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Mom gets blackmailed
So tonight was going to be one of the worst nights of my life; not only are these two fuck head kids blackmailing me, but I’m pregnant with Ryan’s baby and I can’t even tell him. “What the fuck am I going to do?” I thought to myself. These two little fuckers were going to be here in a few hours and there was nothing I could do about it, so I figured I would just make the most of it, and give them what they wanted and never hear from them again.

They would be over around 8pm I told them, and my goal was to make them cum early and get them out as soon as possible. So I thought I’d look as slutty as I could, I got a black see through baby doll teddy and some black front see through panty briefs. I put some thigh highs and laid them all down on the bed. I still had plenty of time before they got here and there was some things I wanted to do before hand.

First I had to go out and take care of getting some things for when Ryan comes home. I got some more sexy lingerie and some books for him to read about being a new father. I was so excited about this everyone I met could tell. There was the woman at the book store “Oh I can just tell what a great mother you’ll be.” She told me. “Thank you so much.” I responded. I was both happy about me being pregnant, and that she didn’t think I was too old to get pregnant again. My pussy was getting wet just thinking about telling Ryan, and what we’d do to each other. I quietly went into the bathroom at the book store, and pulled my jeans down and rubbed my pussy until I screamed. Luckily I put my hand over my mouth before I did. I paid for my books and left for home.

When I got home I pulled into my garage, and walked into the kitchen to find a message on my answering machine, and I pressed play. “Hello Mrs. Reily this is Peter, and my friend and I wanted to come over a little earlier. We just don’t think 4 hours is long enough. We will be over around 6 the end time can still be the same. See you then!” the message finished. I felt my face heat up instantly I said out loud. “Those little fuckers! They just expect me to be ready whenever they want. That leaves me like no time to get ready.” I looked at the clock it was 4:15. “Fuck it!” I made myself a light dinner and went upstairs to get ready.
It was about 10 of 6 and I heard my doorbell I was still putting on my make up; so I let them wait for a minute or two. Then I put on my long silk robe, and opened the door, it was still light out so I made sure no one outside could see what I was wearing. “Come in and Hurry.” I told them. Peter and his young friend walked quickly inside. “You two are early. Go wait in the kitchen have some water and I’ll be intercom you up when I’m ready. Got it!” I finished. “Yes ma’am.” They said together. I walked upstairs to finished getting ready. “What the fuck was I doing?” I thought to myself. “This is for Ryan so we can continue our love for each other.” I answered myself.

I went upstairs and took off my robe. I was naked under there and I’m sure if those two guys downstairs knew that they would’ve creamed in their pants right there. I knew this was so wrong, but some part of me just thinking about getting fucked by these two boys got my pussy hot. As I slipped on my thigh highs and my baby doll teddy and see through panties my pussy got wetter and wetter. I started to rub my clit through my panties, but I stopped I wanted to get fucked by those two boys down stairs. I went over to the intercom. “Boys, I’m ready. Come up.” A few moments later I heard them coming up the stairs. “In here.” I said so they would know what room to go to. The door to my room opened up and the two boys came in like kids peeking at their parents putting Christmas presents under the tree. “Wow you look hot lady.” Peters friend said to me. I blushed and didn’t say anything. I was sitting on my bed with my legs crossed and Peter came over to me. He didn’t say anything just had a big smile on his face, and I looked around to make sure all my windows were closed. He just stood there with a smile on his face, but didn’t do anything. His friend was still at the door and I said. “Well what do you two want to do first?” as soon as I said that he grabbed the back of my head and he pressed his lips to mine. I first resisted his tongue trying to enter my mouth but I soon gave up and let him in. He let out a “Mmmmmm.”

