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The mortician meets a young lady who had an unfortunate encounter with a burglar. Next, he deals with a recently depregnated lady

The life squeezed from you
No more the virgin you were
I am breathless too

The next case is a murder/rape victim. Usually, victims of foul play would be autopsied and arrive with stitches and blood all over, which is a major turn off for me. Fortunately in the case of A., the culprit was arrested and confessed just hours after the crime, removing the need for an autopsy. A. was a 19 year old girl who was surprised at home by a burglar. The burglar strangled her with a belt and left her dying on the floor of her room. Before leaving, he apparently felt aroused by her open mouth and hot body and thus stripped and raped her body. An hour later, her boyfriend arrived to find her dead and half naked on the floor and attempted CPR on her in vain. (I'm sure he knew she was beyond hope but did mouth to mouth and chest compressions because she was just too sexy).

When I saw her for the first time, I immediately understood why she was raped. The police have delivered her to me in the state where she was found. Meaning that she was topless except for a black bra that was half torn and dangling, revealing a shapely breast. Her pants and underwear were also pulled down to her knees and her vagina looked torn and bloody. She had no other visible injury except for a reddish strangulation mark around her neck and her oxygen deprived bluish face and lips. Despite my instant arousal, I remembered the warnings my mentor Mr. M. gave me about rape cases so I held back and was happy to kiss her on her cold lips, brushed her long hair and fondle her breasts. I also tried giving her mouth to mouth resuscitation. Obviously, I was too late to achieve anything except fill her dead lungs with air and watching her breasts rise and fall beautifully with my breaths. Soon however, I was overcome with lust as I attempted the post mortem resuscitation. I stripped off my pants and penetrated her dead body several times. She was tight despite being brutally raped and I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of her teeth and tongue against my penis.

When I had enough pleasure with her hot, dead body, I washed her, taking particular care to spray her bloody and semen stained vagina repeatedly to clean it thoroughly. I then dressed her up in the clothes that came with her, helped her apply some make up and styled her hair for her funeral. I tried to cover up her strangulation marks but it can still be seen faintly. I thought it complemented her graceful neck completely.


Sexy, filled with life
Sliced open, depregnated
Dead and bloody mum

Another memorable pregnant case was that of a depregnated woman. The victim was a lovely woman who was heavily pregnant. Apparently, her jealous ex boyfriend broke into her house one day while she was alone. He smothered her into unconsciousness using a cushion and then raped her. When she woke up and started screaming, he throttled her to death. Then in an act of depravity, he sliced open her pregnant belly, pulled out the dying fetus and left it lying beside the dead woman in a pool of blood and amniotic fluids. He was caught red handed by the woman's husband when he returned but it was too late save his wife and child. Both were brought to my funeral parlour where we were supposed to prepare them for burial. The husband wanted his prematurely 'born' son to be buried inside his mother so I would have to stuff the fetus back into her body. He did not want them embalmed as they planned to have a one day closed casket funeral. He only wanted me to restore her to her former looks so that he could see her in her full beauty for the last time.

I expected a bloody and battered corpse due to the violent nature of her death so I was pleasantly surprised when I lifted up the sheet covering her and found a stunningly beautiful woman whose appearance was only enhanced and not marred by the large bruises on her neck and a long red slit down the centre of her strangely deflated looking pregnant belly. She was only clad in a pair of bloody panties. Her fetus was in a bloody plastic bag next to her.

First, I had to repair the obvious damage. I pulled the open flaps of her torn belly together and stuffed the fetus in. I poured in a generous amount of formaldehyde to slow down decomposition.I then started sewing the gaping wound together with thick black thread. As I was doing so, a stream of whitish liquid started oozing out of her left nipple. She was lactating after death! I immediately leaned down and suck the leaking nipple. I sucked in quite a lot of sweet, cold milk as my hands let go of the needle and thread and started stroking her face and fondling her breasts.

After I sated my thirst, I continued sewing and soon, it was done. Next, I had to work on the throttling marks. The bruises were very dark against the pale complexion of her neck and I would not be able to cover them with a layer of foundation like I do for the usual strangulation cases. He must really have used all his strength to throttle her. I would have to massage her neck slowly in order to get the bruise to dissipate first. I then used both my hands to gently massage her bruised neck. As I was doing so, her head was moving around with the movement of my hands and she looked almost alive. She even gave a long sensual sigh as air from her last breath was released from her strangled windpipe. I could not help but to kiss her at this point while continuing to massage her neck. The thought of sex crossed my mind and despite the fact that she wa a rape victim, I had sex with her corpse. As I pushed in and out of her,careful to avoid rupturing her torn belly again, I continued kissing her and massaging her bruised neck. I also placed my penis into her open inviting mouth. She was quite good at it despite being dead and her throat bulged with my semen not long after. It was the first (but not the last) time I was given a blowjob by a pregnant, dead woman.

After an hour, the bruising had diminished somewhat. I was also quite tired and spent. I smelled my hands and could detect the faint smell of perfume, the last perfume she used before being attacked that day. Next, I pulled down her bloody panties and started spraying her with water to wash away all traces of blood and dirt. I also scrubbed her breasts and belly as there were traces of blood there.

When she was spotless, I wiped her dry and proceeded on with dressing her up in the maternity dress that was sent with her. It was a purple sleeveless top that was probably meant for her in the earlier stages of pregnancy but which fit her well now that she was depregnated. I also helped her put on a dark coloured pair of pants. I put on a layer of makeup to make her blue tinged face look more natural and also tried my best to cover up what remains of the throttling marks on her neck. Finally, I combed and styled her hair.

When I was done, she looked quite lovely, lying there pristinely and looking just a bit pregnant. I was sure her husband would approve and I was right as he asked for a few hours with her when he came later that night. I dutifully obliged and when he left much later, I discovered that her clothes and hair were a bit disheveled and the lipstick and foundation on her face were a bit smudged. I guess he, like me,could not resist the sight of his pretty wife lying there helpless and dead and I do not blame him.

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2012-09-24 01:12:49
Damn. Erotic but very disturbing.


2012-09-21 04:09:12
Thank you very much. The morgue is still open, more lovely corpses are coming in and their cases will be posted here and at the forum.

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2012-09-21 03:44:22
Leave him alone!! I love his stories so far plus this part of the site is for NERCOLOVERS and people who like/love them and their stories

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No......I'd rather not.


2012-09-18 11:34:33
the beauty and sexiness of a lovely female corpse must be seen and fondled to be believed. check back for more of my cases. the next one has something to do with a huge snake. . .

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