A young boy's experiences with sex with his older brother.
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This is part one to our first camping trip together. There will be one other part to this story, and then the regular stories will be back again. This was an enteresting experience of mine, andI felt the need to share it with you guys. HOPE YOU LIKE IT.

I was turning 14 later this year, and this was a big deal to me. I was bummed because I wasn't growing as quickly as my buddies were. I was still a bit short, and a tad bit chubby around my belly. I wanted the muscular look the my buddies were getting. I still had barely any body hair or pubes for that matter. My dick was still about 3 1/2 to 4 inches and not much more when hard. It didn't help that I was pretty much hairless too. Steve always assured me that I'd get there one day though.

It was spring time and everyone was glad that the brutal winter had passed! We had a great big blizzard in our town that year, and we were still paying for it. Certain parking lots still had a small amount of snow still melting. Mostly shaded areas though. It was usually lingering cold weather much past winter around there.

Although, I wasn't growing as rapidly as I had liked and I still looked about 12 years old, I starting becoming my own person that year. I adapted my own style, and built up much confidence. Along with Steve's help. I picked up skateboarding, and practiced alot in my spare time. I started taking on the skater look. Vans shoes, loose jeans, t-shirt, cap to the back. The girls were definitely starting to notice me more and I gained a few friends. I wasn't such a whiney wimp anymore. Steve had taught me to be tough. Steve always kept my hair shaved into a mohawk. He liked how it looked on me, and I ended up liking it after a while. I pretty much was a miny him at that point, and I loved it.

Steve had gotten me a cellular phone. This was back when they were large and awkward, and people barely used them. It was a huge blue Nokia pre-pay phone. Steve always kept minutes on it so that he could call me whenever he needed and vice versa. I found myself sneaking around more than ever. Since mom didn't really allow me to see Steve I just ended up sneaking out. I had to see him. We would sometimes just meet up for a quickie. I would hop into his car and we'd drive around the corner to a street with the lights off and blow each other. It became a routine. Sometimes we'd just hang out and talk, but it usually ended in a blowjob.

I had started 8th grade and I was truely tired of being in juinior high. It seemed so repetative at that point. All my old buddies had moved on to highschool, and here I was stuck confined to the walls of middle school! I did meet new friends though. I had one best friend. His name was Alex Mowry. He was taller than me, and had a light mustache, but it was noticeable. I still had my puney 'dirt stache'. I was embarassed that a 7th grader had more hair than me, but boys that age rarely talked about things like that anyhow.

We were sitting together at a school Assembly in the audotorium. Our principle was jabbering on and on about 'respecting and trusting our fellow peers'. As usual, we goofed, and made jokes the entire time. Whenever a girl looked our way to shut us up we'd end up grabbing our small packages of junk through our jeans as if we had something to show off, and we'd obnoxiously hump our hips at them while making kiss-faces at them. We were horny young boys, and they were of course disgusted by our actions. Girls being alot more mature than us boys at that age. As I was talking to Alex about something random my pocket started vibrating. I quickly went into my loose blue jeans and yanked out my cell phone. I noticed that Steve had called. I told Alex I'd be back and snuck to the boys bathroom.

I went into a stall and sat on the toilet pulling the door shut and locking it. I figured if a teacher came in, they'd just think I was taking a shit. I hit the green talk button and called Steve back.

"Brother?" He asked excitedly on the other end as he answered.

"Hey!" I explaimed back with a large smile on my face. My hero.

"Why aren't you in class? I called purposely to see if you'd answer. Get your ass to class!" He joked.

"Whatever man! I had to use the bathroom anyways..." I replied.

"Ah, I'm kidding creep. Hey, I'm off this weekend. And we should take advantage of this and go camping. Just us. It's been too long since we've really hung out, and I know this cool spot. They got a pool, a field, fishing, all this cool stuff at this camp ground. I've been one other time with a buddy, and it was a blast. So? How about it, Jakey?" He asked.

"Of course I want to, but there's no way mom would let me. Remember what I told you that she found out about? She just wont let me hang with you. She thinks you're bad to hang out with because of what happened." I said in a lower tone.

"She doesn't know shit. Don't listen to her crap. I would never hurt you, she's dellusional." He said with an angry tone.

I didn't want to ask him about he and dad yet. About what mom told me happened. I didn't want to upset him. I just kept quiet.

"Make something up then. I cannot go without you. Please?" He pleaded on the other end. I wanted so badly to be with him, and there was no way I'd let my mother keep us apart. I needed him.

"Ok. I'll think of something. Go ahead and count me in either way." I replied.

