A belated addition to the ongoing story of sex and intrigue
I'm sorry it took so long to get this chapter out. I know where the next couple of chapters are going to go now, so it shouldn't take so long to get them done. I appreciate all of your comments, both positive and negative.

When the five of us arrived back at my high-tech home, the house seemed genuinely glad to recognize my presence again. I changed a few protocols in the house’s security system so that no one person could have unlimited, unfettered access through all of my security measures, even myself. The artificial intelligence network that controlled my house would now challenge visitors at key points, and require an all-clear message from me to access three security points in a row. My two young roommates would now be monitored for even subtle changes in brain activity. I had implanted some deep hypnotic suggestions that if they were ever under the influence of anyone or anything ever again, they would simply remove their necklaces and fall asleep until I alone woke them. By removing their necklaces, my personal security detail would be alerted. It was a built in panic button that required their constant biorhythmic input to keep from sounding an alarm. When the alarm was activated, my security team responded with professional zeal, as we had seen earlier tonight. It was as harmless of a defense as I could create for the girls under the circumstances.
“Please go to your rooms and remove all your clothing. Take a shower and clean yourself completely. When you are finished, you will join Adriano and me on the pool deck. Wear nothing at all. Mrs. Honeycutt, you are to join Angela and Theresa and follow those instructions as well. Are there any questions?” They shook their heads meekly at my question and then filed silently out of the room.
“Adriano, I have a question for you. Tonight is going to be a long one, full of carnal activity until I have exhausted all of my imagination to punish these three betrayers. May I inject you with a medicine of my own creation that will enable you to keep your stamina and desire throughout the punishment?” Adriano nodded in compliance. I knew he would, he’s a very loyal soldier of impeccable character. I left the room, returning with a small syringe. I walked over to Adriano and he extended his arm, rolling up his sleeve to expose his forearm. I pressed the quick-injection device to his arm and immediately a new strain of nanobots was coursing through his blood. These little devices would change his state of arousal to constant and aid his testicles in creating a massive amount of semen throughout the night. An orgasm wouldn’t tire him; it would revive and invigorate him. The two of us would be like bulls in a small herd.
“Come. Let’s wait on the pool deck.” I led the way through the house and when we got to the pool, I went to the bar and poured two scotches from my personal stock. We took our drinks and sat down on two adjacent lounges looking over the ocean. We sipped on our drinks and waited, watching the waves break on the beach and the wind stir the long grasses that grew in tufts along the shoreline.
“They are coming,” I said quietly to Adriano. “Do not be afraid to indulge in anything your heart desires with Mrs. Honeycutt. Do not leave any lasting scars, but feel free to have your way with her otherwise. Leave Angela and Theresa to me. I cannot have your mind clouded by thoughts of them when you are called upon to act. Mrs. Honeycutt is another matter. Do you understand?”
“Yes Sir. I have many things planned for Mrs. Honeycutt. “
I could access his mind and view his thoughts like watching a television program in my own mind. I smiled inwardly at some of his ideas.
“I know you will have fun,” I reassured him. “Ladies, please come forward and be appreciated.” The three women paraded in front of us, nude and shimmering with desire. Mrs. Honeycutt, tall and slender with small but ample breasts capped with erect pink nipples, had her blonde hair pulled back over her ears and stood with one leg slightly bent and slightly crossed over the other. Her pubic hair was a tight strip that brought attention to her pussy without being distracting. Though nude and vulnerable, she was still a killer and very dangerous. Adriano knew this but was not concerned. Adriano was her equal in many ways, including hand to hand combat. Mrs. Honeycutt wore diamond drop earrings, the pendant of my employ, and a wedding ring set that reinforced her title. But as I have explained before, she is not married and never has been. Her name is not Honeycutt and never was. The name came with the position and she had worked very hard to earn it.
Standing beside her was Angela, olive skinned, dark haired, flawless posture, firm teenage breasts. Her nose was straight and aristocratic, revealing her Castilian heritage. Her hips flared and her hip bones protruded slightly, not yet carrying the full firm waist of her lineage. Her younger sister, Theresa, was almost a perfect copy, only smaller and less developed. Together they make an uncontrollably alluring pair. As I well knew, they were irresistible.
“Mrs. Honeycutt, please bend over the table,” asked with a calm flat voice. She complied, pointing her shaved pussy and ass at us for our appreciation. “Theresa, Mrs. Honeycutt looks dry. Please wet her down with your tongue.” Theresa had never tasted a woman before, and after the betrayal by this woman and two girls, I was in the mood for some retribution. The night would be long and difficult as I intended to torture them by withholding their ability to climax until I was finished with their punishments.
