Chapter one of a sexy blond fucking everything that moves
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Chapter One:

Ashley's eyes closed and held her breath. It had been months since her uncle (well any man) had plunged is hard cock into her soft warm pussy and she wanted to savor the moment. His circumcised head held just outside her warm wet entrance- it was the same as last time- James swirled his head around her entrance making sure everything was properly lubed and then he would sink in. God she missed this.

"Girls won't get you pregnate, Ash." James had said this many times and had taken his advice to heart. Of course it would be a lot easier... well, more convienent if he and his wife, Anne, hadn't moved so far away. Ash couldn't wait to get Anne's hot tongue back inside her warm tunnel. These two needed to fuck her more often, really every day would be nice, but Ash had a plan for that too.

"Jesus, he's going in, go baby go!" Ash thought to herself. As he had done so many times before James was going into her womanhood. His shaved balls rested squarely against the rounded cheeks of her ass. Once they got in a rhythm, Ash would open those legs up a little more and feel that inviting slap against her tight little butthole.

James was hilt deep and pressing his pelvis to hers in a still mating ritual that he had done with all of his serious lovers. Ash had noticed he did it do Anne many times after his trip's were over and he got back home to Charleston. Then, one of his favorite things to do just before fucking a fresh wet pussy was to push even deeper, as if he planned to somehow bury his base inside of his lovers womanhood too, and then twist his pelvis side to side as if he was pushing the sides of the vagina a little to each side. It was a lot of fun to watch from behind because his ass cheeks would dimple and his tight ass would wiggle just a little.

How many times had Ash watched James fuck Anne from behind? After a half hearted attempt to count, she decided not enough.

Ashley opened her eyes at last, pupils a little dilated, but they focused quickly and rested on James hazel eyes. He smiled confidently at her and came down low to kiss her neck and ear. He spent a little extra time on her earlobes and licked and kissed his way to her warm mouth. She had just been chewing a tasty bubble gum and so sticking her tongue out into his waiting mouth gave him a special joy of being able to lick the sugary flavor (mostly artificial) out of her mouth.

"Strawberry. Always strawberry." Her lover's deep low voice always made her feel so relaxed and secure.

"Well we don't get enough of these sessions, so I like to make sure it's a flavor you like." Ashley purred.

"Anne and I aren't the only lovers in the world princess."

"Later with the lectures Jay, this pussy isn't going to fuck itself."

James smiled but relented. As she requested he picked himself up by his arms, grabbed her low on her legs and started thrusting in and out. All Ash really needed to do was hold her pussy tight and keep her legs up and James would do the rest. Maybe that was the best thing about James, he made everything so easy and so comfortable, and you couldn't help but fall completely for him. James was powerfully built for 5'9" and always had a love for working out. He was by no means a nut, there was a little paunch on his gut, but his legs and arms were strong, deadly strong, and his abs would show through in the right light. His 6" stick had a nice wide body, like a flat snake, and it would twist up just right. James was pulling her in, his fucks coming at a regular rhythm now, and he arched his whole back to help twist his cock up and rub the roof of her love tunnel. That G-spot, that wonderful G-spot was being stimulated on the pull out and even more on the thrust in. It wouldn't be long, it never was far off once he got his cock pointed up. Slam-Slam-Slam-Slam. The inside of her body was clenching, her back was rising, and her orgasm was building.

Ash felt her young breasts jiggling and sliding down a little as her back arched, she braced her body with her elbows, dug them into the mattress in practiced fashion, and used her respective hands and fingers to massage and twist her nipples. That's it Ash, fuck!

"Fuck fuck fuck, .... fuck FUCK YES FUCK YES-OH GOD!" She held her body completely still and James slowed his thrusts to a very respectful, slow motion, sawing action.

Slowly Ashley dropped her body back to the mattress, she could feel her sweat under her, cold against the sheets. James was slowly pulling out and then he'd push right back in slowly. He was the ever-soft lover. Even the hard thrusts he'd toss into the love making weren't real porn poundings. He never got much into the hate-fucking or angry fucking. He was a lover, balls to bone.

Forcefully Ash pulled herself up off the bed and sheets and pressed both hands against the ceiling of the tight sail boat. James stood completely up and moved close grabbing her ass cheeks and began one of his long, deep, kisses that always made her feel warm inside.

"I didn't want a huge sweat stain, in this humidity the sheets will never dry and we must keep up appearances." Ashley reminded James.

"Oh, just tell Anne you took a nap and sweated a little in your sleep. You're going to have to work hard to seduce her later. -I didn't realize until just now how silly that sounds."

James was right, Anne had long ago jumped in between the sheets with her niece with wild abandon. Ash laughed along with James at the slight absurdity of their shared prospective. It was a long time ago that James, Anne, and Ash had become lovers, almost a year now- and while they all had to be grateful at their fortune, there were real issues to overcome from time to time. For instance, just now, Anne had been firm there was no sex until the three of them were together. Anne loved James deeply and got irrationally jealous of him from time to time, but James, Anne and Ash had always coupled off here and there when the third party was off at work or with the kids. James and Ash had talked about in on the car ride in from the airport to the marina, and had decided Anne was just being Anne and wanted to make the whole vacation so much more special. After dissecting the new decree the two had realized that Anne and Ash wouldn't be able to play with each other the whole 3 days that James was gone on work, assuming no hiccups on the trip.

