A small short about infidelity
The following writings are based on true stories, and are actual reflections on some of the events that I am dealing with in my life currently. Names, ages, locations, and details of conversations and actions may have been altered in respect for the people they involve as well as your reading experience. Hopefully you enjoy.


And everywhere I look, you’re all I see,
Did you mean anything?
Can’t you see? You’re my everything,

And I was on the outside, looking in,
You know I want you, I want you,
(You’re all I see)
And I cannot let go,

I was on the outside, looking from the wrong side of it all,
You know I need you, I need you,
I can’t let that, I can’t let that go…

“You’re All I See” – The Word Alive

She lay down on top of me and gave me a huge kiss, and I breathed in her warm scent lovingly. My hands found the waistband of her panties and with an easy tug they had slipped over her perfect firm ass. She gave a warm giggle and kissed my neck and I felt her hand travel up and down my thigh until she reached my member, already hard from our few minutes of foreplay and prodding through the hole in my boxers.
It didn’t take much for her to maneuver her palm under my shaft and begin rubbing, a slow up and down motion which was made easy by the amount of precum that had already formulated at my head. She got up on her knees for a second and kicked off her underwear, then sat moved a little more so she could remove my boxers completely.
“This is the last night we’ll have for at least a week John,” her soft voice cooed in my ear and I shifted involuntarily as she took a promiscuous nibble at it.
“It’s only a week. No biggie. All I can think about right now is you,” I took a handful of her ass and squeezed as she giggled again quietly and put a finger to my lips.
“Shh… not so loud. We don’t wanna wake Mackenzie.”
“Of course not,” I kissed her again and rolled my way on top of her and spread her legs. My girlfriend allowed me access between her thighs, and even at seventeen, I knew it was the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen. I gently rubbed her slit with my fingers and she was wet with anticipation.

Without another word I pushed my way inside her, having done so before on several occasions. She gave a soft gasp and her hips moved up to meet mine as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down into her embrace. Her legs wrapped around my waist and I began to thrust. She made a small squeak and in spite of myself, I gave her a grin and teased “Talk about being quiet.”
“Mmm you shush. I could just as easily say no”
“No you can’t” I kissed her lips and pushed more inside her, beginning to pick up my pace ever so slightly. Her breath mixed in with our kiss in small portions, every time I pushed inside her I felt her chest move and moan but our kiss silenced it for the most part.
I felt her nails dig into my back, and the primal part inside me yearned for more. I kept the rhythm smooth but held my girlfriend’s hips as she met my every push. Her hands held on tight but our kiss broke as she let out a guttural sigh, and I tilted my head down to kiss her neck and chest. I began to sweat slightly and her hands roaming my back was heating up an almost animalistic reaction inside of me as I moved faster in and out, a large part of me loving the feel of her clawing into my skin.

It wasn’t long before I came, and I pushed deep into Lily, pouring my load into her womb. She gave a long soft moan which quavered down under her breath. I panted for breath for a little bit and then pulled out of her, lying on my stomach next to her. She rolled over too, and half of her was on top of me.
“Was I good John?” She whispered as if half scared.
“Amazing Lily.. you always are…” She kissed my neck and nuzzled in closing her eyes. I adjusted myself to be on my back and her head found its normal crevice between my jaw and my chest.
“Good John… I always wanna make you happy… I love you Teddy Bear…”
I gave the usual response “I love you too Honey Bunny…”

Now, I guess, would be the ideal time to stop and give a little background information.
My name is Jonathan Cervantes. I’m seventeen years old, about to become a senior in high school. I’m a few inches less than six feet tall, and I have short light brown hair. I don’t really care for my face but the one feature I have always liked is my eyes. They are a dark brown, but during and after being exposed to sunlight they stay hazel for an hour or so. Girls seem to love that. I work out constantly since my plan after high school is to join the military, another thing that has always attracted girls to me. But my girlfriend and I have been together for two years now, and I know there is no one else for me.

