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“You looking for the phone cowgirl,” he asked sadistically? “Who you going to call ass-busters, he is already here.”
We walked briskly to the car and didn’t even acknowledge the “cat-calls” we received from the guys as we passed. It was several minutes into the ride home before I broke the silence. “Well we have baited the beast, and I just hope our cage can hold him when he comes to feast,” I said trying to be funny, but in truth, I was worried. Tisha didn’t respond to my summation. She just kept her eyes straight forward on the road ahead, as if wondering what was around the next turn. When we finally arrived at my door, she finally broke her silence. “I’m not so much worried about the cage,” she said. “I am more worried about the bait because regardless if the cage holds, the bait always is eaten.” I tried to ignore her wisdom, but when I opened the door and saw her things arranged about as if she truly lived there, they sank in.

Tisha might have only been worried about her wellbeing, but I had more to lose regardless of how things unfolded—I had her! Once again, I was in deep thought about her when she broke my trance. “He is a smart and evil man Spice. I don’t think that he is just going to walk in here and play our game.”

“He is bent on control,” I responded while walking toward her, “And right now, he doesn’t control either of us especially you.” I gave it a moment to sink in. “He has to come because he is compelled to win at all cost—believe me I know.”

We were so much alike, this Mad Doctor and me, and now I realized it so clearly. I would have done anything or anyone to beat him and I knew it. Quite frankly, I bet the Doctor knew this as well. We had not fooled him today, although he might not have expected such a bold move, he knew we would counter strike and plan a total siege.

“FUCK,” I yelled sharply as I realized all of this a bit late!

“What the hell is wrong with you,” Tisha asked a bit shaken?
“Call that fucker Ryan, you still have his number don’t you.” I asked while pacing the floor.
“Uh, yes WHY?”
“See if the fucker even answers the phone,” I demanded.

She walked in fast circles about the kitchen and dug into her purse searching for the number. “God damn it Spice, what the hell is this about?”

“This shit isn’t adding up,” I explained. “The cameras that were so easy to come by plus the Doc is just going to waltz in here and smile for them….. NO. NO. NO.” I scrambled my mind for the answers but something evaded me! “Are you going to call that long cocked tech-boy or what,” I asked again and looked towards her to see what the problem was. Then, it hit me! My love and lust for Tisha had clouded my judgement.

“What doesn’t add up baby—is you,” I stated while looking into her eyes!

They still looked like diamonds against her features, but something was different about them. Her magnificence hadn’t changed, but something inside her gave a faint sound of cracking. No sooner had my words reached her ears, when a small tear formed in the corner of her bright beacons of beauty.

“How easy is it to make friends and fuck them Tisha,” I asked careful not to use any other name but friendship?

“Don’t you dare judge me,” she stated trying to regain her composure.

I walked directly toward her and unveiled the cold truth, “No one ever judges you dear. They’re too busy judging themselves every time they see you!”

When I stopped I was directly in her face.

“They judge their face, body, and mind, only to find everything lacking!” I leaned forward and looked into her purse and saw Ryan’s number. “Too bad we don’t think to judge character,” I said as I turned and walked away.

“You don’t understand,” she said as I shut my bedroom door. “Shawd sold me to him. He gave him movies and test I had used.” She walked to the door and yelled through it. “He showed me the movies of Shawd and me fucking,” she explained. “He said he would give them to Ryan for the internet if I didn’t help him.”

I spoke back through the door, “He fucked you and then you fuck others I see.”

She banged on the door and shouted, “No! He didn’t fuck me! He said it wasn’t time, and he needed me to do something!”

I opened the door and stated blankly, “He needed you to fuck with me.”

“Yes, but things didn’t go the way he wanted,” she said as she grabbed my hand.
“Ryan, the shower, and the sex were not part of it,” she pleaded. “He gave you the cameras because he knows me from Shawd, and he actually thought we were going to fuck on camera. None of that was planned, Nixon isn’t god. Ryan was blown away from the sex and gave in to trying to help us, but someone saw him here!”

She drew a deep breath and continued with hesitation. “That is who was in the hall, Ryan,” she said revealing a late lie. “That is why he called me outside.”

I walked towards her and pushed her towards the front door and yelled, “He told you to go in and set me up for the kill!!”

She wrapped her arms around me and whispered, “He told me to leave and I didn’t, that is why he was so pissed in class and insisted on that topic.”

I choked back tears and spoke to her in the voice that her Professor had drawn from me. “GET THE FUCK OUT!”

“If I leave now all is lost Spice.”

“There is nothing here for you to loose DIVA. Get your ass out!”

She left without getting most of her things, and I unloaded my frustration on what ever she owned that could fly. How could I have been so stupid? Damn she was good at everything she did. The bitch needed to work for the CIA or something. She was the type of woman that men blamed all the worlds trouble on and they were correct. She was Eve, Cleopatra, and Helen of Troy combined. No wonder the world was in sin, Egypt was just a desert, the Trojans fell, and Caesar feared the Ides of March! Beauty, power, and pussy were the greatest attributes in the world, and she used them well. The worst part of it was that when I was tired from my fit—I missed her. She was like a drug, and I was addicted.

I decided to drown my troubles in homemade harmony. The glasses went down and my anger went up. If there has ever been a better demonstration of a drunken redneck, I had not seen it. In fact, I was the definition, and my small frame grew to be that of an Amazon warrior. Fuck Xena, I was Pippi and you could get your ass skinned if you fucked with me tonight. I wished that fine bitch would come back over. I would show her some of that southern shit she talked about. About that time the doorbell rang. Maybe it was the signal of round one, so I strutted over to open it.

“You wanted Redneck,” I said turning the knob. “Well here it is. My ass is like a turnip patch come get you a mess,” I roared snatching the door open!

I was met with a deep sounding reply, “That’s what I am here for.”

