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Yes this is a true story. Please excuse me if the spelling sucks or the grammar is off. I encourage you NOT to read this story if you are a racist or into love stories or you will be very mad..(seriously) not like I warned you.

Im Kaylee and it all started when I moved out of my hometown in Leigh Valley Pennsylvania. I was 16 and my Parents and I were headed to Los Angeles California due to job relocation. I had a boyfriend his name was Clay but the both of us knew it would be stupid to keep dating halfway across the country.

Watching TV I always had this glamorized image of LA. So being scared id look too "safe" I had my natural brunette breast length hair dyed to a Playboy- Playmate- Silver- blonde to bring out my aqua blue and sometimes green eyes. At the time I weighed only 98 pounds and had A 34 D sized chest. I stood at 5'7. As for my ass it wasn't big but not small either. I became known as the "Sexy" white girl. At my predominately black school.

Anyways I met my black boyfriend De'rell (DuH-ReLL) through a part time job I had working at a Hip Hop Record Store. The instant we met we just seemed had click so well. I forgot about the fact he was black and I’m sure he felt the same way when it came to me.. I felt like the search for a soul mate was over. I definitely was no virgin, my white ex Clay and I had sex like a zillion times. As for De'rell and I, I had him patiently waiting.

De'rell was very handsome and charming. He was 19 and played basketball and football before he graduated and he was still slightly popular. He was dark complected with dark brown eyes. He had the body of an Aztec God. Every ounce of his body was covered in large hard working muscles. He was very buff and had amazingly wide shoulders. Most guys were scared of getting into any confrontation with him of any kind. He took shit from no one.. He would pick me up after school and we'd just hang out and talk at the record store I worked at. But this day was much more different.

We finally got to his place. A small apartment in Compton, LA... Without any talk he grabbed me and began to kiss me. His kiss was full on and hungry. I kissed him back as I felt his giant black hand go up my little pink dress roughly rubbing my asscheek. At first I kept listening to my conscience telling me to stop, but after the feeling his touch gave me I acted on impulse.

I quickly slid my backpack off my shoulders. As we kissed our way into the kitchen. His hands now fondling my breasts. And me getting wetter by the moment as I pulled his shirt off. I began to suck and lick all over his chocolate chest. Then he roughly picked me up and laid me out on the kitchen table. No longer kissing anymore. I gazed at his beautiful worked out body and chiseled abs and surprisingly buff pecs as I began to spread my legs.

I spread my legs as far as they could go as he got out of his pants and pulled his massively large sable colored dick out. I bit down on my lower lip anticipating the moment he'd be inside me. He reached his hands up my dress and pulled off my see through panties, once they were off he held them in the air and quickly smelled them. He gave me a soft grin as I giggled, then he positioned himself in front of me.

With this large black cock of his he pushed it inside me in one big rough thrust groaning immediately afterwards. I moaned softly as he filled me. All of me. I haven't felt dick inside my pussy in a long time and it felt so damn good. In less than 2 seconds I gripped on to the sides of the table knowing this was going to be good. He did another tiny grin and pulled out his thick unprotected cock wet and shiny with my juices. He roughly drove himself into me again as i was ready to lose my mind.

He felt so good inside of me as he kept rubbing my g spot over and over again making me moan louder than the last time. His cock reaching places Clay never reached. He began going faster as my large tits bounced up and down through my dress. He picked up my legs by the backs of my knees and began ramming into me like nothing I’ve ever felt before.

I was experiencing pain. It felt like I was being ripped in two but the pleasure over ruled it. He kept quickly jamming himself into me groaning and breathing hard. My pussy walls contracted making the feeling for him even better. The feeling his cock was giving me was amazing I was about to have the greatest climax ever. I continuously moaned and sweetly called out his name.

De'rell still tightly gripped onto the backs of my knees as he groaned and said dirty things between heavy breaths. I began squeezing the hell out of that tiny circle wooden table and without warning I felt warm thick liquid quickly shoot into my body, that completed my orgasm. Me incessantly moaning while he emptied every bit of his cum into me.

With the both of us still breathing hard he slowly pulled out his dick. It was now going soft. He let go of my knees as I still laid on top of the table feeling his cum drip out of me but most of it swimming inside me. He quickly put his clothes back on. Not even saying a word about anything as I proceeded to get off the table pulling down my dress and putting my panties back on. De'rell grabbed me by the hand walking me to the car and dropping me off at home.


