Double Dose of Bad Seed

Part 5
Senior Year

The next week was long and boring final exams followed be 7 days of field evaluation. The
exams weren’t to bad I scored in the upper 10% of my class. I had slacked off lately spending
my time on my extra curricular activities. The field evaluations I did better at I was gifted with
those skills I guess.

Friday was graduation for the senior cadets and we as the junior class were now the top dogs.
We moved into the better dorm and also got our new freedom. As a senior I was allowed my
laptop and any personal items I wished as long as it fit in a foot locker. The other major change
was Sunday we were free to do our own thing all day.

This weekend however was filled with moving and cleaning and Monday started the summer
break period. Most the cadet’s parents were picking them up. Once again my family hadn’t come
to check me out, its came as no surprise though. I finally got free Tuesday and called Stacy.

“You need to call Julia” is all she said.

I hang up and call Julia.
“Hey what’s up”
“Dad an Mom have decided that since I’m pregnant(Giggle) they are going to allow us to see
each other. Dad says he’ll pick you up Friday and you can stay in the guest room till Sunday”
She tells me.

I think about this, I’m sure I could sneak a few fucks in with Julia but that isn’t what I had
in mind.
“Sounds good but I won’t be sleeping in the guest room, Unless that’s your new bed room”
I say giving her no option.

“Hold on a second JJ” she says.

I can hear her talking to her mom (Linda) but only catch bits and pieces. The conversation is obviously
my sleeping arrangements. Her dad (Joe) is there as well but says very little.

“It’s not like I’m a virgin or he can do anymore damage” Lisa yells.
“Your not going to be a slut under my roof” her dad yells.
“Well you can have the pregnant slut daughter with no man or the pregnant slut daughter
getting fucked by her man because he says he’s not sleeping in the guest room” she yells back.

It gets quiet for several minutes then I hear her father come on the phone.
“JJ, son you need to realize that its not as simple as you think we are respected in our church and
We can’t just let you two sleep together then have too look our friends in the eye, I’m sorry we
can’t do that.” Joe says calmly

Now I’m a reasonable person so I explain it to him on his level.

“Well bro considering that your wife’s church group walked in after I had just taken Julia’s anal
virginity. My cock was still in her ass with cum leaking down her thighs while she suck my other
load of cum from her sisters pussy and now she is pregnant. Add to that the fact that her own sister
pimped her virginity out for some spending money. If you can still show your face at that Church
or in public for that matter. Then you should be able to hold your head high and proudly say He’s
only fucking the pregnant slut in my house”

It was dead silent for several minutes then Julia got back on the phone.

“Daddy will pick you up Friday. I love you, bye” she says.

Well I guess he agreed I’ll find out Friday I think as I hang up. The rest of the week went
slow most of the kids left for break and the few of us left behind went about the normal routine.
Friday came and Joe was there to pick me up. He seemed oddly upset almost angry I noticed
as we speed off before I even got my door closed. I had a feeling he had a bad day at work so
I sat quietly as we drove to his house.

Julia meet me at the door jumping into my arms and hugging me as she wrapped her legs around
my waist and kissed me. Joe just looked at us, I’m not sure how to describe the look but I handed
him my bag.

“Could you drop that in Julia’s room Joe, thanks”

He took the bag and went inside but he was mumbling to himself as he did. I managed to break Lisa’s
hold on me and get inside the house. Me and Julia headed straight up to our room. Julia shed about
Half her clothes along the way. Dropping her bra and panties before she climbed on the bed. Julia
laid on the bed her legs spread wide

She slowly rubbed her bald little pussy and squeezed her tits as I undressed. I could hear how wet
her pussy was as she played with her self. As I dropped my trousers and boxers I heard a sound
behind me. I turned to look it was Linda.

“Atleast keep the door closed” she says with an odd look on her face as she shuts the door.

I shrugged my shoulders and went over to the bed. Julia was moaning softly as I crawled between
her legs and replaced her hand with my tongue. I inserted two fingers inside her wet pussy. She
moaned louder and gasped as they entered her. It only took a minute for her to cum releasing a
fresh flow of juice for me to lick up.