“The flavor of Mrs. Honeycutt is the most erotic thing you’ve ever tasted,” I said in my control voice. With this voice I could hypnotize nearly anyone in only a few minutes and immediately manipulate anyone already infected with my DNA-wired nanobots. To an observer, there were no signs of manipulation. To my subjects, it was as if the voice was their own internal dialogue, not my voice commanding them at all.
“It’s perfectly normal Adriano,” I said to Theresa’s personal bodyguard and driver. “Theresa enjoys preparing Mrs. Honeycutt for you. It’s like she’s not even there when you look at Mrs. Honeycutt.” My suggestion blocked the vision that was causing Adriano conflict. He was sexually aroused at the sight of his nude thirteen year old charge lapping at the pussy and ass of his 32 year old sexual partner. I could sense confusion and guilt. My words removed the conflict and guilt and he no longer recognized Theresa as an object of desire. “When you are ready, Adriano, place your hand on Theresa’s shoulder and she will remove herself. Until then, observe and enjoy.”
“Angela, come closer.” The fifteen year old approached until she was beside me, facing me with her hands by her side. In perfect compliance with my instructions. “Sucking my cock will excite you to the point of nirvana, but you will not climax until I say you may. If my hands touch you, it will cause your orgasm to build, but you will not release it until I give permission. Kneel at my side and you may begin sucking my cock.” She knelt down, fished my cock from my shorts and began a long, deep stroke. She stopped before it went more than a third of the way into her mouth.
“Don’t worry, it won’t make you gag. You will breathe through your nose normally and be able to take my entire length into your throat. The farther you get it into your throat, the more pleasure it will give me. The more pleasure I feel, the more pleasure you will feel.” Immediately her throat opened and my entire length disappeared in her mouth. I could feel her throat milking my glans. As my pleasure increased, so did hers. She was already wishing she could cum and cum hard. That’s too bad, I thought to myself. You aren’t going to cum for hours. I placed my hand on her ass cheek, slowly caressing it. She involuntarily responded, pressing back against my hand, silently willing me to touch her sex, grant her release. Not yet.
Adriano stood and placed his hand on Theresa’s shoulder. She immediately stood up and moved aside so he could have access to the fresh wetted backside of Mrs. Honeycutt. The teenager’s tongue had caused her labia to engorge and her tiny assbud flexed and crinkled with arousal as well. Adriano placed the tip of his massive tool at the opening to her vagina and with a single violent thrust, buried it to the hilt. Ordinarily Mrs. Honeycutt would have cum at the mere intrusion of Adriano’s manhood. But she was under strict orders to enjoy and build to a massive crescendo, but never reach it. She shuddered and bucked, fighting against her cunt’s desire to explode and her command to not allow it. She slammed her hips back against Adriano’s groin, hoping to override her command control. Adriano loved it. He gripped her hips with his massive hands and shoved his tool in to the hilt. The head of his cock forced open Mrs. Honeycutt’s cervix and he shot his massive load of seed directly into her womb. Mrs. Honeycutt screamed in frustration. Too her it was the most climactic sensation, but she couldn’t cum.
Adriano withdrew, leaving a slimy trail of cum connecting his throbbing member to Mrs. Honeycutt’s cunt. Theresa moved to lick it off, but I couldn’t allow that. Adriano was never to think of Theresa as a source of pleasure.
“Clean Mrs. Honeycutt, Theresa. Mrs. Honeycutt can clean off Adriano. “ Mrs. Honeycutt climbed down from the table and knelt before Adriano, lavishing his cock with her tongue. Theresa lay on her back between Mrs. Honeycutt’s calves, then slid forward until her mouth was under Mrs. Honeycutt’s dripping cunt. Theresa lapped at the cum as it poured from Mrs. Honeycutt, forcing her tongue up into the slick channel whenever the flow slowed. The ministrations of the thirteen year old were driving Mrs. Honeycutt insane with pleasure. She shoved Adriano’s cock into her throat until her mouth was wide open against his Portuguese loins. The shot of technology I had given Adriano was performing as designed. He blasted another full load of cum down her throat and she bucked with pleasure, twitching and sweating with the urge to cum. Still her command control kept her from exploding. But it didn’t keep her cunt from pouring a steady flow of lubricating juices into the thirsty mouth of young Theresa.
Angela had locked her mouth on my cock, buried to the root of my groin. She bucked and twitched with her own unsatisfied orgasm while she also shared in the frustration of the other two women with whom she shared a neural connection. I brushed my hand down the crack of Angela’s ass and slid my fingers between her swollen pussy lips. She was burning wet. I spread her moisture forward, gently circling her engorged clit, now swollen and protruding like a small cock. I pulled some moisture back, wetting her brown hole. She bucked against my hand, eager to be penetrated. I pressed my slickened thumb gently against her starfish, and it yielded to my intrusion. Angela’s head began to bob furiously on my cock, hoping to get me to match my thrusts into her sex with the speed of her swallowing my length. With my thumb working at the opening of her ass, I spread her labia with two fingers, opening her cunt to allow the arousal juices to flow. I could feel her intense desire to cut loose right there. She was on the ragged edge. If I had wanted to fuck her ass, she would have gladly let me if it meant I would let her cum. Instead I released a torrent of orgasmic juices down her eager throat. Her rosebud twitched around my thumb, but I refused to allow it to penetrate her. I circled her clit one more time and her knees buckled and she fell to the floor. The suspense had caused her to overload and she collapsed, gasping for air. As she regained her composure, I knelt beside her and spread her legs grotesquely. I slipped one long meaty finger into her slick pussy and she immediately lost consciousness.
