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I find out what it feels like to be mom
This is a continuation of my previous story. As with my other stories, I recommend you read my prior stories to fully appreciate what is going on in my life at this point. Enjoy.

Most women I have ever dealed with, in all walks of life, in every marital status, profession, of every age, with all kinds of different lifestyles, have confessed to being whores at least at some point in their lives. I don't mean for money, I mean being someone's toy, being abused. Most women knew they were just being used, being abused, and kept coming back for more. Sometimes for love, sometimes money, at times religion, sometimes experimentation, and sometimes just as victims. Truth is, we all love being lusted after, having someone want us just for our bodies every now and then. Every now and then, we want to feel like the hottest girl on the planet, like a man can't contain himself from fucking us, and will have us at any cost. Most women will confess to their best friends that sometimes, they just wanted to be used like a whore, like rape, sometimes just out of curiosity, to see what it is like.
I experienced many things that women much older than me had not even thought about at the age of 10.
I cannot say I enjoyed everything or even most, but I always felt used, like a whore.

I hardly slept that night. I would start falling asleep, when Juan would open me up and fuck me again, or make me suck him off. My vagina and jaw were sore. It was almost dawn when Juan finally fell asleep, and I was able to get some rest. Early in the morning, before the first rays of sunlight shined, I was woken up with a big dick in my smacking my face.
Juan's dad,"get up and suck it bitch."
I opened my eyes to Juan's dad standing next to the bed, holding on to his dick and smacking me with it. It was huge, much bigger than Juan's. It also smelled really bad. I was horrified, and put my hands up trying to cover my face. I heard Juan laughing.
Juan,"you better listen bitch, start cleaning it."
I couldn't believe he wanted me to suck his dad. His dad grabbed me by the hair and dragged me off the bed to the floor.
Juan's dad,"on your knees in front of my dick, like a whore, just like your mom does it."
Juan came up behind me and pulled my hands behind my back.
Juan,"hurry up, open your mouth and clean it, before I make you."
He smacked my ass twice, really hard. Which made me scream from the stinging pain.
Juan, "hurry up before I do it again."
My eyes got watery, and I opened my mouth, choosing to suck his instead of getting spanked again. Juan's dad grabbed me by the hair in the back of my head and pushed his big dick all the way in, until it hit the back of my throat, where it wouldn't go further. It wasn't all the way in, and Juan's dad kept pushing, trying to get it all the way, but it was stuck in the back. I immediately began gagging, he had a really sour taste all over his dick.
Juan's dad, "yeah clean that bitch, I went to the stripclub and fucked your mom bareback last night, I fucked her pussy and her ass, now her daughter gets to clean me up."
I tried pulling it out, but Juan's dad just kept pushing in. I couldn't breathe, I was gagging, I was disgusted. Tears were rolling down my cheecks.
Juan's dad,"I won't let you breathe until you get it all the way in."
I felt like a helpless whore, on my knees, my hands held behind my back, my eyes filled with tears, my face with dried saliva and mucus all over it, and more saliva drooling down my ching into my chest, with a big, smelly, dirty dick that had just been inside my mom trying to get into my throat. I felt truly humiliated. I felt like I was gonna die. I knew I had to get it all the way in, so I began pushing my head forward, trying to loosen my throat into fitting it in. Juan's hands came up to the back of my head and pushed really hard.
Juan's dad, "that's it bitch, all of it."
I felt his big dick start sliding down and felt as my throat opened up to him. My face got pressed all the way to him, and his entire big dick slid down into my throat deep. I gagged a massive amount of thick saliva all over myself and his balls.
Juan's dad,"just like mommy bitch, thats how I like it."
It felt horrible having something down my throat, it was sore instantly. They both let go of me and I was finally able to pull his big dick out of my mouth, taking more saliva out of me. I gasped for air, my lungs felt empty, and my jaw was hurting. I had a really sour taste in my mouth. Juan and his dad were laughing, as Juan dad slapped my face with his dick. Juan began gathering handfuls of saliva and rubbing it all over my face. I had just started gaining my breath when,
Juan's dad,"again bitch, open the fuck up."
Juan held my arms behind my back. I opened my mouth and his dad pushed his dick in and got stuck again. He pushed my head forward saying,"all the way in."
He wiggled his dick inside my mouth and I felt it slowly creep into my throat again, pushing all the way in. I gagged again, and coughed up saliva even out of my nose. It felt disgusting. He pulled out again leaving me gasping for air.
Juan's dad," I have an idea to open this bitch up."
Juan's dad picked me up off the floor and threw me to the bed. He flipped me around leaving my head hanging off the bed, and pinned my arms with his knees.
Juan's dad,"Now I can get in deep. Open up bitch."
His bid dick was dangling right in front of my face. I opened my mouth and he shoved his big dick in, getting stuck at the entrance of my throat again. He then pushed his hips forward and forced it all the way in again. I felt his go deeper, all the way down, my throat was completely filled, and my nose buried on his balls. I coughed up thick saliva, some coming out of my nose. It covered my nose, and ran down to my eyes.
Juan's dad, "That's it."
He began rocking back and forth, not taking his dick out of my throat, making me gag on every thrust. I felt him deep, and couldn't breathe, I could feel my saliva come up all the way from my stomach, the suddenly, I felt myself vomiting all over my face and hair. I couldn't even see. Juan laughed as his dad just kept fucking me like he didn't care.
Juan's dad,"That's it, just like that bitch."
He finally pulled out, leaving me gasping for air. My jaw was cramping up at this point.
Juan's dad,"again slut."
Me,"I can't, my jaw is hurting."
Juan, do as your told hoe."
Juan's dad,"It's alright, she has done a great job."
I was relieved feeling it was over. Than he laid me straight in bed and got between my legs. Juan held my arms, and his dad began pushing his big dick inside of me. I wasn't even wet, but his dick had all sorts of fluids on it which made it slide in quick, but it felt horrible. His dick pushed in further than Juan's and opened me up much more. I was screaming loud, and crying. He fucked me hard, and fast, and deep, with no mercy. I felt him about to cum, then he just stopped. He told Juan,"let's flip this little bitch around."
He bent me over, and began fucking my pussy again, but slowly. He reached pulled my hair back hard, lifting me up, and pushed his fingers deep in my mouth. They reached all the way into my throat, and I bagan gagging and coughing up saliva. He then took his fingers out leaving me coughing. He kept fucking me deep, but slowly, reaching deep inside of me. Then I felt one of his fingers creep inside my ass. He pushed it in hard, and it hurt to be opened up like that. He had big hands and thick fingers, and it did not feel good at all. He pulled his dick out, and pulled my head towards his dick again, pulling my hair.
Juan's dad, "start sucking, it better be good."
I opened my mouth and began fucking my own face with his dick, which made my jaw hurt. As I did this, he pushed two fingers inside my butt. I felt tight around his fingers, I was hurting. He pushed his dick deeper into my mouth making me vomit spit again.
He flipped me around again with my ass facing him, bending me over.
Juan's dad, "hold her down good, I'm gonna be the first one in her ass."
Juan kneeled in front of me pinning me to the bed, pushing his crotch against my face. Juan's dad opened up my asscheecks with his big hands, and I felt the tip of his dick right in my entrance. He pushed in, and I felt the worse pain ever. It was far worse than losing my virginity. I screamed and cried, but I was pinned down, Juan holding my upper body, as his dad held my ass and hips and place, I was helpless. I could feel him having trouble getting it in, but he just kept pushing.
I felt like I was being torn in half, his dick felt huge, my butt had never been so stretched. He pushed in deep inside of me, and began fucking my ass with no mercy. I was screaming and crying and he kept going hard, and fast, and deep. My ass was on fire.
Juan's dad," This is the best tightest ass I have ever fucked, shake it bitch."
He pushed his fingers into my mouth,"taste it, you better get used to it."
He continued fucking my ass, Juan pulled out his dick and began fucking my face again at the same time. I felt like I was about to pass out. Juan pushed into the entrance of my throat, and shot his cum straight down. His dad laughed saying,"Fuck yeah." He spanked me a few times as he fucked my ass, then I felt him cumming. He grew even bigger inside of me, pumped faster, and his body shivered. I was almost passed out and collapsed on the bed as he pulled out. He came around in front of me, flipped me facing up, and mounted my face. He opened my mouth with his fingers and pushed his dick inside. He ordered,"Suck it."
I began sucking, I could not taste anything anymore, I was just crying, with my butt hole and ass cheeks on fire. He kept saying,"good bitch, suck it clean", as I sucked him.
Juan's dad,"remember to never cum inside her pussy again, you never want to risk getting her pregnant." Juan acknowledged him. They both left and I finally got some rest.