"Atta boy! I'll park up the street a bit when I come to get you, so that mom doesn't recognize my car. I love you." he said before hanging up.

"I love you, too." I replied in a whisper as I heard someone come into the bathroom.

I put my phone back into my pocket and came out of the stall. I was relieved to see Alex at the urinal.

"Oh it's only you, man." I replied standing next to him. I unzipped and pulled my limp penis out. I held it, aimed it at the urinal and pissed.

"Who else would it be?" He asked as he pissed with his eyes closed making an "ahhhh" sound here and there and his head leaned back. He always pissed liked that. He always looked like he REALLY enjoyed peeing a bit too much.

"No one. I was on my cell phone with my brother in the stall. We are going camping. I'm using your house as an excuse. Could you cover for me this weekend?" I asked as I continued to piss.

"Yeah, sure, whatever. But why can't you just say you're staying the weekend at your brothers place?" He asked, still not opening his eyes.

"Long story. Just cover for me?"

"Yeah, fine." He replied. He finished up and playfully nudged me on his way to the sink. I lost focus and ended up pissing on the front of my pants a little. They were light blue, so it definitely showed.

"What the hell?! I just pissed on my pants, man!" I yelled out at him.

"Big deal cry baby! Besides, that tiny little weiner can't stretch out to the urinal barely. You'd probably piss yourself everytime if you didn't stand so close to the wall!" He replied jokingly.

I yanked my body around. Holding my 3 1/2 in penis between my index and thumb. Aimed at his jeans and shot off a stream of piss.

"Gross! C'mon man! I was joking! Put it away!" He exclaimed. I laughed and pissed all over him. Half of it got all over the floor. He got mad and ended up pulling his weiner back out. He forced some piss out onto my jeans. We laughed and had the time of our lives. After our piss war we shook our cocks off and put them away. We couldn't really explain our wet jeans all day though. I lied and blamed it on the water fountain. People baught it.

As I got off of my bus and walked to my house, I was pretty confident that I had a good excuse. Alex said he'd cover for me. I'd just tell her he was having a get together for the guys at his place, and it'd be all weekend. I'd be back early monday morning. Perfect. Turns out, she baught it. Only under the condition that I promised not to see Steve. I think she had the feeling that I might, but she didn't mention it.

Friday afterschool I waited for my brother to pull up down the street. He changed into loose gym shorts, a white tank top, and a blue cap to the back. I had a power rangers book bag packed with stuff for the trip. Power rangers had always been my favorite show since I was a little kid. Steve got it for me that year for school.

I sat there on the curb for 40 minutes waiting. He wasn't showing up. I was beginning to think he had let me down. I called him 3 times and didn't get an answer. I was at first sad and then mad. I started tossing rocks into the street and thinking about going home. As soon as I got this thought his red saturn pulled up. I stood up and stared him down through his windshield.

I hopped in.

"I've been waiting almost an hour, Steve!" for some reason I yelled out at him. To this day I have no idea why I was so angry.

"I'm sorry. There was a little traffic, brother. No sweat. Relax." He said as he pulled out of the neighborhood.

I began feeling bad for lashing out, "It's ok. I'm sorry for yelling. I was just worried you wouldn't show. I needed to see you. You know?"

"I got ya, Jakey." He reached over and rustled my hair. I smiled and looked on at the road.

"You ready for some fun?" He asked.

"Oh yeah!" I replied.

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a bag of pot and dangled it in my face.

"And I also got some beers in the trunk for us, but I'm sure we will have to re-up sometime during the trip. I only have a 24 pack." He said proudly.

"That stuff sucks to smoke. I don't like it." I said pointing to the pot.

"That's because you only did it once. You have to build up the THC in your body. Then you get fucking stoned. You've smoked it twice. Tonight, you will get stoned, brother." He said with a grin on his face.

I shrugged my shoulders and we went on talking about life and catching up.

2 hours later we arrived at the camp ground. 'Camp Meadow'. It was great! We drove past the public fishing river for the camp ground and there were dad's down with their sons fishing. I asked Steve if we could fish, but he said he didn't have a chance to pick up poles. He drove up to the office and got us registered for the grounds. He had to sign his name and pay them for our stay. Finally he drove us to our spot. It was a large amount of dirt surrounding us. There were tents about 15-20 feet away. Enough to see other people clearly, but enough to have our own little area and somewhat a bit of privacy. We pitched our nice sized tent, and got our blankets and pillow set up inside of our tent. We filled the cooler with ice and sodas to get cold. From the trunk we unloaded, hots dogs and marshmellows for later, beer, and two lawn chairs for us to relax on later that night. Steve had a pack-back full of bug repellant, flashlights, batteries, water bottles, and a small tube of lube. I didn't know what it was when I first saw it, but now I do. Obviously.