For a minute in my drunken condition, I thought I had failed to open the door. There was not any light coming through the opening as if it was still shut. Then, the huge figure that created the eclipse stepped in!! The glass in my hand slipped and fell to the floor shattering into pieces, and in walked Neil!

“I am here to send a message to you and your bitch,” he began. “And that involves your invitation.”

I looked up at the towering monster that I had tried to forget and barked, “I hate to disappoint you but I don’t have a bitch, and it wasn’t that kind of an invitation, I aint fucking again—ever!”

He placed a hand on my chest and threatened, “That will probably be true tomorrow, but this is tonight.”

It was a sobering sight his hand. It reached across my chest and brought back the memories of his monster cock choking me when this entire thing began. I remembered that gigantic member that could have been on any porn site, and there was no way, in spite of all that had happened, it was going anywhere inside of me.

“Listen,” I pleaded. “I don’t care anymore. If I fail so fucking be it, and he can show my shower-power moment all he wants.” I started to walk around him and show him out when he stopped me.

“I care,” he said. “I care about getting out of this place and making some money, and I am not going to get fucked out of the Show by any fucking Doctor or you.”

He picked me up with one hand, and within three of his long steps, we had left the living room and turned the corner to my bed. I slammed my elbow into his huge jaw, but he didn’t even flinch! When we were within about ten feet of my bed he threw me the rest of the way. I hit the bed hard, bouncing off of it and against my headboard! I was dazed for a moment, and when I came too he was undoing his pants.

“You got to pay Doctors Orders,” he said as his mile long cock unraveled.

I pushed up off the bed and warned, “I’ll scream you bastard!”

Smiling, he stroked some blood into his fence post cock and smiled, “I know.”

Frightened beyond comprehension, I looked for the phone, but it had been removed during Ryan’s installation.
“You looking for the phone cowgirl,” he asked sadistically? “Who you going to call ass-busters, he is already here.”

He was right! My eyes were focusing better and I could see his cock expanding beyond belief. I could remember that the first time I held it, it was thicker than my wrist, and when I grabbed his baseball testicles in the palm of my hand, his cock went past my elbow. Worse yet, in the argument with Tisha and the drunk that followed, I had forgotten to remove the skirt. It had risen up to my hips during my flight, and my dry tight pussy was exposed. There was no way I could take that with a sloppy wet pussy that had been fresh-fucked, much less now.

“What the fuck do you want,” I begged?

“Just to play bitch, nothing personal and it’s too early for me to come out—so I got to cum in you.”
He grabbed my kicking legs and pulled me toward him and his monstrosity. Reaching over my body, he grabbed a hand full of hair pulling me up. “Quite it bitch,” he demanded as he slapped my face! The force of his huge hand nearly knocked me unconscious, and I thought for a moment I was dreaming because I heard another voice.

“What the fuck are you doing,” Tisha screamed!

I wondered where she had come from, and then I remembered the front door was never shut.

“Finally you show,” he replied while still holding onto his cock and me. “I am supposed to make sure you watch.”
“Watch what you sick fucker,” she interjected. “Watch you rape her? Stop it Neil!”
“I can’t fuck you Tisha, his orders, but I can knock the hell out of you.”

She tried to pull his hand off of my thighs, but he shoved her against the wall.

“See,” he said defiantly. “Stay out of the way and look,” he ordered, as he spread my thighs and aimed his cock.

Tisha crawled up the foot of the bed and pleaded, “Wait.”

“For what bitch? I wish I could try some of you but I can’t.”

“Don’t I get to play with the bitch some,” she asked while undoing her shirt.

“You want some of hillbilly too,” Neil asked shocked!

“She treated me like shit today. I was coming over here to fuck her up anyway.”
“If you’re fucking with me Tish, I’ll fuck you up,” he warned.

She crawled up onto the bed and straddled my waist. “I was just trying to make it look good earlier in case the cameras were still on. I want to be in on this, get her shirt for me,” she was giving orders now.

Neil walked around the bed and will a slight pull for his massive body, my shirt ripped completely off my body. “The cameras are off babe,” he explained backing up to give her room. “She’s all yours for the moment.”

“You go stand by her little pussy,” she ordered again and he obeyed. “You don’t have to stroke that cock either, this bitch has wanted this, and we’ll get it hard for you.”

He walked around to the foot of the bed without hesitation, and she leaned down toward my face. I didn’t know what to think anymore, and to tell the truth I was afraid until I saw Tisha’s mouth move as if speaking.

Was I still woozy from the blow? Her mouth moved but no words came out, and it took moment to realize. Finally, she bent down and kissed me softly and whispered, “I am sorry.”
Her kiss relaxed my clinched body, and I watched in awe as she stood up on my bed. She kicked her shoes off one at a time and slid her pants off, flinging them to the floor.
“Do you want him to fuck you Spice,” she asked?

I didn’t know what she wanted me to say, so I remained silent.

“Tell me the Truth Spice,” she demanded.
I took a leap of faith and answered honestly. “NO!”
“Why do you want to rape her Neil,” she asked while sexily looking back?
He reached for his cock and answered, “I want to rape you both but Doc Nixon said I had just to fuck her.”

Tisha turned around and stepped off the bed toward him. “Do you always do what he wants,” she coaxed.

“If I don’t fuck her or if I fuck you he is going to make me academically ineligible,” he confessed.

“Either way,” she explained. “Neither of us can handle that especially Spice when she’s dry.” She knelt down and placed her head between my shaking thighs. “You’ll rip your cock and her if I don’t help.”

With those words she gave me a wink and eased her soft tongue on my exposed clit. Even in my harrowing state, I longed for her touch and my pussy reacted by opening to her touch.

“Do you want me to eat you spice,” she asked between tantalizing licks.
I arched my back and stuttered, “I have wanted you from the beginning!”
She sucked one of my soft lips hard and let it release. “We are both going to get what we need tonight,” she said as she pulled it back into her mouth.

Neil leaned over her back for a better look as his throbbing cock pulsed. “Ray was right,” he remarked! “Damn that is sweet!”

