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I find out what it means to be a whore
I appreciate all the ratings and comments. This story picks up right after my last one, anyone reading would get a better understanding of this story by reading my prior stories first. Enjoy.

Some say we are a product of our sorroundings, I know I am. Women have been traumatized by their sexual experiences, I have enojoyed most of mine, I get turned on thinking of some of the things I have done, or that have been done to me, up until this day.
Sometimes, my only regret in life is not doing more. There is a thin line between a girl and woman, you can be something mentally, and something else physically. Thinking back this period in my life, I now know I was a little girl, following her impulses, in a developing woman's body.

Things were as usual at school. I was hanging out with Tyler during the day, and sucking off Juan after school. I was 10, and had just had my first experience getting fucked, which was not very pleasent, but about a week had passed by and I felt like trying again. Juan and I hooked up after school as usual, I stripped down to my thong (mom's thong), and he kneeled me down, I put my hands behind my back, and he facefucked me. I loved how it felt being on my knees, feeling used, feeling helpless. I had seen mom in videos use pigtails when she got facefucked, men would grab her tails by both ends, and and use them as handles to shove their dicks all the way in. I loved the way she looked when she wore them, so I had started using them also. I found it was much easier to suck when I started wearing them, my hair wouldn't get in the way. Juan automatically grabbed both ends from the first time. I loved it, there was no hands, hair, or anything in the way. It was my mouth going all the way up and down on his dick, and he loved it also. I was careful to only wear mom's used thongs from the laungry basket, because I usually got turned on and got them wet. Sometimes they already had mom's juices dried up on them. Juan knew they were mom's thongs, and loved sniffing them. He kept fucking my face and ordered,"take off your thong, I want to smell it." I took it off, it was wet from my juices mixing with moms. He put it up to his nose as I continued sucking him.
Juan,"fuck that's good, I love the way your mom smells. She is fucking hot, you look just like her, I want to fuck you both."
I know many women would be offended, but I loved people telling me my mom was hot, and that I looked like her, I was turned on by my mom. I began fucking my face faster and faster until I felt his pumps in my mouth. I felt his thick,salty, cum taste in my toungue, and sliding down my throat. I felt like more than before, and I kept swallowing until there was nothing left. He looked down at me, and saw my thighs were covered in my juices. I was feeling really hot, and wanted to have him fuck me again. I turned around facing my ass towards him, bending over on all fours, with my legs spread, just like mom would. Mom looked the best bending over. Juan immediately kneeled down behind me and opened my buttcheeks.
Juan,"That's what I'm talking about, good little bitch." I felt his finger slide into my pussy, I felt tight around him, but it slid in easy cause of how wet I was. I felt another finger go in, both finger sliding in and out. It started feeling good, then he pulled them out, along with some of my juices which fell to the ground between my legs. I felt the tip of his dick in the entrance of my pussy, then it made its way inside of me, in a slow but single motion. I was in pain and started pushing my hips forward, but his hands grabbed my hips and pulled me back.
Juan,"Be a good slut and take it like that."
He started thrusting his hips back and forth, slowly at first. The pain went away quickly, it was nothing compared to my first time. I knew I could take it. It started feeling really good, I loved feeling his dick inside of me, and began pushing my ass back towards him, as he pulled my hips.
Juan,"fuck, your pussy is tight."
He kept going faster and faster, pushing all the way in, to where it hurt, but felt good at the same time. I felt him speed up, and start moaning. I knew he was cumming. He dick grew bigger inside of me, and it felt great, but that pump lasted a few seconds. He pulled his dick out, and I turned back around and sucked his dick. His dick didn't feel as hard anymore, but he got hard almost immediately.
Juan,"Damn you are good."
I could taste myself, and his cum all over his dick, it wasn't a good taste, but it wasn't bad either. I had seen mom clean men's dicks after getting fucked, so I just did what she did, not caring if Juan thought I was a whore.
Juan,"Fuck, what a good slut."
He pumped again, and groaned. I kept sucking, but felt almost nothing come out.
He pulled his dick out,"How did you get so good, have you had sex before."
Me,"no, ummmm...I've just seen some porn videos and I wanted to please you."
I didn't mention mom was on them of course.
Juan,"fuck, I like that, I want to see videos with you someday."
Me,"So you liked it?"
Juan,"Hell yeah!"
Me,"Am I better than your girlfriend?"
Juan,"she is not even close."
Me,"Good. I want to be the best."
We got dressed and I ran to the bathroom to clean up, then to my pickup spot, where mom was waiting.