Satisfied I had milked all her cum I stood and looked down into her eyes. They were glassy and
filled with lust and love.

“Suck my cock slut” I say with a smile.

She seems startled by my request but smiles and sits up taking my cock into her eager mouth.

“I’ve been practicing with my dildo” she says with a proud smile then takes my cock into
her mouth once more forcing herself down until her nose touches my belly.

“Not enough” I say smiling as I hold her head in place her head jerking as she tries you gasp
for air.

I finally release her and she gasps for air but drives her self right back down on me determined
to show me. After 10 tries she has spit drooling out her mouth and down her small a cup breasts.
I’m holding her head when I hear a knock at the door.
“Come in” I say

Linda opens the door and turns almost as pale as Julia. Julia is gasping for air as I release her
head allowing my cock to slide from her mouth. Globs of her spit dripping from it. I turn to
Linda. She is just staring with her mouth open.

“Did you need something” I ask.
Stuttering she says “Dinner will be ready in an hour”

I look into Julia’s eyes “Ok baby no swallowing, we don’t want to spoil your dinner. We’ll put
it in your ass” I say.

I hear the door close behind me, I think to myself see I can compromise, this may teach me something
being here, I might become a better person.

“Ok slut get that ass in the air” I say lovingly.

She moans as I slide inside her hot wet little pussy. I slide in nice and slow until I am deep in her womb.
I love the feeling of her tight little pussy twitching and spasming as it adjusts to my cock. She moans
softly as I hold my cock deep inside her. I pull back until only the head remains inside her allowing
her pussy to go empty.

She tries wiggling back to have me fill her again but I wait. Then grab her hips and drive into
hard and fast. She screams out as my cock hits bottom and her legs begin to shake. Her tight little
pussy squeezing harder and quivering as she cums all over my cock.

I enjoy the feeling for a few moments before I begin fucking her with long deep strokes. I used her
cum to lube her ass and pop my thumb inside her. She is moaning and screaming as I fuck her hard
I don’t think she even noticed the thumb slip into her ass.

My balls began to tingle so I pulled out and placed the head at her tight little asshole. She pulled her
knees together and up under her body lowering her ass so I was in perfect line as I pressed in and the
head slipped inside her. She moaned and I pushed in deeper. I moved faster this time and began
slowly driving into her tight little shit hole. Getting harder and deeper she started panting and
moaning. She was fixing to cum so I drove deep and released my own cum into her ass first. She
cried out and began cumming as I filled her ass with hot cum.

I pulled my cock from her slimy ass and laid on my back. She looked in to my eyes and kissed me.
I reached up and caressed the back of her head and lovingly broke our kiss and guide her mouth
down to my shit and cum covered cock. She never resisted as my cock slipped into her mouth.

We dressed and headed down stairs to the dinning room. Julia went to the kitchen and helped her
mom bring the food out and set the table. Me and Joe just sat in silence, he was obviously still
upset from work I figured from his expression.

We all sat and it was a quiet dinner, while except for the few weird wet fart sounds cumming from
Julia followed by a musky cum smell. Julia was beet red after each one. It affected her parents
differently. They seemed to lose their appetite, it was fried pork chop night so I was happy.

As we, well I finished up eating Stacy stopped by to pick up some laundry. I smiled remembering the
last time we were all in a room together. From the expression on her moms face I could tell she was
remembering it as well.

“Are you spending the night Stacy” I ask making conversation.

“NO” echoes thru the room as all four answered my question quickly.

Stacy leaves a few minutes later, me and Joe head into the living room and watch TV while the
women clean up the kitchen. Joe eventually speaks asking me about the academy. Things are slowly
becoming relaxed. After the women are done we all sit and watch a movie.

After the movie me and Julia head back up to bed. It was a long hard loud night for us. I had two
weeks to catch up on and I was trying to in one night. I woke to the smell of bacon and
headed down stairs. Joe and Linda are at the table as we sit down. Joe and Linda both have
blood shot eyes and are yawning constantly.