“You only know the half of it,” she stated as she ran her tongue around my opening. “It tastes as sweet as it looks.”

My body was shimmering from fear and the delicious feel of her touch. Emotions of every kind raced through my mind. I could not contain them anymore! “OHhhhh,” I released!!!

Neil stroked his rigid meat and exclaimed, “Look at that purple pussy!”
“It is beautiful,” she whispered as she slid her finger in as deep as she could.
I rolled my head frantically from side to side. “Damn baby,” I groaned!

My pussy flexed as she curled her finger up and on my G-spot, and turned her tongue to my clit. “I love how you touch me,” I moaned.
“You’re going to love me more,” she teased as she added two more fingers. My pussy began to massage her fingers in clamping cries of passion and I bellowed, “AAWW!!”

Neil began to rage for my pussy. “Let me fuck that,” he begged.

Tisha ignored his desire and slid a fourth finger into me. My pussy pushed air out frantically in its contractions. “Wait to I get that,” Neil bragged. “I’ll make that pussy fart for hours.”
She looked back at him and baited, “That’s not nice.” He stroked his endless cock and warned, “I’m not here to be nice. I’m here to tear that apart.”

She teased my spot with her fingers, and I felt like I was going to pee all over luscious hand.

“I can make you cum for hours without touching your swollen clit,” she teased.

I closed my eyes and begged, “Make me cum forever!”

To my disappointment, she removed her hand from me and stated the hard truth, “I don’t want you to cum with me like this.” I grasped for her, but she was already moving toward me. She removed her bra and placed her masterful breast on mine and promised, “One day, but not tonight.” I quivered from her nipples as they danced with mine and tried to think of only them as I felt the bed shake.

Neil placed his hands on the bed, and his massive weight tilted us down. “This is fucking torment,” he said. “Two fine pieces of ass stacked on top of one another, and I can only fuck one. He paused for a moment. “You know I have enough cock for the both of you.”

Tisha slid her hand underneath her tight body and touched my clit. “You just remember,” she stated for fact. “We don’t want you to touch either of us.”

“That doesn’t make a damn,’ he reminded. “I want to tear both of you up, but I only get to fuck the Tight-White-Trash,” he arrogantly stated as I felt his weight come down. I braced my self for the impact of his inhuman shaft by closing my eyes and biting my lip. Although my lip bleed and our bodies shook from a thrust, his cock didn’t rip into my pussy as I expected. I opened my eyes to see what was happening and I saw the look of pain in Tisha’s eyes. I realized what she had done when Neil yelled, “Why did you fucking do that?”

She had waited until he shoved his cock toward me and directed it instead into her. Neil was pissed! “I’m fucking done now you bitch and your going to pay,” he screamed as her pulled his cock out of her in rage! “It’s over now, and I’m not leaving until I feel my balls slap your fine ass!!”

As he was aiming his cock to plunge into her again, I shifted her slightly and reached down and tried to stop his weapon. My God!! It was so thick, my hand did not come close to wrapping around him, and instead I pushed it down toward my tight wet opening as he shot forward.

MY PUSSY RIPPED AS HIS HEAD CRASHED INTO ME!! The pain was unbearable and I cried in agony, “AAHHHHH!!!!” We were so incompatible, that my tight-torn pussy had stopped the unbelievable force of his weight and just his head had ripped past my opening. Tisha looked into my crying eyes and asked, “Why?”

I didn’t have time to answer as Neil, enraged all the more screamed, “SO THIS IS HOW IT IS GOING TO BE BITCHES!”

Careful not to make another mistake, he didn’t remove his cock from me. His massive hands grabbed both of our hips and squeezed us together as he yelled, “I”LL RUIN YOUR TIGHT TWAT FIRST!!”

He bore more of his colossal muscles this time and plunged his cock farther in. I NEARLY FAINTED FROM THE PAIN, AND PRAYED THAT I WOULD!!

Tisha grabbed my face as he gripped for another plunge and again she asked the question. “Why Pip,” she whispered? “This is my fault let me,” she pleaded. But again, his weight fell forward and my pussy refused slamming both of us into the head board. As much as I tried, it could not resist him and he plummeted in several more inches. With his next shove, he forced the air from my weakening lungs, and I gave her a gasping answer. “Be..CAUSE. I love YOU!!”

Tears flowed from her immaculate eyes and she kissed my bleeding lip as our heads rocked from another blow.

“You’re bleeding bitch,” he said as he pulled some of his cock from me. “How come you’re not moaning like you did when she had those four pitiful fingers inside of you?” He stopped his hard thrusting and worked the huge head in and out of my opening. “Listen,” he gloated. “It’s talking to me now, just like I said.”

As he worked his beast around, my mauled pussy squirted my useless lubrication, and it combined with my apparent bleeding to make loud ‘squishing’ sounds. When he placed his head inside, air would rush as he took up more than the room than I had to offer. “See bitch it is farting,” he bragged. He readied himself again and shouted, “It’s just getting good!”

With this thrust, he went as deep as anyone had ever been inside me, and although the pain was brutal, Tisha’s deep emotional hug eased my misery. He arched back again and yelled in triumph, “THIS TIME IS PAYDIRT SLUT!!!”

True to his word, his next plunge tore past all my barriers and his balls slammed his body to a halt. “You’re just white trash now,” he said in triumph. “That’s twelve full inches deep and over four across. I took the tight out of it.”

I wept softly at the thought of it. I believed my pussy was ruined, and it remained open as he slid his entire length out. Instinctively, I slid my hands under Tish’s sweaty body and clutched my abused opening. My fingers fell into me with little resistance!

“I told you,” Neil snarled. “You’re just White Trash, nothing Tight about it.” He touched the wet thick head to my hands and commanded, “Move your fingers before I break them too!”

