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Chapter 9
Solomon's Daughters: Risa's and Kylie's Chapter

This is the ninth chapter in the Solomon's Daughters series. These are not stand alone stories so if you are starting anywhere but at the first chapter then you may not understand some of the references and won't have deions for most of the character.

Risa's and Kylie's Chapter

Anthony took the bus to the corner near his house and disembarked. He went inside and showered and then went to the kitchen and found something to eat. He looked over at the bottle as he passed and wondered why it hadn't charged yet, usually by this time on every other day the bottle would be fully charged. While he was eating a turkey sandwich and sitting at the table he looked through the phone book until he found the number and address for the night club, Eternal Night. When he found it he copied the address onto a paper and returned the book to its drawer. He finished his sandwich and then wrote a note for the girls saying he had gone to speak to the vampires. He wondered where Eliza, Megan, Mina, and the fairies had gotten off to. They weren't in the house and they hadn't been at Cassie's party so he didn't know what they were up to.

"They'll be fine," he said to himself out loud trying to banish the worry that flooded his mind. He headed out the door and hopped on a bus for downtown. The Eternal Night was only a few blocks from McKnight's Jewelry and Anthony was both worried and excited about meeting vampires. He didn't want to be bitten but vampires were one of the most popular fantasy creatures and he had dreamed of meeting one before, and now he was going to realize that dream. He walked up to the front door and a large muscled man stopped him and asked for his driver's license. Anthony handed it over and the bouncer moved aside and let him pass.

"Wow," Anthony said as he walked into the club. Inside the place was dimly lit and the music was really loud and the place was packed. Men and women moved in time with the music on the dance floor and most were dressed in black leather. His own outfit, jeans and a t-shirt stood out even in the dim light and he got a few weird looks. He moved over toward the bar and sat before ordering a Pepsi. The bartender was a pale short man with white blonde hair and pale blue eyes. He stared at Anthony for a minute before grabbing a glass and filling it and handed it to him. Anthony took a sip from the glass and his cell phone rang.

"Hello," he answered after flipping it open.

"Hello lover," Eliza's voice replied.

"Where are you," Anthony asked.

"We just got home and found your note so we were calling to see if you were alright," Eliza answered.

"So far so good, no one has tried to eat me yet," Anthony said with a smile into the phone. The bartender's head jerked around to look at him but was too far away to have overheard Anthony's words over the noise. Anthony's eyes narrowed slightly in suspicion but he continued his conversation with Eliza.

"Is Galina there," he asked.

"Yes she arrived right after we did."

"Good, can you put her on," Anthony asked. He heard noises through the phone as Eliza presumably hand it to Galina.

"Anthony," Galina asked.

"Hi honey," he said in a sweet voice and she snorted in amusement.

"I just wanted to make sure it was ok if I included our... people in the agreement," Anthony said. He paused unwilling to say goblin where there was any chance of being overheard.

"You're the King husband. All foreign affairs are your job and ruling is mine, so do whatever you deem best. However remember that all of our clan's future now hinges on your decisions and don't be careless," Galina reminded.

"Thanks no pressure there," Anthony replied dryly and Galina snickered. The bartender was staring openly at Anthony now, Anthony was pretty sure the man could hear both sides of the conversation.

"Also the bottle is a blood-red color now," Galina informed him.

"I see could you put Eliza back on the phone," he asked. When he was sure Eliza had the phone to her ear he spoke again.

"Is there any way for you to release them or do I need to be there to let them out," he asked her.

"Anyone who knows how can release them, but the bottle belongs to you so even if I release them they will still be your genies," she informed him.

"Alright go ahead and let them out, there is no reason to leave them in there any longer. I will meet them when I get home," Anthony told Eliza who agreed.

"I'll see you later, I love you and tell the others I love them too," he said into the phone.

