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This is my first erotica! Please give me constructive critism that i can use on my next one!
I squirmed a bit, whimpering as I heard the mumblings of the people. My hands shackled above me, my legs spread wide by a bar, my mouth stuffed with a ball gag, and a blindfold on over my eyes. I was naked and helpless in front of a room full of people I didn?t know. I moved my head back and forth, as if I could see, searching for you, my master, my love.

I jumped, feeling a hand slide slowly up my side. I tried to pull away, but the restraints held me still. I whimpered again, but quickly relaxed when I recognized your voice whispering in my ear ?be a good girl and give our guests a good show.?

My breath quickened, unsure of what you have planned, and I yelped loudly as you give my ass a hard smack, the guests laughing in amusement. For a moment I don?t feel you, and I don?t know where you are until I feel a sharp pinch on each nipple, as you put clamps on them. I whine a bit, nipples aching, and you respond by giving each breast a firm slap, and whisper ?good girl.? Gently, You yank on the chain, connecting the clamps, my body moving with the yank to relieve the aching pain.

You leave me be for a moment. The guests murmur remarks about my body, my composure, and what they want to see done. My thoughts quickly come back to you as I feel the soft leather of a flogger, gently rubbing against my ass. My breathing quickens again as my body tenses and prepares for your flogging. WACK across my backside. WACK WACK WACK! The leather kisses against my ass, leaving its stinging mark each time. After a while, you stop. My ass must be red to your approval, because you gently rub my ass cheeks ?mmmmm, nice and warm.?

I exhale in relief, my ass still stinging a bit. You squeeze my shoulder in encouragement, and then leave me to my thoughts again. I feel your hand between my legs, and I gasp around the gag, squirming a bit. The guests laugh again at my reaction. Embarrassed and feeling suddenly very exposed, I bow my head. You must have sensed my embarrassment, because you reached around and undid the ball gag, letting it fall to floor. One hand still between my legs, you lift my chin with the other and give me a gentle kiss on the lips. ?Master?? I whimper, but you quickly remove your hand from between my legs and push three fingers into my mouth. Taken back, I thrash my head a bit from side to side, but you are too strong and forceful. Feeling your fingers are wet enough, you slide them back between my legs and into my tight cunt. I gasp loudly, trying to pull away as the crowd laughs again at my fruitless efforts to escape.

You pound my poor cunt with your fingers, letting me whimper and squirm. The comments from the guests are getting rude, some degrading, others embarrassing. Leaving me panting after a bit, you remove your fingers. I bow my head, growing tired. Then, my head jolts up and I begin to thrash about as I feel your fingers between my still sore ass cheeks. Your fingers wet with lube, you massage my hole, gently pressing inside with first one finger, then another. I feel a bit of lube drizzle down my crack as you prepare my asshole. Inserting a third finger, I tense, still squirming. ?You need to relax or it will hurt. It?s going to happen whether you?re relaxed or not, so I advise you to calm down? You whisper, breath hot on the back of my neck.

I try to relax, but yelp loudly as you shove a large plug into my tight asshole. I whimper, feeling myself stretch, trying to adjust to the size. I hear one of the guests say ?now she really is a little bitch,? and that?s when I felt it. Soft and fuzzy, furry against my legs; a tail. The plug was a tail plug, and now I was your little bitch in more ways than one.

You kissed me again, then bit my shoulder gently as I felt you remove the restraints from my wrists. ?On all fours like a good bitch.? I felt my way down to the floor, still blindfolded, as you removed my ankles from the spreader bar. You gave my red ass a hard spank on each cheek, then reached down and tugged on the nipple clamps again. ?Bark for me.?

I felt my face flush with embarrassment as I timidly barked a few times. The guests laughed, very amused.

You grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head back. I whimpered as I felt your cock slap against my cheek. Then again. Midway through a whimper, you shoved your cock into my mouth. I gagged in surprise, but you didn?t let up. With Your hands on the back of my head, you forced your cock down my throat, gently fucking for the guests to see. You ordered me to get it nice and wet for you. After a few more thrusts, you pulled free from my mouth as I gasped for air.

You let go of my head, and I could hear you stand and walk around me a few times. Using your foot, you pushed my knees apart and then gently rubbed my little cunt with your foot. I felt your hands on my ass and hips as you knelt behind me. You brushed my tail to the side and grinded the tip of your cock against my lower lips. ?She?s already wet,? You announced to our viewers. The replied with remarks of how much of a slut and little whore I was.

Lining yourself up with my entrance, you quickly shoved your entire length into my tight cunt. You moaned in pleasure as my wet cunt accepted your intrusion. I whimpered loudly, squirming a bit, feeling unusually stuffed full from both you and the tail plug. You continued to thrust into me over and over without mercy, taking me for your own pleasure, and happy that I seemed to be pleased as well. Reaching up, you intertwined your fingers in my hair and pulled my head back, demanding that I bark again. I obeyed, lost too deep in the pleasure of being filled with you to remember the guests watching. I didn?t care. I wanted to please you. I wanted to make you cum.

Your thrusts continued, long, hard, fast. I felt your body press against my back as you whispered in my ear, your breath hot and quick ?come for me girl! Come for your master, your mate!?

My body didn?t need a second invitation. My muscles tensed and constricted around your throbbing cock. Tensing harder, I felt myself cum around your thick cock, the warm liquid almost squirting out. I felt your body jolt and spasm, your cock twitching as you sprayed your seed deep into me. I gasped loudly, almost collapsing on the floor beneath you. My eyes fluttered, and before I passed out of sheer pleasure, I heard the guests clapping and cheering?

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2014-08-10 15:27:06
Good story but not real

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2013-01-30 07:50:11
I had a few interesting, stgrins-free days with a trans*guy last week I watched him prep and inject T, we talked a lot, got nice and sweaty a fair bit, had a lot of fun. This information seems pretty accurate to me.thanks for the feedback, it seemed to be pretty right on based on conversations I've had with trans guys. Also, right on for having some stgrins free fun K

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2012-10-03 09:44:32
If any opposition poiiticlan was worth their salt they would publicly pledge to have cowen and his gang of thieves arrested and charged with treason. In fact gilmore has already accused cowen of treason,albeit in the safety of the dail,so therefore when elected, he should make it his first priority to have cowen and all of the fianna fail thieves as far back as mccreevy and aherne, as well as harney,charged with destroying the economic future of this country. Also all of their assets should be seized and their obscene payoffs and pensions stopped immidiately. But have no fear, all that wil happen is that we wil replace one shower of lying ,thieving, deceitful cunts with something similiar.All poiiticlans in Ireland are corrupted or tainted one way or another. We need a change of political direction to give us any hope for the future.

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