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Fucking a poliician's wife while he is away at convention
The next morning I met Melissa strolling Joanie. “Good morning, sexy” I said.

“Bill, we must talk. Yesterday should never have happened. I had never cheated on Chris and I feel so guilty. In fact, last night I would just suddenly break out bawling. Chris thought it was because he was not taking me to the Democrat convention, but it was because of the guilt I had for enjoying yesterday so much.”

I tried to console her, but to no avail. She told me we could never do that again. “Dammit, she was such a good fuck” I thought to myself.

Then Melissa said her Mom was coming to stay with her while Chris was away. She explained that her mom was a widow, and had been since Melissa’s dad had died almost 14 years ago. As I started to walk away, I said “if you change your mind and just want to talk, we can do that. We won’t have to do the sex–I just love your company.” “Thank you, Bill, that is a nice offer.”

Early the following day, my doorbell rang. It was Melissa, alone.

“Bill, don’t say anything–just listen to what I have to say. Last night Mom and I had a long talk and I told her about how Chris does not really satisfy me sexually, but that you do. I also told her you were old enough to be my father, maybe even my grandfather, but that you knew how to please a woman. Mom smiled as I told her about how you ate my pussy. She told me I was a lucky girl, that when she was 14 a 60-year-old neighbor could not get an erection, but that he could eat pussy, and he gave her much satisfaction. Mom suggested that I continue my relationship without guilt, and without telling Chris. She doesn’t really like Chris or his politics, so I think she is glad that I am being unfaithful to him. So here I am, ready to have my pussy eaten, and fucked, and also ready to eat cock. I hope you have some Viagra, because I am here for the day and I am going to try to fuck you into total exhaustion and hope you will do the same for me.”

I smiled and reached out and took her hand, leading her to my bedroom. We frantically removed our clothes and once again I reveled in the beauty that was standing in front of me, and the knowledge that she was someone else’s wife added even more to the excitement. Damn, I was going to fuck Chris’ wife so hard that he could hear it in Charlotte, NC.

Melissa sat on the bed, and I took her face and turned it to me. Her beautiful brown eyes were closed as I gently kissed her, then we both opened our mouths and our tongues went crazy. We rolled on the bed in a tight embrace, rubbing my hand on Melissa’s firm, beautiful ass. I rubbed her anal area with one hand, and put the other on her pussy. She was now panting hard and our mouths were almost fused.

I moved down to kiss her breast, and then moved so that I could go down on her pussy. The aroma was intoxicating as I gently kissed one of the pussy lips, then the other, and then stuck my tongue in as far as it would go.

Melissa grabbed me, and rolled on top. She pushed her cunt onto my face, and I began to lick and suck her like I had never sucked before. She was moaning for me to suck her, then she put my cock in her mouth and gave me a great blow job. Now she was rising up and coming down on my face, and I could sense her tensing up as she had a massive orgasm. At that time my own orgasm took over, shooting cum deep down her throat.

We turned face to face and began to kiss again. Her long brown hair gently ticked my face. We laughed and kissed some more, then joked about how wet the bed was from our sweat and juices.
Finally, we got up and took a shower and then had a bite to eat, never taking the trouble to dress. Then it was back to bed.

A couple of hours later my cock hardened up again, and we began to pet heavily. I turned on my back and Melissa straddled me, placing her cunt right over my pulsating cock. Her perfectly rounded boobs were being kissed and nibbled on, one after another, by my hungry lips and tongue.

Melissa had just pushed herself all the way onto my cock when her cell phone rang. Out of habit she reached over to get it while I was gently moving in and out of her pussy. She too continued to move.

“Oh, hi Chris, how are you?”

Apparently Chris had said she sounded out of breath, as she replied she was doing exercises.

The excitement of her talking to husband while sucking my cock into her cunt made me ram into her harder. It also was exciting to her as she was moving up and down with more motion. Shortly, she said, “Chris, baby, I love you, but I need to finish this bit of exercise so I will call you back in a few minutes. By the way, you would not believe how much fun this exercise routine is. Bye babe, love you” and she hung up.

Our juices were making a squishing sound as her cunt and my pussy met and kissed time and time again–then Melissa said “fuck me, fuck me Bill, I’m cuming”.

I fucked her, and soon she was having another good orgasm. I felt my sperm rushing down my cock, and thought about withdrawing it, but thought fuck no, she is married, and the dumb fucker she is married to deserves to have his wife carrying another man’s cum in her. Then deep into her womb I emptied my hot semen.

We fucked twice more that day, then Melissa went home.

Later that night we talked, and she promised to come over again tomorrow.

“Damn, “ I thought, this beautiful young girl does not know that this old fart cannot fuck like he did yesterday every day, Viagra or no.


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i agree that her mum needs a good fuck too

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