"I love you too," came softly from the phone and they both hung up. The bartender was on the phone now and studiously not looking in Anthony's direction. A small smile lifted the corners of Anthony's lips as he thought of a vampire bartender. He finished his soda and turned to watch the dancers as they writhed and swayed to the fast paced music. After a while he notice a flash of white and red among the throng of black clad dancers. He lost sight of it for a few moments but found it again as the crowd shifted and opened up to reveal two women dancing with each other. Both were about his height and slender with porcelain white skin and moved with flowing graceful movements. One wore a white dress that came down to mid-thigh and her flaming red hair flared out as she spun in dance. The other was wearing an identical dress except it was black and her hair was black.

Anthony's eyes caught to the gaze of the white clad woman and her gaze flicked to the bartender. Anthony saw the bartender nod his head in Anthony's direction out of the corner of his eye. The woman's gaze came to rest on Anthony again and moved over him in study. The woman in black also studied him but her look had hostility in it and he didn't know why. The white dressed woman raised her eyes back to meet his and he grinned at her and ran his eyes over her body in return. She smiled seductively at him when he once again met her gaze and lifted her hand and beckoned him with a finger to come to her on the dance floor.

"I can't dance," Anthony said in a normal voice suspecting she would be able to hear him even with the music from the distance she was at. She shrugged her shoulders in dismissal at his excuse and again motioned for him to join her. With a shrug Anthony got off his stool and moved toward her, the black clad woman she had been dancing with drifted off into the crowd of dancers. He stood in front of the woman and looked into her eyes; her skin looked smooth as marble and as soft as the satin dress she wore.

"I'm Jessica, would you dance with me," she asked stepping close to him.

"I'm Anthony, and I already told you I can't," Anthony replied.

"Sure you can," she said and place her hands on his hips and began to move them. He relaxed and allowed her to freely move him and memorized the movements. After a while she began to sway in a way that didn't match his movements but seemed to mesh with them and her body touched and rubbed against his as they danced together in the middle of the crowd. He wrapped an arm around her stomach and pulled her soft body back into his and his erection, which he had since she first touched him, was pressed against her ass. His other arm went around the front of her shoulders and she continued to dance grinding herself against him as he lowered his head and nuzzled her neck. She moaned softly as he teased her neck with his teeth and he moaned in return when she ground hard against his cock.

"Are you trying to seduce me," Anthony asked softly into her ear before running his tongue along the rim of her ear.

"Yes, is it working," she asked as her breathing quickened.

"A little," he admitted and then nipped at her neck again which caused her to arch her back and only her head on his should and his ass against his groin were touching.

"The only thing I wonder now is, why bother? I am not the best looking man in this place. Also why would the bartender call you about me," Anthony asked and she stiffened in his arms pulling away and he released her. She walked and the crowd parted before her and Anthony followed after her. She approached a door at the back of a club with a large man on either side guarding the door. She walked through unhindered but when Anthony tried to follow one of the guards stepped in front of him so Anthony stepped back.

"They have to frisk you," Jessica said as she stood holding the door open. Anthony's gaze flicked to her then back to the large man standing impassively before him. The man said nothing and his expression was blank but the thought of this man touching him made his skin crawl and he didn't know why. Anthony shook his head and stepped back farther from the guard. The guards eyes flashed red and returned to normal as he took a step mirroring Anthony's.

"I am afraid you don't have any choice," Jessica said. Anthony's face twisted into grin and his eyes began to shimmer with fire as his anger at being afraid and at being threatened mounted. The guard stepped back warily as his eyes became burning orbs that glared at the three of them angrily. Suddenly he felt the point of something sharp pressed against his back.

"You will comply," the female dressed in the black dress said as she held his shoulder and kept the weapon pressed firmly into his back. Anthony's anger flared and he grinned savagely as his power flared and his eyes blazed bright enough and hot enough that the three people a few feet in front of him could feel it.

"No..." Jessica began but was too late. Anthony relied fully on the partial power of a High Djinn and he moved. He moved so fast that he went beyond the speed where their eyes could follow his movements. He ripped himself from the woman's steely grasp and pivoted behind her. He wrapped a hand around her neck and forced her to her knees and wrenched the knife from her grasp at the same time. This happened in a split second and when the woman realized she was caught she began to struggle and the two men stepped forward to aid her but froze when Anthony moved the knife toward the woman. The woman in black continued to struggle regardless of the knife in front of her but could not break his grip on her neck.

