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The little Nymhpo, Continues exploring her new found sexuality while babysitting the buys next door...
Laura, a.k.a. The Little Nympho, Chapter 3

( Baby sitting the boy's )
Next door.
… Barbusie …

The next morning I woke up to the smell of daddy cooking bacon and eggs in the kitchen. I got up and walked naked into the bathroom and took a quick shower then I found the sleep shirt that I was going to wear the night before and put that on. I knew the girls would probably be home soon and I didn't want them to see me walking around naked in front of daddy. They'd probably want to do it too.

I walked out of the bathroom and into the kitchen and wrapped my arms around my daddy from behind and kissed his bare back while pinching his nipples with both hands. 'Good morning daddy." I whispered. He turned around and kissed me right on the lips and said. 'Behave yourself now baby, the kids will home soon and so will your Momma." He handed me a plate of bacon and eggs and told me to get some milk out of the box.

I did as I was told pouting just enough to make him smile a little and began to eat my breakfast. I was nearly done when the girls bounded through the front door just in time for some breakfast.

I finished and dad asked me what I had planned for the day and I told him about Harry next door needing me to watch his grandsons while he when to the hospital to visit his wife. 'Well, if you need anything me and your Ma will be here all day." He said as he kissed me on the fore head and added, 'You are getting to be an old maid already." He teased. 'Look who's getting old." I smacked him playfully on the butt.

I ran up to my room that I shared with Mary and Pammy and began to get dressed. I picked out a nice pair of short-shorts and a tight fitting muscle shirt with no bra. I hated wearing those things, and still do.Then I put on my sneakers so I could catch the little brats if they ran off.

I brushed out my hair and sprayed on some good smelling cologne. That was mostly for pour Harry, I was thinking that if his wife had been sick for a while he might like to get some teen-age pussy for a change. I am such a nympho.

At 10am Ma came home and explained that the traffic was real heavy coming home and that's why she was late. Dad left the room and I whispered to Ma. 'That was a real lame excuse Ma, it's Sunday." And headed out the door to Harry's.

When I got to Harry's place, one of the boys answered the door. His mouth dropped open and his eyes got big as soon as he saw who his grandpa had hired to baby sit them. He told me to come in and yelled. 'Grand-dad she's here." And ran up the stairs. Harry came out of the kitchen and said.

'Laura, come on into the kitchen and I'll call the boy's down." I walked into the kitchen as he called up the stairs. 'You two little hoodlums get down here and meet the sitter." 'We ain't hoodlums, you old coot." One of them hollered back.

I sat on one of the stools that was around an island in the middle of the kitchen when Harry came in with both boy's in tow. He pushed the one on his right forward and said. 'This one's Bobby, I think." And then he pushed the other one forward and said. 'This one's Billy, I think. Their twins and I still can't tell them apart."

I looked at them dressed nearly the same and said. 'Harry they're adorable." 'More like holy terrors." Harry responded. 'They're my son's boy's, their Ma died when they were about two. So me and my wife's been helping to raise the little hellions ever since."

'Well hello boys, I'm Laura. Pleased to finally meet you two." They both got red in the face and ran off to the living room. 'Harry I think we'll be just fine and if I have any trouble I'll have my dad come over and sit on them for awhile, and he's a big guy."

Harry laughed and said. 'Vary well then, I'll be going. Good luck Laura, and you have my permission to use a whip and a chair if you need too." There was a faint, 'Ha, Ha, Ha." That came from the living room where the boy's were playing a video game.

I walked Harry to the door and closed and locked it and watched till Harry was out of sight. Then I went into the living room and sat down on the sofa with my legs spread a little wider then I normally did.

I pretended to be reading a teen magazine but kept watching the boy's as they took turns turning around and looking right at my cotton covered pussy.

Then Bobby lost his game and it was Billy's turn to play the game. Bobby came over and sat on the coffee table right in front of me. I looked over the mag and caught him staring right at my crotch. I didn't say a word, but his eyes on my crotch was making me wet and throbby.