After we were all settled in we decided to go across the lot to a pool we had passed by. It was one of the only pools in our state that was opened a bit before summer. It supposedly had a heater installed so that it was always a pretty warm temperature. I was glad I now knew new about this place. We went into our tent to change into our trunks. I pulled my trunnks from my bag and he did the same. Steve was the first to pull his pants and underwear off. Following his shirt. His matured penis and balls hung and bobbled around as he reached for his trunks. I stared at his junk as he pulled his trunks up finally covering them again. I quickly followed suit. I pulled my shorts down and Steve whistled jokingly when my soft young boy penis was exposed. I got all red and quickly yanked my trunks up. I pulled my tank top off and we headed towards the pull. We laughed and joked on the way there. I was in sheer bliss. I knew this weekend would be a blast.

We had to go through the male changing room to get to the entrance of the pool. There were open shower stall with guys and young boys showering. Cock and balls everywhere. I tried not to look, but caught myself peeking in the corner of my eye. Steve didn't seem fazed at all.

We played around in the pool. Wrestled and dunked each other. It was going on 9:00 at night before we decided we should get out of the pool soon. It closed at 10:00 anyways. At this point it was just Steve and I. Everyone else had headed back to their areas. We were wrestling around and stuff and Steve got all quiet and started looking at me all weird.

"What?" I asked and he put his lips to mine in an instant.

His tongue slid in my mouth and I accepted it. I pushed my young tongue back into his mouth and he sucked on it. We made out right there in the pool. He grabbed my young dick through my shorts as he kissed me rough. He got like this whenever he got extra horny. I was getting hard in his hand and finally he broke the kiss.

"C'mon let's go back to the tent. I need to suck you." He said as he slid his hand in the front of my trunks. I moaned in my young boy tone and shook my head in agreement. We both hopped out and walked through the shower room. He pulled me into one of the private stall and slid the curtain closed. All a person could see from the outside are 2 pairs of feet. My brother's hairy big ones, and my hairLESS smaller ones.

"I can't wait till we get back. I need it now." Is all he managed to get out before dropping to his knees. He yanked my trunks down and out sprang my hairless hard little weiner.

He slipped his mouth over the tip which was already wet from the pool water. He sucked me deep into his mouth and engulfed me in his cheeks. I moaned and sighed. It was warm and wet in his mouth. And it was comforting to feel my penis back in his mouth. I just loved the feeling. He took good care of me as he sucked me. He sucked me so good and never took his time. He liked to make me whimper when he gave me a blowjob. He liked to suck until I shook and begged him to slow down. I humped my little hips at his mouth.

"Suck my dick. Oh my god. Yeah, Steve. It feels so..." was all I managed to get out before I let out a loud young shriek and felt my love for Steve shoot out one time to his welcoming throat. He sucked my long and hard while I came, and it was a great orgasm. After I stopped moaning and humping his mouth I started getting soft. I stood there and looked down. My trunks were down to my knees and Steve had my shriveling up penis still in his mouth. Bobbing back and forth on it trying to get the last of my sperm. I kept pulling back so that it would slip out, but it kept a tight grip on my penis with his mouth. I was throbbing and a bit sore from his rough blowjob and just wanted out of his mouth at this point, but I knew he would let me out when he was good and ready.

"Mmmm." he said as he finally plopped my soft penis from his lips. I was breathing hard and recovering from my amazing orgasm. He stood up and opened up the curtains and a man walked by. He saw my penis and I quickly yanked my trunks up. The older man smiled and winked at me as he strolled by and got a good look at my small cock. I was embarassed and bashed Steve on the way back to our tent.

When we got back, he set up the lawn chair and started a fire in the fire pit next to our picnic table. I kept my trunks on and never put a shirt on. He did the same. It was comfortable. We sat around the fire and roasted hotdogs and marshmellows. We ate and talked. When he was sure everyone was in there tents and pretty much sleeping he pulled out 2 joints from the tent that he had rolled. He sat back down in his chair next to me and lit it up. He took a long drag of the Marijuana and then blew out a large cloud of smoke and handed it over to me and I took a large drag as well. It burned my chest like hell. I was trying to be a man, and not cough like Steve, but it tasted like shit. I coughed my brains out. I felt different this time though. I didn't feel dizzy, I felt great. My body felt relaxed, almost like jelly. My muscles felt non-existant. I suddenly stopped really caring about being seen by other people doing gay things with my brother. Eventhough no one was around, I still didn't care if they were. I leaned over and kissed Steve. A quick boy-ish type kiss. He looked over at me and smiled. He puffed on the joint and went to snag us a couple beers from the cooler. He tossed one to me on the way back to his chair.