Amanda came into Juan's room a few hours later, and woke me up. She was a little shocked seeing me naked, and I felt in a black state. I could not believe mom had gone through that so many times. My ass was still hurting, so was my pussy, and my throat, and my jaw.
Amanda,"here, let me help you clean up."
She helped me up and got me into the bath tub. She got me in warm water and massaged my body gently.
Amanda,"how are you feeling."
Me,"I am sore all over."
Juan's dad walked in,"It will go away, I will make sure you heal up real good before Juan touches you again. We just had to break you in, you did real good." They both continued massaging my body. I began coming out of my blank state, as I felt a hand rubbing my pussy. It was Juan's dad. Amanda massaged my back, as Juan's dad gently fingered me. He thick hands felt good. I got hot immediately, and had an orgasm in about a minute. He said,"ill see you in a bit,"as he left.
I realized I had not had an orgasm in a long time. Amanda helped me get dressed and ready, it took some good face scrubbing and teeth brushing. We went to the living room. Juan and his dad were there, and Juan was holding mom's thong and picture.
Juan,"I will be keeping these."
Juan's dad, "call your hot ass mom to pick you up, so I can see her again."
I called her, and we all sat in silence wating for her car to roll up. As she parked in front, Juan and his dad stared focused, as she got off the car in her short mini dress, and massive cleavage.
Juan's dad, "what a hot bitch, a good piece of ass, and you are looking just like her."
I actually felt good about that. And she did look awesome.
He handed me 300 dollars as I was about to walk out the door, saying,"here, you can come back anytime. Don't forget who owns you."
I walked out and put the money away, it was more money than I had ever had. As I was walking away, I noticed they were both staring at my ass. I smiled and waved Amanda goodbye. I hugged my mom, getting real close to her breasts, and we left home.
I don't know how many times I masturbated that night, thinking of my rape, feeling used. I finally felt like mom.

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2016-11-23 02:08:22
I did not like juan's dad sticking in his smiley dick in her mouth and Juan holding her hands behind her Juan should have kept her to himself. and raping her in her pussy and ass

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what what include juans dad

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2015-04-07 13:55:14
I enjoyed the entire series, this being my favorite. Glad you turned out just like your mom. Sexy n slutty.

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2012-09-25 21:28:48
Your life was probably changed that those stories run through my head, i feel like crying because of all of those bad things that happend to you i hope you told someone cuz if u havent, i dont know what to say.

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Have enjoyed all your stories so far. Please keep writing them.

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