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This is my first story and This is 1 of my dark hidden secrets
I met my girlfriend when I was 24 and she was 34. She has for kids and I have none. Our relationship went very quickly and started our and started our lives wit within a year I moved from New York to for a b for a better life. until the economy wen the economy went downhill. So as a family we decided to move back to New York me and my girlfriend want first wow children were indecisive and wanted to stay in Florida. So as we were gradually planning 2 live in New York again I'm at my girlfriends brother wife and I knew right then and there I was in trouble. to meet my girlfriend sis to meet my girlfriend sister in law I was in shock on the beauty that was standing in front of me. I am definitely not a ladies man but it seems as she was checking me out looking at me up and down and I noticed that she was concentrating on my crotch area I said to myself all my god I hope my zipper is not open. As I want to check if my slipper was open it was not I could just imagine on what she was thinking was she thinking what I was thinking. So I go to a few friends and act for advice on the matter majority of them for telling me she's into you but I am not too short I was raised to honor and respect the relationship. After that a few days have passed and I did not give it a second thought until her birthday came along in a symphony my girlfriend suggested we get her some flowers for her birthday and I agreed. So when we show up I had the flowers and her motions and wild she practically kissed me in my mouth and I immediately got excited what happened what happened on all the all the way. Which brings me to the more interesting part of the story it seems that we both grew up in a very old school traditional home to honor your relationship but we both have these we're not sure if the other party feels the we're not sure if the other party feels the same. So I try everything that I could suggestions but she would not respon I believe it wa I believe it was because she did no women told me that i women told me that if she truly wanted truly wanted you she would have made the first move. So this is definitely pissing me off I am having dreams ab I am having dreams about her she flirts with me when no one's looking she stares at my crotch area so what gives. 3 years have passed out and she bought a house and she axed me and my girlfriend to move in the basement I definitely agreed I have a plan. It seems now I have to take matters into my own hands from time to time the 4 of us get together on the weekend and then go t and then go to sleep that's when I started to plan my attack. 1 night that I know that my brother in law was not going to be home and my girl was not going to be home that was the perfect opportunity for me. I know her routine a ready around 12 o'clock she goes to sleep so I waited until 230 a.m. to break into the house it was easy for me because I live in the basement and I have done some research on the area and no that was a series of break ins and rapes. and I put on all black clothing and I snuck into the house silent and quietly like a ninja I slowly work my way up to the bedroom and as I was going up the stairs I could hear her snoring I know that it was now or never as I opened up her door I saw that it would be pretty easy she was already half naked only and he and her panties. I've been slowly took out my cock started to masturbate what I watched her sleep and looking for me she did not wake up to the to the bedside slowly tied he slowly tied her hands together to the bed and she still did not wake up I said this is definitely meant to be no more flirting no more guessing you're gonna get fucked hard. and quietly and slowly c and quietly and slowly cut off her panties I tied her legs down and at this point she was starting to wake up I did not care she is totally mine a she is totally mine and there's nothing that she can do. Now she is completely awake and is begging me please don't I don't speak I just stare at he half nake half naked body are beautiful D double d are beautiful double d tits I place some of the t some of the t shirt in her mouth too quiet her screams a littl a little wider an and slam my 9 i deep inside he deep inside her with no mercy drilling her harder and deeper every stroke after a few minutes she stop screaming and starts moaning and moving to waste to the rhythm of my cock I knew she was a slut and she's getting treated like 1 now I had enough of her pussy with no lub I slam it deep I slam it deep in her ass harder and harder now she screaming and moaning more and more she likes it that's much as I do I could not hold it in any longer I just exploded in her ass. Now that I am done I'm getting ready to leave I turn around to see her naked abused raped ass and I said to myself this is too good to leave it alone so I get an instant rock hard and I jump on her again this time she can't take it she screaming louder tears are falling from her eyes but yeah I noticed that her ass is moving towards me more and more she likes it she likes to get treated like a slut this time I cannot hold it any longer I explode again. This time I know I have to leave before I go she called out my name and do i and do it again she knew who i she knew who it was and she enjoyed it how she know she's the 1 they gave me the cologne that I was wearing the 1 detail that I forgot to cover up.

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2015-05-06 10:40:40
Grammar so..oooo baaaaa...d

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2012-11-17 08:43:32
man what a great story I don't understand one fucking part of it! but what a great story son quit gettin high!


2012-10-24 01:59:12
are you are you getting blown while righting this? cause you stutter too stutter too much fuck head -_-

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2012-10-02 22:46:30
Yes there is. You want to know whether your giirfrlend is cheating on you.Just ask her and when you think she is lying, dump her, before she is dumping you for not trusting her.When trust is gone in a relationship, any relationship, it is the end. Are you one of the men, who find it macho, when he can get any girl he wants and because he is a man, can sleep with other women, but when he finds out, that his giirfrlend is doing the same, she is a slut ??Perhaps you are not, but there even in 2008 enough man thinking this way.You should just trust your grilfriend. When you are unable to give her that trust, move on. Find someone you are willing to trust.

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2012-09-24 07:23:40
are u illiterate dont u know hw 2 write u dumbass

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