"I'm glad we got out here. This is great, huh?" He said after chugging his beer.

"Yeah, the best." I replied after chugging my beer and burping.

We sat around and got drunk and stoned all night.

"So, when are you going to let me fuck again?" He said matter of factly. He was so drunk at this point that he didn't dare hold back.

"It hurt. I don't know, Steve." I replied.

"Wow. I thought you may have possibly loved your big brother. When people are in love, that's what they do. I guess I'm the only one in love here." He said as he got angry and looked away from me. I hated when he got that look in his eye.

"I do love you, Steve. It just hurt my ass. Like really bad." I replied.

"You're a pathetic piece of shit. And im embarassed to call you my brother. You didn't even suck my dick yet, but did I complain? No. Man, This trip is over." He said in his drunken stuper. I was afraid he'd attack me and hit me so I just sat there quietly as he cursed at me and continued calling me a piece of crap for not letting him fuck me.

Finally, I got fed up and stormed into the tent. I laid out on my blanket and tears rolled down my eyes. I was ashamed and part of me felt guilty for letting him suck me earlier in the shower stall. Although he never really gave me a choice, he just whipped it out and sucked it. I finally drifted off to sleep. I woke up to a hand on my penis. It was gripping me tight. I opened my eyes and couldn't see anything. It was so dark.

"Steve?" I whispered as my heart pounded away.

"Shh." He kissed my lips and went into my trunks and started jacking me off. I tried pushing his hand away, not feeling horny at all, but he wouldn't stop. He was drunk and I could smell it all over his breath. He must had been up by himself getting drunk since I had felt asleep. He was next to me pushing his boner on my butt and he pulled on my soft penis. I wasn't getting hard at all and he kept trying.

"What the fuck. Get hard, you little fat fucker!" He yelled insults toward my penis.

He got mad and got a bit more rough and I shriked out in pain.

"Stop, man. Please. You're drunk. Just go to sleep, please, Steve." I said trying to push his strong muscly hand from my small weiner. He yanked his hand away and I could feel his angry pulsating through his skin.

I heard shuffling around and it was him pulling his trunks down and pulling his hard 71/2 inch cock out. He pushed me onto my stomach and straddled my butt. He grabbed both sides of my trunks and began yanking them down from my butt. I tried to scream loud, but he reach around front and put his hand over my mouth...

"If you make one god damned word I would turn you over and rip your fat little dick off myself. Now, shut your mouth and hold still. Don't move, Jake." He whispered down into my ear. I began crying silently as he worked my trunks all the way down and pulled them off. His trunks were still only slightly pulled down enough to rub his penis all over my little butt. He humped the crap of my butt for a while before flipping me over to my back. He spread my legs and got in between. He put this gooey lube all over his swollen horny penis and put the tip at the entrance of my little boy hole. I gasped and held my breath as he pushed himself in me. I knew it was going to hurt. It slid in easier than the first time and he sighed as my butt hole snuggled him tight as he pushed in and out.

"Fuck." He said in between thrusts.

Everytime he went deep in his hairy saggy balls bounced off of my round young balls. He rocked his hips back and forth and fucked his little brother. After a few minutes I started accepting what was happening and he started pounding me. He was fucking fast and making me bounce back and forth with his thrusts. It started to feel good as he slid his tip back and forth over my little prostate gland. I moaned and bucked my hips up and him and this drove him crazy. He fucked me fast and hard never letting fo of my little hips and butt while he did it. All you could heard was the sound of our balls slapping on each other and Steve breathing hard and moaning my name softly. Finally, his body tensed up and his thrusts quickened. His dick pulsated inside of me and I felt his cum shoot up into me. It felt...strange. He finally slowed up and eventually he softenedand slid out. After he caught his breath he went down and sucked me off real good. After I came in his mouth we both lay there and passed out.

The next morning I woke up and Steve wasn't in the tent. I looked down and I was naked and my penis had dried cum on the tip of it, smeared. I remembered the night before, but things were just a bit blurry because of the drinking and smoking. I rubbed my eyes and looked around for my trunks, but couldn't find em. My book-bag was sitting outside of the tent for whatever reason so I would have to go out there naked to retrieve it. I opened up the flap and walked out. My hand cupping my penis and balls as I looked around for my bag and my brother. There he was in a lawn chair passed out with a beer in his hand. Oh great, I thought to myself.



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