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Mom wanted a sexy costume for her office Halloween party.
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My Mother As Wonder Woman

My mother told me that she needed to be a sexy woman for her office Halloween party. It was a couple of weeks away so she had plenty of time.

I suggested that she go as Wonder Woman.

I followed that up with the facts. Wonder Woman is a DC Comics super heroine. When she isn’t Wonder Woman she is Diana Prince. That Wonder Woman is a warrior Princess of the Amazons. Her real name is Diana of Themyscira. That she has her Lasso of Truth, which forces those bound by it to tell the truth, and that she has a pair of indestructible bracelets.

When she asked to see a picture of Wonder Woman, I pulled several up on my computer. Mom liked the one-piece bathing suit look.

Then Mom said, “I think I remember her now. Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman in a television show back in the seventies before I was born.”

Actually my mother was born in 1979 after the last original episode had aired.

A week later when I came home from school, Mom had on a robe and asked me if I wanted to see her Halloween costume. When I said yes, she opened her robe and let it fall to the floor.

There before me was my mother in a red, white, and blue one-piece bathing suite that was strapless. Her breasts were trying their best to crawl up out of her top. The lycra material squeezed her pelvic area and only brought more attention to her swollen pussy.

Mom asked, “Do you like it?”

I said, “Mom you look great.”

She blushed and said, “Thank you honey. I feel like I’m going to fall out of this thing. The only problem that I have found is that I have to get naked to pee.”

I then watched as Mom ran her hands over her breasts, over her ass cheeks, and around her belly. Then I watched as Mom cupped her pussy.

After several seconds she asked, “Does this make my pussy look too big?”

As a joke I knelt right down in front of her and held onto her ass. I looked closely as she giggled.

Then I said, “Well for one thing it sure makes your butt seem tight.”

She giggled again and said, “Thank you, sir.”

I said, “I don’t really know if this suit is making your pussy look big or if your pussy is normally this nice to look at.”

She asked, “Are you telling me that you need to see me out of this Wonder Woman costume to know for sure?”

The way that she had asked me that question made me feel that I should take her up on her offer.

So I said, “Well, it would help if you really want my honest opinion.”

Mom looked down at me, then I watched from a much closer position as she cupped her pussy again.

Mom said, “Okay! But we have to do it in my bedroom. I wouldn’t want anyone to see me spreading my legs and letting you feel me up down here. In my bedroom I can close the curtains.”

Oh my God, my mother was going to let me feel her up. Wow!

She picked up her robe, held my hand, and led the way into her bedroom. The door got closed and locked, the curtains were drawn, and the lights were all turned on.

Mom stood before me and placed my hand on her barely covered pussy. The material was smooth as silk, I could feel the heat that was emanating from her, and I could feel the dampness. In fact I could feel that she was even wetter down lower.

After about three or four minutes Mom asked, “Would you like me to remove this suit yet?”

All I could do was nod my head, yes.

Mom turned around and asked me to unzip her costume. The zipper went from between her shoulder blades to several inches into her butt crack. She slipped it down while facing in the other direction. Nice ass! Then she turned around and placed my hand back onto her bare pussy. Well not exactly bare but certainly uncovered and shaved along the sides. Correct that, the entire bottom half was hairless but there was plenty on her mound to tickle my palm. I liked the softness of her skin rather than the tightness on her costume. I slipped my middle finger into her moist slit and Mom did not say anything so I slipped it into her wet hole and then I said, “The suit does not make your pussy look bigger. However, your pussy feels much better without it.”

Mom said, “Thank you.”

I continued to finger her pussy as we discussed how I was doing in school, how she was doing at work, and then we actually discussed how we felt about what I was doing to her. Basically, we both enjoyed it a lot and wanted to go further.

Mom put her robe back on and started dinner. Later she sat on the couch and opened her legs for me while we watched some television. She told me that she really liked it when I rubbed her clit. I liked it too. I worked my way up to her breasts and she liked it when I gently pinched and twisted her nipples.

The next few nights were pretty much the same. Then Mom got dressed for her office Halloween party. She looked fabulous when she walked out the door with a long coat on.

That night I waited up for her return. Mom came home well after midnight. A woman brought her home and helped her into the house. She said that Mom had too much to drink and that a few of the men had tried to take advantage of her in an office. She had rescued her from the men and brought her home.

She resisted telling me the whole truth but in a state of consciousness Mom told her to tell me everything and then she drifted off again.

The woman, Mary, was someone that Mom had told me about frequently. Mary told me that when she entered the office that there were three of her bosses standing around Mom. Her costume had been pulled down to expose her breasts. She was laid over the desk with her head off the end and one of the men had his cock in her mouth. The other two men were grabbing onto her tits and squeezing them hard. There was cum in her hair, on her face, and on her breasts. They had not gotten around to fucking her yet but it was only a matter of time.