"Stop or else," Anthony said and released a rush of the power flowing through his body into the knife in his fist. Lighting the color of fire flashed along the blade and extinguished and the knife crumbled to dust in his grip. The woman stilled in his grasp at the sight and glared up at him from her kneeling position.

"Now, here is how this is going to work. I am going to allow this woman to stand and we will follow after Jessica, you will close the door and remain here. Do you understand," Anthony asked the two guards who nodded in agreement. Anthony hoisted the woman in black to her feet by her arm and neck she gritted her teeth at the treatment but didn't struggle. The door opened into a wooden paneled hallway and Jessica led them forward as the door closed with a thump behind them. Jessica opened a door that led through what looked like a game room. An air hockey table and arcade games were set up in the room and multiple big screen TVs lined the walls with every game system Anthony could remember hooked up.

"This way," Jessica said as she led them to a door and opened it. She stepped through and he followed into a dining room with a long dining table. There were maybe twenty people at the table looking to be waiting for the food to arrive. Then Anthony noticed the metal pitchers every few feet down the table and how every single person had a goblet and he realized that dinner was already served. The talk around the table began to cut-off as people noticed their entrance. Jessica headed toward the head of the table where a man with greying hair was sitting and drinking from a goblet while speaking to the people around him. That end of the table had not yet noticed their arrival, when one of the people at that end saw them he leaned forward and whispered to the man.

"Jessica, what is the meaning of this," the gray haired man said leaning back when he saw them approaching. Jessica lowered her face to look at the floor before in shame before talking.

"Ivan called from the bar and said there was a strange human at the bar. Ivan said that he made references to being eaten and that whoever he was talking to called him a king so we went to check out the situation," she explained. The man nodded and he glanced at Anthony who met his glaze with a bland expression.

"We were on the dance floor and Ivan indicated him to us," she said motioning toward Anthony.

"I got him to dance even though he was reluctant and then led him toward the entrance to the coven. When we got to the door and the guard stepped forward to frisk him he balked. When the guard was going to try force Anthony's eyes became fiery orbs and the guard retreated. I think he was going to leave but Jenny came up behind him and placed a knife to his back and told him to comply," Jessica said. The man's gaze turned to Jenny who lowered her eyes to the floor and would have lowered her head had Anthony's still firm grip on her neck didn't allow such movement.

"And how exactly did Jenny come to be held if she was behind him with a knife," the grey hair man asked in an ominous voice.

"He moved faster than anything I have ever seen. Even faster than us and he disintegrated Jenny's knife when she was struggling to get her to stop," Jessica explained. The gray haired man leaned back in his high backed chair and studied Anthony as Anthony watched him and the vampires, because he was convinced everyone in this room but himself was one, around the one in charge. Most of them looked at him like he was an insect and the rest looked at him with open hostility.

"Why are you here mortal," the grey haired man asked Anthony. Anthony considered the man and his question before answering. He kept the Djinn power flowing through him ready to be used in an instant just by willing it to do so but not close enough to make his eyes glow. The flow of so much power was beginning to give him a massive headache. He ignored the pain and tried to decide what to do. The vampires would be strong allies if he could convince them to join him but he had some reservations about them as well. They didn't seem found of outsiders and they were not above using force to accomplish what they desired.

"I came to offer an alliance of sorts but I am not so sure I wish to do so now," Anthony finally replied. He maintained his grip on Jenny's neck firmly but not enough to cause pain. She would flex her neck every so often to check and see if his grip had loosened so she could escape. Anthony felt someone begin to slip into his mind much like Sar-Rah had done but this felt cold and sharp unlike her warm touch. He smashed that inner force he had used to caress Sar-Rah with into the cold feel. That was a cry from the vampire female sitting to the right hand of the head vampire, she swooned in her seat and slumped to the table unconscious and her head met the table with a hollow thud.