Peter then pushed me down so my top half of my body was laying on my bed, and Peter’s friend came over to me and uncrossed my legs and after moment he started rubbing my pussy through my panties. I pushed Peter off of me, and said. “Take it easy down there man. You want to rub my clit, not my lips. Here let me show you.” I ran my hands down and pulled my panties to the side and found my clit. “You want to rub here slowly.” I told him. He was a very good student because he did it exactly as I told him to. “Mmm. That’s it baby.” I said as Peter got on his knees next to me and unbuckled his shorts and let his young cock out. “Suck it you slut!” He said. “Don’t call me that.” I told him while I took his cock in my mouth. “We get to call you whatever we want tonight you little whore.” I said slapping my tits with his left hand. “Now say yes sir!” He demanded. “Yeth suir!” I said with his cock still in my mouth.

Peter’s friend had pulled my panties off and started to finger my wet pussy. “Oh yes. That’s it sweetie go slow and finger my pussy.” I told him. “Now put your tongue where I told you my clit was a lick it.” Again he was a great student and did what he was told. It almost made me cum he was so good. “Keep sucking my cock you fucking whore.” Peter told me and slapped my face. “Yes sir! Sorry.” I said and put his cock back in my mouth. He wasn’t even close to Ryan’s size, but he tried to get me to gag on his cock. It took me a while, but I finally got into a rhythm to where his cock could hit the back of my throat, and made me gag. I could tell that turned him on because he pumped harder whenever it happened.

“Okay enough of this shit I want some pussy.” Peter said and grabbed my waist and put me on all fours on my bed. “Oh not so rough man; just as me, and I’ll do it.” I told him. He slapped my ass and said “I’ll do whatever the fuck I want to you my little sex slut.” “Whatever!” I said and rolled my eyes. He got behind me and I could feel the tip of his cock rub on my hairy mound. He ran it up and down my pussy lips. “Are you going to stick it in or no?” I asked. “I’m just trying to savor the moment that’s all.” He said and eased his cock in my wet cunt. “Ohhh” He moaned. “Fuck yeah.” I said. “What the fuck am I supped to do? Jerk off!” Peters friend asked. “Come over her honey and I’ll suck on your cock.” I told him.

He got on the bed, his pants already off cock out. “Okay here I am suck on my cock you fucking whore.” He told me. I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking it hard. “Oh yeah baby. You know how to suck a cock.” He said. “Peter you really know how to pick them.” He said to his friend. “What a second!” I said pulling his cock out of my mouth. “I’m not the first person you little fuckers have done this to am I?” I asked. “No you’re not and don’t stop again.” Peter said and slapped my ass harder now. “Ouch!” I yelled. Peter then pulled my hair back and fucked me harder. “You fucking slut! Take my cock deep.” I started to cry. This was not as fun as it was starting out. “If you don’t stop crying we’re going to fuck your ass sooner that we want to, and without lube.” Peter said. “You’re just too rough with me that’s all.” I told them. “Well this night is for us. Not you! You fucking slut.” Peter said forcing his tongue into my mouth. He then licked my cheek. “Mmm. Salty tears.” Peter said. I couldn’t believe I was in this situation now; being blackmailed by these two little assholes.

“Okay it’s my turn for some pussy!” Peter’s friend said and they changed positions. Before we could start again Peter spoke up. “No I want to do DP.” What the fuck is DP?”I asked. “Don’t worry about it.” Peter’s friend said. “I want you to get on top of me.” Peter said. I straddled him and then I realized what was about to happen as I saw his friend come up behind me. “No don’t you even dar….” I couldn’t finish as his friend rammed his cock in my ass. It wasn’t like it wasn’t lubed, but it was far from pleasurable. “Ohhh!” I grunted. “Take it easy man. Again if you asked I would have done it, and it would have been good for both of us.” I told him as peter pushed me down onto his hard cock. Getting fucked by two guys really did turn me on; I just wished it was with Ryan and someone else not like this.