I slid my fingers to the sides of the massacre, but I kept them close enough to feel each inch of him return to my depths. My crotch ached like a migraine, but the pain of displacement had subsided some. When he began his plummet again, I felt the air escape my gaping body, and as it left me each lip vibrated a defeated tune!

“When you get a pussy to sound like that,” He bragged, “You know you’re tearing it up.” His long member continued its slow descent and my mind would not believe what my fingers were telling it. My tips counted the inches of meat that passed by them, and the data was an overload as his balls touched down.

“Try to relax baby and look at me,” Tisha whispered.

What did she say? What was that word? BABY!! The sound of it eased my mind but not my body. “AWWE GOD,” I yelled as Neil pulled his cock halfway out and then slammed it back home!

“YOU FUCKING BASTARD,” she yelled back at him!

“You got that right Prom Queen,” he boasted. “I’ll be your fucking bastard in just a moment. This one is ready now, and I’m going to pound both of you.”

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING,” was the enraged question of a familiar voice? “WHAT THE FUCK DID I TELL YOU TO DO?”

From somewhere in the brutality, Doc Nixon showed up.

“The bbbitches tried to ffuck us up Doc,” Neil stammered. “Your prize tricked me. She wanted to take it instead of the southern slut—I SWEAR!”

“You want to be back in Bean Town I see,” Doc said as he walked to the middle of the bed.
“NO!” Neil pleaded.

“I’ll send you back there,” Doc began, but then he looked at our embrace. “Well, it looks like we have some mated pairs after all. Guess we will have to prove to them that you don’t fuck with THE LAW OF PHYSICS.”

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his authority. “Pull them around across the bed so we can set up some experiments,” he ordered his lynch man.

Neil pulled us effortlessly into the prescribed position and waited for another order.

“Take your position and show the lovers what will happen if even a tooth grazes my head.”
Neil smiled and grabbed our hips together. “My pleasure,” he said.

With his worries gone, Neil’s cock engorged again with blood, and he slammed it into my drying ravaged pussy! “OH FUCK NO,” I cried!

“That’s enough for now,” Doc ordered as Neil was preparing to truly fuck me this time. “I want them to get a better look at the devastation in a moment, after they succumb some more.”
His cock was already hard from the sheer control of the situation, but for more humiliation, he placed it between Tisha’s mouth and mine.

“Be good subjects now and learn the law,” he coaxed.

Tisha grabbed his cock, but for some defiance, she kissed me first. I tried to enjoy the embrace but instead I heard the counter. “Again,” was all he had to say, and Neil’s powerful thrust forced me to yell and tore our lips apart.

“I’ll fuck you,” She said looking up at him. “But I’ll enjoy her.” With her last statement of defiance, she placed his head onto my lips and kissed us both.

“You see, it’s so much better if you play by the Laws of Physics,” he sneered as she sucked his cock. She did a great job as usual, but she was careful to slip her tongue into my mouth with each tease.

“You still won’t play by the rules. You don’t understand this is a controlled experiment. Turn the top one around Neil.”

With ease the brute flipped us around into a “69” position, and Tisha’ beautiful pussy fell into my face. Instinctively, we kissed each other’s soon to be abused womanhood. Not in a sexual way but in true caring.

“Now they can see the fruits of their labor,” he said. “Wait only a few more minutes. I want the farmgirl’s eyes open for this.”

Neil waited as I watched Doc’s thick cock split her wonderful opening.
“Damn that’s great but dry,” he said flipping his cock onto my mouth. I greeted him eagerly trying to spare my love any pain. “You see, when you can see things open up in front of your eyes you have a different perspective. Wish you could have come to this realization sooner. NOW SUCK ME TRASH.”

I opened my mouth and let him fuck my mouth careful to keep my lips tight around him. “Much better,” he gloated as I worked his head. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and ordered, “Now watch me fuck your baby.”

His cock disappeared into my wonderful love, and his gray haired balls touched her ass. Tisha moaned from the uncomfortable intrusion.
“I knew you would love it too,” he grinned. “Damn this is worth the trouble.”

His fucking was inches in front of my face, and even if I closed my eyes, I could hear him penetrate her. His cock squirted my spit onto my mouth and I almost gagged from the feeling.
“Not going to moan now Queen,” he sneered as her slammed his cock into her. When she didn’t respond, he rewarded Neil his patience. “If she won’t open her mouth for me, stick something in it. I know that you have wanted her to suck that fence-post anyway.”

“Fuck yea,” Neil exclaimed!

I tried to shut out the sound, but it was impossible. I could hear her pussy swish and her mouth struggle with the massive cock.

“Look at the Queen now,” Doc snarled! “Treated just like the slut you truly are.”
His thrust got faster and she moaned from the disgust and struggle.
“GOD DAMN SLUT,” Neil stammered. “Even when you don’t want to you can work a cock.”
“You should feel this,” Doc countered. “Damn!” His breathing was faster now, and he was basking in his accomplishment. I could only cower at the sounds of the abuse.
“I want too,” Neil begged.

“You’ll get yours in a moment,” Doc teased as he pulled out and forced his thick shaft into her ass!
Tisha grunted in agony. I had never seen her take anything anal and he seemed to know it.
“Didn’t think I knew,” he laughed as her fucked her hard.

She tucked her hips forward and away from his merciless thrust, but he would not spare her. “I always get mine,” he gloated as I watched his balls quiver.

Doc’s thick cock slid almost completely out, and then it would ram back inside with more force than I thought he could ever have. I stared up at the abuse of such beauty. Tisha’s magnificent pussy would contract bitterly to each intrusion of her untouched ass. He slid a finger inside her pulsating pussy and belittled me, “Look at how she loves it. You can never make her pussy do that. And I am fucking her ass-well.”

To make the degradation worse, he slammed his finger inside of her and it made loud thumps off her delicate flesh. She tried to scream, but her moans were muffled by the insane amount of cock inside her mouth.

“Do that shit again Doc,” Neil urged. “Her moans tickle my balls.”