Ash made it fairly clear to James that wasn't happening and she didn't wait three "GOD DAMN MONTHS!" to pretend like she wasn't sleeping with them for better than half their vacation. Ash let James know not only was he getting a few blow jobs on the way out to Kiawah Island, but that he'd be fucking her soundly. James had laughed long and hard and said she could have all that as long as she promised to lay into Anne as soon as she had the chance and explain to her how stupid "the decree" was. Of course, the blowjobs and quickie fucks would be under wraps... James was hesitant but Ash assured him there were plenty of little secrets between the women in his life that this would equal things out a little. James was about as good a husband as can be, Ash realized she'd be lucky someday to find someone like him... Fuck that better be a long way off.

"You just keep being the sweet guy who always plays it straight; I've got her short sighted ass. Is the Sangria already made? I still have a belly full of your cum that needs to get cut with something better tasting."

"Ouch. No nothing has been made up just yet, its better fresh."

"Alrighty, out, I'll get it started. Call that wife of yours on the horn and tell her to hurry," James was walking up the deck stairs giving her the 'I know I know' gesture with his hands. "-Hey did you get my stuff from the Walgreen’s?"

James shouted from the top deck while walking across the port side, "It's CVS in this neck of the woods and yes, check the bathroom under the sink. Also if you need something quick to freshen up your mouth I got a little extra Triple Sec so give it a swig!"

Mumbling in her typical-think-out loud way she rifled through the CVS bag in the bathroom, "Alright, lube, enema's, suntan lotion, and... and condoms? Who the fuck is this for?" Ash made a mental note to ask James later. The deal with Anne and James had always been clear, Anne had a green light to bring any woman to bed but no other guys. The only foursomes they would be having would be 3 women and one man. Another mental note, gotta find the strap-on. Anne would favor the double headed flexible dildo but Ash wasn't always in the mood for that. Condoms? Yeah... don't think so.

Ash was close to throwing them out the window and into the Atlantic, but thought better of it. Besides, it was time for a drink.

The galley (kitchen) was orderly as always, if James got near anything it was instantly straightened up. The giant bottle of burgundy was right in front of the other giant bottle of burgundy (good girl Anne!) as discussed and the brandy and Triple Sec were in the freezer. Under the mini freezer was the mini-fridge stuffed with marinating meats and fish (salmon as always) fresh fruits, hummus, what appeared to be black bean hummus, and basil pesto, eggs, egg whites, blah blah blah. James the cook hadn't been slacking... James the cook, James the lover, James the father, James the pilot, James the serious. Lot of hats on that man. Ash hoped Anne the goddess came home soon. Anne the lover, Anne the fun one, Anne the happy, Anne the manager, Anne the life, Anne the love, Anne and her sweet little submissive pussy, Anne the mother. What was Ash anymore? At 17 she was going to have to start taking some big steps into the adult world. She liked being Ash the nymph, Ash the student, Ash the bitch. A shiver ran up her spine.

Growing up. This was really the theme of her whole trip to Charleston. College was coming up, career time, work time... the end of childhood really. Maybe better to say the end of being a teenager, she'd never really felt like a child since she was 10 years old, she was smart and happy but she knew things weren't perfect around her. Uncle James had told her to keep her grades up, that's what made college really possible, and really affordable. Take the studying seriously and put in the work. Her grades matched their ambition. She loved her father, but he was a dunce at best, overgrown child at worst. Her step-father was fun and a friend, but never a real father figure. Uncle James had been like an anchor in high seas. Deep down, even though it was never said at the house, much of what Ash had was because of James careful attention to her little messed up family.

Anne was blood to her, half sister of her mom, and truly the best of that generation. While certainly hard working she was probably smarter and much more naturally beautiful. Middle and High school had been rough with constant moves and a rare slight case of dyslexia that no one ever caught onto until she was mid twenties. Anne had chosen to be happy. Anne had a rape incident, mostly the fault of her mother, some touchy uncle decided to eat Anne out because he found her irresistible, and yet Anne had remained happy. Anne brushed up against homelessness and a variety of other problems but had chosen to be happy. Ash believed even if the touchy uncle had fully penetrated her with his cock and got her pregnant, she would still choose to be happy. James the Anchor and Anne the Boat on which stayed afloat through hells waters. Together they had given Ash stability even from afar and the short times she had to live with them. Truthfully she didn't ever want to go back. That wasn't how life worked, though.

She'd returned to Mississippi (very northern part of the state, suburb of Memphis, TN) and finished out school with the class she left. She came back recharged and crushed a lot of exams. She'd crushed everything academically. Ash had taken on a small, cute, shy girlfriend as Anne and James had instructed to vent out her sexual energy. Mallory was terrific, for her purposes, but she was clingy and lived in a fantasy world where they were going to live together forever happily ever after. Oh Mallory.

