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The next morning I awoke to a warm, wet sensation on my cock. I looked down to see Elisa devouring me! It felt incredible. I can't really describe her actions because within 30 seconds of waking up and realizing what she was doing I was erupting in her mouth. Our eyes were locked on each other. She simply swallowed and quietly got up and left the room. I lay there for a few moments then realized that I should get on my own bunk before anyone else woke up. I leaned in to Shannon to tell her I was moving. "Your wife is an incredibly lucky women" She said. "I only wish that Jake could eat a pussy like you do" We kissed. I then got up and moved to the top bunk and well back asleep.

When everyone woke up we all headed out for a morning after breakfast and chatted about how awesome the stag and doe was. After breakfast everyone hit the road. It was a fairly long drive home so I never had a chance to check my Blackberry while I was on the road. When I got home I took my phone out of my pocked and saw that I had a two BBM waiting for me. I quickly checked. They were contact invites from Elisa and Shannon. I quickly accepted and threw my phone back in my pocked before my wife could ask any questions.

The three of us chatted fairly regularly, nothing sexual, just about our days or whatever over the next few weeks. About 6 weeks after our night together I found out I had to go to Whitby (about an hour from where I live) for a meeting with work. It was just a day meeting but still exciting because it meant an entire day out of the office and maybe an opportunity to see Shannon since she worked in Whitby.

I mentioned to Shannon that I would be heading to Whitby in a couple days for my meeting. She was thrilled. We hadnt seen each other since our night together.

A couple days later I was at my meeting. I was praying it would wrap up as soon as possible so that I could see Shannon sooner. I was like a teenage boy with excitement! To my luck the meeting was supposed to end at noon, but it ended at 10:30p. I quickly texted her as I raced to my car.

Shannon: Just come by the hotel and pick me up (she worked at a hotel).

I arrived and waited out front. Waiting and waiting I finally texted her again. "are you coming, I can't wait to actually see you" I said.

Shannon: We are short housekeepers today. Since I am a manager it is my job to fill in so we don't call people in on overtime. I just have one room left, why don't you come help and make things quicker then we'll go for lunch.

Tim: I guess so. You won't get in trouble?

Shannon: No, No, just hurry so we can get out of here. Room 344. Its open.

And with that I parked my car and hurried inside. I was walking down the hall looking for the room and passed the house keeping cart and thought, why the hell couldn't one of these ladies help her? I really didn't want to do it. House keeping was never really my thing. I found the room and the door was open a crack. I quietly slipped in thinking I would try and scare her.

I walked in and couldn't see her anywhere. Then I heard rustling in the bathroom. Oh she must be cleaning, I'll just sit on the bed and wait.

A few minutes later the rustling stopped. The door opened and I heard the hotel room door close. Then I heard "House keeping" in a foreign accent. I looked up to see Shannon standing there in the sexiest lingerie I've ever seen on a big girl. I was frozen.

Tim: Holy shit. Look at you!!

Shannon: nice to see you to babe. Mommas horny, so you're going to be my lunch!

With that she proceeded to climb on to the bed. Undo my belt and pull my pants off. Before I knew it she was devouring my only half hard cock. It felt incredible. Lots of tongue, continually licking down my shaft until she could lick my balls. It didn't take long before I was erupting. Unfortunately, it wasn't into her mouth. I ended up cumming all over her face!

When I was done she smiled and slowly grabbed my goo with her fingers and ate it. I was still rock hard and seeing her do that was only going to keep me up. Shannon pushed me on to my back again and hopped on top. "Since you're still up, I want to feel you in me"

I remember from when we were housemates in college she was quite vocal in bed. Many nights and days I was forced to listen to her get her brains fucked out, or at least thats how it sounded.

Now it was my turn. She didn't start slow, she hopped right on and I went deep inside her. It felt incredible. She was moaning right with away has she rode me. After about 2-3 minutes on top I flipped her on to her stomach and entered her from behind. She let out the loudest moan I've ever heard. I immediately started going harder and harder as she was pressing her massive booty back into me.

FUCK ME TIM.. OH OH OH MY GOD BABY. She screamed over and over. This went on for what felt like an eternity until we heard a knock at the door.

Tim: Oh shit, who is that?
Shannon: Keep going, its locked.
Tim: What if its one of your employees?
Shannon: Shut up and keep fucking me they will not come in.

We kept going. It seemed like I was fucking her for an eternity. She was so loud, which I think is what kept me going. Suddenly I felt her sqeezing my cock, this girl has incredible muscle control, it felt so incredibly tight! She began to buck and move around and I was just trying to hold on for dear life!

Then I felt more wet, coming down my cock to my balls. That was went I came. I came so hard I literally collapse onto her back.


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looking for 1&3

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Part three! Wife has more than 1 friend....

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