Lily (my nickname for her, her real name is Elizabeth) has always been my biggest supporter. Freshman year I definitely wasn’t the person I am today, and Lily was there for me even then. I joined the football team and gained popularity through there, becoming one of our team’s star linebackers. As I developed and discovered myself, I did go out with a couple of girls who turned out to be, well let’s face the fact, bitches. Shallow, boring, uninteresting, narcissistic bitches. But Lily was always my personal cheerleader and comfort. I guess like many of those stupid Disney movies, it just took me a while to figure out who was the one who truly cared about me.
Lily is what some people would refer to as corky. She’s barely toppling five feet, and her eyes are a lovely blue/green/grey (I know does that even make any sense?) They change more often than mine I guess, though neither of us have really figured out a pattern to it. She has possible the whitest skin I have ever seen on a girl, which honestly I absolutely love. I’m not sure why I’ve always had a thing for white girls, but truth be told I fall for them too easily perhaps. Luckily living in California, where I’m sure the rest of the world thinks the sun is always shining, there aren’t too many girls who can manage to keep a ghostly skin tone. She changes her hair so much I’ve forgotten the real color of it. I wanna say she has really light brown hair… maybe blonde? She doesn’t sound blonde… (Then again how does one “sound” blonde?) Lily’s that silly girl that I think every high school isn’t complete without, the one everyone calls weird. And I couldn’t love her more for it. Lily drew in the envy, jealousy, and hatred of a surprising number of girls two years ago when we got together, but since then everyone who gave a damn got used to it.

Lily lives with her older sister, Mackenzie, or Mack for short (I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t imagine “Mack” being a girl’s name. Mack…. Mack...). She’s twenty mind-your-own-business years old. I’d have to imagine that means late twenties, perhaps early thirties now. She is a tall redhead, I gotta admit she has a nice body, big enough tits, and don’t get mad, I’m pretty sure any guy just has to check out their girlfriend’s sister. Mack isn’t exactly a delicate flower though, she’s pretty tough and athletic, having done track during her high school years (also having done half the basketball team I’d heard, but never dared to actually ask.) Past Mack’s exterior though, which has frightened away many potential suitors, she’s actually really nice, that cool older sister, maybe it’s because she remembers more clearly what it’s like to be a kid. She allows me to spend the night with Lily under three conditions.

One: We’d better not wake her up, no matter what in God’s name we’re doing. I wasn’t around on week nights just to be sure if we DID accidently wake her up, it wasn’t as big a deal.

Two: Use protection, be safe, and I’ve been warned that if Lily winds up pregnant, it’s either gonna be wedding bells or funeral bells (California feels like Georgia with Mack around)

Three: If Mack finds out in any way that I’m mistreating Lily, it’s all over.

I guess those are reasonable conditions. I definitely have no intentions of hurting Lily, and Mack is actually fine with us messing around! Granted, her room is just upstairs, but still, I sometimes wished my parents were that cool.

This year, however, school was going to be different. The district had done something I considered retarded, and now the school admissions boundaries had changed. What did that mean? Unless Lily had a permit, she was no longer allowed to attend the same school as me. I wasn’t that bothered by it though, at least me and Lily could still see each other on weekends, and, as with the typical high school sweet hearts, we practically texted every waking moment of every day that we weren’t physically with one another.

These thoughts were just plaid script written somewhere in my mind. I knew them by heart, I knew them to be true, and they were of no significance as I lay there with Lily listening to her breathing as she fell asleep. My parents believed me to be spending the night at my friend’s house. Nick’s mom would cover for me, she knew how teenagers were. In fact it seemed like everyone knew how teenagers acted except for my parents. They would never let Lily spend the night, even though they liked her very much and thought she was a good influence on me.
I simply closed my eyes and freed my hand from Lily’s grasp so I could rub her back. Lily was already asleep but I lay there for at least another hour, doubtful of the future in the distraught ways which only seem to materialize at night. In the end, I found myself matching my every breath with Lily’s, unaware of my body fully relaxing, oblivious as my hand stopped it’s light motions on Lily’s spine, and drifted off to sleep.

