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Bailey sat there in the living room, on the couch with a hot cup of tea in her hands. She looked down at it and wondered why this was happening to her. She didn’t do anything wrong. Unless it was before she lost her memory.

“Bailey what happened?” Cody asked her as he sat down on the other couch.

“I don’t know,” her lips trembled. “I was just working at the club and then all of a sudden I started getting the feeling that I was being watched and then tonight happened and I have no idea why.” She cried.

She took the tissues Cody offered her and wiped her nose. “How well does my brother know you?” she suddenly asked him, she was quite curious, she didn’t know why her brother hasn’t introduced her to him.

“We’ve known each other for seven years now and have been working together for the past three,” he told her as he studied her.

“Bailey are you ok?” he softly asked her.

She managed a small nod as she brought the cup of tea to her lips and took another sip.

“Do I know you?” she asked him.

She looked up at him and saw him hesitate. He let out a deep sigh as he stared at her.

“Yes, we know each other but I’m not going to tell you how well or how we met.” He stated.

She watched him get up and leave. So they knew each other, she noticed it seemed to bother him that they did. How well though?

She got up and finished her tea as she walked to the kitchen. She saw Cody there staring out the small window as he drank his cup of tea, as she walked in. He didn’t even bother to take a glance at her as she stepped closer to the sink.

“Do you mind?” she asked. She wanted to wash her cup and then…….she actually didn’t know what else to do.

Cody glanced down at her as he took another sip of his tea.

“If you mean to clean that cup then you’re mistaking. You’re not washing that, leave it in the sink and I’ll wash it later.” He told her as threw his head back and swallowed the last of his tea.

He left his cup in the sink and walked towards to refrigerator. “Bay you hungry?”

Bay? That sounded so familiar but she couldn’t remember who had called her that, she knew it wasn’t Blake he just called her by her regular name even when he was being really sweet to her. Was it Cody that called her that, he said they knew each other? It must be him.

“Bay?” he called her again trying to get her attention.

It was still hard to believe she was in his kitchen, after all this time, all this time of keeping his distance from her and now there was no way to avoid that, not when she was in danger.

“I’m not hungry, I’m really tired actually.” She told him as she yawned. Where was she going to sleep?

“You sure?” he asked her as he closed the refrigerator door and turned to her.

“Yes, can I take a shower?” she asked him then.

“Yeah, come on,” he walked past her and felt her following behind him.

“Do you have anything for me to wear?” she realized she didn’t have any clothes to wear when she would finish with her shower.

“I can give you a shirt and a pair of boxers, I don’t think sweats or shorts would fit.” He told her as they walked up the stairs.

“That’s fine,” Bailey whispered as she watched him walk up the stairs, he had an amazing ass, nice broad shoulders, and nice strong looking biceps. Bailey wanted to put her hands on those biceps and feel them flex beneath her hands.

She felt so different then when she liked Matty this was so much more and she couldn’t believe it because they just met. Well actually they didn’t they’ve known each other, has she always found him attractive?

“Here’s the bathroom, go ahead and get undressed. I’ll bring in the clothes when you’re in the shower.”

“Ok, thank you,” she breathed out. She was so happy she was going to be able to shower and then she was going to sleep, well try at least.

She stepped into the bathroom and turned around when he closed the bathroom door.

She stood there as she stared at the tub. She sighed as she took off her clothes, she walked over to the shower and turned the handles and waited till it was the right temperature.

When it was she turned the handle on the wall and stepped in, she closed the curtain and then just stood there underneath the spray of water.

She washed as she heard the bathroom door open.

“It’s just me, I left the clothes folded on top of the counter.” Cody calmly told her.

Bailey heard the bathroom door close as she turned off the water. She opened the curtain and grabbed the towel off the rack and patted her face dry and then ran the towel along her body, after drying herself she wrapped the towel in her hair. She unfolded the clothes and put them on.

After she finished she opened the door and peeked outside and noticed the hall was empty. She stepped out and walked down the hall some more and saw two more doors.

One on the left and one on the right and walked towards the right, she slowly opened the door and peeked inside. It was well organized and pretty much empty; it didn’t look like a normal bedroom. This must be the guest room, she thought. She stepped inside and immediately walked over to the bed and climbed on top of it and laid down. She rested her head on the pillow as she turned onto her side and quickly fell asleep.

When Cody got up stairs he wondered where Bailey went off to as he noticed the bathroom door opened with the light off. Where was she? He walked towards the guest room and quietly opened the door and didn’t see her in there. He closed the door and walked across the hall and slowly opened his bedroom door.