I put on a skimpy white dress with spaghetti thin straps. It fit tightly around my body exposing every curve and making my breasts look unbelievably large and like always a little bit of asscheek was out. I had transformed my boring straight hair into sexy, silky, pornstar curls. I wore a tiny diamond necklace with a "D" on it. My lips looked luscious with this pink lip gloss, and my skin radiant with this new tan. My eyes were green tonight although I wanted them to turn into aqua. It was around 8:30 and I had planned to spend the entire night and a bit of morning with De'rell and since we were going to have a private indoor date it didn't really matter how slutty my dress was. I put on my matching white heels and waited for my sweetie.

It was about 9:30 when De`rell had picked me up. We pulled up to his dark and dirty apartment parking lot, strange drug dealers stared and gawked at me until De'rell gave them some kind of look, then they got quiet. There were also black passerby females giving me dirty looks as they saw me hand in hand with De'rell. One of them yelled "White Ho! Baby stop wasting your time come get some of this black pussy!" and her friends had to put in their comments as well "He don't want you snow bunny!!" "Get out of Compton go back to yo Trailor Park!!" I continued walking my back facing them as they eventually walked into the darkness. Still spewing out comments I can't remember.

"Don’t mind them baby they jealous, you better than all them ho's." He kissed my cheek and grabbed my ass making me feel better. We walked up the stairs when I heard loud rap music. Realizing it was his apartment he opened the door. I was shocked and angry to see two of his thug looking friends lounging around one in the kitchen and one on the couch. I shot him a serious look as he walked me to his bedroom. His friends growing silent and looking at me in obvious lust.

"What the hell is going on, I thought it was going to be me and you tonight!" He stepped up to me and began to kiss me. "It is gonna be me and you baby. Then you and Dre (DraY), Then you and Tyrone (Tie-RoNE)." Between each name he kissed me. I wasn't ready for what he wanted me to do. De'rell and I were already in an illegal relationship I was only sixteen and these guys HAD to be in their twenties.

"Are you saying you want me to sleep with all your friends?" I asked in disbelief. He shook his head yes as I started to walk out the room. "Where the hell are you going?" He yelled roughly grabbing my upper arm and swinging me onto the bed. I looked at him with shock. He opened up the drawer and took out two small pills.

Quickly he shoved one of them into his mouth without any water and then gave the other one to me. He gave me a persistent look as i looked at it observantly. "What’s this?" I asked "Take that damn shit Kaylee!" Being scared he would do something I dry swallowed it. I definitely wasn't going into that kitchen to get any water.

After about an hour or so the pill began to take effect. I felt super horny, ready to take on anyone. I was in the room by myself feeling my pussy secrete more and more liquid. It was hot and I was hoping all of them were ready. I began fingering myself pretending it was dick softly moaning like crazy. Just that moment sexy De'rell walked in.

He stood by the doorway when I walked up to him wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him, moaning quietly in his ear. "Fuck me real good Daddy." I sensually whispered. He grabbed my hand and walked me over to the bed. He sat down until I pushed him down, climbed on top of him and began kissing him and licking his neck and giggling like some little girl.

He gently pushed me off him and grabbed me by the wrists. "Slow down baby, we got all night, besides you know there's one thing you forgot about doing." He said. He sat at the edge of the bed, I got down on my knees. Honestly I was cock hungry and I was willing to have it anywhere. He fondled with his pants and zipper and finally pulled his huge swiper out.

I opened my mouth and slowly cupped the head of his cock with my mouth and then slid the most I could into my mouth .I could feel it rubbing against both of my tonsils. I started to suck harder and harder, yet slow and satisfying. My head slowly went up and down as I found his balls and began to massage them. When De'rell moaned I was happy to know I was doing my job right. Every once in a while I would lick his entire length up and down like a puppy then wildly flicking my tongue on the head. I decided it was now time to go fast so I rapidly began to bob my head up and down sucking and slobbing on his black dick like I was ready to eat it. He told me to stop so obediently I did.

He stood me up and held me by the hips, I crazily kissed and licked him all over his neck. He turned me around, slapped my ass, and threw me on the bed face down. I got on my hands and knees when he pulled my dress up to my waist and me giggling during the entire process. I felt his dick roughly rub up against the wet outer skins of my pussy me moaning and anticipating his cock. Then he slowly pushed it in my tight hole spreading my walls and rubbing up against my g spot.

"Mmm De'rell." I moaned yet giggled in a playful little girl way. He was finally in me all the way balls deep. He pulled out and pushed back in releasing a moan and going to the beat of the rap music being played outside the room. His warm black dick continuously pounded into me, so fast , so rough. Making the feeling more intense. He started slapping my ass and groaning, the bed creaking and shaking. I moaned and giggled as he slammed into me, slapping my ass as hard as he possibly could.