"That sounds like it hurt," Anthony said dryly. There were a few snickers from farther down the table but the grey haired vampire didn't look amused.

"You come here for an alliance and then you attack my people not once but twice," he asked pompously.

"I didn't attack anyone I was attacked twice by your people now and for the record they are kind of weak," he said. Jenny turned her head and glared at him from the corner of her eyes.

"What? I didn't mean you; you could have actually hurt me. I meant those guards out there and the fool woman of there who can't keep her slimy mind to herself," he said to Jenny. Jenny huffed at him before turning her head back to face straight, but Anthony saw the corner of her mouth twitch in a suppressed smile.

"How dare you call my wife weak," the grey haired man roared in anger.

"Well she is laying there unconscious just because I pushed her out of my mind," Anthony observed. The head vampire stood and rage painted his face as he glared down at Anthony.

"Release my daughter and we will handle this right now," he said.

"Your father? What's his name anyway I can't just keep calling him grey hair in my head," Anthony asked Jenny who giggled.

"His name is George and yes he is my father though if you want to kill him go ahead," Jenny said. Anthony raised an eyebrow at that but didn't say anything in answer.

"I have no desire to fight with you, I came here for an alliance not a duel," Anthony said and began backing towards the door.

"I will fight you one on one to the death for my position as head of this coven," the vampire said and all of the vampires around the room who had begun closing on Anthony as he moved toward the door stopped and stared at George in shock.

"I'm not even a vampire, how could I be the head of a coven," Anthony asked suspiciously.

"You don't technically have to be a vampire to be coven leader. Anyone who kills a coven leader in a challenge for the position is automatically the new coven leader and takes possession of everything that belonged to the previous coven leader," Jenny explained.

"Will the others abide by this," Anthony asked Jenny as he looked around.

"They won't have a choice unless they wish to challenge you for the position. Vampires are magically bound to the leader of their coven so they can be controlled. If not vampires would over run the human population and we would all starve to death," Jenny said.

"Alright your word, just you and me," Anthony said to George. George sneered at him contemptuously; the vampires grabbed the chairs and table and quickly pulled them to the side of the room. Anthony released Jenny and stepped back out of her reach as she rubbed her neck and glared at him.

"Die pathetic mortal," George yelled as he rushed Anthony so fast he blurred. His shout gave Anthony all the warning he needed and he sidestepped and grabbed George's arm as he ran passed. He opened himself up and let that power flow from himself into George. George dropped to his knees with a scream of agony as Anthony's power rebound back and forth between them growing stronger and hotter as it tried to overwhelm the cold power that kept George alive. Tendrils of power moved beneath George's skin, like a fish under the surface of the water creating ripples, as they sought to consume him. With a final scream of denial George crumbled to dust followed by a shriek from his wife who also became dust and Anthony could suddenly feel the other vampires in the back of him mind. He could feel their fear as they looked at him and their desire to run from him. He could also feel their despair when they could not run. Their feelings were overwhelming him so he shook his head and imagined a wall around their feeling until they muted to a tiny buzz in the back of his mind.

"So...,"Anthony said looking around at his new coven as he tapped his thigh and considered his next course of action.

"Dammit all, what am I supposed to do with a coven of vampires," he grumbled under his breath.

"Jenny tell me about vampires, what legends are true and which are false," he said and took George's seat at the table which the vampires returned to the center of the room. Jenny took her mother's seat and arranged herself comfortably before speaking.

"Vampires are not the undead. None of us have died and a lot of us are born vampire not made that way. During the day we are the same as everyone else we go to work, have lives, can have children, and we can walk in the sun without spontaneously combusting. We have to drink blood to survive, but we can eat food it doesn't make us sick or anything it just doesn't keep us fed nutritionally speaking. How the first vampire came into existence is a mystery to us but depending on whom you ask they will tell a different legend for our beginning. Some think an ancient necromancer created us by accident when trying to discover the secret of eternal life. Some say we were cursed by a god or some other divine being. We have heightened senses and physical abilities compared to humans so we can hunt them. Most vampires don't hunt humans anymore; our kind owns most of the blood banks in the world only a few are human run. Holy objects such as crosses and holy water don't affect us at all. During the night hours our bloodlust grows and some of the newly turned who can't control themselves attack mortals and that is where you get most vampire attacks on humans. There are some crazy or evil natured vampires that still attack human without cause," Jenny said and then took a drink from the goblet in front of her.