Cody sighed as he saw Bailey lying on top of his bed, curled up on her side. She must be exhausted, he was glad that she was tired enough to sleep. She looked so tiny in his bed, so vulnerable as she slept there. She looked different then the last time he’d seen her, her face was more rounder, her hair longer then the short he usually saw on her. He missed the short hair; he wondered is she was ever going to cut it again.

When she was younger her hair was longer then what it was now and he loved it that way, then she joined the Army and cut it to her jaw line, it looked lovely on her and over time he grew to love the new look and now it looked like she was trying to grow it out again now that she was done with the Army.

His gaze lingered lower onto her breasts; he hasn’t seen those since she was seventeen. He couldn’t help but wonder if he’d get a chance to see them again. He wanted to curse to himself from having that thought about her. She was almost killed tonight and here he is standing by his bed and looking down at her like a pervert.

He sighed as he walked to his walk in closet and pulled out a soft quilt and laid it on top of her, she stirred the slightest bit and then sighed and hugged to covers to her chest.

He kissed her forehead softly and then walked out of his bedroom. Cody walked down the hall and pulled out his gun as he did a sweep of the house. After making sure all the windows were closed and the alarm was on he went up stairs and into the guest bedroom and tried to sleep, he knew he wouldn’t because of what happened with Bailey, he still needed to try though if he was going to protect her.

He awoke to soft whimpering and immediately sat up because he knew it was Bailey. He got out of bed and walked over to his room and peered inside. She was all over the place, moving her head back and forth as she whimpered. She was having a nightmare he realized. A really bad one from the looks of it, she cried out.

“Stop, please,” she whined. “Don’t touch me,” she cried as her head kept moving.

God, he didn’t want to believe she was rapped. She wasn’t just having a nightmare she was having a horrible memory. Of all the ones she could have remembered, she was remembering this one.

He slowly walked over to her as she continued whimpering, he was honestly afraid to wake her up, he didn’t know how she was going to react. He turned on the lamp on the nightstand so she wouldn’t be as scared when she woke.

“Bailey, wake up.”

He stood there right next to the bed as he looked down at her. He knew this wasn’t going to work but he still had to try, he was going to have to shake her awake.

He leaned down and softly shook her shoulder, “Bay, wake up.” He softly told her.

She still whimpered as he shook her shoulder. “Bailey,” he said louder.

She stirred somewhat but she wasn’t waking up, her sobs filled the room now, he couldn’t stand it anymore. She was suffering every second of that dream.

“Bailey,” he yelled as he shook her harder.

She awoke and her fist went flying almost hitting him in the jaw. She thrashed beneath him as he tried gripping her arms. After getting a hold on them he ordered her to look at him.

She realized it was him and stopped. She began crying as she looked up at him.

“I’m sorry,” she sobbed.

He watched as her body began to shake as she sobbed, he let go of arms and sat down on the bed and pulled her to his body.

They sat there for quite a while as her sobs died down. He stayed there another five minutes and then eased her away. He wanted to stay but he couldn’t he knew he should go back into the guest bedroom.

“You should try and get some sleep now,” he softly told her as he stood up.

“Where are you going?” she softly whispered.

“Back into the other room,” he grabbed the quilt off the bed and threw it over her body as she laid down.

“Don’t leave me,” she whined. “Please sleep with me; just lay here in the bed. I need to know I’m not alone.” She softly told him.

“I shouldn’t,” he walked towards the bedroom door and was almost outside the door before she pleaded once more.

He sighed, he knew he shouldn’t be doing this but he couldn’t deny her request. “I’ll be right back,” he softly said.

When he came back into the bedroom she was actually under the covers, waiting for him. She watched him as he laid his gun on top of the nightstand, her gaze never lingered on it, and he found that odd. Shouldn’t she be scared that he even had a gun?

He looked down at her and hesitated as she looked back up at him with pleading brown eyes. He sat down on the bed as he looked at her and then eased his legs under the covers.

Cody laid down and then turned to his side and was met her face. She stared him in the eyes for almost a minute; it looked like she wanted to be closer to him.

“Come here Bay,” he softly whispered.

He was right; she immediately moved closer, she laid her head against his arm as she snuggled closer against his chest. He felt her hot breath as she sighed.

Fuck, he forgot he wasn’t wearing a shirt, just a pair of shorts. She rubbed her face once more against his chest as she settled herself. He tried to ignored the hard nipples he felt against his chest and abs. She was aroused by this, not what he would like to know, he didn’t want her feeling that way.

