A fictionalized true story although most ofthe fact are true some parts were embelished a bit to spice up the story. There was a guy named Keith and there was a girl named Laura and she was a bonified nymphomaniac. Some of the names and places were changed...
( Laura )
('The Little 'Nympho')
Fiction, Based on a True Story.
… Barbusie …

Chapter 1

( Meeting Keith )

My name is Laura, I'm 25, and living alone mostly, in a three bedroom Mobile home about two miles from a United state Army Basic Training Facility in the Heartland of the United States. My first husband helped me buy the place shortly after I married him when I was just 16. Some how he'd talked my parents into letting me marry him, and we started our lives with him joining the Army 'To get an education'. And to support our Bohemian lifestyle.

First off, I was born as Keith put it, a Hard core 'Nymphomaniac.' So much so, that his pet name for me was 'Little Nympho'. But the poor guy fell in love with me so bad, that he was willing to try really hard to accept me the way I was, in spite of my, 'Delicate Condition'. I was in love with the guy too. He was vary smart, he had an insane sense of humor and had a real natural talent. The guy could make me cumm real hard, and real good, most of the time. As long as he didn't drink too much, or had trained too hard in any particular day.

Now a little about me. I am a small girl, I stand about 5'2" tall. I have a slim build, and a nice set of up turned 32bs standing good and firm on my smooth unblemished chest. My nipples are like the erasers on number 2 pencils and the areolas are about the size of half dollars and will get kinda puffy and hard when I'm horny. Which is most all the time. My belly button is an inny, inset in a smooth flat belly with just a trace of pubic hair running from just under my belly button all the way down to my pubic hair, getting a little wider and a little thicker as it gets closer to my pubic patch.

My hair is long, strait, and dark blond, that Keith dyed to a dark brown. He said it made my light blue eyes stand out like Safire's set real nice above my pert up turned nose. My ass is, as Keith put it, a walking wet dream come true. Like an upside down heart, Not oversized but not narrow either. Nice, firm and squeezabley soft. Then he picked out my make up and my wardrobe and when he was finished, I did half to admit it. I did, as he put it, looked like a living doll.

I met the guy in high school while sitting in the cafeteria during the first week of my freshman year I was 15. Keith was 16, a sophomore, and was in different classes. That’s why I didn't see him till lunch time. And I didn't see him for the first three days because he and a buddy would sit in his buddy's van way out in the parking lot and smoke a little weed.

Then on Thursday of that first week I was sitting with a boy who was trying hard to impress me, and just boring the shit out of me with the corny jokes he was trying to impress me with. When I looked up at the door just in time to see Keith walk in with a paper bag in his hand.

My smile got bigger and for some reason I just couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He was sooo gooood looookin. Another reason that I kept watching him is he made my nipples tingle and my little pussy start to throb really hard the second I saw him. And no boy my age had ever done that to me before. The older men I had been with before did, but not a guy even close to my own age.

I watched as he sat at a table across from a good looking blond named Stacy and was talking and smiling at her. He was sitting about five tables away with his back to the wall facing me and I was facing him. I was wearing a short skirt and began to widen my legs in an effort to get his attention. And just like most guys his age, he did like to look around at all the pretty girls in the large eating hall.

I was looking dead at him and mentally telling him to look up and in my direction. It must have worked, because with in a few seconds he looked up and directly at me. He saw that I was looking directly at him. I smiled real big and opened my legs wider as I did. I was wearing white cotton panties and I knew they stood out like a beacon in the bright sunlight that was filtering through the large wall of windows on one side of the hall.

I knew he could see the display because I could see the bulge in his jeans as he spread his legs at me. Then he reached down between his legs, Looking at me as he did, and started rearranging his growing cock so it wouldn't be so uncomfortable sitting there with a hardon.

When I saw him do that, I nearly spit the milk I was drinking out all over the tray in front of me. The boy that I was sitting with saw me looking at Keith and got up and left in a huff. Stacy had noticed that Keith was getting interested in something else and got up as soon as she was done eating.

She turned to see what had captivated his attention and saw me sitting there shooting a nice wide beaver at her friend and class mate. She smiled at me and walked out of the hall and left. A few seconds later the bell rang and it was time to get to class again. The rest of the day all I could think about was this guy and his cute smile and that cute butt that I had watched walk out the cafeteria earlier.