"Huh," Anthony said and leaned back in his chair to think. While Jenny had been speaking the other vampires had slowly regained their seats around the table and watched him with fear and trepidation.

"How many of you prey on humans," Anthony asked the whole room. The vampires all looked around at their fellows waiting for someone to fess up. At the other end of the long table a small girl that looked like she was maybe nine years old raised her hand into the air.

"I still eat humans," she said in a soft voice. Anthony could feel her terror as she voiced that admission and his gaze focused on her. He could sense there the was at least one other who was feeling nervous that he might be found out.

"What is your name and how old are you," Anthony asked the little girl.

"I'm Kira and I just turned eight hundred today," she said and held up eight fingers. Anthony couldn't sense any deception from her or evil intent so he figured her mental development froze at around nine years old as well. Her lip quivered when he didn't speak right away.

"I didn't do anything bad. I only ate the bad men who want to hurt little girls," she said defensively and sniffled.

"Come here," Anthony said and slid his chair back a little. The little girl hopped out of her chair and came around the table till she was in front of him. He held out his hand for her to take and she began to reach up and take it but paused and met his eyes.

"I don't want to die," she whispered and her lips trembled as her eyes went to the spot on the carpet were George's ashes still lay in a pile. Anthony's eyes softened and he grabbed her hand and pulled her into his lap.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I won't hurt you if you only prey on the bad men," he said to her kindly. He reached out with the inner force that was his mind and found hers. She stiffened slightly but relaxed when his mind slipped lightly into hers. As he read her memories and saw her draining child molester after child molester of life she shivered and cuddled against him. He pulled from her mind when he was sure she would never harm and innocent. He ran his hand over her head and down through her hair.

"You're warm and soft," she said sweetly before yawning and then falling asleep with her hear resting against his chest.

"Happy birthday Kira," he said as he looked down at her and smiled before raising his eyes to the other vampires.

"There is another one of you who feeds off humans," he said and they looked around at each others. The nervousness of the mind in question grew stronger but he was still having a problem in matching mind to person in front of him. He locked gazes with every vamp until his gaze fell to a rotund vamp who would not meet his eyes.

"You look at me," the vamps on either side of the one he was looking at leaned away from him as he slowly raised his eyes to meet Anthony's.

"You are too nervous to believe you have been doing a good thing. Which means most likely that you have been doing something wrong. Who have you been feeding off of," Anthony asked his voice low so as not to wake Kira.

"Just murders and rapists," the man said nervously. Anthony didn't need the man's deceitful feelings to tell that he was lying but the confirmation of his instincts did make him feel better. He reached out with his mind for the nervous thoughts in his mind that belonged to the man in front of him. The vampire tried to block him out but the images of a female college age student running and begging for her life while the vampire laughed seared into his mind. The vampire caught the girl and she screamed in pain, Anthony shoved the man's mind from his. His eyes flared into fiery orbs as rage welled up inside him. He gently picked Kira up and turned to Jenny, who paled at her first glimpse of his glowing eyes, and handed the sleeping vampire child to her. The fat mans scrambled to his feet but in his haste he knocked over his chair and tripped and fell when he tried to back away as Anthony advanced on him.

"P-p-please don't kill me," the man begged as he tried to scuttle back.

"That girl begged you for her life. You laughed as you hurt her you killed an innocent for nothing more than your own sick enjoyment. Not because your needed to feed and not because she was evil but to inflict pain and suffering simply for their own sake. So no I will not show you mercy you're going to hell right now before anyone else has a chance to suffer at your pathetic hands," with that final statement Anthony reached out and seized the fat man's throat and squeezed it with a fist. The man tried to scream in pain and struggled against Anthony's power filled grip but it was in vain. Anthony release a burst of power so large the vampire burst into flame like flash paper and vanished just as quickly not even leaving any ashes behind. Anthony turned and looked at the vampires frozen around the table and they flinched under his burning gaze.