I stood, reached down for Theresa’s hand and pulled her to her feet. She locked her eyes on mine, eager to please me in any manner I could think of. I lifted her onto the table and pushed her back onto her back. I pulled her ass to the edge of the table and rested my spit wetted cock on her tender young cunt. I could hear her mind screaming for penetration and release. I rubbed the length my cock gently on her pussy, allowing the head to fall down between her cheeks until it grazed her rosebud. She bucked against it when it passed her vagina, trying to achieve penetration and her release. I could feel her desire and it made me want to lose control and fuck her senseless, but I restrained. I pressed my cockhead against her eager asshole, but didn’t enter her. When I could feel her relaxing to my intrusion, I would withdraw. My reluctance only fueled her desire even more. Finally my restraint had reached its limit and I buried myself deep in her cunt. One thrust, two thrusts, three thrusts, and on the fourth I was completely inside her. My cock long past her cervix was being doubly clutched by her clenching vagina walls and her sphincter like cervix ring around my cock head. I pounded her without slowing for fifteen long minutes. We were both drenched in sweat. She was completely at my mercy, gasping for air and moaning for permission to cum. I gave three vicious thrusts and filled her womb with my seed. Theresa passed out.
At some point, Adriano had put Mrs. Honeycutt in a similar position on the table. I was so focused on Theresa that I hadn’t noticed the pounding Mrs. Honeycutt was taking. Her blonde hair matted to her sweat drenched face. Instead of pounding her cunt, Adriano was buried in Mrs. Honeycutt’s gorgeous ass. Their combined sweat had made her asshole slick. He was a piston, pounding her guts with his cock.
“Cum on her face,” I suggested. Adriano immediately withdrew and grabbed her by her blonde hair, pulling her face to his joint. He pumped thick, hot sperm all over her forehead, cheeks and chin. The feeling of cum striking her flesh nearly made her pass out, but I gave her a mental command to stay alert. “Have a seat Adriano,” I commanded and he complied, happy to rest after those massive orgasms. I used my cock to rub cum from Mrs. Honeycutt’s face into her mouth. She sucked my cock, eager to swallow the cum and give me pleasure besides. When she was sufficiently cleaned, I bent her over the table and shoved my cock into her red throbbing ass. Adriano had opened her up, but I finished the job. I put thirty minutes into rearranging her bowels, one deep stroke at a time. She was gasping and drooling and begging me to cum when I finally plastered her colon with my sperm.
The rest of the night went much the same. I fucked the girls and Mrs. Honeycutt repeatedly. When I first saw the rays of the morning creeping over the hills behind the house, I felt I had my revenge and the girls had done enough.
“Adriano, you look tired. Why don’t you go into the guest bedroom and sleep? Two hours will leave you rested and refreshed beyond all imagining.” He rose, unsteady on his feet. The man was exhausted. I hated to mistreat him like that, but I needed his help in carrying out the punishments. He had performed well. Now my nanobots would perform equally well. When he woke up in two hours to drive Theresa to school, he would feel like a million bucks. No lingering soreness or tightness. It would be the most restful sleep he ever had.
With Adriano out of the picture, that left me with my three females. “Mrs. Honeycutt, for the next 72 hours, any time you hear me say your name, you will orgasm. If I touch your breasts, you will gush with wetness. If my cock enters you anywhere, you will climax until I withdraw it. Do you understand?”
She nodded.
“Mrs. Honeycutt, I asked if you understood?” She shuddered with a small orgasm.
“Yes Dr. David, I understand.”
“Please lay on your back on the table.” She complied. “Spread your legs.” She did as instructed. I placed my hand on her breast and her pussy gushed with juices. I pushed into her and she began to writhe and buck as her long pent-up orgasmic volcano finally erupted. I didn’t move a muscle, but she came in waves, like the surf crashing against the shore. I could feel her every nerve and synapse firing with pleasure. Finally I withdrew.
“Mrs. Honeycutt, you are forgiven.” She shuddered again with a mini-gasm. I leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips, the nose and the forehead. “Now go into the guest room and sleep with Adriano. When you wake, you will feel so refreshed and invigorated. You are dismissed.” She rose on unsteady feet, still reeling from the power of her multiple orgasms.
“Theresa, Angela, come with me. It’s time for bed.”
“Aren’t you going to forgive us? Aren’t you going to let us cum? PLEASE!”
“Not here. In the bedroom. Come with me. Both of you.” They followed me into the house and down the corridor to my bedroom. We all piled onto the bed. I lay between them and allowed them to snuggle against me, my hand brushing their olive skinned asses.
“You will cum grab my cock together and while you are grabbing it you will each cum hard. When you are exhausted, let it go and go to sleep. When you awaken, you will feel perfect. You will know I have forgiven you. “