“I cum first,” Doc said, pulling his finger out from her twitching twat and ramming it deep in my mouth. “How does it taste after my cock,” he asked?

It was being in complete control that he loved the most, and now that he was, he reached his first climax. He put the tip back in her ass just enough so his cum would fall from her open hole onto my mouth, and he ordered me to “Open.” I did, and his sticky cum dripped onto my tongue.
“Clean me up good,” he commanded while placed his softening sticky cock in my mouth. He grabbed my hand and placed them on his shaft. “Keep me going while my man gets you going.”

Neil was enjoying having the Cream-of-the-Campus sucking him and he did not want to give it up.
“Hey, Line backer,” Doc yelled again. “Bend White Trash’s knees to her chest so that the diva gets a good look at Force and Mass.”

The massive hands wrapped around my thin ankles, and without any resistance, he exposed the deep excavation of my body.
“Look hard Tisha and tell me what you see,” Nixon glared.
She ignored the remark, and instead, placed my entire clit in her mouth. I was so open that she seemed to completely take all of me inside her warm delicate lips. Even in my position, my body swooned at her embrace.

“Isn’t that cute, mated pairs,” Doc laughed. “Neil, show her.”

On cue, he lowered his immense cock toward me, and instead of moving, Tisha just tilted her slightly and continued to tease my swollen clit. He was so infinitely long that she offered him no obstruction, so Neil didn’t retaliate at her defiance. In fact, this time he didn’t try to obliterate me and eased in.

“OOOH,” I moaned from the delight of her more than him!

We were still incompatible, but Tisha’s wonderful embrace and erotic tongue dulled my splitting pussy and focused my attention to her. Neil slid his beast deeper but with much more care, all to the dismay of the Professor.

“NO!! She hasn’t seen the rewards of her betrayal,” he yelled!

I felt his immense hands tighten on my ankles and I knew what was coming. But Tisha refused to give in, and she laid her head sideways on my body and continued her vibrate licks.
Using his vast strength and weight, he forced my feet past my ass exposing nothing but my abused flesh!
“SPPP..IIII.AA.TTTE!!!” My pussy exploded air and sprayed juices as his full force bottomed out inside me, and I screamed, “AAAAHHHH PLEASE NO..PLEASE!!!”

Tisha would not give in and continued to lap me, ignoring the seismic waves that shook my body. Neil leaned forward and slammed his baseball size testicles against my stretched skin, and when I opened my mouth to scream, Doc placed his hard cock deep in my airway!
“Gllluuugg,” I sputtered and gagged. The room was spinning, and try as I might, there was no escape. I dug my fingers into Tisha’a back and tore her flesh!!

“FUCK,” she yelled!!

“Vocal now BITCH,” Doc laughed at her. “Oh no, put her head back down.”

Neil wrapped his fingers in her beautiful hair and plunged her face back toward his cock! Free of his grasp, my left leg kick wildly as he continued his brutal pounding! “Grab her leg Bitch and keep it still,” he ordered. She pulled my leg back to its exposing position, and he continued.

“SMACK!!” “SMACK!!” “SMACK!!” He drilled into me, each time bouncing his fist size balls of my ass!!
When I tried to scream, Doc’s cock slid farther into my throat, and I succumbed to my oppressors. I loosened my grip on Tisha and grabbed Doc’s ass. Bearing all the strength and reason I could muster, I gripped and caressed him.

“Much better Redneck,” he gloated slapping my face. I didn’t even react to the force and sucked long and hard on his cock. I relaxed my throat and let the force of Neil’s vicious cock drive me up his spongy shaft.

“Enough,” he commanded Neil.
“I ‘m just getting into this bitch,” He argued.
“Don’t you want this one,” he coaxed. “I have something to finish with the white slut. Let me finish what I started and then you can fuck the Queen.”

“Fuck yea, I wanted to gut the Diva forever,” he stated and the swapped.

I knew what was coming, but I didn’t care anymore. My mind was beyond defiance, and I was completely available for anything and everything. As if his drone, when the doc arrived at my exposed openings, I raised my ass and spread my cheeks.

“Good girl,” he stated
“Tell your ex-lover to taste Neil’s cock in you-White Trash,” Doc commanded.
“Taste him Diva,” I stated vacantly.
The professor grabbed her hair and pulled her face into my gaping pussy! “Do as your baby ask,” he ordered.
She gently licked inside me this time.
“How is it,” he snarled?
“It’s just fine baby, you’re not bleeding.” She answered talking to me.
“Not yet and we can keep it that way if you act like she does,” he told her.
The professor ran his cock up and down my ass and asked, “What do you want me to do Trash?” I spread my cheeks farther and answered, “Cum in my ass.”
“Very well,” he answered and split me!

He fucked me as hard as he could, as if to make me pay for my trouble. He did not know that I had discovered my anal capacity, and this was truly a relief. However, I did not give this away and acted like my old porn queen.

“Your Cock is so thick,” I coaxed. “Please fuck my Southern Ass! Cum in me like I wished my daddy would.”
“I am more than your Daddy,” he answered. “I AM GOD.”
“YES..YES.. YOU ARE!” I raised my ass to his thrust.

He ran his hand up my stomach to Tisha’s face and lifted her eyes to his. “You see what you can become,” he stated continuing his pounding.
“I see that no one cums for you,” she said.
“All in due time my dear. First I get mine.” He placed all of his fingers into my ruptured pussy and looked at Tisha. “You see what happens when you don’t understand the laws. Let this be a lesson in displacement,” he gloated. Then he rammed his cock to its hilt and tilted his head back in triumph. “YES,” he elated filling my ass with his seed. “You once wiped my cum on my nose Trash. Now your lover will wipe it with her nose.”

“What the fuck,” Trish barked?

