The little nymhpo continues as she remembers how she lost her cherry and how much she enjoyed the experience
(Laura, a.k.a. The little Nympho)

by Barbusie
Chapter 2

( Losing my Cherry )

I was 14 and had just started having periods when she caught me sucking on her husbands dick. That was a real night mare. Daddy was such a kind and gentle man and I was so in love with him that I started running around in just my underwear when Ma was at work just to watch him try and conceal that enormous cock of his whenever I teased him like that.

I started teasing him when I was 10 by sitting on his lap and squirming my tight little ass all over his hard dick whenever I could. Then one night when I was 11, Ma was at work and he and I were sitting on the couch in the living room watching a old horror film on T.V.

I was in my night shirt(with no panties on)and he was in just his robe. About half way through the movie I laid my head in his lap like I always did. And he began to stroke my hair like he always did. He reached to the back of the couch and pulled an afghan off the back of the couch and spread it across my legs and tight little butt.

His robe was open at the knees and I put my right hand on his thigh just above the knee and began to rub light and gentle up and down like he was stroking my hair. Well, it didn't take long at all before his cock began to swell up and poke through the opening of his robe.

When I saw it my eye's got real big and so did my smile as I slowly and gently put my hand right on that mans rock hard cock. Daddy moaned a little when my tiny hand wrapped around his massive cock. Actually it was only about 8 inches long, but to a 11 year old little girl who never seen a mans dick before, it was huge.

I laid there and lightly stroked it till it twitched and stood strait up. I raised my head up and looked at my dad and he had his head back and his eye's closed. I reached up and kissed him on the lips and asked. 'Am I making you horny, Daddy?" he shook his head yes. 'What would you like me to do with it daddy?" He shivered hard and took my hand and wrapped it around the shaft and whispered. 'Stroke on it baby."

Pre-cumm fluid was glistening on the head of his cock and running down the side of it. I don't know why, but I felt like I needed to taste it. So I lowered my head and began to lick on the head of his massive cock.

When my tiny tongue touched it, he let out a groan and grabbed the back of my head and whispered. 'Open your mouth as wide as you can, baby." When I did, he pushed my head down onto his dick till I was gagging a little. 'Now baby, suck on it hard, like a popsicle.”

I wrapped my lips around my daddy's dick and proceeded to give him my vary first blow-job. He showed me how to use my tongue and lips together to make the boy's I'll be having soon go nuts and crazy wanting to fuck the shit out of me.

'Those boy's you'll be dating soon ain't gonna believe how good you are at sucking dicks, baby." He whispered. I kept sucking and stroking and in about 2 minutes daddy was holding my head. He went all stiff, groaned real loud, and began shooting huge wads of hot sticky cumm in my mouth.

It was more then my little mouth could take and he told me to try and swallow it but I gagged and most of it dribbled out of my mouth and across my still stroking hand. I got up and went to the bath room and got a wash rag wet and warm and retuned to daddy and wiped his dick off. He was still hard and twitching.

When I had him cleaned up he pulled me to him and kissed me deep on the lips and whispered. 'You know not to tell anybody about this don't you?" 'Yes daddy." I whispered back. And kissed him on the lips.

Then he pushed me back on the couch and began licking my feet and legs up and down making my little pussy throb a lot harder then it had been doing. He was pleased to see that I wasn't wearing underwear and spread my legs wide as he lowered his mouth to my smoldering hot wet little pussy and began to lick and suck on it till I thought I was gonna die.

It was the first time anybody had licked my little pussy and it felt ssooooo gooood, and ssooooo incredible. I stroked his crew cut head as he licked me like a big dog. And in about a few minutes I was bucking and heaving though my vary first tongue induced, toe curling orgasm. My hips quivered hard as I moaned in delight, grinding my pussy hard against his talented tongue.

The man made me cumm hard, over and over, and over, and over. Again, and again, till I passed out at the overwhelmingly incredible pleasure this man was giving to his oldest daughter.