Both girls grabbed my hardening cock and began to twitch and shake with their mutual release. To aid in their pleasure, I pressed one finger into each cunt and one fingertip into the outer ring of their rosebud. I was tired and even my nanobots were having a hard time in keeping me awake. I fell asleep, the girls were still making themselves cum. Eventually I am sure they exhausted their nearly limitless capacity for pleasure and fell asleep.

In the morning I woke fully refreshed and ready to face the world. I was also in the midst of one of the five greatest blowjobs of my life. There was a mouth on my shaft and another sucking my balls.

“Good morning Dr. David,” said a smiling Angela, withdrawing my cock from her mouth. “Thank you so much for forgiving us. We never wanted to hurt you. And thank you for killing those men who were responsible for killing our parents.”
I just smiled and nodded and let them continue with their appreciation. It is my favorite way to start my day.


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Congrats on these stories! I've been using this site for a very long time (longer than I have been signed up as a registered user F.Y.I.), and this is the first story that I have been more interested in the story than the sex scenes. I've been reading it because I love the story. You should really consider turning this story into a novel, though you may want to leave out the underage sex (not that it bothers me) or make them like 18 years old for the sake of the general public. I think that you could add more detail to the story and more background information. Like starting right before he started creating his inventions. But anyways, I honestly think you should make this story into a novel and get it published in whatever form or story you feel is best (my previous comments where just examples that I thought of in the moment off of the top of my head while I am typing this).

Looking forward to more!

Thank you for writing this,


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Wow..this is the hottest chapter Ive read in this story. I hope Adriano is involved again later.

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