They laid there for quite sometime before she finally fell asleep once again. He hadn’t pictured sleeping like this, not in bed with Bailey, he hated that he was here in the first place. It was that dream that bothered her; it was that dream that kept her from sleeping till her body couldn’t stand it any longer and fell asleep.

She was raped, he was sure of it and once he found out who it was they were dead. He wondered how anybody could harm such a sweet girl. He ignored the single tear that ran down his nose and onto the pillow. He hugged her closer to his body as he sighed.

Bailey awoke to a hard body up against hers, well she was up against it, she thought. She felt a hand softly stroking her thigh. Where was she? Who was in bed with her?

She thought back and realized she was at Cody’s house, in his bed. Which meant he was in bed with her, why?

She then remembered waking up from that horrible dream and then begging him to sleep with her and that’s what he was doing right now. The stroking continued as she snuggled closer to him, then it stopped. She realized she shouldn’t have moved.

“You’re awake?” he softly asked.

She nodded against his chest. She lifted her hand and ran it along his chest. She felt that stirring again; she remembered feeling this but a long time ago. She wanted him she realized, a guy she couldn’t remember and she wanted him. They must have been something more if her body was reacting this way towards him. Maybe they were once lovers?

“I’m sorry for last night,” she whispered against his chest as she continued to touch him.

“For?” he softly ask as he began to stroke her thigh once more.

“For begging you to stay with me, I usually don’t have a problem with that nightmare. It just takes me longer to fall right back to sleep but I was also scared because of what happened last night and I didn’t want to be alone.”

“Its fine, I’m glad I can ease you somewhat.” He sighed. “Do you mind telling me about the nightmare?” he softly asked as his finger glided over her waist.

She stopped touching his chest and just laid there. She didn’t want to tell him about it, she hated to think about it. It was a horrible dream and Bailey sometimes felt it was real but it couldn’t be, right?

“I don’t remember,” she lied.

Cody knew she remembered she just didn’t want to talk about it. He would give her time but only so much.

“Ok,” he simply told her as he stopped touching her and got out of bed.

“Where are you going?” Bailey didn’t like the sudden distance. She couldn’t help but think if she talked about it he would still be in bed with her.

“We have a lot to figure out today, we should get out of bed,” he walked to the bathroom and then disappeared.

The only thing Bailey noticed was the bulge in his shorts. She wondered why she didn’t feel that when they were in bed, maybe she did but didn’t realize it. He wanted her just as bad as she wanted him, she wondered how long that was going to last before they actually had sex.

Bailey heard the shower go on and figured now was her chance to get out of bed. She was actually really hungry, she got out of bed and fixed her shirt she was wearing, it was actually pretty long on her. It made sense though since Cody was tall.

She was almost to the bedroom door when she heard the shower turn off. What the hell? He was already done with his shower? Bailey needed at least thirty minutes when ever she showered.

She closed the bedroom door behind her and then walked down the hall and used the bathroom.

After using the bathroom she went down stairs and walked into the kitchen and found Cody turning on the stove. He was cooking breakfast, something she wanted to do.

“I hope your hungry,” he told as he whipped eggs in a cup.

“I…I was hoping to make breakfast for you as a thank you,” she sat at the kitchen table and watched him cook.

He now had pancakes cooking in the pan, bacon in another, then the scrambled eggs. He must be a really good cook, she thought. When Bailey cooked it was one thing at a time or just two if she could handle it, sometimes she just didn’t bother with cooking and ate out all the time.

“No need, I’ll make it for you.” He turned around and smiled at her, “Still like your eggs scrambled with bacon?” he asked her.

“Y-yes,” how did he know that? That was the only way she had her eggs and she didn’t like sausage.

“How well do we no each other?” she wondered, she had to ask. She wanted to know what else he knew about her since her brother didn’t seem to want to tell her.

“Not well, I haven’t seen you in a while.” He could be honest; he just wouldn’t tell her the details of the reason.

“So I’m not sure how you’ve been the past seven years or so.”

Bailey sighed; she was disappointed to hear that answer. Then she realized something, they must of none each other when they were younger, no way had they gone to the same high school. “So we knew each other in high school?”

Bailey saw his hand stop moving, so she was right.

“You could say that,” he had no idea how she made that jump.

“How well did we know each other?” she asked, she was now on the edge of her chair.

