A young girl and an experienced woman become best friends
Tiffany had just graduated high school last summer, and found herself a job at a local fitness club near her house. She enjoyed her job, and although it wasn’t where she wanted to work for the rest of her life, for now, it paid her bills, and she enjoyed her job. Unsure of what she wanted to study in college, she was taking some time off to try to make up her mind, and to put away some extra money. After working there for about 6 months or so, she had become friends with some of the regular members, one of whom was an older woman named Jane. Jane was a mere 36 years old, but compared to Tiffany, who was 18, Jane was “older”. The two of them had had several small conversations before, however, they had never really had the time to get to know each other, although that was something that they both wanted to change.

Around 7:00pm, the place was dead, something that did not happen very often. Tiffany’s supervisor eventually offered to let her go home early, and without thinking twice about, Tiffany agreed to sign out an hour and a half before her shift was scheduled to be over. As she walked in the locker room to get her purse and hoodie out of her locker, she saw Jane brushing her hair in front of the mirror. Jane stood there wearing a pair of baggy black pin striped soccer pants and a black bra that really accentuated the shape of her 32D breasts. “Hi Tiffany.” Jane said happily. “On your way out already?” Tiffany smiled and said “Yep, pretty quiet around here tonight. My supervisor offered to let me go early.” Jane thought for a second, debating whether to ask her next question, but decided it couldn’t hurt. “Well, what are you going to do with your extra bit of time tonight?” Tiffany shrugged her shoulders and said “Probably get a bite to eat and then go home to relax.” Jane had not eaten yet either, so decided to offer. “Why don’t you let me buy you dinner.” Jane suggested. Tiffany was quite surprised that the offer had been extended to her, but was hesitant to accept. “Are you sure?” Tiffany asked, not wanting to be greedy. “Of course. Let’s go somewhere and eat.” Jane replied. Tiffany agreed, and said “Ok, I’ll wait for you up front.”

Less than two minutes later, Jane had made her way up front with her bag in her hand. “Are you ready?” she asked. Tiffany nodded her head. “Let’s go.” They got to the parking lot and Jane beeped the remote on keys to unlock her car. There were only five cars on the lot, and towards the end of the parking lot, the tail lights on a black BMW 745 lit up. Tiffany knew nothing about cars, but could tell that Jane had money. As they got in the car, Jane asked “Where do you want to go?” Tiffany wasn’t sure, so Jane suggested a local coffee shop, and they headed on their way. During the ride over there, Jane tried to make conversation with Tiffany. They talked about school for a while, and then established that this was Tiffany’s first “real” job. She knew it would be rude to ask Jane what she did for a living, so she didn’t ask, but sure enough, it came up in their conversation. Jane worked in sales, and without bragging or boasting, she subtly indicated that she made good money. There was an awkward silence, and then about two minutes later, Jane said “So, do you have a boyfriend?” From anyone else Tiffany might have found that question somewhat offensive, however, since Jane had been so kind to take her out to dinner, she didn’t think much of it. “No, I’m single right now. And not really looking actually. I’ve had a few in the past, but haven’t had one since I graduated.” Before Jane could comment, they realized that they were at the coffee shop.

They ordered their meals, and then found a seat towards the back of the restaurant, leaving several open tables around them. “I hope you don’t mind me asking...” Tiffany started. “Are you married?” Jane smiled and said “No, not anymore.” Tiffany read between the lines and realized that she was obviously divorced or widowed, and that it probably wasn’t the best idea to talk about it more. Moments later, their food was brought to their table and they began eating. “This is one my favorite places.” Jane commented. “Do you come here often?” Tiffany asked between bites of her salad. “Not as much anymore. I came here a lot with an old friend earlier this year, but she got a promotion and had to relocate, so I don’t see her anymore.” Tiffany was quite surprised how forthcoming Jane seemed to be with a lot of personal information, but then again, Tiffany didn’t mind telling Jane little details about herself either. They continued eating, and when they had both finished, Jane said “I may be out of line asking, but is there any chance I can invite you over to my house for a little bit tonight?” Tiffany chuckled, but was hesitant to answer. “I promise I won’t hurt you.” Jane added. Tiffany wasn’t worried about being hurt, and taking into consideration the fact that Jane’s other friend had left town earlier this year, she figured Jane felt somewhat lonely. “I’d love to.” Tiffany said. Jane asked for the tab, paid her bill, and they were back in the car.