"Ahh De'rell this pussy's all yours, I’m your slut, cum inside me." I enjoyed saying dirty things to him as he fucked me like nothing in this world. He made a strong groan and I felt his thick seed shoot deep inside me. I moaned from the feeling and giggled once more as he pulled out. Still breathing hard and clearing out his throat he put his pants back on along with his shirt. "Get ready for Dre." He commanded in a rude and impolite tone. "Yes De'rell." I obediently replied. He walked out the door slamming it behind him. I went to the restroom to get cleaned up.

After several minutes of fixing up my hair, makeup and ridding my pussy of De'rell's sperm, I ended up looking the same way I did when I first came It all paid off when a very sexy, very big black thug walked in the room as i sat erotically posed on the bed. He was light complected with dark brown eyes. His right arm was covered in tattoos. He wore a black du rag with a bandana hanging out his back pocket. I grew exited from the lusty look he was giving me.

I decided to make the first move by walking up to him. "Are you Dre?" I asked in a sexy naive way as I pressed my body up against his lightly kissing his neck and caressing his back. He pulled me off his neck and grabbed me by my hair "Do I remember telling you to speak." Little did I know he wasn't for all that as I looked at him with fear. "D-Man told me i could do anything I want to you." I guess that was his nick name. I was roughly pushed onto the bed, on my back. I was commanded to take off the dress and spread my legs as far as possible.

He stood in front of me eyeing my pussy, studying it and even licking his lips like he really wanted it. I felt a little violated. "Nice" he said. He walked a bit closer and sunk his large index finger inside. I moaned while I held my large tits. His finger plunged in and out of me several times completely soaked in my juices. It felt really good I was just about to climax moments later until he stopped and walked over to the other side of the bed.

He slipped his pants off two or so minutes later and without warning he forced his dick down my throat as I was still laying down. I gagged and choked begging for a way to get it out. Tears streamed out my eyes as the reflex behind my tongue was being teased making me cough on his cock. He groaned like a wild dog as he somehow seemed to sex my throat. He loved how I gagged on his cock and he could care less about what I was going through. After several minutes of torture he quickly pulled it out. Leaving me gasping for air, breathing incredibly hard and coughing like I had just drowned.

He walked back over to the other side of the bed, spread my legs as wide as they could and pushed his dick up inside me in one thrust. He was big, bigger than De'rell. I moaned as he filled me, yet split me in two. I was amazed at the sight of his big black cock inside my little white pussy. He held my legs tight and spread them even further until it was uncomfortable. He gave it no time before he began pounding into me. Each pump feeling better than the last. Again he began groaning wildly. My body Jerking up and down due to his hard fucking, It was so hard I had to hold my tits to keep then from painfully bouncing up and down.

Being the rough thug he was he grabbed my throat and began slamming into me twice as hard. Breathing was difficult but I managed to do it. My cunt began to hurt, he was fucking me way too hard I wanted him to stop so badly I didn't want to speak I was so scared of what he was going to do but I had to say something. "Ungh Stop." I managed to say "Bitch you think I care!?! your a fuckin ho to me I don’t give a shit." He yelled between heavy breaths. He proceeded to drill into me with no consideration, my pussy pulsating with pain and when your pussy hurts your whole body hurts. His strangling got harder. I couldn’t speak anymore I just gave him a look which meant I wanted him to stop. I was being fucked and choked to pain point. Was this rape? It was consensual in the beginning but now I don’t want it. I want him to stop. I tried removing his giant hand from my neck, that definitely wasn't helping he was way too strong, Even using both hands failed it just made him angry and annoyed so he slapped me.

I weakly yelped De'rells name but it was no use because of that loud music. All that bought me was more slaps. I knew it was impossible for him to hear me. But I wanted him to burst into the room and get this jerk off of me so badly. He had a tight hold on my neck, and the left side of my face was red from all the hitting. I began to see the room spin. My body was growing weaker and my head was light. The pain still very much there. I imagined the rest of my face light blue. I wasn't getting adequate air. Moments later my body turned into a motionless rag doll. I was only 98 pounds at the time It wouldn't take much to make me pass out. He still hammered into me even seeing I was near unconsciousness. With the last of my energy I called De'rells name but It only came out as a whisper.

Still holding my legs and spread out as far as they could go I just decided to give up and wait for him to finish. De'rell wasn't showing up and Dre wasn't going to stop I had my eyes closed and my body was limp. His groans were loud. The pain was excruciating and I feared I wasn’t going to make it through the night. After what seemed like forever I felt his cum shoot deep inside me. He completely emptied himself in my pussy and pulled out looking refreshed. He let go of my neck as I still lied on the bed, dizzy and in pain. He put on his clothes and left the room like he had done nothing.