The morning came as it always does, and I awoke early to Elly still resting her head on my chest. I had learned not to wait for her since she usually slept an hour or sometimes more later than me. I climbed out of bed, gently removing her from me and laying her head on the pillow, and searched for my pants, stumbling as I was still drowsy.
Having ascertained my jeans I left the room and went to the living room where Mack was sitting watching TV. “Hey John,” she greeted me without looking up from the screen.
“Oh uhh hey Mack,” I was still uncomfortable with, well, how comfortable Mack was with me spending the night.
“I’m sorry but I can’t have you lingering today, Ellie (I’m the only one who calls Elizabeth Lily by the way) and I are gonna go out on some family business.” I half wondered to myself why Mack was being so secretive; Lily was going to tell me everything anyway. But I just went with it.
“Sure thing. What time should I be out of here by?”
“Probably noon would be best. You still got a few hours. There’s some eggs there if you want ‘em, I made too much for myself.” I gave a quick thanks and went to go eat what was left. I knew Mack was lying, she was always kind enough to make enough for me, but I think Mack would rather you punch her than compliment her and call her generous.

I ate quick, washed up, and returned to my sleeping beauty, who was still off somewhere in dreamland. I lay myself down next to her and clicked on her TV, settling for a talk show. Although “talk show” hardly describes an hour of bleeps and accusations of infidelity and paternity tests, followed up with a lie detector and more bleeps. Lily was a heavy sleeper, so I knew she wouldn’t be woken up by my presence.

After at least half the show, I felt her stir. I turned off the TV and assumed the role of the perfect caring boyfriend.
“Good morning dear,” I said kissing her forehead. She smiled without having even opened her eyes yet.
“Good morning John,” She replied drearily and her arms ran around my back and embraced me. I happily returned the gesture.
“You’re going to some family thing today,” I reminded her. She was pretty forgetful.
“Crap I forgot,” she sat up quickly and tried to wake herself up. See? Forgetful. One of those flaws I find cute in women though.
“Relax, we have like two hours. You’re not gonna be late,” She smiled reassured and got up, fully naked from last night. She didn’t have the largest breasts but I still they were still of a satisfying size, but her ass was well toned and adorable.
“Well I still gotta shower and clean up, plus I don’t know if my sister will even let you go with us, and—“
“Mack already said I can’t.” I interrupted her before she could go any further. She stopped midsentence and looked a little crestfallen. Then her face brightened up slightly at seeing my sad expression (a result of hers) “Hey well I still have to shower, care to join me?” She took my hand and led me to the bathroom.
“Well if I must, since you’re already dragging me there,” she looked at me slightly exasperated.
“Fine, I don’t mind showering by myself,” she grinned and closed the door. I heard her start the shower. I knocked on it, “I was just kidding!”
“Oh NOW you were kidding. Doors not even locked smart one,” I tried the handle. Duh I would have heard it if she had locked it.

Lily was testing the water with her hand and stepped in, the water flowing smoothly over her skin and creating a thin layer held tightly to her body. Her hair (right now black with purple on the ends of her strands) flooded over her shoulders, and I stripped off my clothes and joined my angel in the shower.
The door was closed and steam started to build up. Lily began lathing up her hand with soap and then slowly spread it along her body. I helped, enjoying every feel of her soaking wet stomach, arms, legs, back, everything. She bent over slightly and gave her giggle when I rubbed the soap along her butt, taking my time to caress each cheek.
She turned and when we were facing each other, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me, running her foot up my thigh. Now in case you don’t know, I actually do have a foot fetish. Lily knew this, and when she did that my dick began poking her stomach and she laughed a little, knowing exactly how to push my buttons.
She whispered in my ear just barely over the hissing over the shower water, “tell me exactly what you want baby…”
“Mm you know I like when it’s a surprise,” I smiled and she kissed my chest and began lowering herself.

She wasted no time, and put my dick in her mouth, working her mouth back and forth. I watched her wet body, all of it moving in tune with her head, and I ran my fingers through her wet hair, she looked up at me with her perfect grey eyes. She worked harder at her job, getting my member deeper, pushing the back of her throat, but not quite in. It didn’t matter. The sensation had my spine tingling.
She reached down and tenderly cupped my balls with her hand, rubbing her fingers along the bottom and causing shivers in my legs. I knew I wasn’t far and groaned inwardly as her relentless mouth continued running her lips up and down my shaft.
“Lily I’m gonna cum…” she nodded her understanding but only increased her determination and her tongue began luring out my cum. I pushed my hips forward a little and shot my load into my Lily’s mouth. She took it in her mouth for a second and then let it run down her lips, and it stayed on her chin for a few seconds until the rushing water caused it to pass.
“Oh Lily baby, I got another one… I want more…” she laughed and stroked my dick, which had not waned much.
“I can see that. Any particular way you want it?” I thought for a second and then pulled her to her feet. I lifted her off the ground, and pushed her back to the tile wall. Her moan was immediate as the steam provided little warmth to the coldness now pressed against her back. She kissed my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist, trusting me now since this wasn’t our first time this way.