“What are the chances of you actually remembering the past eight years?” he asked as he began cooking again.

“Slim to none, why?” she asked, she didn’t like that he asked that.

“To answer your question no we didn’t really now each other we were in different grades and you weren’t let us say popular,” he laughed.

She didn’t like that answer either, though she had the feeling he was lying.

“You were what popular?” she asked him a bit annoyed because she wasn’t getting anywhere with this.

“Yeah actually I was, one being I was a jock and the other my accent.”

Bailey watched as he finished up and started putting the food on different plates.

“But you don’t have an accent,” she pointed out.

“Oh I do, I just hide it very well now and you can’t even tell I was foreign.”

“You’re foreign?” she asked confused.

“I guess was, but I’m American now and have been for a long time. After I was born my parents along with my cousin, aunt and uncle moved to America and became Americans.”

“In my house hold I grew up using French and used English when I was out in public, it was a bit hard but I managed. When I spoke English I couldn’t really get rid of the accent I grew up with and now being what I am I’m able to hide it. You can’t even tell can you?”

Bailey couldn’t to be honest; it was hard to believe he even knew French.

“No, I can’t. So you’re fluent in French?”

“Yes, but it rarely comes out.” he told her with a smile as he brought her a plate of food.

“Why is that?” she asked as she stared at the plate of food in front of her. God, she was starving and it smelt so good.

Bailey heard him softly laugh, she didn’t bother looking up at him she was to busy stuffing her face with food.

“I won’t tell you how, maybe you’ll find out later.” He sat down across the table and he began eating as well.

She would maybe find out later? What did that mean?

She finished her food before him and walked over to the kitchen sink and started to wash the dishes. When she turned around to look at him he was giving her a dirty look. She laughed and continued washing. She needed to do something; it felt rude to her that he was doing this for her and she was giving nothing back in return.

After she finished she sat back down at the table and watched him, he looked at her a few times as he continued to eat.

“I have a question?” she told him as she looked down at her hands.

Cody noticed that she was getting nervous, he wondered what kind of question it was. To be honest he really didn’t want to know.

“Go ahead.”

He watched her and noticed a slight change when she asked, “What are we going to do about my clothes. I can’t wear this.”

She changed her question; he knew that wasn’t what she was going to ask. Now he was curious to what she really was going to ask.

“Already thought about that, I’ll take you shopping after I’m done eating.” He finished his food and got up and walked to the sink.

“I can’t go back home for some clothes?” she quietly asked.

“You’re not going back there.”

Ok, wrong thing to ask, she told herself. He was mad now.

“I’m sorry it’s just I don’t have money on me,” she sighed heavily as she stood up.

“It’s fine; I’ll buy everything it’s not a big deal.” He told her as he walked out of the kitchen.

Bailey followed behind him, “I’ll pay you back after everything is done. So what am I to wear when we leave?” she asked.

“You’re not paying me back and you can wear the shirt, and the jeans you wore yesterday.”

“What about my corset?” she asked.

“Yeah about that, apparently that’s not supposed to be washed in the washer.”

“Why do you mean?” she managed to ask.

She stopped in the hall way, he didn’t ruin it. God, please tell me he didn’t ruin it. Her eyes began to water; her mother bought that corset for her. Blake told her it was a birthday present and she wasn’t supposed to get it till she came back from deployment and then her parents died in a car crash. That corset was the last thing her mother got her.

“It kind of got ruined,” he said, he noticed Bailey wasn’t following him anymore, he turned around and hated what he saw, she was on the verge of crying.

“What? You ruined it?” she cried. “My mother bought that for me.”

Cody felt horrible now, he didn’t know and he was the reason for Bailey’s tears right now.

He closed the distance between them and hugged her to his chest as she sobbed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

They stood there as she cried; he didn’t know what to do. How was he going to fix this? He couldn’t buy her a new one, it wouldn’t be the same.

“I’m sorry Bay,” he whispered against her head.

“It’s fine,” she cried.

Bailey knew there wasn’t anything she could do about it and she knew it was an accident. She couldn’t be mad at him; it hurt though to know she couldn’t wear it anymore.

“Come on, let’s leave already.” She let go of him and walked into his bedroom as she wiped her tears away.

Cody knew it wasn’t fine, but there wasn’t anything they could do about, she must have realized that. He followed her into his bedroom and continued walking to his walk in closet; he walked back out and tossed her jeans to her.

“I don’t have panties,” she pointed out.

Cody snorted, “You weren’t wearing much of anything under those jeans last night.”