Since that night we would try and get together on the weekends or when he and I were alone in the house. We kept going till about three months after he took my cherry when I was 13, and I was developing into, 'One fine looking teen-ager." As he put it.

Shortly after my 13th birthday Mom had to pull a double shift at the hospital so that would leave me and daddy alone most all night. My sisters were at a slumber party and my little brother was at the Grand parents house for the weekend so it would be just me and dad.

Mom left for work at 8 am and said she wouldn't be back home till the next morning. My little brother Dicky, went to the grandmas house last night and my sisters Mary and Pammy were gone by noon to the slumber party. Dad mostly sat on the couch watching football on T.V.

I cleaned up the kitchen and straitened up my room and put on my skimpy black bikini that I had just got for my 13th birthday. I went down stairs and told daddy that I was going to lay out in the sun for awhile. And went out the back yard.

I pulled a chase lounge around so that I could see the house and the back windows knowing that daddy would look out to check on me once in a while. I got all slicked up with sun tan oil, laid back and closed my eye's.

About two minutes later I opened my eyes and looked to the house and saw daddy standing at his bed room window looking at my nearly naked little body. I had sun glasses on so he couldn't see me watching him. I slowly slid my right hand down and under my French cut bikini bottoms and began to tinkle my already hard little buggy spot.

I heard faint giggle off to my right and turned to see two young boy's about ten years old watching me from a tree house they'd built in their Grand Pa's back yard. I got real horny now at the thought of strange young boy's watching me play with my pussy in the back yard. I had an audience and I was liking it.

I began to finger fuck myself right there in front of daddy and the two boy's and in a few seconds I was cumming real hard all over my hand and quivering hard and crying out a little as I came, and came, and came, and came.

I laid there for another half hour or so and when I got up to go back into the house I saw the boy's grand Pa standing in the yard looking over the fence. As I started walking to the house he called out to me. 'Excuse me for a minute, could I talk to you?" I walked over to him and said 'Sure, I'm Laura." 'How you doing darling, I'm Harry. Me and my wife moved in here a few years ago." He said.

'I was just wondering if it was possible that you did any babysitting?" Harry asked, 'I haven't gotten paid for it yet, but I have sat for my little sisters and brother a few times." I replied. 'Oh that's great. I was wondering if maybe I could get you to sit with my grand sons while I go to the hospital to see my wife tomorrow afternoon. She's been there for a few weeks now, she has cancer and tomorrows her birth day." He explained.

'The boy's will probably be a hand full, their getting to that age were their starting to be real little ass-holes. I'd gladly pay you generously if you could do it." He went on. 'Sure Harry, I'll be glad to do that for you if you want, and I really don't expect to be paid much. It'll be my first time and I'm probably not real good at it." I said.

'Non sense, you'll do just fine and it'll only be for a few hours. I'd take them with me, but they'd just get bored and start acting like little ass-holes." He replied. 'What time do you need me there Harry?" I asked. 'How about noon. Will that work?" He asked. 'I'll be there Harry." And gave the old man a nice smile and a giggle and walked to the house.

That afternoon daddy and I ordered a pizza and sat in the living room and pigged out watching a string of movies on the tube. At about 7 I got up and sat in my daddy's lap and kissed him full on the lips and said. 'I'm gonna take a bath daddy, you wanna come in and wash my back for me like when I was a little girl?"

'Sure baby, just let me know when your ready." He answered. In about two minutes I was naked and in the tub running the water over my little pussy getting my self all hot and horny and ready for what ever daddy had in mind.

I called out. 'Daddy, I'm ready." He came in and had on just a pair of sweat pants and nothing else. He stood over me while I was laid back in the tub and just looked at me. 'You are starting to be such a pretty little thing." He said.