The next day was Friday and I walked into the eating hall and stood at the door and looked around. Damn, he wasn't there. But I looked at the table he was sitting at the day before and his friend Stacy was there. She saw me standing at the door and smiled again. I went and sat down in front of her and introduced myself. 'High my name's Laura, mind if I take a seat?" 'High I'm Stacy, help your self." She replied. I sat down and we started talking girl talk. And then I asked. 'Who was that guy you were sitting with yesterday, is he your boy friend or something?"

'Keith? She smiled. No, he's just a guy I've gone to school with for a few years now. And he's my best friends brother." 'Really." I said. 'Why do you want to know?" Stacy asked. 'Cause the guy made me sooo horney when he came in, that I damn near died watching him. He is sooo cute." I confessed. Stacy giggled at my candor."

'Ya, he has that affect on a lot of girls around here, including me." She admitted. 'You think he's cute too?" I asked. 'Why don't you go for him?" 'Cause, he'd fall in love, and then he'd want to get married or something. And I really want to go to college and be a teacher. So we're just really good friends." Stacy explained. 'He's really sweet too. And the boy has got a wickedly funny sense of humor." She continued as I listened intently, making me want to get closer to him so much more.

'But he's kind of old school though." She continued. 'His grand-ma is Baptist, and he was raised catholic when he was younger, so if you want to go for him, I suggest you be a little conservative and don't move real fast. Let him get to know you and then slowly work on him. He's a horny teen-age guy, it won't take too long." 'And once you got him, be good to him and he'll give you the moon if he can."

I smiled at her and reached over and patted her hand and said. 'Thank you so much." I started to leave and Stacy added 'Oh, just one more thing that might help. He's working at Burger Chef. You might wanna try getting a job there so you can meet him and get to know him better." 'Thank you so much." Then she asked. 'Would you like me to introduce you." I said. 'No, I don't think I'm quite ready for that yet." I replied. I thanked her again and went to my next class.

That afternoon I walked to the Burger chef drive in and applied for a job. Giving the collage age assistant manager a real good beaver shot to insure his interest. And maybe get a job too. No sooner then I got home I got a call at about 5:00pm. It was the manager at the restaurant he told me to be there at 9:00 in the morning for orientation. At noon I had a job as a hostess and would be keeping the dining room and restrooms clean and tidy.

The uniform he gave me was a little short and fell about 4 to 5 inches above the knee. But as I looked in Moms full length mirror I looked pretty hot in it. I was to start that Sunday afternoon at 2 and work till 10. I had to walk because mom couldn't take me. She was about to go to work herself and was late, so at noon I headed out the door and began to walk the two miles to get to the Burger joint.

I got about two or three blocks from the house when a Green two door hard top 69 Chevy rolled past and slammed on the breaks about 200 feet in front of me. The guy put it in reverse and squealed tires backing up to where I was standing. When he got even to where I was, he looked over at me. It was Keith. He was in his grandma's car doing errands for her. He grinned and asked.

'Wanna ride?" at first I said, 'No, I don't have far to go to get to work and I don't want to get there too early." 'Well then, we can ride for a while and I'll get you there when the time's right." He grinned and wiggled his eye brows. How could a young horny teen say no to that. He reached over and opened the door and I got in. In about 2 minutes we were talking and getting along real good. Stacy was right about his sense of humor it was funny and really nasty at times. My little beaver was twitching and throbbing more and more as we rode around.

We went through the park and around the lake and through town a few times and at 1:30 he pulled into the Burger Chef parking lot and let me out. What he didn't tell me was he was supposed to go to work at 4 and work till close that night. I guess he wanted to surprise me or something.

When I went in I was given the job as a hostess which entailed cleaning and wiping the tables when the customers had finished and keeping the dining room clean and neat. On some of the tables I had to lean way over to wipe down the other end of it. I didn't know it at the time but when I did this, I was giving the boys behind the line a real good view of my panty covered ass as my skirt rode up over the cheeks of my ass when I leaned over the table.

Boys being boys, nobody bothered to tell me about my 'accidental' peep show till my shift was nearly over. They were back there watching me real close and betting on how long it would take for me to realize what I was doing. One of the other girls told me about it when I was getting ready to leave and I was damned good and embarrassed about it for a minute or so. Then I wondered how horny I had made the boys in the back. Because thinking about them looking at my panty covered ass was making me horny as hell.