Mallory the child, Mallory the dumb, Mallory the lost. Wealthy family last born, the ultimate baby. The most work she'd ever done were the wild sexual excursions in bed. Like gymnastics sometimes, Ash needed a honey-pot to dump her energy and Mallory was the ultimate willing girlfriend. The problem was, Mallory was convinced that she was going to move with Ash to college, skip out on high school and just fuck herself to old age. Her lack of ambition grated on Ash in the worst way. Ash wasn't settling down, she wasn't going to stay with a girl like Mallory and drag her through life and its wonders. Ash needed more of an equal. Besides Anne and James had told her college was the place for wild sex and multiple partners. They were proving right. Already Ash felt herself much more in control of her horny actions, with no guidance she would have been knocked up 2 years ago with whoever's baby that had forgone a rubber because it felt better. Sticking Ash with a baby and a real handicap for the future. College boys weren't so stupid, they weren't so short sighted, and they all had goals they invested time and money into. College boys (except freshmen) were safe. Older professional men were safe. Anything was safer than a high school boy.

Boys had it so easy, fuck whatever you want, the real responsibility ultimately rests with the woman. She was the one that had to pay for the mistakes. Anne and James had pounded into her head what the real world was like for those who didn't plan more than five minutes ahead. It wasn't pretty.

The Sangria was nearly complete. Half an orange to squeeze out and as many ice cubes as cut strawberries and life was good. Ash and Anne would go see the college (as a visit) tomorrow and Ash would file for early entrance the day after. James and Anne had already talked to the Dean and some of the higher ups, her 2100 on the SAT's would seal the deal on a scholarship and her extra curricular activities would make her an easy pass into the collegiate world without very much pretending. Once she was back in her real home, life could move forward. She had to figure out how to pull away from the comfortable sexual relationship she had with her uncle and aunt, and start figuring out what her life was going to become. For all of Ash's brains, she had no idea what go to school for. It was nerve racking sometimes but it'd be alright. Time marched in a steady pace, so would she, and the answers would come.

With her drink made and in a plastic cup, cool to the touch and the drink was warm in her belly after a long draught. Ash topped off her glass again and started heading up to the top deck. She stepped up the fiberglass molded steps and onto the warm cockpit deck. The wheel was steady with the autopilot on, and the mainsail swayed and taught on the starboard side. The ship was making a good tack parallel to the beach at 5 knots, she estimated, with very little pitch. They were far enough away that beach dwellers, although few on the private beach, that she could walk naked along the deck and none would be the wiser on land without a good pair of binoculars. The houses this far south of Charleston were mostly the wealthy, and/or famous. James and Anne did well but not that well.

"What time is it James?"
"Oh it's getting to be 3pm, Anne was going to try and cut out early, and get headed this way soon I think. We're coming up on the store in another mile or two if you need anything else major."
"What's the fastest that skiff can get here?"
"Oh, about thirty minutes maybe a few more. So we've got another hour at the earliest. I expect it to be more like three. We've got about an hour by the GPS before we hit our spot."
"When's the next tack change?"
"Oh probably 25 minutes depending on the wind."

Ash nodded, and put the drink down on the table in front of the wheel. She bent over at the waist while hooking her thumbs around her thong, stripping it down in one move. She stood, blond hair accenting her sexy form, and pantomimed a little kiss James way. "Alright lover, come here." Ash beckoned.

James obediently walked from the bow, across the starboard runner, and lightly stepped into the cockpit. Ash had retrieved her drink, sat her ass down on the bench seats and slouched down with legs splayed open for James. While licking her lips and slanting her head just slightly left, she gave James her finest come hither stare, blue eyes boring through his hazel orbs. He dropped to his knees and attacked her sweet wet pussy with no words, and complete abandon. Ash shivered as his warm, strong tongue began stroking deep into her hole. At regular intervals he suckled her clit and ran his hands and fingernails up and down her naked legs. Ash had started pushing her pelvis against his warm embrace, trying to bury his short thick tongue into her pussy. What she wouldn’t give for another 3 inches of tongue. Ash closed her eyes, pushed her back up a little by grabbing the seat molding. Her other hand went down to her clit and circled automatically.

A strong single finger slipped in between her butt cheeks, and just a little pressure from James fingertip pushed into her small butt hole. The sensation was electric; her breathing had become ragged at once as her whole body started contracting.

Ash screamed happily as her orgasm hit like a truck. Her feet held against the grooved floor, her fingers stopped and her pelvis bucked and pussy clenched. The feeling across her whole body became one solid orgasmic release, her breathing ended, and the world and all time stopped for just a minute. Her body hurt from the effort, but as her muscles relaxed and the warm and fuzzy feelings rushed back into her muscles. She even felt her pussy coming back to normal, James was lightly grazing her pussy lips with his soft tongue… she could also feel the corners of his mouth turned up in a smile he was pressed up close enough to her warm sweaty skin.

“Anne needs to get out here and fuck me quick before I pass out.”
“Soon little girl. It won’t be long.”

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