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The first time of a brother and sister.
Hello this is my first story so far, hope you like it and only criticize if it's constructive, not just saying its crap and nothing else. So enjoy!

My name is Will and I'm an average guy, not much to me. Slightly built at the age of 16 with black hair and a 7" dick. One day after returning from school with my sister Jess, we discovered a note saying that mom was staying with her sick sister to help out with her son and daughter. She'd left some money for pizza on the fridge in case we were hungry.

Now at this point I should probably tell you something about my sister. She's 16 like me with blonde hair and fairly muscled from her netball. She's has huge DD breasts and a killer ass. I'd first noticed Jess when we were both twelve. She'd been walking to her room wearing nothing but a towel, she tripped and fell giving me a perfect view of her pussy and when she stood the towel came away, presenting her B cup breasts as well. Ever since I'd wanted to fuck her.

"I'm off to take a shower" announced Jess. This was part of her after school routine. She'd shower then eat, and after that she'd do her homework. I decided to have a bite to eat and do some homework while she washed her gorgeous body.

As I walked down the hall way to my room I noticed a small crack in my sisters door at eye level. I closed the door and discovered that I could see nearly the whole room through it. The bed was in the center of the room, giving me a perfect view. We'd only just moved in a few weeks ago so I hadn't noticed it.

I moved off to my room and sat down to do a bit of english. After about twenty minutes I heard the bathroom door open and my sister walk to her room. I couldn't help myself and as soon as her door shut I snuck to the crack.

What I saw shocked me. Jess's towel was on the floor she was lying naked on her bed slipping the end of her hair brush between the glistening lips of her shaved pussy. I got an instant boner. She started moving it in and out with increasing speed, moaning softly as she sped up and her tits bouncing around. I watched through the door while she pounded her wonderful pussy continuously as she got close to orgasm and her moans became more intense. Her other hand was running over her breasts, massaging them and playing with her nipples. Then the door bell rang.

When I answered it I found Jess's friend Caitlyn standing there in a uniform. "Hey Caitlyn what's up?" I asked her. "Hey Will, I'm just here to drop off a package for Jess, I work with the post office now. Is she around?" she replied. "She's in the shower at the moment" I lied, "but I can sign for her if you want" I said. "That'd be great" she replied, handing me a clipboard and a pen. I signed the form and as I was handing it back, noticed her erect nipples sticking out from her D cup breasts. I glanced up and saw her looking a my crotch, noticing the erection I still sprouted. She took the clipboard, blushing furiously and handed me the package. She mumbled a thanks and practically ran back to her car. I looked at the package. It was about a foot long and three inches wide.

I put the box on the kitchen bench and snuck back along the hallway to my sisters door to peek through the hole. Sadly Jess had finished up and was getting dressed. She already had on her panties so I was deprived of the sight of her beautiful cunt. As she was putting on her bra she gave her pink nipples a tweak, moaning with pleasure. She lifted one of her nipples to her mouth and gave it a lick. I thought she'd go for round two but she stopped and put on her bra. Her underwear was jet black and impossibly made her look even more sexy.

I quietly snuck back to the kitchen as she finished putting the rest of her clothes on and picked up the package, acting as though I'd just gotten it from Caitlyn. I heard her door open and she came out wearing a tight black tank top and mini skirt. She doesn't normally wear clothes this skimpy and I couldn't help staring at her massive cleavage as she entered. "What you doing Will?" she asked me. "Nothing really this package just came for you" I replied. "Oh what is it?", I looked more carefully at the box but it had no label that I could see. " Not sure, doesn't say", I handed the package to her.

"You're acting a little strange, is something up?" she asked. At this point I couldn't look at her without thinking of her dripping pussy. "No nothing's wrong" I mumbled, still not looking at her directly. "You sure?, you look a little flushed." she said, sounding concerned. "Just feel a little ill is all, think I'll go lie down for a bit. "Ok then you probably should" she told me. I left the kitchen and lay down on my bed while Jess had something to eat.

I still had a hard on and it just wouldn't go away. It needed to be taken care of. I unzipped my pants and reached for my cock, lightly jacking it as I thought of what I'd seen. I knew I'd have a lot of fun times with the crack.

"Will, I think you should probably shut the door when your doing that", I looked up and saw Jess standing there leaning against the door frame. I'd forgotten to close the door. She padded over to me and sat on the edge of my bed. Staring at my dick she was mesmerized. I could see the lust and desire in her blue eyes. I tried to say something, anything, but nothing would come out. She was unsure of something for a moment but then seemed to come to a decision.

She reached down and lightly began to stroke my dick, making me shudder. I went along with it, not once thinking it was wrong to be doing this with my sister. My hands found their way under her shirt began to massage her breasts through her bra. She moaned with pleasure and took her hand away. She pulled off my pants and stripped to her underwear. "I'll give you the pleasure of taking off the rest" she murmured silkily as she reached for my shirt and took it off. She rolled onto me and straddled my crotch, rubbing her panty covered pussy against my cock, the feeling was amazing. I reached around her back and I unclasped her bra, letting her breasts fall into my arms. I threw the bra away and went to work on her tits, massaging them and tweaking her nipples while I sucked and licked them all over.