“Lean down here and clean this last drop from me. Then place it where it belongs, in her ass.”
Trisha started to cuss him again, but Neil slapped her ass so hard her legs slammed against my face bruising my cheek. “Just do it,” I begged raising my ass to her nose. The Doc flipped his cock in her face and a few drops landed on there mark. She bent over and ran her nose around my open ass and licked me softly in my relaxed pussy. Her loving stroke made hate them above all and love her all the more.

The Professor wiped the remainder of his excretion on my leg and to my surprise zipped himself up. “You did well my boy,” he told Neil. “Fuck the bitch like you want, but make sure the Redneck sees everything at first. I have a call to make.”

Neil’s cock sprang to life with the permission, and he slapped it hard on her ass. “I have waited two-years for this bitch. My nuts hurt from all the starting and stopping tonight, and I am going to get what’s coming. Which will be me in you,” he laughed.

Trisha turned her head still defiant. “You may cum in me, but the Professor is going to fuck you long after we are gone,” She said. “We may be sore for a while, but your ass is never going to heal. He owns you, and we will just come and go.”

He slapped her hard on the ass again. “For someone in your position you sure got a big mouth. Too bad that pussy isn’t big enough though, I’m going do what the other brothers couldn’t. BREAK YOU!!” I leaned up fast and licked her opening, trying to insure some lubrication. But, he just laughed and slammed my head back down. “You can’t help her now, and as soon as you get a good look, I going to ruin both of you. No more easy loving, just sleazy banging.”

He ran his long cock up and down her slit in an attempt to torture, but she never trembled. “You can play tough baby, just makes the screaming all the sweeter,” he said as he slid his wrist-sized head in. She didn’t make a sound at first but her legs buckled. I tried working my head around to lick her, but I didn’t have the position. When he had about six inches in, the bastard grabbed what was remaining and worked it in hard circles inside of her. It was too much and she gave in.
“UHHH..OH GOD HELP ME,” she begged!

He laughed, and backed his cock out again to her opening and continued the torture. Even after having this entire beast inside me, I could not get over the size of him. He could put more in her than most men and still enough to grab and grind around. He backed up again in faint torture, but this time he rammed his cock forward. Tisha clawed the bed in a vain attempt of relief and bellowed, “PLEASE HELP ME!”

A familiar voice replied to her prayer. “I am God he said, and I am going to help.” Doc walked over to her and I heard the sound of compressed air being released. I didn’t know what it was at first but I soon found out when I felt the sting in my ass.

Whatever it was it was fast acting. I heard him remark about the Value of owning Chemist and Pharmacy students, when the warm feeling crept over my body. I looked up at Neil’s ominous cock and it no longer made me repulse. Instead it looked magnificent and I wanted it. No! I wanted anything!

Crawling out from under Tisha, I knelt beside her ass and licked the several inches that were hanging out of her. My eyes swept up toward her, and she was bending back to me. We kissed aggressively not like before. We rolled our tongues about hard in each others mouth and grabbed and twisted our nipples. I slid under her and wrapped my legs and arms around. We locked in another hormonal kiss as her head snapped from a thrust! She moaned loudly inside my mouth!
“You might be God Doc. Damn this bitch can take some cock and she loves it,” Neil Exclaimed! I reached a hand between our bodies and under his huge balls and squeezed. “Look, even the Trash wants to be ripped some more,” he smirked.

I felt strong hands slid my ass out from under Tisha, and someone sit on the bed at my head. Keeping my tongue deep inside her mouth I peered down toward my ass and saw Ray’s beautiful cock free its pants, just as Ryan’s cock wedged between our lips.

Doc’s voice faded as he left the room. “She’s going to get all she wants and then some. Good night boys.”

I pulled my lips from Tish and exclaimed, “There must be over thirty inches of dick here baby, and I want them all.” She rocked back on Neil’s massive member and jested, “You’ll have to beat me to them!”

Ray was stroking his cock between my legs, but I didn’t let him finish. I reached down and guided his wonderful work to my opening. “Just don’t cum in me yet,” I pleaded. “I want to be fresh as I can be for the fucking, and I got a lot to fuck.”

“I can handle that,” he said as he pushed my thighs back. He made a long stroke that filled me so well.

“Fuck me baby. Oh yea that feels so fucking good,” I elated!
Tisha only moaned as she rocked back on Neil and deep throated Ryan.
I pulled his cock from her mouth. “Don’t be greedy bitch!”
“There is plenty to go around,” she said and turned back to Neil. “I thought you wanted my shit for a long time daddy. Don’t hold back now. Fuck this shit. I want those big black balls bouncing off my ass too.”

Neil grabbed her ass and pulled her into his hardest thrust of the night! “WAAAP!!” his massive muscles and balls ricocheted off her sculpted ass! “OHH FUCK ME THAT’S DEEP,” she bellowed and pawed for the long white cock I was sucking.

Ray increased his strokes that pushed me deeper into the bed. “OH YEA RUNNING BACK,” I delighted. “SPRINT ON THIS WHITE PUSSY!” He fucked me with and inhumane rhythm and bragged. “I’m use to hitting holes baby so bring that white shit here.” I clawed my way toward his thundering strokes that made my pussy burn. “OH GOD DAMN,” I screamed.

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Neil pick Tisha up by the waist and curl her up and down on his cock. “Now this is a workout baby,” he boasted. She reached down and lifted her own knees to her chest clearing room for him. “That’s right,” he said. “I got to make a full rep.” And he pulled her completely down onto him. “MMMOOTTHER FFUUCK,” she gasped as she took him all.
I jumped up on Ray and wrapped my legs around him. “That looks good to me,” I baited and slid down on him.

Ryan walked over to the side of the bed and pleaded, “Don’t I get any?”

I took Ray by the shoulders and twisted him down on the bed so that I was on top. Rolling my hips up and down his shaft, I grabbed Ryan by the hand and coaxed him back behind me. “I got room for one more.”