“Here,” he tossed her thong to her and watched her blush as she caught it. “Change in the bathroom.” He walked back into his closet and changed as well.

Bailey closed he door behind her and slipped off the boxer and put on her thong and jeans. She loved how tight they were when she first put them on. She looked in the mirror and sighed, the shirt was too big. She bent down and looked through the drawers and found scissors. She quickly realized what kind of shirt it was, she looked back up at the mirror and saw USMC across her breasts. United States Marine Corps is what it stood for. Why did he have this kind of shirt?

She cut all the way around it till it was just a few inches past her hips, then she cut the side seam a little and then laid the scissors on the counter. She grabbed the lose corners and tied it into a knot.

The shirt looked five times better and it kind of looked like it fit her. She walked out of the bathroom and heard him laugh.

“Fair enough since I ruined your corset.” He smiled.

She ignored that, “You were a Marine?” she asked him as she handed him his boxers.

“Yeah I was and then I wanted to be SEAL.” Cody sat down on the edge of his bed and to started to put on his shoes.

“Is that how you met my brother?” she asked him as he stood.

“Not quite, we went to high school together, remember?” he grabbed his gun and settled it against his lower back and then walked back into the walk in closet and grabbed her stilettos.

“So we all knew each other in high school. Then he joined the navy to become a SEAL and you joined to become a Marine, and then decided you wanted to become a SEAL and met up with my brother again?”

“Yes,” he softly laughed, “And you joined the Army right after you graduated high school and served almost six years before they discharged you.”

What? “What do you mean I served almost six years?” she questioned him. Blake told her she served four years.

Cody wasn’t sure how to answer that, “How much do you know about your old life?”

“Honestly not much, Blake won’t tell me anything and he lied to me about how much time I served, he told me four years.” She was pretty pissed now, what else has he been hiding from her?

“I have no idea why he’s lying but you served almost six before…..what happened.” He didn’t know what to say, he didn’t want to say accident because it wasn’t she nearly died, she did die and it was miracle that she was alive. Now she’s dealing with someone trying to kill her, maybe this was tied together since the job wasn’t done in Afghanistan.

“Bailey what happened in Afghanistan?” he softly asked her as he sat back down on the bed, right next to her as she put on her stilettos.

She sighed as she sat up; she remembered clearly, that was another nightmare she had.

“We were doing a routine, the usually check we did everyday before we turned in. Out of no where we were under fire. My buddy got injured so I went back for her, I couldn’t leave her,” she tried to steady her breathing but knew it was no use; she was going to end up crying.

“I couldn’t get back to her fast enough,” Bailey cried. “I had to wait, there were too many bullets flying in different directions, I waited too long. She was already gone by time I got to her. I was the only one who tried, what ever happened to never leave a man behind?”

“I couldn’t really pick her up because of the exhausting day we had so I dragged her as far as I could while I shot back. I got hit in the leg and fell; it was the most agonizing pain I felt. I couldn’t drag her, so I left her.” she turned her head and looked at Cody, “I left her,” she cried.

“I’m sorry but you did what you had to,” he pulled her to his chest as she cried.

“Somebody was near by and saw us, he helped me. He picked me up and threw me onto his back; I remember screaming as I felt pain on my neck. He then dropped me; I think he got shot in the leg as well. I remember looking up, staring at the sky as I felt warm liquid running down my neck. Then I saw two people in front of me, yelling only I couldn’t hear them, I remember crying out for Blake only he wasn’t coming for me.” Bailey sobbed.

Cody hugged her tighter as she soaked his shirt, he didn’t know it was that bad. He knew there was guilt in her; she wasn’t going to let it go even if she tried there would still be some amount still left.

“You don’t need to tell me the rest,” he voice hoarse from the emotion that was running through him, he felt so bad for her, he wanted to take away all that pain she felt.

The rest he knew what happened, he read the report. He was at the hospital with Blake when she was in surgery. The bastards who had saved her from more firing decided they weren’t going to wait for the medic and took off her helmet to get better access the her neck wound, it wasn’t bad all they had to do was put enough pressure and it would have been fine. After taking off her helmet they sat her up against a building and tended to her wound and in the process a bullet grazed her temple.

She died on the table and they some how managed to bring her back. Now there is someone else trying to take her out again and this felt like it was connected to what happened when she was deployed, something else happened in Afghanistan, he was sure of it. He was going to have to make contact with Blake. It looked like they weren’t going to go anywhere today not when she was like this.

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