Tiffany had somewhat of a nervous feeling at the moment, but as she continued to remind herself that Jane seemed like a wonderful woman, her nervousness soon subsided. As they pulled out of the parking lot, Jane asked “Did you enjoy your dinner?” Tiffany smiled and said “Very much so. Thank you. I really appreciate you doing that for me.” “You’re welcome sweetheart. I’m glad you came with me.” Jane commented. Tiffany took note of the subtle “sweetheart” that Jane had just called her, but didn’t think much of it. They turned down a road with several very large houses, and after two more turns, they pulled into the driveway of an extremely nice house. Jane parked the car in the garage, closed the garage door, got out of the car, and immediately took her shoes off before entering. Noticing what Jane did, Tiffany did the same, taking her shoes off and leaving them outside as well. The two walked in the door and Tiffany was immediately amazed and how nice the inside of Jane’s house was. “Wow! This place is beautiful.” Tiffany said. “Thank you.” Jane responded. “And you live here by yourself?” Tiffany said, surprised that a single person owned a house this big. “Since my friend moved away, yes, this place is all mine. We lived here together for a while, but she couldn’t pass up her promotion, and I didn’t want her to, so we went our separate ways.” Once again, Tiffany did not comment or beg for details. Jane led her into the living room and turned on the TV. She handed Tiffany the remote and said “I didn’t get a shower at the gym. I’m going to go take a quick one right now. Help yourself to anything you see.” Jane said.

Tiffany sat down and began fumbling through the TV, looking for something interesting to find. After hitting the “DVR” button instead of the “Guide” button on the remote, Tiffany soon found herself browsing through all the shows that Jane had recorded, which turned out to be her biggest surprise of the evening. As she was browsing through, Tiffany found all kinds of adult material, most of which appeared to have lesbian oriented titles. Tiffany was finally starting to put it all together. Now the boyfriend question and the story about her living with a good friend that was a girl was all making sense. Tiffany was reasonably sure that Jane was a lesbian, but that was certainly not something she was going to ask her. Being somewhat nosy and mischievous, Tiffany continued to fumble through the titles, until suddenly she realized that the she could no longer hear the shower water running. She knew she had to get out of the recorded shows section before Jane came back in the room and got upset. She exited out and turned on another program seconds before Jane walked into the room. Tiffany could hear Jane behind her, but could not see her. The little of bit of exploration through the DVR got Tiffany a little excited in a strange way, and she could feel her pussy becoming slightly moist. “Do you want something to drink?” Jane asked from the other room. Tiffany turned around to answer her question, but as she turned around, she saw Jane standing in the kitchen wearing only a towel around her waist; her breasts fully exposed. “No I’m... oh my I’m sorry Jane. I just assumed you were dressed.” Jane smiled and said “No worries. I spent a lot of time wearing this much or less now that I have the house all to myself. You don’t mind do you?” “No, not at all.” Tiffany said. Jane made made herself a glass of water, and then another one for Tiffany and took them both into the living room, setting them on the nightstand next to the couch. “If you want me to put clothes I will. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.” Jane said. “No, you’re fine. I”ve been known to spend some time at my house alone and in some state of undress too.” Tiffany said. “You’re more than welcome to join me.” Jane offered.

Now that Tiffany had begun to put all of this together, the lesbianism and the ex roommate that moved out, as well as the at home nudity, she found herself feeling quite aroused. “Don’t mind if I do.” Tiffany replied, standing up and taking off her shirt, and then her jeans. So there they were- Jane wearing nothing but a towel covering up her crotch and Tiffany sitting next to her in a matching pink and black bra / panty set. Jane admired Tiffany’s body, and while Tiffany’s breasts weren’t as large as Jane’s, it was easy to tell that she kept herself in great shape. Tiffany sat back down next to Jane, this time a little bit closer. They each took a sip of their water, and as they put their cups back down, Jane said “I’m really glad you came over here tonight Tiffany.” Tiffany smiled, and said “I appreciate the invite.” They both looked at each other, and without a word, Jane leaned in and kissed Tiffany on her forehead. “Anytime.” She whispered. “Give me a real kiss.” Tiffany said. Jane was more than surprised by what Tiffany had just said, but she was quick to take her up on her offer. Jane placed her lips to Tiffany’s and kissed her several times. “Have you ever been with a girl before?” Jane asked. Tiffany shook her head no. “I think it’s about time we change that, don’t you?” Jane said in a sexy voice. By now Tiffany was more than willing to do just about anything that Jane wanted to do. Jane grabbed Tiffany’s hand and placed it on her breast. A little moan from Tiffany was Jane’s indication that she liked the feel of the 32D that was in her hand. Tiffany ran her and over Jane’s nipple, and several seconds later, Jane had pulled Tiffany down towards her breast, feeding her as if she were a baby. As Tiffany sucked on Jane’s breast, she could only imagine what the rest of her erotic evening would bring her.

