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Laura consules her little sister and has a confrontation with her little brother
( Laura, a.k.a. The Little Nympho)
Chapter 4

( Icky Dicky )

… Barbusie …

When I walked into the house the girls were watching T.V. and I asked where is everyone?" 'Dicky is in his room, probably beating his meat." Mary giggled. Pammy asked. 'How come he's got meat in his room?" Me and Mary just giggled at her innocents.

'Where's mom and dad?" I asked. 'They're in their room." Mary replied. Then I asked. 'You guys need the bathroom cause I'm gonna take a bath." They didn't answer so I went up stairs and walked into Dickey's room and sure enough, there he was, beating his meat. He didn't even bother covering up and kept stoking on it.

'What the hell do you want Laura?" Dicky asked as he aimed his dick at me. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. My little brother wasn't so little anymore. I closed the door and walked over to his bed and sank to my knees and asked. 'Would you like a little help with that, sweetie?" All he could say was. 'Hell yes darling have at it."

I grinned and took his rock hard 7 inch cock in my hand and wrapped my lips around it and began to give my little brother a real good blow-job.

He laid back and began too quiver as I sucked hard and stroked him at the same time. I pulled off of him and whispered. 'You know, you'll have to help me once in a while now if I get horny and need some loving. You got a problem with that?" 'Not as long as I can get off, we can do what ever you want Laura." 'Also, you tell anybody, and I will kill you, you little perv." I added.

I went back down on my brother and made him cumm hard in my mouth and I swallowed it all. It was saltier then the other boy's so I told him to eat more ice cream and sweet stuff to make his cumm taste better.

As I was walking out of his room I stopped and asked if he needed the shitter cause I was going to take a bath. He said no so I went into my room and got my nighty and some herbal shampoo and went to the bathroom.

I took my bath and when I got out dad and mom had gone out to a movie and diner leaving me to sit for my siblings. Mary wanted to go and visit a friend down the street so that just left me alone with Dicky and Pammy.

I went to my room and put on a pair of skimpy panties and watched in the mirror as Pammy Sue watched me like a hawk from her bed.

As I sat there brushing out my hair she spoke up. 'Laura, what's it like to have an orgasm and what the hell is an orgasm anyway?" I looked at my 10 year old little sister through the mirror and said. 'Why do you want to know sweetie?"

'Because Dicky was in here awhile ago and said he was gonna make me have one if I didn't quit shooting beavers all the time. And I don't even own a gun, how can I shoot anything?" I giggled hard. She was such a cute and blond baby.

I got up and went over to her and sat on the edge of her bed. Her eyes were transfixed on my budding titties as I crossed the room and still were when I sat down next to her.

I put a hand on her shoulder and quietly said. 'Do you really want to know, sweetie?" 'Ya." Was her response still glancing over at my chest every few seconds. 'Well, an orgasm is what little girls and boy's have when they play with their naughty parts way too long. You mean my pussy, Laura?" 'Yes baby."

'If you or a boy plays with it long enough you will feel an incredible wonderful feeling that at first, is a kinda scary feeling throughout your whole body and that's called an orgasm.

'Laura, I'm really, really curious and want to learn about these things, but Ma keeps saying that I'm to young yet to be knowing such things." Pammy lamented. 'Well you are still just 10 and maybe your body hasn't developed enough yet for you to have an orgasm." I replied.

'Well, maybe you could show me what I gotta do to have one and I could try it and see if I am old enough." Pammy implored. 'And what the hell dose shooting beavers got to do with all this?" She added. I just had to giggle again and explain.

'Sweetie, that's what little girls or even grown woman sometimes do to get a guy interested in maybe having sex with them. It's when they spread their legs and let guys see their underwear or bare pussy's if their not wearing any underwear.

'And that gets guys interested?" 'Sure dose baby, it sometimes drives them nuts. And if you're at school and do it right he'll keep an eye on you for the rest of the day and maybe the rest of the week."

'Young boy's have short attention spans though, and might get tired of just looking at you and might want to try and have sex with you at some point." 'Like, Icky Dicky?" she asked. I giggled again. 'Ya baby, like Icky Dicky."

'So how do I give my self an orgasm Laura?" 'Well, first you have to be good and horny." 'What's that?' Pammy asked. 'That's when a girl starts feeling tingly, itchy, and throbby down between her legs. And her little pussy starts getting all wet and slippery." I explained.

'When a girl gets all hot and bothered, she'll start leaking a little fluid from her pussy that helps make her vagina get all slick and ready for a guys dick to slide up inside her." Pammy's eyes got big and she grinned. 'I think I'm horny right now Laura."

'How do you know that sweetie?" I asked. She took my hand and put it between her legs and right on her panty covered little pussy. It was good and wet. 'See." She said. 'And I didn't pee my pant's either." She added.

'Well, maybe you are starting to grow up a little. Dose it tingle and throb a lot lately?" I asked. 'All the Friecken time, Laura." She confessed. 'I'll tell you what, the next time you take a bath get naked before you start the water."