“Dam Joe you two look like shit was Linda screaming all night like Julia” I ask wondering if
maybe it was a family trait.

“No, it was just JULIA screaming all night” Joe says gritting his teeth.

I could tell he was upset with Julia and I couldn‘t blame him really.

“Little Nymph woke me up like 5 or 6 times last night, so I know how you feel bro”
I say sympathizing with them.

Linda give me an odd look “It was 8 times” she snaps at me.

“I vote we get her one of those ball gags, atleast then half of us get some sleep” I say thinking it a
good compromise atleast they would get some sleep.

They all looked at me, stared really but I couldn’t figure out if it was a yes or no from their expression.
I shrugged my shoulders and finished my breakfast. After breakfast me and Julia went up to our
room and showered. Julia I knew was in love with me and I intended to take full advantage of it.

I opened my laptop and put the dog sex video of Stacy on and laid it on the bed and went to piss.
When I returned Julia was staring at it with her jaw wide open. Drool leaking from the corner off
her mouth she was so mesmerized by the sight of her sister knotted with a dog. She gasped as the
dog finally pulled out and the dog cum poured from Stacy’s pussy and down her thighs.

Its hard to tell on a thirteen year olds face what their thinking. Shock, Lust, or Fear.

“So what you think of Stacy’s video” I ask as the dog licks his cum from Stacy’s pussy.

Julia stutters several times before finally making a sentence “Is that what you want me to do” she
says with a little fear in her eyes.

“What if I did” I say testing the waters.

“I love you JJ” is all she says and begins to cry softly.

I knew as I stared into her eyes looking into her soul she was my slut now. I moved the laptop
and laid her on her back and slide my cock inside her. She moans and squirms her pussy still
sore from fucking all night. I give her a nice cream pie and take a picture to post on the porn
site. Being 13 and still developing will get a few bites I’m sure if not I got Alice’s number.

We both fall asleep waking again at noon. Julia is laying on my chest when I wake up.

“JJ what was that site you posted my picture on” she whispers
“It’s a swap site, you trade your sluts why” I reply
“So your going to trade me around like a whore” she says beginning to cry again.
“Yes, trust me you’ll like it, Stacy does” I say and kiss her hard pulling her leg over me.

Once she is straddling me I slide my cock slowly inside her and kiss her softly.
“Just remember your still MY Slut at the end of the day” I say

She smiles and pushes back taking my cock all the way inside her. She lays on my chest and
grinds her hips and slowly fuck me until we both cum. My cock slides from her slimy pussy
as it softens, finally slipping completely out. Julia slides down and begins cleaning my cock.

I check my email while she does. Four new emails first is a husband and wife their 21 an 23.
interested in swapping. Second email is a mom and daughter 33 and 14, both red heads
Looking for group sex and maybe swap later. The third I delete just a guy and a lot of
lewd comments. The fourth is interesting it is very vague in information but give a site
link and phone number.

I surf over to the site and again very vague on information but I’m guessing it’s a fetish
prostitution site using very young girls. The ones depicted were all over 18 but the wording
I’m sure they supply younger as their main business.

I send an email to the three, then grab my cell and call Alice.

“Hey, you busy” I ask
“No, what you got in mind” she replies

I send her Julia’s picture from earlier.

“Me, you, her, and bring your dog” I say
“Is she into my thing” she asks.
“don’t know but we’ll find out. Meet me at the motel in an hour” I say and hang up.

Julia was listening to our conversation.

“Am I going to have to do the dog” she asks in almost a whisper.
“No” I say pausing long enough to hear her let out a sigh of relief.
“All you have to do is lay there the dogs going to do you” I say.

She sits quietly letting this sink in before she build the courage to continue.

“What is her thing she was asking about” she says almost scared to hear the answer.
“Scat, she likes to be shit on, and to shit on others” I pause as it sinks in.
“Today she’ll get both with you” understand.