'We saw what you was doing in the back yard yesterday." Bobby said. I looked over the magazine and asked. 'Just what do you think you saw, little boy." I teased. 'I ain't no little boy. I'm nearly 12." He said. 'And I know what we saw. You was playin with yourself and makin yourself cumm." He grinned real big.

'And just what would you know about that?" I asked. 'Shit girl, Billy and I been cumming since we were 10. ever since we found grand-dad's stash of porn in his garage one day." 'So you two are a couple of jack-offs huh?" I smiled. 'Well not really, we both played around with one of our cousins last Christmas at our other grand ma's house."

'Boy or girl?" I asked grinning back at him. 'A girl damn it, we ain't queer?" 'I'll bet the two of you ain't never seen a real pussy before, have you?" That got Billy's attention, and he came over and sat next to his brother and said. 'We sure did, it was our cousin Debby."

'She's just 10 and nasty as hell." He exclaimed. 'Ya, Bobby chimed in. 'She'll even give a real good blow-job if we can find a place to go where no ones around." 'Really." I said.

'Do you two know how to keep your mouths shut?" I asked. 'Hell Ya, we can keep quiet about anything, why?" Bobby asked. I just sat there and looked at these two. Bobby was a little taller then Billy and both were about 5 foot tall and probably weighed about 80 to 100 pound each.

'Well," I started. 'If you guys can keep quiet about it, we can play a little game I know of it's called 'Truth or Dare'. Ever play that one before?" 'Nope." Was Billy's response. 'How do you play that?" Bobby asked.

'Well we gotta get an empty soda bottle and spin it, whoever it points to has to choose to tell the truth about what ever the last one asks, or to take a dare and do what ever the last one wants you to do. You boy's want to try it?"

'Sure, I'll go find a bottle." Bobby got up and left the room. 'Do we gotta do anything if we decide to do the dare thing?" Billy asked. 'That's the rules kid." I grinned at him and leaned in close and whispered. 'And that can be anything you want Billy." I winked at him. He gave me a big ol grin and said. 'This might be a lot of fun."

Bobby came back with an empty Pepsi bottle. And I spread out some news paper on the coffee table and then we started to play the game. But we couldn't decide who should go first till I spun the bottle and it landed on Bobby. 'Looks like your first Bobby, spin it." I said

He reached down and gave it a real good spin it landed on Billy. O.K. Billy truth or dare?" I asked him. Truth he said. Bobby asked. 'Would you lick a girls pussy?" 'Hell yes I would bro you know would." 'O.k. Billy it's your turn spin it." I said. Billy spun and it landed on me. Both boys giggled and asked in unison, 'Truth or dare?"

I thought about it for awhile and said 'Dare." They both grinned and whispered back and forth between them till Billy said. 'Show us your titties."You two are a couple of little pervs ain't you?" I complained. Bobby replied, 'Rules are rules." He grinned real big. I slowly pulled my shirt up and then over my head. I looked at them and they both had little boners poking up, tenting the shorts they were wearing.

It was my turn to spin. I gave the bottle a good spin and it landed on Bobby. Truth or dare dude." I said. And he said dare." Defiantly. Me and Billy whispered back and forth and I said. 'Show us your little peter, you little perv."

He stood up and said. 'It takes one to know one." And slowly pulled down his shorts revealing a nice hard 7 inch pecker that was standing tall and looking pretty good for a nympho like me. 'Nice dick dude, you aught to do well with the ladies in another year or two."

'O.K. Bobby it's your turn to spin." I said. Bobby spun the bottle and it landed on me again. 'Truth." I said. Bobby asked. 'You a virgin Laura?" I said. 'Nope." It was my turn to spin. It landed on Billy. He piped up, 'truth." I asked. 'Have you ever fucked a girl before?" He looked down and confessed. 'No, I haven't."

It was his turn to spin and it landed on me again I was starting to think they were cheating somehow when he asked. 'Truth or dare?" I said, 'Dare." just to get this rolling, we only had a couple of hours left. He and Bobby again consulted and then Billy said. 'Show us your pussy." You boys really want to see my pussy?" 'Hell Ya." They said at the same time. 'O.K. I'll get naked, if you guys get naked too."