'Then get into the tub as the tub is filling and slide your pussy under the streaming water as it fills the tub and it will make you have one of those orgasms your so curious about. That's how I had my first one." 'Really Laura?" Pammy beamed with a grin.

'It's getting dark and you haven't had your bath yet. So as your older sister I'm gonna tell you to get your little ass in that tub and have yourself a real good bath sweetie."

Pammy hugged me real tight and surprised me by kissing me right on the lips and held it for a few seconds. And then said. 'Thank you Laura, you’re the best big sister ever."

She got up grabbed her nighty, dashed out the door, and down to the bathroom. As she left the room I whispered. 'Your welcome sweetie." I then got up and put a t-shirt on and went looking for 'Icky Dicky'.

I kicked open his door and went right to him. I reached out and grabbed the little turd by the neck and squeezed tight and said. 'Listen good you little perv. If you ever force yourself on Pammy, I will kick your little ass all the way to the gates of hell, you little bastard. Do you hear me, you little turd?"

Mary heard all the yelling as she was coming home and up the stairs. She stepped into the room and asked. 'What's going on in here? I could hear you yelling out in the yard." 'Little Icky Dicky here can't control his little pecker, and tried to force himself on Pammy Sue." I said. Smacking Dicky in the back of the head.

'Really." Mary said moving closer. 'And what do you think we should do about our amorous little brother." I looked at Mary and asked. 'Amorous?" 'What, I do study in school, Laura." Mary answered.

'Well, I began. 'I'm thinking maybe tying him up to his bed and shoving a cucumber up his little ass might do the trick. Then we'll get the message across that he shouldn't even try to mess with us." 'I'll go to the fridge and see what I can find. You hold him here so he don't get away." Mary said. And dashed out of the room.

Icky Dicky was starting to get scared now and asked. 'You ain't really gonna tie me up are you?" 'Would you rather we tell dad about your rutting little ass, and about how you tried to fuck little Pammy." 'But I didn't do that, Laura." He started to explain.

'I was trying to warn her that if she didn't start acting more like a lady then she might get her self raped that's all." 'Besides all three of you are driving so nuts, that I gotta spend most of my time in here jacking off. It ain't easy for horny teen-ager to be around three nearly naked girls all the time." He lamented.

I started feeling sorry for the guy, he did have a couple of real good arguments. Mary came back with some cloths line and the biggest carrot she could find and said. 'We ain't got any cucumbers, will this do?" She held it up. It was about 8 inches long and about three inches in diameter. 'Yep that'll do Mary." I said looking at Dicky with a grin.

At about that time Pammy came into the room and asked. 'Why is everyone in here?" I said. 'Pammy, just what exactly did Dicky tell you awhile ago about the orgasm thing."

'Oh, he just said that if I didn't keep my legs closed that someday some guy is gonna show me what an orgasm is, and if I keep teasing him, it was going to be him that would be showing me." Pammy explained.

I looked at Mary and said. 'I don't think we can punish him for that. He didn't really do anything but give her a warning." Mary threw the rope and the carrot on the floor and said. 'Shit, I'm going to bed." And left.

Pammy motioned for me to come closer so she could whisper in my ear. 'Laura, she whispered. 'It was fantastic." 'What was sweetie?" I replied. 'The bath, and it didn't take long and I was cumming, and cumming, and cumming, it was the best bath I ever took in my whole life." She giggled.

'I know how to do it now and I feel sooo grown up now. Thank you." She pecked me on the cheek. 'That's great sweetie, now you know how I feel when I'm playing with myself." Dicky was laying on his bed in his underwear. 'So, what was it that got you all horny." Pammy pointed to Dicky. I smiled at her and said. 'Really?" 'Oh Laura he's been making me wet for a year now." She whispered.

'Well, would you like me to teach you a little about sex now?" 'Oh Laura would you?" that would be sooo cool." I looked at Dicky and said. 'This is your lucky day dude. We need a boy with a hardon and you are a boy with a hardon."

'I'm gonna teach Pammy here about how to please a guy and we need you to be the dummy." 'Who you calling a dummy? You slut?" 'Shut the fuck up and listen. We're gonna do this right and you ain't gonna say anything about it, got that shit head?"

'Now take off that underwear and lay down on your back." I got the rope that Mary had brought in and began to tie his hands to the bed posts. 'Hay what the hell are you doing Laura?" 'Shut up fool and just enjoy this." I said.

When I had his hands tied I spread his legs and tied his feet to the foot board. I told Pammy who was still in a towel, to come over and sit next to Dicky on the bed. 'Now, the first thing is, you can't be afraid of touching him. So if you ever had thoughts of touching him, go ahead a do what you want to do with him, but be gentle." I explained 'I'll be right here if you have any questions."

Pammy took off the towel and I have to admit she didn't look too bad for a 10 year old blond baby. She's got long honey blond hair and pale blue eyes like mine, and a nice round little butt that just begs to be licked and squeezed.

She's kind of tall for her age standing just a few inches shorter then me. And her titties were just starting to bud and looked like just puffy little nipples standing about an inch or so above her chest.

