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This is the first in a series of fantasy vignettes starring myself as a call girl. I hope it's not too long, but I felt like I had to sketch in some background first, to heighten the anticipation. E
Kimiko entered her penthouse apartment and dropped her packages on the plush sofa. They were from some of the trendiest and most expensive shops in the City, and Kimi had had lots of fun shopping for new things to wear. As she looked around the spacious apartment, she thought back on how she had come to be here, as she often did these days.

Kimi had been raised by wealthy parents, both of whom possessed an appreciation for the finer things in life. She had grown up a privileged child, familiar with high fashion, knowledgeable about food and wine, fine art, music and literature. She also knew that men found her extremely attractive – especially older men. A born tease, she had learned the art of flirting with men at a very young age. When she entered high school, she quickly became well-acquainted with sex, and the power that she held over men who wanted it from her. She never, however, considered the possibility that she would or could make a living from the men who wanted so badly to fuck her. Not until her first and only year of college.

A good student from a well-connected family, Kimi had been accepted as an undergraduate at Stanford University. She plunged into her studies with a determination to succeed that had always characterized her. And yet…she was impatient. Her education would take years, and she was anxious to partake of the kind of life her parents had lived, and which she had enjoyed growing up.

The turning point in her life came during her first semester. Her father was indicted for business fraud, and his assets tied up in court. It appears that he owed millions of dollars to creditors, and would likely serve time in prison. Her mother suffered a nervous breakdown and filed for divorce. Kimiko was left with a shattered family and without the means to continue her education.

One day, as she pondered what to do, fate intervened in the form of a phone call to her dorm room. It was Claude Bertrand, “Uncle Claude” to her, a business associate and friend of her father’s. Uncle Claude had known Kimi all her life, and had spent quite a bit of time at her family’s home when she was growing up. Kimi liked him and had flirted with him for years, sometimes sitting on his lap and wriggling playfully as he held her. He was tall, white haired and distinguished looking, born in France but living now in New York City.

Uncle Claude had invited her to dinner at an upscale restaurant in Palo Alto, and she had gratefully accepted, already weary of the atrocious mess-hall food she had been forced to endure in the dorm. She wore a slinky, low-cut black cocktail dress and what she unabashedly described to her girlfriends as “fuck-me pumps” to their meeting, thinking there was no harm in giving Uncle Claude a thrill. When she walked to his table, he stood to kiss her proffered hand, looking her up and down and complimenting her on having grown into such a poised and attractive young lady. He bought her a cocktail, then another, then wine with dinner, and glasses of cognac after the delicious meal. By the end of the evening, Kimi was feeling no pain, giggling at Uncle Claude’s jokes and uninhibitedly talking about her active sex life.

After they left the restaurant, he invited her up to his hotel room for a nightcap, which restored her pleasant buzz. Over drinks, he calmly told her that he had always been attracted to her, and wanted to make love to her. Kimi was initially shocked, never having really thought of Uncle Claude that way, and never dreaming that he would actually make such an overture. After she got past her surprise, Kimi had found herself wildly aroused by this sophisticated, wealthy and handsome man, and they proceeded to have the most intense, steamy sex of Kimi’s young life. They licked, sucked and fucked almost all night, Kimi experiencing climax after climax, while Uncle Claude pumped his hot cum into her eagerly sucking mouth, into her wildly clasping vagina, and all over her firm breasts. Kimi was pleasantly surprised at the older man’s virility and stamina, and his deep knowledge and experience regarding the art of pleasing a woman sexually.

Afterwards, they lay in the big bed, exhausted from their wild lovemaking, and Uncle Claude abrubtly began talking to her about a career path she had never seriously considered, even for a moment. “Kimi, have you thought about what you’re going to do now?” he said, tracing around her wet nipple with a fingertip.

“I don’t know what to do, Uncle Claude,” she replied sadly. “I haven’t got the money even to pay next semester’s tuition.”

“Kimi…listen to me carefully. A girl like you should never have to worry about money.”

“What do you mean? How will I pay the bills?”

“Kimi…I know I’ve always spoken to you like a child, but tonight I realized for the first time that you’re a woman, so it’s time to speak to you directly.” He raised his head to gaze at her, his eyes holding hers captive as he continued. “You’re a very beautiful, sensuous woman. Men…men like me…wealthy men….will pay good money to have sex with you. Very good money indeed.”

Kimi was completely floored by his suggestion, yet she surprised herself by not immediately dismissing the idea out of hand. “You mean….be a prostitute?”

“Not an ordinary prostitute, Kimi”, said Uncle Claude. “There is nothing ordinary about you. I’m talking about a courtesan. And expensive call-girl. One that will cater to men’s most secret desires. Or women’s, for that matter. One that will do things that other women won’t do, and do them eagerly.”