“You have such a great body Mrs. Reily. You should show it off more. I used to watch you in your back yard swimming in those skimpy bathing suits.” Peter said as he pumped his hard cock in and out of my pussy more. I moaned with the pleasure of having a cock in my ass and pussy. “I’m cumming!” I screamed. “So soon!” Peter’s friend continued “That’s record time for us.” I stopped shaking, and they just kept pumping both of my holes. I heard little words like “fuck” or “God damn” between their grunts. Peter was the first one to cum. “Fuck! I’m cuming!” he said pushing my hips down so he shot his load deep in my pussy. Peter’s friend had something more in mind for his load.

Peter stayed in me while his friend kept fucking my ass. My arms couldn’t hold my weight anymore and my face fell on peters shoulder. “Aww poor baby we wiped her out.” He said, but his friend kept fucking my ass. “Oh yeah. I’m about to cum you little slut. Now Peter move away and Mrs. Reily open that velvet mouth of yours and taste your ass.” He said. He popped out of my ass and rushed his way up towards my open mouth. “Fuck yeah baby. Take that dirty ass fucking cock your mouth.” He said to me as I bobbed up and down on his cock. “I’m about to shoot my load.” He said grabbing my head and pushing it all the way up so my lips touched his balls. I started to gag, and he held my head. “Yo man that’s enough she won’t be able to breath.” Peter said. “Too bad for her I’m almost done.” His friend answered.

He finished and took his cock out of my mouth as I gasped for breath. Peter then turn me on my back and stuck his again hard cock deep in my pussy. This time I went into over drive with the my orgasm almost instantly. “Oh God yes. Keep fucking me baby.” I said out of instinct. “Yeah I knew you’d love that.” Peter told me ripping my lingerie off my front so my tits were exposed. “Oh yeah look at them.” Peters friend said and grabbed them and started sucking my nipples. “Mhhmm” Is all I could muster up. Peter didn’t last very long the second time; after about 5 minutes of hard fucking he pulled out his cock and shot a smaller yet still a lot of cum all over my hairy pusy.

The boys finished up around 11:30. “Fuck yeah that was great. Mrs. Reily you really know how to fuck.” Peter said to me. My face blushed again; as I was getting changed. “Don’t ever mention we did this, and we might be able to do it again. When you guys get older.” I told them. “Yeah right we’ll see. We’ve got other moms and wives to black mail we’ll try to fit you in.” His friend said. I’ve been wondering all night and wanted to ask. “Who else have you two fucked?” The boys looked at each other and smiled. “You tell her” Peter’s friend told him. “Okay, we’ve did Mrs. Carlo last week. We caught her fucking the pool guy. Then we got Mrs. Garrett we caught her fucking her dog. She did it in the back yard of all places. We made her fuck the dog while we fucked her.” He then went on to tell me about 3 more women they black mailed. It got me hot knowing I’m not the only kinky person in our neighborhood “Well maybe whenever Ryans gone you two can come over and help me cope.” I told them with a wink and a smile. “Now you two go out back and don’t contact me again.” I told them. “How are we supposed to know when to fuck you again?” His friend asked me. “Keep a look out for a pair of thongs hanging in my back window. When you see them then come over at 8 this time. No earlier!” I told them putting on a robe.

They left without another word. I had to admit it wasn’t the greatest thing in the world, but they still made me come and hard. I fingered myself to anther orgasm before I went to bed. I dreamed about Ryan and his friend fucking me when they got home and he finds out he’s going to be a daddy.

See you guys next week!.....Luv Becky!

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2016-11-01 09:37:56
Cheating on son I love it

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2012-09-17 07:41:06
I love you so much baby

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2012-09-17 03:14:03
Yeah it was killed now you plan on her cheating on him. You make her sound she really is in love with her son, this and that but now she is willing to fuck these other boys? Sorry you were doing so good with these.


2012-09-16 17:43:21
I was enjoying this story but now i really hate it

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yeah, i really didn't like how other people were involved now.
please please pleaseeeee keep it strictly mom/son.

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