out the door Keith stood at the door and watch one of the hottest little blonds he'd ever had get into her T-bird, back out the drive, and roll on down the street.

He walked over to the fridge and pulled out a cold one, popped the tab and took a nice long swiggy. Then he drank down another three of four swallows and looked down at his now flaccid and contented
man hood. 'Come on pal, lets get you cleaned up. You just had one hell of a night and you deserve the night off." He set the can down on the counter and walked his naked ass back to the bathroom to take one of those nice long Hollywood showers….

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