When Ma picked me up she asked me how my night was and I just said. 'Real exciting, Ma." When we got home I spent the next half hour in the tub rubbing my throbbing little pussy through about a dozen real good toe curling orgasms and then went to bed wondering what it would be like to fuck all four of the guys that were watching me at the same time…

That next Friday Keith finally screwed up enough courage to ask me out on a date. He wanted to take me to one of the last drive-ins left in the state. And it was in Fenton about 45 minutes east of town. There was supposed to be a double feature playing. A couple of B Horror flicks.

I knew damned well that I was probably gonna get laid that night, so I dressed for the occasion. By Saturday night I was so fucking horney that I would have fucked the boy on the hood of his grand ma's car in the Wall-Mart parking lot. It was early fall and it was still pretty warm but the nights were starting to get chilly. So I put on a wraparound mini skirt that was held together by Velcro. Under that I put on my skimpiest nearly shear panties and topped it all off with a tube top that matched the skirt with a denim jacket over that. Then I put on a pair of sandals that were more like a pair of thongs.

Then I did my face not too slutty but a little more then a teen-age nice girl would wear. Then I sprayed on some special musk perfume that supposed to make guys get horny when they smell it. Hell, I knew damned well that guys my age can get hard when the wind blows at the right velocity.

Sitting there waiting for this fool to show up, my panties were already getting wet just thinking about fucking the shit out of this guy, and maybe a few of his friends too. Of course I'd have to wait and see what Keith was going to be like. I really hoped that he wasn't going to be a prude about sex.

At about 5:30 Keith showed up and met my Ma and my little sisters Mary and Pammy Sue. Mary didn't seem to think much of my date but little Pammy was all over him, asking him all kinds of little girl questions. At 10 she was starting to get really curious about boys and paid real close attention to any boy that I brought home.

She was just trying to learn how to act around boys and since I was her older sister, she figured that she could learn from me. Even though she can be a pain in the ass sometimes, she's really cute and I've been looking at her and getting a little hot at the thought of teaching her all about this wonderful world of sex.

We left the house got into his grandma's Chevy and headed to the drive-in. We talked about work and how I was really putting on a show for him and the other guys. And that he really enjoyed how I was making them act all crazy and all.

'Ya well, it embarrassed the hell out of me." I told him. 'But you looked so cute and innocent while you was flashing that cute ass of yours." Keith teased. I reached over and grabbed his thigh just above the knee and squeezed hard causing him to yell a little.

Then he looked over at me sitting by the other door and asked, 'What are you doing way over there? I ain't gonna bite you." Motioning me over with his right hand. I slid over and the second my thigh touched his, my pussy was on fire. I could feel my panties getting wetter. I placed my left hand on his thigh and right on top of his growing 8 inch boner.

He wasn't wearing underwear and he had his dick running down his right pant leg. He had his right arm around my shoulders and was driving with his left. We continued to talk and getting to know each other a great deal more. And I kept lightly rubbing and squeezing his growing cock through his jeans.

We rolled into the drive-in and found a spot in the back row. We sat there and kissed and necked for awhile till the sun started going down. Then Keith got out and went to the trunk and brought out a twelve pack cooler filled with beer. And put it on the floor board. He took out one and asked me if I wanted one.
I told him, 'I'd never had one before."

'It's never too soon to start. Here try one and see if you like it." He said with a grin. The movie started and it was actually a good one and we were more into watching the flick and drinking the beer then doing any real heavy petting. That movie came to an end after I had drank about three beers and had to take a piss real bad.

Keith was gentleman enough to walk me to the pisser mostly because he had to go just as bad. The beer was really starting to hit me pretty good and by the time we got back to the car Keith had to hold me because I was staggering and giggling so much.

But what he didn't know and still don't know is while I was in the pisser I decided to act like I was a little more shit-faced then I actually was just to see where and how far this guy would go.

When we did get back to the car we got in the back seat and continued to watch the movie. The second one was a real stinker, so we proceeded to feel each other up and tongue kiss the hell out each other.
I was still pretending to be drunk as hell as Keith ran his hand up my skirt and began to rub my hot wet pussy through my soaked panties.

He had my tube top down to my waist and was sucking and licking my titties and nipples real good as he was finger fucking me with my panties slid to one side. This guy was driving me insane and making me hornier then I'd ever been since I discovered how to make myself cumm when I was 8.

He got up and stepped out of the car and to the back of the car to take another leak. That's when I pretended to pass out laying face up with my legs spread wide with my skirt up around my waist. Keith climbed back into the car. He looked at me laying there for awhile. And then he began to tug my panties down, Then off. He just sat there looking at my naked teen-age pussy in the dim light of the drive-in.