Mary had taken a couple of pictures on her cell phone and had suggested that Mom quit her job and have the three men arrested. She said that she would be Mom’s witness. After helping me get Mom in bed Mary stuck around and told me that she probably shouldn’t be driving home either and that she had just managed to get here. Of course a friend should not let a friend drive home drunk.

When Mary suggested sleeping on the couch I suggested that she sleep in mom’s bed. It was certainly big enough, they were both girls, and besides Mary had undressed Mom while I stepped out of the room.

I did however, glance back inside to see Mary sucking on Mom’s nipples and fingering Mom’s pussy.

When I asked Mary to send the pictures to my cell phone and then to my computer she smiled but she did it.

Then Mary said, “You know if you just want to have naked pictures of your mother, she is right in there. I’ll even help you get her uncovered and then cover her up after you’re done.”

She just smiled at me and then she said, “If you want to fuck her, I’ll clean her out afterwards too.”

I was stunned, I was thinking it over, and I was hard as a freaking rock.

I asked, “Why would you make that offer?”

Mary said, “Because your mother told me all about this past week with you feeling her up. She wants you to fuck her. That’s why she went on and on about her fat pussy until you got your fingers in her. By the way you give her better orgasms than she can give herself.”

She let that sink in and then Mary said, “I wish that you would feel me up and check out my fat pussy. I haven’t had a good orgasm in quite a while.”

Then Mary started to unzip her Batgirl costume. She looked good in black and like Mom’s costume it really enhanced her pussy.

I took her hand and I led Mary into my bedroom. I closed the door, I closed the curtains, and I turned on the lights.

As she pulled her costume down enough to expose her breasts I asked, “Can I take a picture of you too?”

Mary said, “You sure can but you can’t show them to anyone. How would like your mother and I in a picture together and naked?”

I smiled and replied, “Wow! I’d love that.”

Mary said, “Then get your camera.”

When she had peeled her costume off she stood there naked for me. I took two pictures instead of just one and she didn’t seem to mind. So I stepped in closer to her and took a picture of just her breasts…and then I reached down to get one of just her bald pussy.

Mary giggled and took my hand. We went into Mom’s bedroom and then Mary pulled the covers down for me. I took a few pictures of my mother and then Mary got in bed with Mom.

She put her arm around Mom, she kissed Mom on the lips, and she held one of Mom’s breasts in her hand. I took pictures of everything. Mary sucked Mom’s nipples, fingered her pussy, and then she kissed Mom’s pussy.

I could hardly believe my eyes when Mary got down between Mom’s legs, lifted Mom’s knees, spread them and then put her face right in Mom’s pussy. I almost forgot to take pictures.

After a few minutes Mary said, “If you want to fuck her I’ll make sure she is clean afterwards.”

I undressed and took her place between Mom’s legs. I placed the head of my cock just at her entrance, braced myself solidly on my two arms, and then I simply thrust my hips forcing my cock into my sleeping mother.

What a fantastic first feeling. It was a hundred times better than the way my hand felt around my cock. Her pussy was snug enough, more than wet enough, and so warm that it felt almost hot. I gave her a few jabs then I leaned down and sucked on one of Mom’s nipples. A few more thrusts and I changed nipples. After a few more thrusts I had to let go of her nipple and thrust into my mother like a jackhammer as I came and came like never before.

I rolled off from Mom panting heavily.

Mary said, “I got it all.”

I didn’t know what she was talking about until I looked over at her. She was holding my camera. She had been taking pictures of me fucking my mother for the very first time but hopefully not for the last time. One taste of pussy and I knew in my heart that I could never get enough of it.

Mary took my hand and we went back into my bedroom and got into my bed. I had sex with Mary two more times before I fell asleep.

In the morning Mom woke us up. She looked at Mary’s breast in my hand and asked, “Did you fuck me first? Tell me. I want to know that I got your virginity before you fucked her.”

I was speechless so Mom said, “I found your clothes on the floor in my bedroom.”

Mary said, “Yes, he fucked you first and then he fucked me twice. That means that it’s your turn again. Climb in with us.”

Mom dropped her robe, she was naked, and then she got under the covers and held my cock in her hand. Soon Mom swung her leg over me and held onto my cock as she dropped down onto it. Mom was fucking herself with my cock and I loved it. Mom loved it. Then Mary sat up and kissed Mom right on the lips. I loved watching them kiss. In no time at all, I was shooting gobs of cum up into my mother. She really was a Wonder Woman.

After that Halloween, Mary moved in with us and slept in Mom’s bed with me. We had a threesome every single night for years afterwards. Mom forced her three bosses to give her a promotion, more money, and more time off. They didn’t dare mess with Wonder Woman.

The End
My Mother As Wonder Woman


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Excellent tale, lucky young man.


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