Billy and Bobby couldn't get there cloths off fast enough. And soon we were all naked except for me keeping my shoes on. It was my turn to spin the bottle.

It landed on Bobby. He said. 'Dare." I laid back and spread my legs wide and said. 'Come here and lick on this pussy for 5 minutes or until I cumm all over your face." His face went pale and he began to quiver. Billy reached out and smacked Bobby on the shoulder and piped up. 'Do it you faggot. Eat you some pussy."

Bobby came over and got between my legs and put his mouth on my sopping wet and throbbing little pussy. I knew damned well that it was his first so I showed him how to lick and suck on my little buggy spot and in a few minutes the boy was going to town and making me quiver hard on his face.

Billy was sitting on the coffee table stroking his 7 incher and when I reached over and grabbed his dick and began to suck on it while his brother was eating me like a porn star. In about two minutes Billy was shaking and quivering as he came shooting a few wads of hot sticky cumm into my mouth which I swallowed completely.

Then I was so hot that I pushed Bobby off of me and guided his cock to my wanting little pussy and stuck the head inside me. He took over from there and slid it in all the way to the bone. I grabbed the cheeks of his little ass and dug my nails in ass he began to pound my sucking pussy making it fart once in a while.

I whispered in Bobby's ear that I wanted him to cumm all over my titties when he knew he was about to cumm. Billy came over and stuck his dick into my mouth again and Bobby kept pounding on my pussy. Then I took my mouth off of Billy long enough to say. 'O.K. guys switch places."

Both boys pulled out at the same time and swapped places. I had already had about six good quivering and grinding orgasms. When both boy's announced that they were about to cumm.

Billy pulled out and squirted half dozen wads of cumm across my titties and belly and Bobby pulled out of my mouth and squirted his load right on my open mouth face. I was covered with little boy jizzem and they were both still hard.

I got up and went to the bathroom to wash the cumm off of me and when I came back, they were both standing in the middle of the living room with their dicks in their hands. I went over to them and sank to my knees in front of them and proceeded to suck on both boys at the same time.

I sucked on their wieners for another 10 minutes till they both came again in my mouth which I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed. As young as they were their cumm tasted pretty good.

When we were done with all the fucking they both kissed me real sweet on the lips and voted me the best babysitter they ever had. We finished the day with them teaching me to play their video games and eating the pizza I ordered. At about 5:00 Harry came home and found us getting along real good. He said. 'He couldn't believe they hadn't tied me up and offered me up as a sacrifice to whatever demon they're worshiping this week."

I don't think Harry likes his grandson's much, but I giggled and said. 'They really were good young men Harry, maybe you might want to give them a chance." 'Not with out a crucifix in my hand." He said. 'Oh, come on Harry, they're just boy's being boy's, you were a boy once you self weren't you?" 'They were just fine and we had a real good time."

'Well I commend you on your courage and stamina and I promised to reward you so here you go darling." Harry handed me forty dollars and I gave him a peck on the cheek and said. 'Really Harry, I would have done it for less, but thank you kindly sir." I waved by to the guys and walked out the door and headed home…..


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I loved it when our neighbor Cindy would babysit me. She was 16 and she used to wear cut off shorts without panties. I used to try to see her pussy all the time. When I turned 10 she said she would give me a present for my birthday. She let me see her naked and then she rubbed my little pecker for a long time. I could tell she wanted to lick it, but at that age I didn't know how to tell her it was ok. She went to Eve and I didn't see he again until I was out at a bar one night. I was 22 and she was probably 29or 30. We got to talking and I told her I loved my birthday present. She got embarrassed but I reminded her that my birthday was only two days away. She took my hand and led me out if the bar and around back. She proceeded to fuck the daylights out of me back there in the grassy field. I tried to find her the next day and was told she had only come to town to sell her parents house and she had gone back to Dallas. I miss my babysitter.

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