Jane still had her towel wrapped around her waist, but with Tiffany sucking her nipple, Jane couldn’t stand not touching herself. She pulled the towel out from under her and tossed it to the floor, exposing her pussy. Tiffany was surprised to see it, but did not deviate from Jane’s breast. It was easy to tell that Jane spent a lot of time keeping herself well groomed, as there was an almost perfect patch of her sitting perfectly centered in the middle of Jane’s crotch. Tiffany continued to suck Jane’s nipple, but before she could make it over to the other one, Jane said “Kiss me again.” Tiffany did as she was asked, kissing Jane once more, this time tasting a little bit of Jane’s tongue in her mouth. As their tongues touched, Tiffany felt Jane’s hand grab her breast, giving it a nice squeeze. Without hesitation, Tiffany reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra, dropping it to the floor. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Jane grabbed both of Tiffany’s breasts as they continued to kiss. Jane soon straddled Tiffany as the two of them became more and more aroused. WIth no concept of time, the two continued to passionately kiss each other and grab each other’s breasts. Jane soon knelt down on the floor in front of Tiffany and began to suck her nipples. Tiffany’s breasts had been sucked before, not in a long time, so long that she actually forgot how good it felt. She felt herself getting wetter and wetter as Jane continued to suck on them, and a small, slightly painful bite from Jane elicited a loud moan from Tiffany. Unsure of whether the bite was too much or not, Jane stopped, and asked “Was that too much?” Tiffany was beside herself with pleasure, and grabbed Jane’s cheeks, bringing her close to her face and kissing her. “No. Nothing is too much. Do whatever you want to me.” she replied.

Jane grabbed Tiffany by the hands and pulled her up, almost as if she was going to hug her. Once Tiffany was standing, Jane immediately grabbed both of her ass cheeks and hugged her tightly, their breasts touching between them. Tiffany kissed Jane on the left side of her neck, biting her gently, and then whispered in Jane’s ear “Take them off.”, referring to her pink and black panties. Jane immediately pulled the panties down, allowing Tiffany to step out of them and kick them over in the corner of the room. Unsure of whose turn it was to pleasure the other one, Jane pushed Tiffany back down on the couch, grabbing her thighs and spreading her legs as wide as she could. On her knees again, Tiffany’s hairless pussy was a mere five inches from Jane’s face, with the wetness making it shine under the light from the chandelier hanging in the center of the ceiling. “I hope this tastes as good as it looks.” Jane commented. Tiffany frequently licked her fingers to taste herself when she masturbated, and knew that her own juices tasted very good. In an effort to get Jane to lick her faster, she said “Try it and see.” Jane of course needed no invitation to start licking the beautiful pussy that was in front of her, and as Jane’s tongue met Tiffany’s clit, both of them found themselves inches away from cumming. Jane continued licking Tiffany, going progressively faster as Tiffany’s moans got louder. Less than a minute later, Tiffany was nearly screaming “I’m gonna cum!” Jane couldn’t help but reach down and finger her own pussy at the same time, hoping they could have a mutual orgasm. Seconds before one of the most pleasurable orgasms Tiffany had ever had, she reached up and grabbed the back of Jane’s head, forcing her face deeper into her pussy. “Oh fuck!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!!!” Tiffany screamed. Jane was unable to talk as Tiffany was still holding on to the back of her head, but she ended up cumming too.