I leaned over Ray and slid up his long black shaft to give Ryan some room. Reaching back, I grabbed his cock and placed the tip at my cum dripping ass. “Doc got it all wet for you if you don’t mind,” I teased flicking his head at the opening. He didn’t mind and his long cock slid in and tightened me up much like the feeling of the monster earlier. “GOD DAMN THAT’S GOOD,” I swooned.

I stayed still and let the long men work. Ryan straddled my ass and got out Ray’s way so they both could fuck me.

“How you boys gonna work this out,” I asked, not like I cared?

Ryan straddled my ass and placed his long knees way up my body. Then he stroked down towards Ray’s cock and vise-versa. Their long dicks ground against each other over eight inches inside me. I could feel each ripple as they skidded past each other. When I could even feel Ray’s foreskin roll back and forth on his magnificent head, I knew I was in paradise.

The rubbing of their cocks made the delicate skin between my holes warm with delight, and as the temperature grew, so did the effects of the drug.
“You boys are gonna have to learn to share,” I snapped! Then, I worked my body toward Ray’s chest and pulled Ryan close behind me. He slid his ten inches of cock so far inside me; he was practically sitting on my ass. His long legs placed his knees past my tits, and I put my arms on them like a rest.

“Ok kiddies, let the black cock work.” I commanded.

Ray had plenty of room and slammed his nine-plus inches of cock in my eager opening. I ground my slurping ass on Ryan’s balls and exclaimed, “They’re right! Two heads are better than one!”
I slid my elbows down the rest as far as I could toward me to let my finger find my clit. The trio of sensations was unimaginable. Ryan’s cock was the perfect ass-plug and clamped my tender flesh around Ray as my fingers danced over my swollen love button! Only seconds after touching it, I could not handle it any more.

I rolled my ass in half inch circles and yelled, “I’M GON..GONN.. GONNA CUM.” The room dimmed and danced. “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK…..YEESSSS!!!”

I fell down onto Ray’s sculpted chest careful to keep my ass in the air. Whatever Doc had shot into us made me want some more, regardless of the sensitivity. I looked over at Tisha and she was in heaven as well. Neil’s sweaty chest allowed her back to slide easily up and down, and he curled his cock in and out of her. She kept her knees pulled up high while she stared down at the inhuman penetration. “I can’t believe how deep you are,” she continued! She slid one hand to her sweaty bronze naval and exclaimed, “I CAN FEEL YOUR COCK IN MY STOMACH…NO FUCKING WAY!”

She pointed carelessly at the bed and murmured, “Put me back down before I pass out.”
Neil placed her back on the bed face down, but then in a feat only he could accomplish, he left his cock inside her and flipped her on her back. Then he slowly worked his cock inside of her easing her legs up to his shoulders and exposing all she had to offer. When he leaned forward and buried every inch he had to offer, her brilliant eyes became as big as saucers and she came loudly, “OH…OHH…OHHH. OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!”

I wasn’t the only one intrigued with her vocal orgasm, Ray started to breath heavily, and I didn’t want any cum in me yet. Raising my ass high, I tried to clear him of me, but his cock was too long. I had to back up full tilt onto Ryan and push him toward my face before he got the picture. He pushed my waist up and ground my ass against the ten inches in my ass, and scrambled up toward my face as his cock spewed against my hard dark nipples. I grabbed the wonderful black artwork and sucked what was left of him and my beaten pussy juices, as he moaned in delight. His sticky cum and my estrous made me drunk in eroticism, and I milked his full length for all I could find.

Ryan took advantage of my drunkenness, and slid his long pale cock out of my cum-drenched ass. By comparison, he was very thin next to the fence-post-meat that started the encounter tonight, and my pussy sloshed and spat back at him in disbelief when he slid in.

As he pounded his ten-inches, the slurps and spurts made me giggle at how much I had struggled with his length before. The black beauty I was sucking was coming back to life, and was enjoying the feel of the hot blood returning to it when I heard Neil Bellow.

“Oh yea baby take it all in now,” he said pulling the twelve-inch-beast out of her beaten pussy. I had watched them carefully, and he had been so much easier on her than me. He wanted to dump his load inside her rose colored mouth and she was leaning up to great him. I knew what was coming, but I wanted her to have it.

“Fill her up,” I coaxed as I reached over and stroked his cock. The pencil sized hole at the end of his extensive cock pulsed as she placed her plump-red lips around him. I laughed aloud as her cheeks puffed out as he exploded in her mouth!! She opened up to relieve some of the pressure, and I grabbed him hard at the base and stroked toward her gurgling cheeks! She gagged and spat as the full-length of his salty-white mixture ran down her darling throat!

“That aint funny bitch,” she said when she could finally breathe.

I grabbed his hot meat and licked the taste of her pussy off of it. “I thought you should have some sinus problems too,” I giggled.

“Oh I gonna have some problems… an aching pussy,” she said. “But, that will be tomorrow. Right now, I want some more cock!”

She walked on her knees ahead of me and straddled Ray’s cock. Her back was to me, and I reached around and grabbed her firm breast as she rode up and down.

“You like that Spice,” she asked?
I ran her nipples between my fingers and kissed her neck. “I love it!”

She turned back and kissed my lips and looked at Ryan’s frantic fucking. “That southern sunshine sounds ruined Spice.”
“Hell no baby, haven’t you heard? Southern pussy is like Fruit-of-the-Looms. It bounces back was after wash.” I smiled and reached around a licked her delicate nipple.

She tilted her head back to kiss my neck but stopped and looked at Ryan. “From his face,” she said. “It looks like it is about to get washed.”

He started to beat my sputtering pussy faster, and it became all the more vocal, squishing and sloshing around him! He grabbed my hips and plunged his cock as far as he could in me and shouted, “OH FUCK!”