She has tears running down her cheek as she nods her head yes. I send her pack a little bag of
cleaning supplies then we head over to the motel and get a room. It was a crack motel and only
a few blocks from Alice so perfect.

As I head toward the room Alice and her German Sheppard arrive on foot and follow us.
Julia was shaking nervously as we went into the room. I’m not sure what she was more
scared of the scat or dog, not that it mattered she was getting both.

Once inside I put the German Sheppard in the bath room and set up the camera then find
myself a chair for the show. Julia came sit on my lap and kissed me, her lips were trembling
as we kissed. Alice came over and sat on my other leg and kissed me, then Julia. I smiled at
Alice and she took the lead becoming dominate over Julia.

Pulling her up to her feet and over to the bed. She rips Julia’s shirt off and with the swipe of a
hand her training bra hit’s the floor. Her skirt and panties followed, Alice stops for a moment
to admire Julia’s developing body before pushing her back on the bed.

Alice quickly removes her own clothes then straddles Julia’s face pressing her wet cunt to
Julia’s waiting mouth. She moans as she lowers her head and begins eating Julia’s pussy.
Julia maybe be scared but she isn’t to scared to enjoy getting her pussy ate. She is moaning
and grinding her bald little pussy into Alice’s mouth.

I strip down and walk over and get on the bed behind Alice. Bending down to share her fresh
cum with Julia as I lick her pussy for a minute. I kiss Julia, her eyes are rolled back and she
is panting hard as she cums on Alice’s face.

I slide up behind Alice and Julia reaches up and lines my cock with her hole as I push in slowly
stopping about 2 inches inside her. Alice moans and wiggles her ass wanting more. I grab her
hips with both hands and pull back hard and I drive forward with my ass. My cock slam all
the way into her making a loud slapping sound as I bottom out.

Her screams as I pound her pussy hard has the dog barking in the restroom. I fuck her till she
shakes and her pussy tightens as she cums hard. Her legs become weak and she collapses on
Julia breathing hard. Julia eagerly licks and sucks her fresh cum as I pull my cock out of her.

I slap Alice on the ass.
“Rotate so Julia is on top” I say.

They quickly comply and I slide my cock into Julia nice and slow. She grunts her little pussy is
obviously sore from last night still. I fuck her nice and slow as I rub her little puckered ass hole.
Lubing it with her pussy juice she moans as my thumb slips inside her. I make circles with it
stretching her anus for several minutes.

I reach over to the night stand and grab a suppository and remove my thumb and place it in her
ass. She jumps slightly from the cold of it as I push in deep inside her hot ass. I remove my cock
from her pussy and slip it into her ass. She lets out a yelp as the head pushes past her anus ring.
I push in slowly her tight ass squeezing around my cock.

I could feel the suppository at the tip of my cock as I pushed it deep into her bowels. My balls
were already beginning to tighten and I pumped her ass several times hard before dumping a
nice hot load of cum deep in her bowel. I pulled my cock and Alice quickly stopped eating
Julia’s cunt and licked my cock clean of Julia’s ass and my cum.

After my cock was clean I put it back in Julia’s ass. I figured I could get another load of cum in
her ass before the suppository worked. I fuck her hard and fast by the time I’m ready to cum
I can feel the slimy liquid in her ass with each pump. My load of cum adds to it. She’s ready
So I pull out my cock covered with slimy cum and brownish liquid from Julia’s ass.

Alice’s eagerly went for my cock, her tongue out to taste the vile mixture. But I stopped her
and went sit in the chair and had Julia come and kneel and clean my cock while Alice spread
the plastic on the bed. Julia slowly lowered her mouth to my cock. She stuck her little tongue
out and gave a little lick which was immediately followed by a cough and gag.

She didn’t complain or give up she took a deep breathe and closed her eyes and took my cock
in her mouth licking and sucking. Gagging several times during the process. The bed was ready
and Alice was laying spread eagle in the middle of it. She had a dildo in her pussy she was
working with on hand.

Julia went over and squatted over her face. Alice moaned and opened her mouth.