I held up the wash cloth and he knelt down beside the tub. 'I want you to wash me like you use to do when I was little and you didn't think I knew what you were doing." I said. 'Doing what?" he asked. 'Getting your self all hot and horny washing your little girls little butts and pussys." I whispered. 'I noticed the big ol bulge in your shorts when ever you washed us. You liked washing our naked little body's didn't you daddy?"

He didn't answer. He just stared at me like he was hypnotized and began to wash me. He began at my shoulders and slowly worked down my back as I sat up in the water. When he was done with my back I stood up. I turned my back to him like I did when I was young.

And he began to slowly wash down one leg and then the other. My little pussy was hot and gushing juice down both legs he was making me that horny. Then he slowly ran the wash cloth up my leg and right into the crack of my quivering ass. As soon as he touched me there, I threw my head back arched my back and raised up on the balls of my feet and moaned real good and long.

'OOoooooo, Daaaadddy that feeeels ssooooo gooooddd." I shivered as his hand began to rub my hot pussy from behind. I jutted ass out toward him and spread my legs about a foot apart and he kept rubbing and washing my pussy and ass-hole.

With out thinking about it, I looked out the window and saw the second floor window of the neighbors house. And there were the two boy's I saw earlier in the window watching me getting washed by my daddy.

The window in the bath room only had a half curtain on it and if you stood up in the tub you could look out. I had never noticed before but anybody standing in the window of the next house could look down and right into the bathroom though the window over the tub. Knowing the boys were getting another show, I didn't say a word and let daddy keep going.

I turned around when he was done with my back and said. 'Now do my front daddy." I leaned back keeping my legs spread and daddy went to work on my front. He started at my neck again and worked his hand slowly down till he was rubbing my developing little titties with both hands. Then he worked down to my navel and on down to my quivering pulsing little pussy, and dropped the wash cloth.

He kissed me deep on the lips as he sank his middle finger up inside me and began finger fucking me. I wrapped my hands around his head and kissed him back and held him tight as his mouth went slowly down to my budding titties. He lapped and sucked on my nipples while finger fucking me into another tow curling teeth gritting and quivering orgasm. I held him tight as I cried out and shivered through three real good toe curlers. And then my knees buckled and I collapsed into the tub, gasping and quaking till the waves of delight slowly subsided.

I looked up at daddy and he was just standing there grinning at me as I just kept quivering again and again and again. 'Jesus daddy, that was a lot more fun then when I was little." I giggled. 'That's because back then you couldn't have an orgasm and now you can." He said as he leaned down and kissed me on the lips and said. 'That's just the beginning baby, get out of that tub and meet me in my bed room.

'Yes daddy." He left the room and I started to get out of the tub but my legs were wobbly and didn't want to work to good. I did finally manage to get out and dry off. I brushed out my hair and put on some deodorant. I kept the towel around me and stepped out into the hall and toward my daddy's room as I pushed the door open I saw him laying buck naked on the bed.

The second I saw him like that my little pussy started gushing again. God he was a good looking man for his age. I stood by the door shivering partially out of being a little cold from the bath and mostly from being so incredibly horny. He saw me and said. 'Come on over here baby."

I crossed the few feet between us and sat down on the edge of the bed still shivering and he sat up and pulled me to him and hugged me tight whispering quietly as he pulled the towel off my naked little 13 year old body.

'You are such a beautiful little thing. Your daddy is so proud to finally be able to show you what being a young woman is supposed to be, and how much fun your going to be able to have with that sexy sweet young body of yours." Then he kissed me lightly and so sweetly on the lips that I began to cry a little.

He saw this and kissed my cheeks and asked. 'Why you crying, baby?" I reached down and lightly stoked his massive ragging cock and whispered. 'I'm afraid it's gonna hurt daddy." 'I'm gonna do everything I know how to do so that doesn’t happen baby."

'Tonight is all about you baby. Now just lay back and let daddy make you feel like a complete woman." I laid back and he leaned over half on top of me stroking my face and hardening nipples. 'I'm gonna make you cumm so many times that that little pussy of yours is just gonna open right up for me baby." He whispered hypnotically.