I knew what was coming, but I could not move forward out of the way.
“Don’t,” I yelled trying to stop him, but I watched his eyes close in delight! I closed my eyes and braced myself for his streaming liquid, but his cock tore from me with brutal force!! I opened them to see him sprawled out in the floor, with his pale member squirting into his own face. Neil had bounced him off the wall and he was unconscious. “You don’t belong here mother fucker,” he said. He put his huge foot on his jaw and twisted. Ryan’s mouth opened, and his own cum dripped in. “I put up with too much shit from you tonight to let that fucker cum in you first,” he bellowed and stroked his semi-hard cock. “I owe you a good fucking trash…… remember?”
I looked back at his flaccid shining weapon, as he worked it in his monstrous hand, and asked timidly, “Can’t we all just get along?”

He flipped his cock down on my ass like a whip and smiled. “Oh, we’re gonna get along just find this time Trash.” He placed his tree-trunk thighs on the bed behind me and slapped me hard again with his cock. “Were gonna get real looong!”

A little worried but mostly excited, I looked back toward Tisha for some comfort, but she had her own lance to worry about. Ray was rock hard again, and he was pushing his off the bed with tremendous strength! She spread her legs wide and kept her back rigid to give him all she could. The tight muscles in her ass shimmered in waves as his cock pierced her soft pussy and crashed to a halt. They exploded together with load thumps that reverberated off the walls and muffled my ears!

“You know you missed this bitch,” he said, as his rigid abs contracted lightening fast-sending another wave up her ass! She tried to answer, but he slammed the air from her lungs and she only made guttural sounds. Pinning his shoulders down hard, she tried to respond,“UH..AH..YA..MMM..UH!!”

I was about to get tickled at her new fuck language, when another blow from the cock stung my ass again, and this time, it was rock hard and hurt! “I aint fighting baby,” I coaxed. “You don’t have to take..I’m giving.”

“You’re giving and I’m getting,” he said as he slid me toward him. I expected him to gouge me doggie, but instead, he turned me sideways pinning my legs in a fetal position! “I’m too thick to get in between your legs Trash. I need your skinny ass turned up, so I can turn you.”
“Baby, you got in just fine last time.” I reached back and stroked his rigid member, feeling the pulsating veins. “Have you forgotten pay dirt,” I asked?

“My balls hit pay dirt Trash.” He ran his fingers around the bulging muscles at the base of his cock. “I want to feel that pussy flutter and talk right here.” From way at the back of his pole, he used his fingers to aim his cock down toward me. “You said it bounces back wash after wash—let’s see.”

My pussy fluttered and made sounds like a faucet with a fast drip as he eased his monstrosity in. Surprisingly, he did not slam-fuck me like I suspected, but instead, he would plunge in about seven inches and then pull all the way out. This didn’t not stop the pain though, even after all the cocks I had had.

“Baby…baby,” I pleaded. “Lift my leg up and give me some room. God damn you hurt.”
He raised my top leg up but kept it bent toward me, and when he did, my pussy let out a long sputter as he slid farther in. “Damn that’s good Trash!” He slid out again to fill me with air. “I love your tickling twat.” He picked up the pace of his plunges and said, “You know it’s tight when it talks.”

The Doc’s drug was fantastic and made me so primal. I wanted him this time, and I tried to relax my hips as best I could. Every bulge, every wrinkle, every vein on every inch—I could feel! His head pried my muscles and flesh apart with each further lunge, and with each new stroke, my pussy squeaked with expansion!

“UUH MMM AAAH EEE!!” I sounded like tish, but I wasn’t even getting pounded. I just could not make any coherent words, only sounds, as I writhed from his immaculate erection.
He smiled and gloated, “I got you talking like your twat.” He put his hand on the cock that was sticking out of me and worked it up and down—which pushed my pussy into erotic-painful-agony! “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH,” I moaned from the vertical moves that gyrated his head inside me!!

“What the fuck are you doing,” I gasp?

He pulled it back out and quickly in, and my pussy made a long, wet, spew that mimicked my broken voice. “Breaking you in,” he answered. “It’s either that or break that frail pelvic bone that grinds my cock.”

He pulled my hips off the bed and forced my knees up hard again to the fetal position. Even my ass cheeks were stretched out of the way now!

“I think you’re as ready as you can get,” he said as he slid slowly in!

Seven, eight, nine, ten…I could feel the rippled inches pry my walls apart! My rambling talk returned. “HA…HA….HA…HA,” I sounded like a panting dog! Eleven…Twelve.. that has to be it I thought, but there was no sense of a big-black-ball touching my ass! “Pa..Pay…Pay dirt,” I asked?
He backed his length all the way out again and shockingly stated, “Almost there!”

When he started back in, I slid my index finger inside the immense gap that was once a tight twat, and it felt like sticking your finger into a hot bowl of soup. I’m fucking ruined, I thought, as his head slid by my finger. I left it inside, and as my pussy tightened around it, the blood flow stopped. The end of my finger felt like it would burst and my pussy, like it would rip, and it squalled loudly as the air rushed by my finger!

“Move it or lose it,” he said getting deeper in.

“I..I..I..HA..HAVE..AN IDEA,” I murmured and left it in.
I closed my eyes and let my expanding finger and pussy calculate again. Ten..Eleven..TWELVE…and I pulled my finger out hard. In the millisecond of room my finger gave to his cock, I felt his muscular groin touch my lips!

He backed it up a few inches and complimented me, “Good girl. Now let’s get busy,” and he slid it back in!!

My stretched pussy spewed its last breath and searched for room!

“UH..OAH..UUUUUHHMM,” I exhaled in pain-filled-passion!

The animal passion of the drug enticed my pussy into thinking for itself! It desperately needed some relief and thought that it could have some room by emptying my bladder! I pissed all over me and his cock! The new liquid made each stroke slurp loudly, and he only seemed to enjoy it. “EWW that’s it,” he yelled! “Give me everything you’ve got!”

I pawed at his massive chest to no avail! “UGGH ..UGGH..UGGH,” I sounded like a primordial beast as he beat my young opening!

My cunt continued its long suck each time he pulled back for another plunge. >>SSSLLLLUUUURRRRRPPP>WHAAAP

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