“Try and let it out as slow as you can Julia so I can enjoy it” Alice tells Julia.

Julia does a good job the first few minutes. A stream of brown liquid and white cum
leaks from her clenched ass hole down into Alice’s open mouth. Alice’s body shakes
as she cums when she gets her first taste. She swallows all the juice until finally Julia
loses control and a large squirt comes out covering her face. Followed be a second
squirt this one with chunks.

Alice was moaning like she was in heaven, I even noticed her chewing on a large chunk.
The third squirt was a total lose of control and Julia spayed shit and cum covering Alice’s
face, hair, breasts all the way down to her stomach.

Alice was orgasming as she rubbed the mixture around her body. Julia was exhausted and
laid on the bed next to her. I grabbed a rag and had Julia get on all fours and I cleaned her ass.

“Ok suck her tits and kiss her while I fuck you Julia” I say.

I slide into her wet sore pussy as Julia lowers her head and takes Alice’s nipple into her
mouth. Alice begins moaning and working her dildo hard excited by the feeling of Julia
licking the shit from her body then kissing her.

I wasn’t as much turned on by the shit as I was turned on by the submission Julia was showing.
I filled her pussy with cum in a short time. We all showered after Alice had another orgasm.

“It wasn’t that bad” Julia says as we all three shower together.

Alice smiles and kisses her. After our shower Alice cleans the plastic up and Julia lays on the
bed. Once again she is shaking nervously as the German Sheppard’s cold nose sniffs at her
pussy. She jumps and yelps as he takes a long lick of her pussy. He sniffs some more then
starts licking.

Julia’s tear of humiliation are soon replaced with screams as she cums violently. The dog never
stops the more she cums the harder and faster he licks. Alice during this has sucked my cock back
to hard and sat in my lap watching while riding my cock she put into her ass.

The dogs cock is about 2/3 out and her tries to mount Julia which scares her and she jumps.

“Get on all fours so he can mount his bitch” I tell her.

Her tears of humiliation return as she complies. As the dog climbs on her back, She is very small
so the weight of the dog is too much for her.

“Kneel on the floor and lean over the bed, leave your ass out though so he can wrap his paws
around your hips. That way he can get his knot inside you later” I instruct her.

She complies again and with a few minutes the dogs cock finds it mark and she’s moaning loudly.
Soon her breathing is heavy and she shakes in orgasm. Followed by crying and screaming as the
dog pounds over and over against her sore pussy until it finally stretches with a scream to allow
his knot inside her. He fucks her hard and fast for several minutes before he cums followed by her.

Then me and Alice cum together while we wait for the dog to release Julia. It took about 20 minutes
before the dog slipped from her pussy. Julia just slides to the floor, her body limp as I pick her up
and laid her in the bed. Spreading her legs the dog cum was leaking from her little bald pussy.

“Clean her pussy” I tell Alice.

She smiles and dives in, Julia doesn’t even move she’s dead to the world as Alice sucks the dog
Cum from her gaping pussy hole. I had place Julia towards the end of the bed so Alice would
have to knell on the floor to eat her pussy. The German Sheppard perked up at the new bitch
to breed. He moved over and licked her, Alice jumped and started to move but looked at me
and I guess decided she would allow it.

The dog only licked her too two orgasms before he mounted her. Her eyes bulged and she
screamed as he entered her well lubed ass from my cum. I laughed as he wraps his paws around
her and drives into her. She tried getting him off at first but soon gave up as she screamed when
his knot was being pounded past her anus ring. She cried as he came inside her, her own body
shaking in orgasm.

After he finally slipped from her ass Julia was awake and Alice squatted over her face. Julia
looked at me with tears in her eyes.

“That’s MY slut” is all I say and smile.

She looks up and opens her mouth and hold her tongue out as Alice lets the dog cum leak from her
ass into Julia’s mouth. Julia gags as the flow increases, finally a few small chunk are mixed in
and Alice stops and kisses Julia sharing the fruit of her bowel as they kiss.

I get up from my chair an turn the camera off and we all collapse on the bed and fall asleep.

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