“But I couldn’t do that”, protested Kimi. “I wouldn’t know the first thing about it. Besides…it’s wrong!”

“Why is it wrong, Kimi? It is just business. A very old business. You have something people want. They have something you want. You are young, sexy, sensual. As for not knowing what to do, that is the easy part. You can learn. Learn what men fantasize about. Get inside their heads. Ask your male friends, your sex partners. Watch pornographic videos – most of them are designed to appeal to male fantasies. Think of it as a challenge. I have every confidence in you.”

Kimi hesitated, her mind racing. “I don’t know, Uncle Claude. How would I start?”

“I will help you. I have many friends and business associates that I can trust completely. They will be discrete, and they will not hurt you.” He smiled at her, reading her thoughts. “They will, however, pay you generously and enable you to live the way I know you want to live. I will not take any compensation – I will do it as a friend of your family’s, although perhaps your father and mother would not see it that way.”

“Oh my god, what will I tell my dad?” she asked. “I don’t think this is quite what he had in mind for me.”

“Kimi, tell him nothing. He’s got enough on his mind right now, and he doesn’t need to know anything. Tell him you had to take time off from school to get a job. That is, after all, the truth, n’est-ce pas?”

Uncle Claude had given her $1,000 dollars in cash, and driven her back to her dorm. “Think about what I said, Kimi. Think about it, and then call me.”

Kimi spent the next few weeks doing “research”, as she described it to herself. Without being completely conscious of the fact, she had made her decision. She would devote herself to fulfilling other people's sexual fantasies, no matter what they might be, no limits, no taboos (except when it came to her own health and safety). She watched endless hours of rented and downloaded pornography. She thought about the roles she could play, what kind of clothes she would need. She experimented with her unwitting dates, breaking down their inhibitions to find out what truly aroused them sexually. She became much more open and communicative with people, more adventurous about sex. She used what was left of her money to buy some sexy clothes. Finally, she took a deep breath, called Uncle Claude in New York, and said she was ready. He was delighted.

Uncle Claude had quickly sent Kimi her first client, a businessman from nearby Sunnyvale. He had requested that she pose as his secretary, who happened to be on vacation at the time. Kimi ensconsed herself at a work station outside his office, then came in to discuss a forthcoming meeting. After some creative play-acting on her part, Kimi quickly ended up on her knees beneath his desk, sucking his cock to a pulsating orgasm as he carried on a casual conversation with an unwitting female employee. After the woman left, the man had bent Kimi over his desk, pulled her skirt up and fucked her, pumping his cock into her tight little cunt until he exploded again, flooding her vagina with a second load of hot, thick semen. Kimi had been amazed at how much he had been willing to pay her for an hour of rather pleasant 'work', but she wasn’t about to complain. She collected her money and walked out of the office, her heart leaping at her first big success. "I can do this", she thought excitedly.

Slowly, by word of mouth, Kimi gained additional clients. Uncle Claude always insisted on checking them out first – he had access to information about people that never failed to amaze her. As her client list grew, she began to get more sophisticated about her techniques, more adept at protecting herself, and more daring in her sexual adventures. Clients would call her, leaving detailed messages on her answering machine regarding their requirements. She would call back to confirm a date, time and place, and fill in a few details about the role they wanted her to play. Sometimes she entertained them at her apartment, in a guest room she had furnished for the purpose. Mostly, though, she went to where they wanted to meet her, where their particular fantasy could most effectively be enacted.

Now, three years later, Kimi had a lavishly furnished penthouse apartment, a Lexus, expensive jewelry, and an investment portfolio that would guarantee her early retirement. Her father was in jail, none the wiser, and her mother had remarried and moved to another state. She also had a client list of over 200 people, including several women. She normally only accepted one or two appointments on the days she worked, and she made sure she reserved a lot of time to herself to travel and see the world. Life was good.

The blinking light on the answering machine drew her eye, and she walked over to it. Fourteen messages. “Maybe I need to hire a trainee”, she thought to herself. She smiled as she punched the play button and sat down at her computer to take notes. From the looks of things, it was going to be a very busy week.


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2017-04-05 01:14:16
I have had the privilege of being with more than fifty escorts. Well over half of them had their shit together and seemed very happy in their profession. Among the other half were many very sad cases.

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2013-10-25 12:32:02
sNpJPh wow, awesome blog article. Want more.


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This series probably has to be my favourite on here.


2007-03-26 12:54:52
ive fucked so many prostitutes, theres no telling how many grand children i have without even knowing it. i love fucking prostitutes. find-em, feel-em, fuck-em, and forget-em


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Well written. Nice intro. Makes me want to

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