I pushed the head of my dick, which was now pretty sensitive, against her pussy, and she moaned in delight. Sinking my cock further in her love hole, she squirmed to try to escape the penetration as an automatic instinct, but was trapped by the wall and me. As I fully entered her, she relaxed and I could feel her cunt squeeze my member with full expectancy of what was to come.
I reached around to support her by her ass and get better leverage before I started pumping my girlfriend. She gasped and moaned my name frequently, and I squeezed her ass. My girlfriend never let me have anal, but I pushed a finger in her ass and wiggled it a little to get a response from her. She began moving her hips back with mine as best she could.
Before I knew it we were moving at a rapid pace. Her hips couldn’t match mine on her own, but with one hand in her anus and the other on her ass, I pulled her towards me as best I could on every thrust, and my already worked dick was working up to another orgasm.

Her legs were wrapped tight around me, and with one hard push I buried my cock fully inside her. Her eyes and mouth opened wide and she let out a long deep moan as I came, filling her pussy with semen. After a few moments I gently lowered her and she sat down as best as she could in the small shower. She spread her legs and I could see my white substance leaking out of her overflowing cunt.
She looked up at me and smiled again, and I smiled back.
“Mmm John are you taken care of?”
“Of course I am. But then again I can never get enough of you.”
Lily looked down and blushed slightly, then got up and put her hand on my cheek softly.
“Good…” she leaned up and I met her lips with my own, transcending into a deep love that I never thought I could lose. Utopia was concealed within the body of the goddess now in front of me, and I knew, I knew I could never find such a love with anybody else.


We finished showering and she got dressed up and ready to leave, so I spent time on the couch with Mack. Things were always weird, at least for me, since Mack basically knew and, in her own way, encouraged me to fuck her sister. She didn’t exactly root me on, but turning a blind eye to the situation was what at least I would call encouragement.
But we never discussed it, I guess that’s just because it would be awkward to be talking about some dude fucking your sister, so of course I never brought it up. I contemplated bringing it up, but then I thought, “Why the fuck would you bring it up?” So it never got brought up.
When I reflect on conversations that I have in my own head, I sometimes wonder if I’m sane.

In any case, true to my word I left at about noon with a brief kiss to Lily and a promise to call her later so she could talk to me all about whatever it is they were going to go do. Mack offered me a ride home, but I declined, mostly because I liked the long walk. It gave me time to clear my head. I began the treacherous journey to my house, only about three miles away. Yet still, five minute car trip, equal to a two hour walk. Wow. I’m pretty sure it had to do with all the turns and side streets but still.

The walk home uneventful, I was surprised to see a moving truck just two houses away from where I lived. The house had been vacant since the old lady who lived there passed away one night without anyone knowing for three days. Don’t feel too bad for her, she was the type that was cranky and overall just seemed to get a thrill of the way she was able to scare kids away from her lawn.
I walked up to my door just as my mom was heading out with my two year old brother, Giovanni.
“Hey Jonathan, we are going to go say hi to the new neighbors, wanna come with?”
I glanced over at the house where a woman was directing two workers carrying what looked to be heavy boxes out of the back of the truck. I didn’t really care, but with my mom it wasn’t really a choice.
“Sure, why not,” Together we crossed our lawn and went over to the truck where the brown haired lady was giving directions to place a lamp along some wall.
“Hey there neighbor, welcome to the neighborhood!” My mom called out politely as we approached.
“Oh hi! Thanks, we just moved from up north, out there by Sunnyvale?”
“Oh Sunnyvale? My husband has to drive up there all the time for work!”
And the two women began gossiping away at who knows what. My brother kicked out of my mom’s arms and ran over to the truck, staring at and entertained by whatever it was the workers were doing.
“Well my name’s Diana, the small one over there is Giovanni, and this is my son Jonathon.” I realized my name had been said and looked up real quick.
“Oh uhh hi, nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you too, Jonathon, my name is Lorena, and my husband Jeff just left to hopefully go find an IKEA so we can replace our shelves. My daughter is here though. Isabella! Come out here and say hi to the new neighbors!”