"There will be no more killing of innocents. If you want to kill humans hunt down the evil and corrupt. Do you all understand," he asked and they all nodded. With a sigh of exhaustion he let go of his anger and his eyes faded back to normal. He staggered slightly and the pained of his headache shot through his head nearly sending him to his knees. His eye twitched from the pain but he pushed back it again, just barely.

"Jenny, who owns this club exactly," Anthony asked.

"George did but now that you're the head of the coven it will be switched to you," she answered.

"Alright, you are in charge here when I am not around. Can you handle everything for me," he asked tiredly. She nodded in answer and he headed for the door before stopping.

"Jessica, can you drive and do you have a car?"

"I can drive but no I don't have a car. However George had one," she offered.

"Could you get that switched into my name also, along with any other property, bank accounts, and assets George had," Anthony asked Jenny. He sighed in relief at her nod and turned back to Jessica.

"How would you like to be my chauffeur," he asked Jessica.

"Do I get paid," she asked.

"Sure but we will have to talk about that later I am really tired right now and I can't concentrate," he told her. She nodded and led the way out of the room with Anthony following on her heels. She led him down another hallway and out a door into the glaring sunlight which astonished Anthony. He felt as if he had been inside the night club for days not hours and his vision swam before focusing and he followed Jessica to a silver car and she opened the door and helped him get in. She then hopped into the driver's seat.

"Where to boss," she asked enthusiastically.

"13 Witching St.," he replied groggily. He rested his head on the door. When Jessica stopped he sat up and looked around realized he must have nodded off because they were at his house already. Jessica came and opened his door and wrapping her arm around his waist and his arm around her shoulder she hefted him to his feet. He tried to help her but his movements were sluggish and his body wasn't responding like it should. When they finally made it to the front door Jessica pounded and second later Eliza pulled open the door. Alarm lit her face when she saw him unable to stand alone.

"What happened," she cried and leapt forward grabbing his other arm so the two of them were carrying him together. They took him into the living room and laid him gently on the couch.

"I don't know one minute he was all powerful then he just kind of crashed," Jessica explained. Anthony heard none of this having passed out as soon as he hit the couch.

"Explain from the beginning what happened today," she ordered Jessica. Jessica didn't like taking orders from an outsider but when she hesitated Eliza's eyes began to shimmer and glow a prismatic white color. At this sight everything that had happened earlier began to pour out of her mouth. When she came to the part about Anthony moving faster than even a vampire, Eliza's face paled.

"Kylie I need you, now," she yelled and then motioned for Jessica to continue. Her face paled with each incident of Anthony using his incomplete Djinn power. Two women about five feet three inches tall walked into the room. They were identical twins, they had short curly black hair and were both dressed in long flowing white linen gowns that hid their bodies. Their faces were beautiful with small a button nose and tan skin along with the black eyes that most of the sisters had. The only difference between the two of them is one had a sword strapped to her hip. The one without the sword stepped forward and addressed Eliza.

"You called for me," she asked.

"Yes, can you please check out Anthony? He used the Djinn powers that he has and since his body is still human I think he may have seriously damaged himself," Eliza informed her.

"This is Anthony our future husband," Kylie asked and studied his prone form; Risa also stepped forward and examined him but said nothing.

"Yes," Eliza said. Kylie moved next to Anthony and knelt by his head and placed a hand on his brow. She gasped and jerked her hand away quickly.

"He is in a great deal of pain; the usage of the powers lacerated his brain in several places. Also his bones have hairline fractures and his muscles have micro ruptures where he moved faster then the human body could withstand," she reported.

"Can you fix it," Eliza asked her worriedly and Kylie shook her head sadly.