Her moans becoming louder as she moved faster, sending pleasure arcing through her luscious body. I ceased massaging her breasts and gently lifted her up. She moaned with disappointment as the stimulation stopped. I rolled over and rested on top of her, reaching to slip my hand down her panties and slip a finger into her sopping wet cunt. I slowly fingered her and rubbed her clit while working her panties down with my other hand. She lifted her ass to help me and grabbed my head, pulling me into an passionate kiss.

Finally her panties were off and I rolled us over again. Jess sat up and gently impaled herself on my rod. "I've wanted this for so long" she whispered as the pleasure washed over her. "So have I" I replied, and gently lifted her back up only to drop her down again. "Aaaahhhhh!" she cried as she dropped back onto my cock and I did it again, driving even deeper into her. I began to thrust upwards while she began to lift and drop herself in time, meeting my every thrust.

I groaned with pleasure and lust as we found a rhythm and built each other to orgasm. We moved in unison, fucking each other like there was no tomorrow, not knowing when we'd have another chance. "Aaahhhhhhhhhhh!" she moaned as her pussy was impaled over and over again. "This is so awesome, I've wanted to fuck you for ages" I gasped out as the pleasure rose within me, almost tipping me over the edge. "Fuck me Will, faster" she moaned out in response, lost in the sensations of our coupling. I complied and sped up, hammering into her soaked cunt.

"I'M CUMMING!" she screamed as she came hard around my dick, her pussy muscles contracting around my cock as I came as well, grunting and emptying my cum into her tight pussy. Stream after stream I pumped into her until it seeped out of her pussy around my cock.

We lay there in the aftermath of our fucking with Jess on top and both of us panting like dogs. "That was amazing" gasped Jess, "Yeah it was, but I hope your on the pill" I gasped back. "Don't worry, I am" she murmured. "Your an amazing fucker Will." "Thanks, I've fantasized about banging you ever since that time I saw your pussy when we were twelve." I murmured, beginning to get my breath back. " Really? That was the first time I saw you get a boner. You ran off to your room after having yourself a good stare at my pussy". "Yeah I went and jacked off straight away" I replied. "And I went and and fingered myself like hell" she told me.

By now both of us had our breath back, sticky from sweat and our mixed juices. I led Jess to the shower and turned on the water. We stepped in and I grabbed the body wash from the rack. I got a nice sized dollop and made a lather with my hands. I started out massaging her neck from behind, enticing moans from her as her muscles relaxed. I slowly work my way lower and moved onto her enormous breasts. I kneaded in the soap starting at the top and working my way over her tits, circling her nipples and catching them between my fingers. I gave them a pull causing Jess to cry out in pleasure and continued down underneath them. I lifted them, letting them fall so they would bounce while pulling on her nipples, causing My sister to moan louder.

Moving on from her beautiful globes I traveled down her stomach to her navel running my soaped up hands over her stomach, making her sigh with pleasure. I moved down even further to he engorged pussy, running my fingers along her slit and flicking her clit, making her almost collapse. I worked her cunt with my hands, slipping my fingers inside her and massaging around her lips. In no time at all my hands were covered in more of her juices then they were in soap, her moaning the entire time I washed her body.

I turned her and knelt down so her shinning honeypot was at eye level. I snaked out my tongue to taste the wonders of her glistening pussy. Her hips bucked as I made contact and licked along her slit, up to her clit. My tongue moved down once again and licked along the length of her sweet smelling pussy. I repeated the action a few more times before finally penetrating her with my tongue, pushing as far in as I can, my nose against here clit and my mouth pressed to her slit. I licked her inside and out, clearing her pussy of her juices. I savored the delicious flavor of the nectar coming from her crevice. My tongue plunged in and out, flicking her clit on each exit, causing my sister to go frantic with lust. Her pussy exploded and her juices covered my face as she rode through orgasm after orgasm, pleasure lancing through her and her hips bucking into my face as I continued to eat he out.

When she came down for her high I stood up and kissed her deeply, letting her taste herself as our tongues danced together in our mouths. We broke the kiss and just stood underneath the jets of water.

"That was amazing Will" Jess whispered in my ear, nibbling at my earlobe and lightly grasping my cock. She knelt down to my cock and took the head in her mouth. The feeling was exquisite as she took more of my dick in, sucking all the while. She bobbed her head backwards and forwards, going deeper still until the head touched the back off her throat and she gagged on the flesh. Her fingers fondled my balls as she sucked my dick, bringing me closer to cumming. My rod was covered in her saliva as I cam inside her mouth, spewing it down her throat. She tried to swallow all my cum but couldn't keep up and it overflowed.

My dick popped from her mouth as she finished licking the last of my cum from her lips and then cleaning me off as well. She stood up and kissed me deeply, a light salty flavor on her lips and tongue. "How was that bro?" she murmured as we stopped kissing. "It was awesome sis" I murmured back.

And I slammed my still hard cock deep into my sister.

End of part one

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2012-09-19 12:58:39
was good liked it hope it goes further and mum joins in at some stage.

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