There was still one more left, I was thinking, as regular amounts of oxygen was now getting to my brain. After about 10 minutes of re cooperating and De'rell not even checking on his girlfriend, I picked up my dress and got cleaned up after all that happened I did a great job at making myself look like I did when I first arrived although I couldn't get rid of the redness around my neck. I feared this guy was going to be just like the last one. I stood up as he stepped into the room.

He was short for a man, about 5'8. He was dark complected and very muscular. With a shaved bald head and a short goatee. he walked up to me looking at me in absolute lust. God knows what he was thinking about doing to me. "Turn around." he impolitely commanded. The moment I turned around he slapped my ass which hurt like hell. He turned me back around and began kissing me. I wasn't into it. I could tell he was more romantic.

We kissed our way to the bed as I undressed him and he did the same for me. He pulled back the blankets and got inside, pulling me along with him. Once we were in the bed he started caressing and sucking my tits and occasionally kissing me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and appreciated his gentleness. His strong black hands moved to other regions of my body. I felt like everything the last guy did to me never happened. I sweetly moaned as he suckled both my nipples, then coming back to kiss me.

He spread my legs for me and positioned himself on top of me. He slowly pushed himself inside me until I felt a burst of pain and yelped out "Ouch." That same pain reminding me of last time. He stopped and ran his fingers through my hair and kissed me passionately and before I knew he was inside of me. I felt really connected to him. This was the kind of love Clay and I used to make. He slowly pushed in and out of me as we kissed one another. How could a man that doesn't even know me possibly be making love to me? I continued to feel much better and much safer as he slow fucked me. He groaned and slightly sped up which was perfectly fine with me.

"Mmm Clay." At that exact moment I had realized what I had just said. I couldn't believe it. He stopped dead in his tracks. "What the fuck Bitch?!?" He yelled. He looked at me in anger "I understand if you wanna leave, I’m sorry." I sincerely said. "Leave? Oh hell naw im bustin a nutt tonight!" He began to ram into me as hard as Dre. I Began to cry knowing this could have been prevented. The same pain returning and pulsating through my body. I couldn't take the pain anymore. "Stoppit." I pleaded. But he just ignored me. Since my throat wasn't under restraint I decided calling for my boyfriend. "De'rell, De'rell!!" This time I was able to yell to my full potential until I was struck by the backside of his hand. The burn settled into my cheek as he still continued to pound me, sweat growing on his head. "Please, stop." I begged while crying. He had no remorse.

I tried pushing him off since my hands were free, just like Dre he was strong and overpowering so he pinned them down. Before you know it he was nailing me twice as harder with all his might. I screamed hoping De'rell was coming to my rescue, but it only ended up with another slap in the face. He loved slapping me, he did it about 5 or 6 more times and he loved violently pounding his dick inside me. It wasn't long before I felt his warm thick liquid shoot up my ripped pussy. Still breathing hard he pulls out, gets from underneath the blankets and gets dressed. "Tell D-man I said thanks for the white bitch." That was his last remark before he walked out the door. As I still lied in the bed.

After about ten minutes of re cooperating and crying I slunk out the bed, went into the bathroom to clean out the cum and got re ready again slipping back into my tight white dress. I felt lower than a piece of trash, but I did it for De'rell. I really do love him. I walked out of the bedroom to see no one in the den. His place was deserted. "De'rell?, De'rell" I called for him but nobody came. Nobody was here. I walked out of his place and out into the night, walking down the stairs hoping to see him and his rapist friends out in the parking lot. But no one was there. I felt even worse when his car was gone. How was I going to get home? It was 12 am and I was stuck in Compton. I couldn't sleep at De'rell’s you never know who would show up, like one of his sick horny friends. So I decided to walk.

On my walk home a silver Cadillac pulls up alongside of me I waited in anticipation to see who it was as the tinted window rolled down. It was 2 more black men In their 30's maybe. "Hey baby, I know your fine ass needs a ride." One of them persuaded. They just looked like the type that would want something in exchange for my ride home. At first I objected but they were my only hope. "Is lil goldilocks stuck in Compton?" The other one said. No one else was out and home was miles away. I knew what I was getting myself into when I shook my head yes and proceeded to get into the car.

100% true story

If you're mad...You were warned


2009-02-18 09:45:43
wow! whats up with you dudes, yall act like men and women are the same, most women bow down to authoritive men, whether there good or bad, she got an ignorant bad one, most of you men sound like your some week minded insecure mammas boys, never had a father figure so you dont know what it means to be a man, as for the race, we all have ten fingers and ten toes, you all are war mongers and need some real love and peace in yall hearts god bless yall and tiffany

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u fukin slutty whore go fuck a donkey's dick u bitch


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fuck all racist ppl i'm mixed and we all know that my ppl are the ones comin up in society

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