I turned my attention to the door and out stepped a girl, maybe a year younger than me. She had jet black hair, short enough to just reach her shoulders and pale white skin. She wore a tight black shirt, displaying the name of some band and her pants clung to her just as tight, leaving every one of her curves visible and easily distinguished. Her body had a certain tone when she walked, as if she knew she could get away with whatever she wanted. An air of undeserved satisfaction I guess you could call it. She looked extremely annoyed at being interrupted from whatever it is girls do when they move to a new house.
“Bella, these are our new neighbors, Diana, Giovanni, and Jonathon,” Lorena said nodding to each of us. Being the closest, I stuck out my hand, “How do you do?”
She eyed me almost contemptuously. “I know what boys do; did you wash your hands recently?” I felt my face flush and I retracted my hand, embarrassed but mostly frustrated that I couldn’t think of a comeback of any type at that moment. My mom laughed and Lorena looked shocked. “Bella! I’m so sorry, Bella you know that was rude!”
“Nah it’s fine,” I said trying to play off my hurt.
“See? Even he knows it’s true. I’m just saying if I’m gonna shake someone’s hand, they should at the very least clean it!” I couldn’t believe how easily this girl was talking down to me, right in front of her mother and mine. She looked at me and I met her gaze, deciding the best route at this point was just to discreetly give her the middle finger.
“Well it was nice of you to come by, we’re going to be busy unloading for a while and Bella here has just offered to help instead of just sitting on her ass all day!” Bella looked up and finally something had broken through her “cool” attitude. She looked like she was going to argue but a glare silenced her.

She looked back down and I snorted, trying not to laugh but I played it off as a sneeze.
“If you need extra help, I’m sure Jonathon is always willing to give a hand, aren’t you?” I turned to face my mom horrified.
“Well if he wants to, I think we can find him something to do,” I was trapped. I couldn’t turn down the offer to be helpful with my mom right there. Damn her.
“Y-yeah it’s no problem at all.”
“Good, maybe you and Bella will start to get along better. Come on you guys.”
“Gio!” My mom called my little brother and he ran, tottering back to our yard. I couldn’t help but watch him run and be envious of him.
“Well John, is it ok if I call you John? It is? Ok good, well John, you can help Bella unload her stuff. Just throw it in her room, don’t be careful, that’s what she’s gonna do anyway.”
Bella shot me a look that clearly said if I mess up anything of hers, I was dead. I stuck out my tongue at her. Childish, but effective. She prowled by me and began picking up boxes marked “Bella.” Seemed like a safe bet, so I followed suit.

Bella’s room was at the back of the house, well out of ear range and sight from her mother. As soon as I put down the first box in her room, she shoved me against the wall and looked me eye to eye. I found this to be an amazing feat. I had six inches on her, and I’m pretty sure I was a hell of a lot stronger than her. Nevertheless, she managed to make herself my equal.
“Listen dumbass, I don’t like you, I don’t really give two fucking shits who you are or your life story, and if our mothers are going to be insistent that we be “friends” then I’m going to just go with it, but I swear to God, you try any of that stupid bullshit that I know guys like you do, I’m going to kick you in the balls. Understand?” Her eyes displayed viciousness, so I knew she wasn’t joking.
“Guys like me? You don’t even know me!” Yeah I know, my ears zeroed in on that one sentence. Yay me.
“You’re a narcissistic, spineless asshole. I don’t need to know you to know that,” maybe the fact that she was smaller than me was catching on, because I decided to just completely ignore that.
“You know, I’m a really sensitive, caring, giving guy, and I think we can totally make this work if you’ll just give me a shot baby.” She stared at me in disbelief for a second, than pushed my back and walked away. “Fucking dumbass”
“Love you too sweetheart!” I called after her. I heard an disgruntled growl and knew she was still fuming for whatever reason. I laughed a little to myself. This girl played tough, but it was easy enough to dig under her skin and bother her.