I began having sex regularly with Juan. We got better and better, but were always on a rush since I got picked up at school. Since Juan's sister,
Amanda, was one of my friends, we figured we might as well tell her so she could help us out. We agreed Juan would talk to her.
Amanda,"You are such a whore. Juan has a girlfriend, and you have a boyfriend."
Me,"I know, but I like Juan." I didn't really have feelings for him, but I loved having an older kid to have sex with. He was 15 and I was 10. "I really like him, and he can keep his girlfriend if he wants, I don't care. The only reason I don't break up with Tyler is cause my mom would kill me."
Amanda," you are such a whore, but I don't care, if you want to go out with Juan or not. I'm gonna invite you over to my house this weekend to sleep over, cause Juan wants to keep having sex with you."
I was a little surprised Juan had told her about that.
Me,"uuuhhh.... Ok, didn't know Juan would tell you that much."
Amanda,"he did, I didn't agree to be any part of it at first, but he told me what you two were already doing, so there is not much to be done anymore."
I was more surprised, she meade it seem like she knew the details.
Amanda,"you are such a whore, can't believe you like my brother."
Me,"I know I am sorry."
Amanda,"so what's it like?"
Amanda, "sex, what is it like, how does it feel?"
Me,"umm good, it feels awesome, I love it."
Amanda,"really, you are such a whore, I can't wait to have sex."

