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I fell off the band wagon. Ummmmm again. You could say that this was a pretty regular thing. After therapy it was worse than any other time. Maybe it was the discussion on how it made me feel when I took that cock in my mouth, or how it felt when he slid it deep into my ass. Being able to feel the ridges, the head as it first penetrated me.
Well tonight was no different I walked into the bar my shoulder length brown hair flipped and styled makeup done perfectly. I knew what I was going to be doing later so I went light on the mascara. My 5’5” of curvy body, of course not to many but not skinny either, encased in tight jeans and a lime green shirt enough to be noticed and make my green eyes pop.
I sat on that bar stool, two men walk up behind taking both stools on either side of mine. They continue to talk over my head.
“Dude did you see that video last night totally great” Thing one said.
“Oh yea, but the broad in the back was so fucking hot.” Thing two responded.
Oh I was pissed not only did I come to the most notorious pick up bar in town, but I was so ready just to be fucked. So I looked up at both guys and couldn’t help what I said “Now gentlemen, please let me inform you that you are not only just killing my fucking buzz but you are also ruining the fact that I am here to pick up a man take him home and get my brains fucked out. Now fucking take your stupid conversation to a different area of the bar.” My voice was not small when I said this I believe it’s safe to say it was a yell.
Both men looked at me with shock, which in general pissed me off more. Then finally Thing two spoke “Hunny, all you had to do was ask and I would be glad to take you home with me tonight. Actually, we would be more than happy to pleasure you all night.” Well at this point I was ready to be gone so I looked at these guys and told them in not so polite terms to FUCK OFF.
They did not take this well in fact they each grabbed one of my arms and dragged me out of the bar. I was a little more than buzzed by this point so I didn’t put up much of a fight. We got into their car and they took me home. When we arrived at the house it was a nice place ranch style neatly decorated. Except for the mess like really obviously no one lived here for awhile it was dusty as fuck.
So we walked into the basement (yes a cliché in every story oooo a basement lol) there was a bed, chains, dildos, paddles, whips, clamps, vibrators, and more damn I went into overload I was so wet. So I walked over and sat on the bed looking at both men who were staring at.
“Your not gonna ask why we have all this” Thing one asked.
“Not as long as you use each and every one of those toys on me” I responded waiting.
Both men looked at me with huge smirks and at once said “Our pleasure”
“You mean mine right?” I asked.
I stood and walked to Thing one and cupped his cock “This toy too?”
Then both men looked at me and again grabbed an arm each like really I don’t need to be subdued I’m already wet. They took me over to the bed and tied my arms up they left my legs free. It wasn’t like I was going to kick out or anything.
“I think we need to teach you a lesson you little tease” Thing one said.
“I agree she has been a massive bitch for awhile now” Thing two responded
Like really who are these guys I just met them tonight….Right?
Then it hit me at the beginning of my therapy I met two men they were hot but not worth losing my sessions over. Their names damn I can’t remember their names ugh. But I was pretty drunk and I remember giving blowjobs but never finishing them instead getting torn away by my friends who convinced me it wasn’t worth it. Oh wait he is talking…
“She’s starting to remember look at her eyes, so expressive I wonder what they will look like when I shove that plug up her ass.” One said
I was looking at him and couldn’t see Two it was dark until I felt something warm and wet on my cheek. When I turned my head I didn’t get much time I squeaked and my mouth and throat were filled in one smooth thrust I couldn’t think or breathe it was so unexpected.
“Ha check that out Rich, little bitch cant deepthroat worth a shit. All talk and no play fucking cunt” One said. So I at least know one name now. The cock in my throat began to move I could taste the precum on my tongue as he moved his head onto my tongue. That taste I really do love it salty sweet mmmm. Something cold touched my side I couldn’t anything. My shirt fell away it must have been scissors like the medical kind with the flat bottom. My bra was exposed it clipped in the front I tried to tell him that but only managed a groan.
“Holy fucking Shit” Rich said as he came in my mouth the vibrations from me trying to talk set him off. Well One had different plans for my bra. He got a different pair of scissors normal kitchen ones now. He picked the spot on my black bra where you could see my nipples peaking picked up the bra material and snipped. I don’t think I ever got so wet at once the fear and adrenaline all kicking in at the idea of him nicking my hard nipples. He did the same with my other cup again I got so wet. Now I’m tied to this bed a softening cock in my mouth and my bra cut so only my nipples show. One walked away. I think he was more of a toy man in fact I know this. He brought back to clamps and attached them I moaned so close to orgasming just from the pain.
My jeans were the next things cut away by Rich this time. He left my 4 inch stilettos on though. He really liked that obvious from the way he was playing with them with his hardening cock. One (I still don’t know his name) has taken to rubbing his cock on the nipple clamps moving and pulling on them causing me some pain but not too bad. Finally he puts his cock into my mouth straddling my head so he can play with the clamps while he does this. Rich is now playing with my panties (one of the last times I wore them) pulling them between my pussy lips, pulling them out. Shit like that what a tease right. Well One who is still in my mouth decides he doesn’t want to play like this anymore.
So he tells Rich they need to talk.. And they walk away and not for like 5 minutes I’m talking two whole hours I’m wet horny and had to wait a whole fucking two hours AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH is how I felt.
Well One comes back down and “Rich went home it’s just us now ready to learn your lesson?”
I looked at him and snorted like really what can this guy do to me. He flips me over so now I’m on my stomach my lace covered ass pointing up. SMACK. OMG He just spanked me not with his hand but a paddle and wooden hard paddle can you say ouch yet I’m still getting wet. He puts the paddle between my legs and plays with my pussy lips with it. He takes it away and I feel a rush of air before DAMN THAT SHIT HURTS. I hear the paddle hit the floor. Thank God that was hot and made me wet but it really hurts I can feel my ass throbbing and hot. I can also feel his hands rubbing and massaging my cheeks. Fingers running between them playing with my ass. The lace panties fall away and I can feel something touch my ass but I don’t know what it is. The next thing I know he shoves a butt plug up my ass in one smooth motion and my orgasm hits. When I come down from my high I can feel him in my pussy fucking me hard rough. He rips the clamps off my breasts and the feeling of the blood rushing back and the pleasure in my pussy and the fullness of my ass causes my orgasm to rip through my body again. Once again when I come down he is groaning and cumming all over my back. He smacks my ass one more time and tells me he will be back. And leaves me with a plug in my ass and cum on my back.

The End of Part One. Love Cat.

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