The next few hours flew by with me entertaining myself by pushing Bella’s buttons. Just calling her “babe” or “baby girl” seemed to tick her off. I even slapped her ass once. The reaction was priceless. She looked like she really was about to tear my head off, but her mom walked in right there, and she stopped and could only shoot the nastiest glare I have ever seen. If looks could kill, I would have dug my own grave and laid myself in it.

That night I found myself laughing as I relayed the events to Lily, who seemed to not like the topic of choice as much, but participated in it anyway to show she was interested.

I was pretty tired that night, and couldn’t wait to just crawl in my bed and pass out. It had hardly been five minutes when I heard something rapping at my window.
To my shock, it was Bella. I opened the window to talk to her, “what the hell do you want?? You’re not actually gonna kill me are you?”
“I’m not gonna kill you dumbass, would I have knocked on your window to do that?”
“Good point. Still doesn’t answer my question. What the hell do you want?” She pounced in easily like a cat and was in my room before I knew what was happening.
“You like to play don’t you? You think you’re so clever,” she stalked forward, ready to strike at her prey. I couldn’t help but get a little nervous.
“What are you talking about?”
“Oh sure, you have so much fun when I can’t punish you for it. But I always get my way John, and you’re going to have to learn that.”
“Are you crazy? You’re not even making any sense—“ I was cut off as she pulled me by my shirt and kissed me suddenly. I was completely bewildered by this girl. She claimed to hate me, but here we were. Her lips had wiped out my brain and I was struggling to put the pieces back together.
“I uh, I have… err I have a girlfriend,” I stammered out after a few tries. She grinned and coyly taunted.
“Oh, so you’re a loyal boyfriend are you? One of those good guys? But I know people. And you my friend, are an asshole. You’re my favorite, thinking you know so much. Mmm but I’m gonna teach you a quick lesson that you’ll keep in mind.” She leaned forward, I thought for another kiss, but she had hugged me, my arms pressed down at my sides, and said words so soft it took me a second to register them, “It’s not cheating, if you’re not willing.” Before I could react I felt a cold metallic ring tighten around my wrist, and I was too slow in response because she had the other one on my other wrist. Handcuffs. Something I had never been in before. Until tonight.

“The fuck?” She shoved me on my bed and covered my mouth, climbing her sinuous body on top of me. I knew I should have screamed out, should have done something other than just sit there like the dumbass she claimed me to be. But that’s what I did.
“There we go. Now I told you not to try the bullshit that guys like you pull. But you didn’t listen now did you? So since you love running your mouth, let’s put it to good work.” She uncovered my mouth, giving me an easy opportunity, but I could only watch in stunned silence as she removed her tight sweats and stepped out in just her panties (black). She stood up and mounted my face, the fabric pressed tight over my nose and mouth.

“Yes John, why don’t you make more comments? Call me baby, and baby girl, come on John, where’s all that now?” She mocked me as she pressed tighter down on my face. I was suffocating, helpless, and, shamefully, completely turned on. She stood up to let me breath and I could see how she was enjoying this. “Oh you want the real thing don’t you? You can small me and you want me to make you eat my pussy don’t you? You don’t wanna say it but it’s so clear in your eyes. Well, I’m not one to disappoint” she stripped off her panties and lowered herself over my nose until it made contact with her cunt, and I could smell and feel her juices already flowing.
“Mm be a good boy, open your mouth and stick out your tongue for me.” I obeyed and she mounted my face, instantly smothering me again. It was uncomfortable to have my hands behind my back but her pussy tasted better than I would have ever imagined. She pressed down and my tongue found its way into her slit, getting a reactive moan from her. She clutched at my hair, even though there wasn’t that much, and began pulling my head up into her more so this way my tongue would get deeper. “That’s it baby boy, you know how to eat a pussy don’t you? Do it. Fuck my cunt with your tongue.”
And I did just that. There was some part of this I found exhilarating and all outside thoughts had vanished. I shut my eyes and gave in, fully servicing Bella with my tongue inside her. She rocked back and forth, and the way her cunt messily thrashed over my probing tongue only heightened my lust.
“Mm you like this don’t you? I think you’ve forgotten this is a punishment.” She reached down and pinched my nose, “don’t stop.” I was pushed beyond belief, unable to breath anything but my tongue kept its constant movement over Bella’s pussy, finding her clit and zeroing in on it. She moaned again, quietly, but I wouldn’t have noticed if she had been louder. She released my nose after a few seconds and I could breathe again, but the air around my nose was filled with the smell of Bella’s wetness seeping out of her vagina.
She gave a long moan under her breath and her whole body shook as she had her orgasm. I was shocked and unprepared as her juices spilt onto my chin and into my mouth, I swallowed what came and kept my tongue at its work, unsure if I was allowed to stop. Lily rarely had an orgasm, but when she did I was usually prepared.