I was fully aware of what he was doing but it was turning me on so much pretending to be passed out that I just kept doing it. Keith slowly lowered his head to my nipples again and began working on them as his fingers explored the sparse hair covering my naked little pussy. Till that night I don't think he'd ever seen one up close before. It never dawned on me that he might be a virgin.

While he was licking on my tits, he was pulling his jeans down and then off. He then leaned down and kissed me right on my pussy. He slipped his hand in and spread my lips apart gently and began flicking my ragging distended clitoris with his tongue. When his tongue crossed my clit I thought I was going to explode then and there. I quivered hard every time his tongue drug through my sopping wet slit and crossed my swollen clit.

The boy may have been a virgin, but he sure was a natural at eating pussy. The boy lapped on my gushing throbbing pussy like a dehydrated big dog. And yes, I do know what that's like. Keith ate my pussy for a good 10 minutes and made me cumm hard more then a half dozen times while he was at it.

It was so hard to stifle the screams as this guys tongue drove me over the edge time after time, over and over and over. Then he took a brake for a few seconds while he got into position to put his raging hard cock into my smoldering pussy. He spread my legs wide and aimed the head of his cock at the opening. He drug it through my swollen wet lips till the head of his dick was good and slick. Then he slowly slid it in, inch by agonizing inch, till he was in all the way.

He kissed me deep and long as he slowly pulled it out till just the head was in and then he sank it back in till it was in decent. He slow fucked me like that for about a minute or two and then he picked up the pace and got into a real good rhythm.

I wrapped my legs around his ass and still pretended to be half passed out. It was fucking great, and for a virgin, this boy damned sure knew about fucking, even if he never done it before. He must have gotten an education from somewhere. He told me later that he had read a lot of Penthouse Forum and just used some of the things he'd learned from that.

Thank god for Penthouse and other mags like it. If it wasn't for those magazines, there would be a lot of frustrated woman running around looking for a dick that actually knows how to fuck.

Suffice to say Keith made me cumm hard and so many times that I lost count. He had such a talented tongue and knew just where to put it, right on my buggy spot, which is what I called my clit at the time. At 15, I didn't know much about the terminology. I just knew that I loved fucking, anytime, anywhere…

I was a real nympho, and it didn't matter how old as long as they weren't uggoe's, it was fine with me. Like I said before, I discovered how to make myself cumm when I was almost 9. it was in the bath tub one night when Ma told me to take a bath and get ready for bed. Our bath room had this old and large Victorian claw footed bath tub, and for an 8 year old girl the thing was like a swimming pool.

It had this faucet that shot the water out with a good deal of force to about a foot or so in front of the front end of it. And as it was filling I got curious and wondered what the stream of water would feel like between my legs.

I was a little itchy there anyway. So I spread my little legs at the knees and slid my ass up under the pulsing water as it cascaded into the tub. What a fucking surprise. At first it shocked the shit out me, and I backed off. But at the same time it felt really, really good. So I turned it down a little and slid under it again.

As soon as the water hit my buggy spot I began to quiver and tingle. I threw my head back and let the water splash into the buggy spot. My breathing started getting heavier. And the tingling and throbbing was getting bigger and feeling a lot better.

Then I reached up and slowly tuned the pressure up on the faucet. I was in heaven. In about two minutes I was crying out as the waves of my vary first toe curling orgasm hit me real hard. I began bucking my hips up off the bottom of the tub and shivering hard as I came, and came, and came, Till everything went black.

When I woke up Ma was standing over the tub grinning at me and asked. 'What the hell are you doing Laura, your supposed to be taking a bath. Not playing with yourself." I so embarrassed that all I could muster was a weak, 'Yes Mam." She left the room and I sat back against the tub and wondered if this was the way sex was going to be for me. If it was, I was going to love the shit out of it…

Keith was done fucking me about halfway through the second feature. And we cuddled real close smoking cigarettes and sipping on the beer. We talked and decided that we really liked fucking each other. We also decided that we should do it as much as we could get away with.

That's when I looked him in the eye and said. 'Listen 'Preppy', if we are going to do this, you have got to know something about me." He listened intently as I continued.