The two remained in the same position for several minutes. Tiffany let go of the back of Jane’s head, although Jane continued to plant small kisses right on Tiffany’s clit. Once Jane sat up on the couch, Tiffany said “You’ve done that a time or two before, haven’t you?” Jane smiled and replied “Many times sweetheart. Many times.” They smiled and kissed once more, and Tiffany said “That was the best orgasm I’ve had in a LONG time.” Jane knew from all her previous experience with other women that she was pretty good at pleasuring another girl, but still took Tiffany’s statement as a compliment. “Would you like to see the rest of the house?” Jane offered. Still recovering from the epic orgasm that she just had, Tiffany nodded her head, and the two of them continued walking around the house, both completely nude. They walked down the hall to the last door and Jane pushed it open. “This is my bedroom.” She commented. Tiffany was amazed at what she saw. Both sides of the room were covered in closet doors that were mirrors, as well as a large mirror mounted on the ceiling, directly above the king size bed. “Wow!” Tiffany said. “This is huge!” Jane smiled subtly, and then said “With only one person here, it’s almost too big.” “What’s with all the mirrors?” Tiffany asked. Jane chuckled and said “That was Christine’s idea, not mine. She loved to see herself and watch our reflections as we did things together.” This was the first time that Tiffany had heard a name associated with Jane’s friend that had just moved out, but it was pretty clear that she was referring to the same woman. “We did all sorts of things in here, and all over the house really. She had a lot to do with a lot of the rooms here.” Tiffany smiled, and said “She sounds like a great woman. I’m sorry she had to leave.” Jane didn’t say anything for a few seconds, and then said “Come on, let me show you the rest of the house.” They left the bedroom and walked down another hallway to the bathroom. Once again, this room was covered with mirrors too, even in the shower. The shower had a shower head on each side, obviously designed for two people to take a shower together at the same time. “Was this her idea too?” Tiffany asked. “Actually that was one of the only things that I suggested.” Jane replied. “She and I took at least two showers everyday. One in the morning and one at night, and sometimes more if we got really kinky.” Tiffany said “It looks like fun.” Jane kissed Tiffany once more, and then said “Should we try it?” Tiffany smiled and said “Ummm... if you want to, sure.”

Jane bent down to turn the shower water on, going out of her way to see that Tiffany got a great view of her pussy and her ass. “Are you ready?” She asked. Tiffany nodded her head, and Jane took her hand, leading her into the shower with her. The water was warmer than Tiffany preferred it to be, but she was in no position to complain. Jane quickly grabbed a sponge and put some soap on it, lathering up Tiffany’s breasts and stomach with bubbles. “I bet you’ve never been washed by another woman before, have you?” Jane said. Tiffany shook her head, and Jane scooted her back towards the wall. The two began kissings more as they felt the water run down in between their breasts, and shortly after Jane rinsed the soap off her hand, Tiffany found herself pressed up against the wall with Jane’s tongue in her mouth and her finger in her pussy. Eager to return the favor for what Jane had done for her earlier, Tiffany began rubbing Jane’s clit and eventually fingering her as well. The two moaned in pleasure as they fingered themselves. and Tiffany soon found out that while Jane appeared to be rather professional and proper to the average person, her “lesbian personality” was entirely different. Jane was a dirty talker, and was extremely profane while Tiffany was fingering her. “That’s it baby! Finger my fucking cunt!” Jane exclaimed. Tiffany was surprised to hear that kind of language used, but given the circumstances, she justified it as being appropriate for the time and place. “Do you like that?” Tiffany asked quietly. “Fuck yeah! Feels so fucking good!” Jane continued. Noticing that Jane was possibly getting closer to orgasm, Tiffany began fingering her faster and deeper. Jane took Tiffany’s other free hand and placed it on her breast. “Squeeze as hard as you can.” Jane instructed. Tiffany did, and as she did, Jane yelled “Harder! Harder!” Squeezing almost as hard as her eighteen year old hands would let her, Tiffany soon let up. “Slap them!” Jane yelled. Tiffany tapped them slightly, not nearly hard enough. Getting somewhat aggressive, Jane grabbed Tiffany by her wrist, and said “Hit them as hard as you can. Trust me. You won’t hurt me.” Having never done anything like this before, Tiffany was somewhat nervous, but wanted to please Jane, so she did. Tiffany aligned her hand with Jane’s breast, closed her eyes, and slapped as hard as she could. “That’s it baby!” Jane yelled. Tiffany knew that one or two more slaps like that would make Jane cum, so as she stuck her fingers as far inside Jane as she could, Tiffany slapped her breast one more time, this time leaving her eyes open. The loud clap of skin on skin contact was followed by a scream, a moan, and then buckling knees that made Jane almost collapse. Once Jane was able to stand again, the two girls continued washing each other, and then concluded their shower.