That weekend, my mom and Bill dropped me off at Amanda's house before she went to work. We spent most of the time in her room, until her parents went to sleep. We turned off the lights, then Amanda showed me the way to Juan's room before going back to her room. I walked over to Juan's room, and saw the door open, so I walked in.
Juan,"come in, I've been wanting you all day."
He walked over to me and hugged me, putting his hands on my ass as he kissed me.
"Did you bring me anything?"
Juan had asked me to wear one of mom's used thongs so he could smell her. He also asked for a picture of her in as little clothing as possible, so I brought him a picture of my mom in one of her thong bikinis. I lifted my skirt and pulled off my thong. Juan brought it straight to his nose. I also pulled out the picture from my purse, and he looked at it as he smelled mom's thong.
Juan,"you have a hot ass mom. I love the smell of her pussy mixing with yours. She has some big ass tits."
Me,"yeah, she does, she is hot."
Juan," did she breastfeed you."
Juan,"damn I want to fuck her. I saw her dropping you off, I like how she dresses like a slut, she had a short little skirt and her big tits almost showing. You need to dress more like that."
Me,"I will. You can fuck me and think of my mom."
Juan smiled,"yeah that's what I am gonna do."
He grabbed me by my pigtails and kneeled me in front of him and fucked my face, he did it harder and faster then before. He came really quick, like in a minute. Then he laid me in bed and opened my legs, ate me out. He licked from my butt to my clitoris, in long strokes. He continued for about a mintue, getting me wet, than he mounted me in the 69 position.
Juan,"open your mouth and suck it."
I opened my mouth and felt his dick go in deep. I would hardly gag when I blew him, but int his position, I could feel him go all the way back into my throat. I gagged immediately, as he started thrusting his hips, fucking my face. I felt saliva come up from my stomach, I felt like I was throwing up. I had saliva cover my fave immediately. I tried pushing him back with my hands, but he pinned my arms down with his knees.
Juan,"no hands bitch, be a good slut and take it. You want to be the best right, I bet your mom takes it like this."
I was pinned down, and felt like throwing up, and couldn't breathe. I felt blood rush to my head. He kept going in and out, and I would do my best to breathe when he would pull out a bit. He was right, my mom got fucked like this alot, and she just took it. Watching her, I never imagined it was this hard. She swallowed what looked to be much bigger dicks, which I could see how her throat went up and down and they would slide in and out deep. He was not going very deep, but it was deep enough. He kept fucking my throat, looking at my mom's picture, jerking off with my throat.
Juan,"I've seen your mom in porn movies, she is a perfect slut, and you are going to be just like her."
I was shocked that he had seen her, but it explained his obsession with her, and why he wanted to fuck me so badly all the time. I had spit covering my nose and eyes, I couldn't see or breathe, I was gasping for air when I felt him cumming. He pushed his dick all the way into my throat and came, I couldn't even taste him, I felt him shoot straight down my throat. I gagged and felt some of his cum drip out of my mouth.
Juan,"hell no eat it bitch."
He pulled his dick out and used to push the cum back into my mouth. I had such a sour taste from my saliva, I couldn't taste it. He went back between my legs and fucked me, pushing all the way in one thrust. It slid in easy beacuse of how wet I was and how much thick spit was on his dick, but it still hurt. He began fucking me hard and fast, going all the way in and out. He handed me mom's picture so I could hold it by my chest, so he could see it as he fucked me. I was screaming and moaning, and couldn't keep quiet, I was afraid his dad would hear us, but he was fucking me hard. My eyes which were covered in spit had tears also. I felt him tense up, like he was gonna cum again, then he just pulled out, and climbed on top of me, putting his dick in my face.
Juan,"Suck it clean, like a whore."
I began sucking again, and I felt him pump inside my mouth, but there was no cum left.
He laid next to me. I laid there, with my face covered in drying saliva, snot on my nose, my eyes watery from my crying. "The restroom is down the hall, go clean up, I want you to look good when I fuck you again."
I got up and grabbed my clothes to put them on.
Juan,"what are you doing, go like that."
Me,"what, no, someone might see me."
Juan,"i don't care, go naked and come back so I can fuck you."
Me,"Juan please."
Juan,"I already told you bitch, you better do what I say or I will let everyone know your mom is a whore, and so are you. You better do what I tell you. From now on, and you better call me daddy bitch, you understand."
Juan,"ok what?"
Me,"i understand daddy."
Juan,"good bitch."
I walked over to the door and saw Juan's dad was outside of his room. I tried to close the door.
Juan,"what are you doing, get out there."
Me,"your dad's outside."
Juan,"i don't care bitch."
He pushed me outside of his room naked, and spanked me really hard on my way out. I was left standing naked in the hallway, with my face covered in drying spit, mucus on my nose, and tears rolling down my eyes. His dad stared at me, lusting after me, I could tell he was horny. I walked towards the restroom which was past his room, looking at the ground the entire time, trying to be invisible, coverin as much as I could. His dad laughed as I walked past him, and spanked me really hard, making my ass sting. I ran to the restroom and broke down crying. I tried washing my face, but my tears would not stop. The sting on my ass would not stop either, and saw it fully red in the mirror. I didn't want to leave the room, and I heard his dad scream out, your bitch is taking too long. Juan knocked on the door and told me to hurry up. I walked out and his dad was still standing there. Juan grabbed me by the arm and walked me back to his room, stopping in front of his dad. His dad grabbed at my ass and said,"fuck yeah, she is gonna look like her mom, fuck her good. I will be having my turn soon" He spanked me hard again and I broke down crying. Juan dragged me back to his room and kneeled me down again and fucked my face. His dad opened the door and watched. His dad said, just so you know, I will be going to the stripclub and fuck your mom tonight, you will have your turn soon, make sure you take care of my boy." He left. I don't know how many times Juan fucked me that night, I blanked out, and wondered if this is how mom felt. I knew she was a whore, something men used for pleasure, and I truly felt like a whore for the first time.

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2012-09-22 00:06:12
I wish you was my whore, I would love to use you.

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2012-09-18 00:40:06
this story is like ... be careful what you wish for.... you might get it. I think that's this little girls nighmare to come.

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2012-09-18 00:39:03
I made friends with a lady who for nearly 15 years was a whore that worked the Sunset strip in Hollywood. She told me some stories that were pretty much like this. Being fucked so hard by her pimp. Who beat her ass if she didn't come home with some money. He expected her to bring home at least $400 dollars or more per night. And if she didn't. She got the crap beat out of her. Then he'd hard fuck her face for at least an hour before he let her stop. Then he'd fuck her ass without any lube until he cum. She said he had staying power. He could keep it up at least 2 hrs. no-stop. Her butt hole was so swollen that it was very painful to shit. Being a real whore is not fun. It's hard work for some of those girls out there. Then there's the ass holes that like to slap ya around, before they fuck you as hard as they can. They don't care if the girl cums. Just so long as they get their rocks off.

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2012-09-16 01:02:24
I would love to use you like that too

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2012-09-15 21:17:56
that made me so wet. please write more.

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