She reached over and took Dicky's dick in her hand and slowly slid it up and down the boys ragging 7 incher. Dicky was in heaven. Pammy noticed the pre-cum fluid leaking out of his dick and asked. 'What's that stuff?" I said. 'He gets wet too when he's horny. Like a girl but not near as much. It's so his sperm will shoot out his dick real easy and harder." I explained.

'I feel like I want to taste it." She said with a grin. 'Go ahead baby, it won't taste like much, maybe a little salty." I whispered. She lowered her head and snaked out her little tongue and gave ol Dicky's dick a real good lick. She looked up and said. 'It tastes pretty good not at all nasty like I thought it would."

She lowered her head again and this time wrapped her lips around the boy's dick and sucked on the head. Dicky was going nuts squirming and groaning as his little sister proceeded to give him her vary first blow-job. She was a little gaggy at first but with my tutoring she began to suck on it like she was a pro.

In about two minutes Dicky said he was about to cumm and I put my hand on Pammy and said. 'If you don't want him to cumm in your mouth then back off and just jack him off till he shoots his load.

Or if you want him to cumm in you mouth then just back off till just the head is in your mouth and keep sucking and be prepared to swallow it." She pulled off and asked. 'Swallow?" she asked wide eyed. She looked down at Dicky and said I wanna see him shoot it all over." And went back down on him.

Just as I knew he was about to blow his wad, I reach over and grabbed Pammy by the hair and pulled her off just in time for her to see him squirt four good wads of cumm through the air landing on his chest and belly.

She looked at me and said 'Damn Laura that was fun. What else can we do to him?" 'What do want him to do baby?" I asked. 'I want him to lick on mine like I just did for him." 'Sounds fair to me. Climb up and put your little pussy over his mouth and make him lick your pussy."

She climbed over Dicky's chest and straddled his head and ground her pussy into his face. Dicky didn't disappoint her and began lapping at her little pussy till she was moaning and shivering and moving her hips back and forth at a rapid pace. She kept that up till she began to hoot and howl and quiver hard on his slurping lips and tongue.

Then she exploded hard on his face cumming and cumming, over and over And over till she rolled off quivering hard and giggling out loud as the waves of the massive orgasm washed through her tiny body. Again and again, and again, till they started to subside.

She looked up at me and grinned. 'That was ssooooo much better then the tub Laura, I think I'm gonna like fucking, a lot." We kissed each other on the lips and looked at Dicky still tied to the bed. I asked. 'Do you think we punished him enough for being such a dick-head?"

Pammy giggled and quietly said 'Yes, but I sure would like to do it again sometime. Maybe?" 'Well, that's up to you and Dicky. But I'm sure it won't be too hard to talk him into anything kiddo." I said as began to untie the boy.

Pammy left the room and Dicky was rock hard again so I locked his door and went back to him and sat right down on his nice hard dick and rode the pony till we both came real good and hard. Then I went to take my second bath of the day.

Mom and dad came home while I was in the tub and Mom stuck her head in the door and asked if the kid's gave me any trouble and I said. 'No Mam, they perfect little angels." She blew me a kiss and said good night and went to bed.

When I came out of the bathroom I could hear Mom and dad fucking like hell in their room and I smiled as I walked up stairs and went to bed…..

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2012-09-20 14:50:31
At the time I wrote 'Icky Dicky' Laura was about to turn 14. Mary would've been a year younger at 13. Dicky was a month or two shy of 13. and Pammy Sue was 10 and a few months from 11. And although the story is a fantasy, It is derived from actual events and actual people. It follows Laura though her teen-age years trying to cope and explore this new found and highly charged sexual appetite of hers. The story is set in the early 70s and set in a middle American small town. The names and places have been changed for obvious reasons, but the story is mostly true. There was a girl named Laura and there was a guy named Keith, who was over his head in love with this girl in spite of her Delicate Condition.. It took a few years to write because at my age it took awhile to remember alot of the details of something that happend 35 years ago.. There are alot of chapters to this story that I'll try and condence to make it a little more readable... I'm glad your enjoying it... ...Barbusie ...

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2012-09-19 16:44:54
What a deeeeeeeeeelicious story. YUMMMMY ! Oh please continue with it. I always say... a family that fucks together.... stays together. I've been livin' with my brother for over 25 yrs. Our life of fuckin' and suckin' started when I was 2 months shy of my 12th birthday. I walked in on my brother jackin' off. With in minutes I was on him, suck his dick for all I was worth. His cum is just soooo yummy. I could drink quarts of that stuff. I love pre-cum too. He got my cherry when I turned 18. It was my birthday, but I have him the present. Right after I graduated from high school, I moved in with him. And that's where we been ever since. He and I both have really well paying jobs, we live in a nice house now, we must fuck 'n' suck at least once a day, sometimes three or four times. I never get tried of the feel of his dick in my mouth. We've bookmarked you. We'll come back to see if you've written anymore.

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2012-09-19 13:36:29
i loved it, make sure that you arent missing any words in sentances though. good luck!

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2012-09-19 13:21:16
Great story. How old are Dicky and Mary? Looking forward to reading more. Love these teeny nymphos.

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Another amazing job, thank you for sharing your stories with us

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