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a friend told me this story.
There were a few of us having drinks and hanging out, and she had brushed up against me like she always tends to. Each time she would put her hand on my ass hold there for a few seconds and then smile and say sorry. She knew I didn't mind, and came up behind me while I was in the kitchen a while later. We were, or at least I was a little more tipsy lol, when she came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me and grabbed my boobs and said peekaboo.

Without thinking about it I just gasped, I went to turn around and she had moved so I slapped her ass. She got real close and said I like it rough, and I'll bet you will too. It had been about another hour I noticed she had disappeared for a little while but didn't really think much of it. but she had joined us for another drink 2 of the girls were talking about going out while Leah, my sister, and Crystal were going to stay behind and keep me company. Crystal had asked me to come into the kitchen for a moment where she got up close reached up and grabbed me by the hair and said so do you like it rough? I couldn't believe it, but I was getting so turned on .

She knew it too, she told me to go upstairs where my present was waiting for me, and to wait she would be up in a moment. I got up to the bedroom and sat down. When she came up she had me open my present, a couple different sized dildos. I was wondering if there was going to be more when she told me to get on my knees. Wondering about her change in attitude, i hesitated and she grabbed me by the hair and said NOW. I did as she said and was a little shocked. She said that i since I was going to slap her ass and play rough, she was going to return the favor.

she told me to kiss her feet, and her legs to which i did. I was allowed to kiss all the way up to her pussy without being allowed to make any contact with her pussy. It was driving me wild and I could tell she was really enjoying it. Telling me what a good little bitch I was taking care of her like this. I was doing my best to please her, and it seems like a while, before she said I bet you want to taste my pussy now, to which I replied "Yes" and she said I hadn't earned it yet. she turned and said if I wanted to lick her pussy I had to first lick her ass. and with no warning she had put her ass in my face. So I devoured her ass, licking and probing my tongue in and out and she moaned and was really enjoying it, I thought she was going to cum when she stopped me and said to follow her to the edge of the bed.
she made me kneel at the edge of the bed and took one of the dildos, it was 8 inches, and said that i was going to fuck her ass with it while i would now be allowed to tasted her pussy. I happily agreed to that, I lubed the dildo slowly put it into her ass and started licking her pussy and twirling my tongue around her clit, it didn't take long before she had came and had squirted all over my face. I had never seen that before. my face was soaked but i just kept licking and fucking her ass with it and she must have came a couple more times. but it was far from over...

When I thought she was done and I had stopped I heard a noise and looked over to see my sister sitting in the chair watching playing with herself. I couldn't believe it. Crystal recovering from her fucking I gave her, sat up pulled the dildo from her ass and told me to suck it. I was a little embarrassed and humiliated having know my sister was there, but I did as I was told. Crystal said that I was having fun until now, and teased me for having my sister catch me. She told me that my sister had already known what was happening. i kept sucking that dildo, and she said to not be embarrassed that I was a being a good little bitch. She had finished undressing while I sucked on the dildo that came out of her ass and my sister had undressed to be wearing a leather outfit with a harness for a strapon. which Crystal had helped her to put on. I couldn't believe it, my sister was going to fuck crystal in front of me. I was jealous, because I wanted Crystal some more. Crystal snapped for me to get undressed and on the bed. looking down I took off my dress and I watched as Crystal started sucking the strapon and my sister just enjoyed the sight.

After a few moments crystal had stopped and told me to lay down and fuck myself with the dildo. I felt dirty, and confused but figured I was already seen at my worst so I slid it in my pussy and then Crystal had got between my legs and started licking my asshole. I was in heaven. I was enjoying it so much that i had almost forgot about Leah there. Crystal told me to keep my eyes closed or she wouldn't finish. My eyes were closed just enjoying the fucking I was giving myself and the tongue lashing my ass. She had stopped again and took the dildo from my pussy and put it in my mouth which I eagerly sucked on and told me she was going to fuck me with the bigger one now which she had ready. i lay there, completely in ecstasy. Feeling the bigger dildo enter was incredible. I hadn't had one so big, and I was guessing it was the 10 inch one but felt thicker than what it looked like. I lay there sucking on the one dildo and just enjoyed the fucking of the other dildo when Crystal told me to open my eyes. I saw my sister there slowly fucking me with the strapon. She went from taking it easy to really fucking me with it. They must have known what I was thinking, shock confusion a little horrified. Crystal said that she caught me looking at Leah enough to know that I wouldn't mind. I hadn't expected this at all.

Now with me knowing she was fucking me, Leah had no worries about being as nice about it. She just said, I know you wanted me, and I wanted to give you a birthday to remember. I lost control there, and came almost instantly. but she didn't stop and then crystal said I was going to be a good little whore and take it whenever they wanted to give it to me. I came again. Leah kept fucking me while Crystal told her how much I liked licking her ass as she put her tight little ass on my mouth I just grabbed a hold of her and licked and tongue fucked her ass until i came about 2 more times. I was so worn out, but they gave me break.

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2016-08-01 08:55:13
Superb i like it

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2012-09-28 02:17:25
that was a fucking dumb waste of time you little shit

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2012-09-22 23:31:38
Oh fuck off you stupid bastard! You made this whole thing up. Never write again you fucking worthless retard!


2012-09-19 23:44:41
it wasnt written by me if you can read that part you idiot.

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2012-09-19 14:28:22
i love how this is suppose to be a true story of a Incest lesbian sisters. but it was written by a man. yeah right i stopped reading in the second pargraph.

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