Jane turned off the water and stepped out, handing Tiffany a towel first, but not grabbing one for herself. “This isn’t your last towel, is it?” Tiffany asked. “No honey, I don’t use towels.” Tiffany wrapped her towel around her waist and watched and Jane simply stood there against the counter, letting all the water drip off of her body and fall onto the floor mat. Once she was relatively dry, Jane opened the cabinet in front of her. It was packed with skin care products of all different types, some of which looked like they were imported from other places. “Wow. That’s a lot of stuff.” Tiffany commented. “Yep, I try to take good care of myself.” Jane replied. “Would you like to try some?” She asked. Once again, not wanting to seem disrespectful, Tiffany took Jane up on her offer. “I’d love to. Thank you.” Jane grabbed the first bottle and squeezed a thick white cream out into her hand. “Ok, come over here, stand facing me and put your arms out to your side.” Jane instructed. Tiffany did as she was asked, and let Jane rub the cream all over her body, paying special attention to her breasts and her ass. As Jane was rubbing it in, she said “Christine and I did this all the time. It was one of our many routines. She especially liked getting it rubbed on her butt.” Jane’s soft hands continued to caress every inch of Tiffany’s petite body. Jane grabbed another bottle of cream from the cabinet, took Tiffany’s hand, and led her down the hall into her bedroom. Jane patted her bed and said “Lay down.” Tiffany did, laying down on her back first. “Roll over baby. You’ll enjoy this a lot.” said Jane.

Once Tiffany was situated laying on her stomach, Jane climbed up on the bed and spread Tiffany’s legs slightly wider, giving her a perfect view of her pussy and her ass. Jane took the bottle of cream and squirted a generous amount right in the center of Tiffany’s back. She began rubbing it in slowly, keeping it all above her waist, not rubbing anything on her ass. Tiffany felt the cream warm up with Jane’s touch, and it was quite a pleasurable feeling, but nothing compared to what was about to happen. “Are you nervous?” Jane asked. Tiffany was slightly, but did not want to admit it. “No, I’m fine.” She replied. Jane slowly started kissing Tiffany’s back, moving down from her shoulders to her waist, and eventually planting soft, small kisses on her ass cheeks, followed by several little nibbles. Jane then grabbed Tiffany’s cheeks, one in each hand, spreading them apart as far as she could, taking a good look at Tiffany’s asshole. Seconds later, her tongue was running circles around Tiffany’s anus, and Tiffany found herself in a state of pleasure that she had never experienced before. “Oh Jane, that feels so fucking good!” Tiffany exclaimed. Just then, Tiffany felt a finger slide inside her soaking wet pussy while Jane’s tongue continued to work. Tiffany was bucking her hips up against Jane’s face as it was buried in her ass. “Jane! I”m gonna..... AHHHH!!!” Tiffany screamed. Waves of orgasm blasted through her whole body in a way that they never had before. Tingling feelings began happening everywhere from her nipples to her toes, and after what felt like an orgasm that would never end, a wave of exhaustion soon came over her. Once she had calmed down, Jane continued planting small kisses and nibbles on her butt. Moments later, Jane was straddled on top of Tiffany’s back, kissing the back of her neck. When Jane repositioned herself, Tiffany rolled over, looked Jane in the eyes and said “That was by far the best orgasm I’ve ever experienced.” Jane smiled, and said “I take it you’ve never had that done before?” Shaking her head, Tiffany said “No, never.” Jane grabbed Tiffany’s breast and said “Well, since you liked it so much, we can do it again sometime if you want to. It’s one of my favorite things to do with a woman.”

Tiffany looked over at the clock on the nightstand to see that it was almost midnight. “Oh shit. I didn’t realize it was that late.” Tiffany said. Jane felt somewhat guilty, and asked “Will your parents be worried about you?” “No, mom is out of town until the weekend.” Tiffany added. “Well,” Jane began “and this is just an offer, but you’re more than welcome to stay here for the night if you’d like to.” Tiffany could not have been happier that Jane offered. “Of course I’ll spend the night with you.” she commented. Jane kissed her once more, and then said “I was hoping you’d say that.” The two smiled at each other, and then Tiffany said “I need to pee.” “Do you mind if I come with you?” Jane asked. Based on all the other things that she and Jane had done with each other over the last five hours, peeing in front of each other seemed like nothing. “Of course you can.” Tiffany said. The two walked into the bathroom, and Tiffany sat down first. Jane stood in front of her, intently watching, and seconds before Tiffany began to pee, she motioned for Jane to kiss her. Tiffany started peeing just as their lips touched. When she was done, they switched places, and as Jane was peeing, they continued to kiss. They walked back into the bedroom and laid down next to each other, pulling a large comforter over both of their bodies. Tiffany laid on her left side, and felt Jane cuddle up against her, grasping her breast in her hand. “Goodnight baby.” Jane said, “Goodnight Jane, and thank you so much. For everything.” Tiffany replied.

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