Bella dismounted my face, and turned her head to look down at the bulge in my shorts.
“Oh my, I suppose you want me to take care of that do you?” She pulled down my shorts and my dick sprang out. She seemed momentarily taken aback by the size and width, which I admit was probably a little above average. Then she spit on it, and began rubbing with her hand up and down.
“Hmm, I would put it in my mouth, but I had no idea where it’s been. What to do, what to do. Can you think of something John?” I turned towards her shaking my head, for some reason still unable to find my voice.
“Hmm, what to do, what to do.” She continued stroking my dick, now wet with precum and saliva, and it was slick. “Ah I know” She turned around and I was surprised to see her position her feet right by my dick, standing straight up in the air. I had never had a “footjob” before, but Bella commenced giving me one, sliding the arches of her feet up and down my dick. With my hands behind my back it was all I could do to keep my breath steady and she watched my reactions with a wicked grin.

I don’t know if she had just guessed, but with my fetish I was extremely turned on, practically about to cum just from our experiences from the night so far. She let her foot slide down and used her toes to toy with my testicles, something I had never thought of letting a girl do before. She slid one foot back up my shaft, and soon brought the other one back up to resume the footjob. Without warning, I felt the tingling in my balls and knew I wasn’t far from cumming.
Finally my voice was able to vocalize, “Bella… Bella I’m gonna… you know…”
“Oh perfect” she began moving her feet up and down faster, and her pretty toes captivated me and I couldn’t help it I came hard shooting up in the air, some landing on my stomach, but most of it landing on her perfectly pedicured toes. She spun around on the bed and didn’t warn as she put them in my mouth.

Completely humiliated, I had no choice but to clean my own sperm off of Bella’s feet. She laughed a little the whole time, but I did suck her toes clean. Finally she leaned down and licked off the cum from my stomach, tracing her tongue up and down. Then she got off me and began to get dressed.
“Now listen here bad boy, I know you enjoyed this, no matter what you may say. So from now on, you’re mine. Any night I decide to visit, we’re gonna do what I want. Understand?” I nodded my head dumbly, not quite sure if what had just happened had really occurred.
“Good. Now I’m done with you for the night, but you better get a good night sleep. There’s no telling what I’m gonna want tomorrow.” She rolled me on my stomach, released me from my handcuffs and by the time I turned around she was already climbing out the window.
I felt a knot in my stomach, half humiliated, half guilty at what had just happened. I rubbed my sore wrists and turned over comfortably in bed, with a lot of uncomfortable thoughts on my mind.

Thanks for reading. I’m not sure if I should make this a series or not, so please comment and rate, I got a few requests for stories here and there so if you really have a story that you would like me to share (maybe not soon but eventually), questions, or just have something to say, send me a PM or an email to if this story gets enough good ratings I’ll write a sequel. Thank everyone :)


2015-02-24 07:32:32
" I work out constantly since my plan after high school is to join the military," He is also a star linebacker at near 6 feet. So the hero is a warrior and Bella could shot dead within a week in the real world.

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2013-09-14 22:53:35
its been like 9999999 years sense you made a story have you died???? MAKE MORE !!!!

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2012-10-12 20:38:05
This story is stupid. Should be tagged under "No Fuckin' Way Would This EVER Happen".

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2012-09-25 15:34:44
Absolutely amazing. Bella is such vivid character. Please continue.

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2012-09-22 13:04:41
Great story make it a series

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