"How did he become so injured," Risa asked speaking for the first time since coming into the room. Jessica relayed the story to them and Risa looked down thoughtfully at Anthony.

"Kylie if he was more Djinn and less human, could you help," Risa asked. Kylie thought for a minute before nodding her head slowly.

"If I was present when the change happened I could slip my power in to the change and the power entering his body would amplify my ability for a short while and heal him. But if would also amplify the side effects of my ability," she said and looked up to meet Risa's eyes.

"What power and what side effect," Jessica asked curiously.

"My aspect is healing, and Risa's is battle," Kylie said, "and the side effect would normally be a slight increase to the libido since a healing would affect his whole body and cause him to produce more sperm then normal. However with him being so close to dying and the amount of power that will mix with mine to heal him he will probably wake with an insatiable desire for sex."

"Let's get him to the bed so we can get started," Risa said and bent to take one of Anthony's arms and drape it over her shoulder. With Kylie under his other arm they managed to get him to his room and onto the bed. Risa began pulling his clothes off.

"Eliza go down to the goblin barracks and get Galina, Megan, and Mina we are probably going to need them," Risa ordered her younger sister as she and Kylie finished removing Anthony's clothes. Eliza rushed from the room and Risa turned to the vampire.

"Now would be the time to leave unless you want to sleep with him, he won't be able to control himself once he wakes up without tremendous pain and if he forces himself on you because of this he will never forgive himself if what Eliza has told me about him is true," Risa said. Jessica didn't say anything but didn't move toward the door either so with a shrug Risa turned back toward the bed and reached for her sword belt. She undid the belt and dropped it to the floor before pushing the shoulders of the dress off and letting the whole gown slide down her body to the floor. She stood there with her toned slim body and plump C-cup breasts bared as she watched her equally naked sister cradle her future husbands head in her lap. When Kylie had him where she wanted him she nodded to her twin and Risa reach out and caressed Anthony's cock. It didn't even twitch thanks to his unconscious state and Risa looked to Kylie.

"A little help," Risa demanded and Kylie grinned at her before letting a trickle of power flow, directed carefully, into the pleasure center of Anthony's brain. His cock twitched and began to lengthen and thicken in Risa's grip. She knelt on the bed and leaned forward taking his cock into her mouth and began sucking gently. The taste of him and the simple act of what she was doing began to arouse her. Once she had him coated with her saliva and her pussy was wet enough she positioned herself above him with his cock pressed against her entrance.

"Are you ready," Risa asked Kylie who nodded. Risa closed her eyes and sank all the way down onto Anthony's erection she gritted her teeth at the pain as her ripped through her hymen and filled her. The power stored in her body flooded into Anthony and hit the healing spell Kylie had formed in his body increasing the power exponentially and his every injury was healed in an instant. With a gasp Anthony's eyes shot open but were instantly glazed with lust and his hand shot out and gripped Risa's hips. He pulled back and thrust into her and she cried out in pain and he froze. His mind was a maelstrom of confusion and lust but her cry reached him and he stopped. As he stopped moving the need for release swelled in him with lust and pain wracked him but he didn't move. Risa looked down into his unfocused eyes in confusion and then she looked to Kylie for answers.

"What is he doing," Risa asked her. Jessica curiously brushed her mind against Anthony's to see what he was thinking and cried out in pain and dropped to her hands and knees as she tried not to vomit from the sudden intense pain. Both Risa and Kylie were looking at her with concern when she lifted her head.

"He is resisting the side effects of the spell and he is in pain," Jessica said with tears running down her cheeks as the memory of his pain simmered through her.

"Why, would he do that he is barely even conscious the pain might drive him insane," Kylie asked in panic and looked at Anthony's face and glazed eyes as he breathed deeply.