'Now just relax and concentrate on what I'm doing and how I'm making you feel inside baby." Then he kissed me really deep and with a passion he'd never shown me before. As he kissed me he lightly stroked body with the finger tips of his right hand starting at my neck and tracing down along my sides and then across my swollen aching and puffy nipples. Causing them to distend even harder and ache even more.

His lips never left mine while his hand explored my totally naked body. It went down one leg and then back up the other and across my flat teen-age belly to my titties again. I was moaning and cooing as the pleasure was growing more intense. The throbbing in my little pussy was nearly unbearable.

Then daddy broke the kiss and licked and nibbled his way down my torso till his mouth was hovering over my left tit. He snaked out his tongue and gave my puffy nipple a little flick and I squealed in delight as the pleasure electrocuted my spine and shot up to my brain.

'Ooooo Gooooddd daddddy that feeeels Ssooooo gooood." As he began to lick and suck on both of them and squeezing one with his fingers. Then his mouth and tongue traced on down across my belly and over my pubic mound that was just starting to get a little fuzzy with fine brown hair.

He spread my legs wide and put one over his big ol shoulder and slowly lowered his head to my smoldering sopping wet little pussy. He snaked out his marvelous tongue and gave my buggy spot a little flick. I jumped, squealed, and clamped my legs around daddy's head at the same time.

When I did, he began to lick and suck on my buggy spot till I was holding his head with both hands and grinding my little coochie up against his talented oral assault on my smoking hot pussy. Then he began to stick his finger up inside me. He stroked and licked me through two good toe curling blissful orgasms. Then He let me rest for about a minute till I regained a little composure and then he started his oral assault again.

This time though, he was using two fingers and driving them in and out real deep and fast bringing me to another couple of spine tingling, toe curling, teeth grinding orgasms.

As I lay there breathing real good and heavy he moved up and stuck his dick in my face and I opened wide as he began to fuck my face. I sucked my daddy's dick like I actually knew what I was doing and my efforts it made him hard as a rock again in no time. He moved back between my spread out legs and put the head of his big 8 inches to the opening of my sopping wet and well lubed pussy.

He slowly pushed in. Ooooo, Daaaadddy Oooooohhh, Oooooohhh, Oooooohhh, Oooooohhh, I cried out as he sank it in inch by agonizing inch stretching my poor little pussy till I thought he was going to split me in two. As he sank the final few inches inside me, I let out a loud squeal of delight as his massive cock filled me up completely. He stopped when he reached the bottom of my stretched out little cunt and let me get used to having his big ol dick inside for awhile.

He kissed me deep and whispered. 'Congratulations little darling, you are no longer a virgin. Are you O.K. baby?" 'It didn't hurt at all daddy. not like all the girls at school said it would." I giggled. 'Well baby, that's because some girls will let boys who don't know what they are doing take there cherry's"

'And when they do, the guy will just shove it into them with out bothering about getting her all hot, horny and real good and slick inside like an older man would know to do." He explained.

'Do you want me to go on baby?' he asked. 'Oh yes daddy please, fuck me real good and proper and make me cumm all over that magnificent cock of yours." I whispered in his ear. He pulled his cock out till just the tip was inside me then slowly sank it back down till his pubic bone was grinding on mine. He did this a few dozen times and it felt ssooooo gooooddd. As daddy slow fucked my throbbing sopping wet little pussy.

In about two or three minutes I was clawing his back cumming real hard on my daddy's dick as he picked up the pace and began to fuck me real good and deep. I wrapped my legs around his thighs and held on tight and cried out loud as I came over and over and over as he began to pound my pour little pussy.

Then he stopped and pulled out, he was about to cumm and didn't want to yet. He wanted fuck me as long as he could and make me cumm all night long if he could.