'I really, really like fucking you. I love that incredibly talented tongue of yours. I love your sense of humor, and that 8 inch dick fits my little pussy like a snug leather glove, But you have to know. I love fucking. And I intend to fuck, a lot. And I have a real problem saying no. Any man can have me if he wants. All he has to do is kiss me deep and shove his hand into my pussy and start rubbing on it."

I went on, 'I wake up horny as hell in the morning and If I haven't had a good fucking that day, I have to masturbate through at least a dozen orgasms before I can get to sleep." I kissed him sweetly on the lips and whispered. 'Now, if you think you can handle falling in love with a Nymphomaniac, we can try this."

He sat back and thought about it for a while. I was real scared that he'd just take me home and I'd never see him again. He started the car and we drove home in an eerie silence with nothing but Segar wailing slow sweet ballads on the stereo.

We pulled into the drive-way in front of my house and he shut off the car. There was seemed like an hour off total silence, but it was only a minute or so. Then, he leaned over and kissed me real deep and long took my hand and said. 'I think being in love with you would be just fine." My heart jumped and I gasped and asked, 'Are you sure, Preppy?" while hugging him as tight as I could, with a tear or two running down my cheeks.

'Ya, the more I think about it, the more fun it sounds. Besides, I really like watching you cumm. It looks so hot the way you wiggle and squirm and shiver and get that silly look on your face all at the same time." He giggled. And then he asked, 'Now that the cat is out of the bag, can we have some sexual fun together? Like threesomes and stuff like that. You know help each other fulfill a few fantasies?"

I leaned up and kissed him deep and said. 'As long as there's no pain involved Preppy, I might be open for damned near anything you could think of." 'Is 'Preppy' my new nick-name?" He asked. 'It's from my favorite movie, 'Love story'. Do you like it?" I explained.

'Well, if your gonna give me a name, I think it's only fair that I give you one." He said smiling. 'Ya, I can't wait for this one. What have you got in mind for me?" I asked. He rubbed the slight stubble of teen-age beard and said. 'I think your new name is gonna be, 'Little Nympho." He giggled. I punched him in the arm and said 'I'll show a Nympho" I straddled him and his growing boner and kissed him long hard and deep with a lot of tongue till he was good and hard. Then I jumped off and started to get out of the car.

I got one foot out the door and he grabbed my arm and said. 'What the hell Laura. I just smiled and said, 'Good night 'Preppy'." And blew him a kiss. As I closed the door, he leaned over and said. 'Maybe I'll just change that to 'Little Tease'." He giggled. I gave him a finger and then waved good bye as I went into the house.

Keith drove off as I walked into the living room where Momma was sitting watching an old Hitchcock movie. 'Did you have a good time tonight, baby?" She asked. 'Momma, it was the best date I ever had." I said sitting down next to her.

'Not only that, but I think he's the one, Momma." I went on. 'Ooohh Lordy, is this gonna be one of those "torrid romances?" She asked as I giggled at her mock southern accent. 'Maybe, Momma. The boy is so good, and sooo well hung." Momma just grinned and rolled her eye's. 'Your gonna like him momma." I grinned. 'Why, you thinking about sharing him with me?" she teased.

I leaned over and gave her sweet kiss on the cheek and teasing back asked. 'Would you like that Momma?" 'Take your ass to the bathroom, take a bath, and get your ass to bed Laura." She said in a huff.

I Leaned in and whispered. 'Your still a fine looking woman for a girl of your age. He just might like to fool around with you." She smacked me on the thigh and said. 'Go on now, your being a nasty little girl again."

I liked teasing Momma, I knew damned well she was bi-sexual and liked young girls so it tickled me to no end to give her a thrill once in a while. I also noticed that she had been looking at me a little differently lately. I Wondered if I was turning her on with my stories about my sexual antics.

I got up and went to the bath room and began to run the water. As I sat soaking and playing with my nearly sore little pussy, I wondered if Keith might actually like to have a threesome with me and my Momma one of these days.

Then I thought Momma would probably like some real good dick. She hasn't had any since she divorced daddy two years ago. I think that she was still a little pissed at me for seducing her husband, and my daddy. She shouldn't have been that mad at him though, she was doing a little cheating on the side too.

Only she was getting some pussy of her own with another girl and some other girls from work. Then there was the time she wanted to fuck one of the doctors to get a promotion. So in my mind she was just as bad as daddy, maybe more. So I didn't feel guilty at all about loving my daddy when she wasn't loving him. But it was all their business and another chapter in my life as, ..... 'The little Nympho"…..

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