"She cried out in pain and he was lucid enough to realize that he hurt her so he stopped," Jessica answered. Risa looked down at Anthony and then began to rock her hips back and forth. Anthony groaned as she moved on top of him he knew there were others present but he couldn't bring them or even the girl on top of him into focus. Only the feel of her tight tunnel wrapped around him as she rode him mattered to him at this point. Her movements broke his control and he couldn't stop himself from thrusting into her. It lasted only a few minutes before he thrust deep into her and released himself. She shuddered above him still impaled on his erection as the healing spell still coursing through his body caused his balls to rapidly produce more until they were once more filled to the point of pain. She gasped and shuddered as he began pounding into her again and she began to wildly thrust against him. She screamed in ecstasy as she climaxed and his inner walls rippled and clenched rythmically on his cock causing him to explode once again into her, sending her into a second orgasm before the first could end. She rolled off his still hard cock and Kylie took her spot she was already soaking wet from watching him pleasure Risa.

"Please be gentle it's my first time," she whispered softly hope he would hear her plea. He did hear, so he rolled until he was above her positioned between her thighs. He slowly pushed inside her and agony wracked him as his balls were once again filled to the point of pain. He struggled with himself and he continued to moved slowly pushing steadily deeper with each thrust until he pushed through her hymen and slid in until his balls bounces against her ass. She whimpered as he filled her but did not cry out from the small amount of pain knowing he would stop if she did. He began long slow strokes which soon had her passed the pain and feeling intense pleasure as his body invaded hers. The power that flooded his body as he took her innocence amplified the spell again and his need for release but her plea for gentleness held him in check. She writhed beneath him as he continued to thrust into her and when he came her nails bit into his shoulders as her own climax coursed through her. He kept himself buried deeply in her and she whimpered in protest when he began to move again. Jessica joined them on the bed and pulled Anthony from on top of Kylie and on to her.

"I think she has had enough for a while," she said and then grunted when Anthony drove himself all the way inside her. She let her head fall back as he pounded into her body with grunts and moans. He leaned down and pressed his mouth to her while he continued to thrust. When his tongue found one of her fangs and wrapped around it stroking it gently she cried out in pleasure. She locked her ankles behind his back and thrust her hips up to meet his hard and as fast as she could. With a cry of joy she came and Anthony feeling the clenching of her body on his, filled her womb with cum. He then took her on her hands and knees and after that with her on her side and one leg raised over his shoulder. After this Eliza rushed in with the others to find Risa and Kylie watching in awe.

"Please I can't take anymore," Jessica as she cried out as an orgasm rip through her again nearly blacking out from the sensation. Eliza hurriedly stripped and took her place while Galina, Megan, and Mina stripped as well.

The next morning Anthony woke to the smell of sex and his whole body aching with every move he made. He managed to struggle into a sitting position and gawked at the sight before him. The afternoon and night before came flooding back and he remembered everything. On the bed were Sar-Rah, Liz, Megan, and Jessica all cuddled together, he remembered Liz and Sar-Rah coming home to him having sex with Galina and her begging him to stop that she was too sensitive. Mina, Risa, Kylie, and Eliza were laying side by side on the floor with pillows and blankets. Anthony moved to the edge of the bed and carefully stood so as not to wake any of the others and grimaced at the raw feeling of his cock as it rubbed against his leg. He tiptoed to the bathroom and relieved himself, then head to the kitchen. He made breakfast for everyone and then went and woke them all. After taking turns in the three bathrooms they all congregated in the kitchen.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't in control," Anthony began but was cut short by Risa.

"They knew that before they ever joined in it wasn't your fault," she said. At her words Anthony lowered his head in shame.

"I hurt you," he said and turned back to the stove.

"I'm fine," she said frustratedly to Anthony as he continued to fry the bacon. He didn't answer and didn't turn back around until the bacon was finished. He sat down at the table without meeting anyone's eyes and began to eat. Risa stood up and walked around the table until she was standing next to him. She grabbed his head between her palms and turned him to face her.

"I am fine you didn't hurt me on purpose, you weren't in control of yourself and you stopped when I cried out. You have nothing to be ashamed for, do you understand me," she demanded. He nodded and gave her a small smile and she kissed him and then let go. Anthony returned to his food with a less depressed air and a grin split his face.

"Well at least I satisfied everyone," he said and feminine laughter echoed through the house.

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