He laid down along side me and asked. How you doing Baby?" I rolled over and sat up on my heals and bent down and kissed my daddy right on the lips and whispered. 'You want me to show you?" as my hand wrapped around his still rock hard cock stroking it slowly.

I tongued kissed him like he did me and soon came face to face with his massive man meat. I began to lick and suck on it till he cried out that he couldn't stand it any longer. I straddled his hips grabbed his dick with my right hand and sat right down on that big ol dick of his. Impaling myself till it was all the way inside me again. I steadied myself with my hands on his chest and began to rock back and forth slow fucking him cow-girl style while looking him lovingly in the eyes.

I laid down across his chest till my mouth was just below his and reached up and kissed him good and deep on the mouth slipping in my tongue as I rode his cock like a pony. I rode the pony for about a minute or two when he growled out loud and spun me over and put me on all fours and entered me dog style he called it. I liked that one, he rammed his cock in me good and hard making me cumm another half dozen times.

Then he announced that he couldn't stand it any more and was about to cumm. 'Oooohh gooooddd baby I'm ssooooo close. Where do you want daddy to cumm baby." 'I want to taste you daddy." I said.

With that he pulled out and I slid my face under his dick just as he went stiff, cried out loud, and shot a good dozen long streams of hot sticky daddy cumm all over my face and opened mouth. Filling my mouth twice. And twice I swallowed it and began to suck the remaining cumm out of his dick draining every drop out of his balls.

When he was finally done shivering and quivering and cumming like hell on my face he leaned in and kissed my cumm sticky lips and said I was probably the best little pussy he'd ever had the privilege of getting to fuck.

We lay there in each others arms after we cleaned up a little and began to talk. 'Daddy?" I whispered. 'Yes baby." He whispered back. 'I think I like fucking." I giggled. 'Well you're just starting baby, you're gonna like it." 'No daddy, I really, really like it. I wake up so horny I can't stand it and if that ain't bad enough I stay really horny all day long." 'Really?" He kissed me on the fore head and giggled a little.

'Well you come from a long line of Gypsies and you're part French and part Cherokee Indian that could have a little to do with it." 'How daddy?" I asked. 'Well, your French Gypsy side has always been real free spirits especially when it came to having sex. And from what I heard from my grand parents the Cherokees were really open about sex too.

'But the way I am, wouldn't that make me a Nymphomaniac, daddy?" I asked 'It might, you'll just have to wait and see. It just might be that your hormones are just giving you a real good time and that could where off as you get older. If I was you I wouldn't worry about it and enjoy the hell out of it as long as you can." Daddy explained.

'Do you really get that horny all day long, baby?" I didn't answer I just rose up and took his dick in my mouth again and began to suck till it was good and hard again. Then I reached up and kissed him no the lips and asked. 'What do you think, daddy?"

He rolled me over and sank it back into my still sopping wet little pussy and whispered. 'Lord help the young boys that cross your path in the next few years." I giggled, he giggled, and then he kissed me deep as he began to slow fuck his darling daughter, again. We fucked for four hours till we both were wore out and fell asleep naked in each others arms…..


2015-05-22 06:04:42
I had a lot of fun writing this and the others in the series...
It's a fact based fiction about my teenaged years..
Some of the story is true though names and places were changed for obvious reasons.. It is mostly true though.. There was a little hotty who I nicknamed
"Little Nympho" I did marry her out of high school, and we did have a real wild bohemian life style going for a few years and actually had a lot of fun while we were at it.. But I have to admit, I just couldn't keep up with her..
And , if I had a bit more enterprise in me at that time, I would have moved her to southern California and would have gotten her into doing PORN professionally.. She would have been real good at doing that......

~ Barbusie ~


2012-10-04 15:36:29
i love sex too pm me here

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2012-09-21 21:18:48
best lines
1.i know guys my age how get hard on's if the wind blows at the right volcity.
2.god help the boyes how get in your path the next few years

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2012-09-18 18:46:47
Awesome story, wish I had a sweet young lady like you at home

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