a natural experience
I had a little time to write a couple of longer stories. This is the first of the two. Unfortunately, I have not had much time to proof them, but I thought I'd go ahead and post. Be aware that there are boy/boy as well as boy/girl parts, so please just skip the story if you are turned off by either or by young participants. The story is a little long, but I put in a couple of breaks, marked by *** for those who want to leave and come back.

The story...

I was wrestling Jimmy Hayashi on our living room floor. Jimmy was born a few days ahead of me in the same hospital. His family -- the only Japanese family in our county -- had a farm just down the road. He and I had been best friends since kindergarten.

I don't remember exactly how old we were that summer, but I know we were still in grade school. Like most boys back then, in late summer in the South, we were barefoot and wearing only shorts. And I mean only shorts. Jimmy and I didn't wear underwear that summer. So we got stiffies when we wrestled. It wasn't the first time. We'd been getting them all summer long and had even wrestled naked. That's one reason I know we were still in grade school, because it was our first summer in Boy Scouts and on a campout that summer, Jimmy and I wrestled two other boys naked in our tent at night -- four boys with stiffies in one writhing pile. I ended up sleeping naked on top of Tommy Lewis most of the night. In the morning, when he thought we were all still asleep, Tommy kissed me lightly on the lips. I played like I was asleep because if I admitted to being awake, I'd have to pretend as though I hadn't liked it.

None of my friends had experienced a dry cum yet. I hadn't. I don't think we even knew what an orgasm was.

Even back then, Jimmy had the classic Japanese wide shoulders and long torso. I had the long arms and legs, and the dark blond hair that all us kids in my family, including my sisters, had in common.

So that morning, my older sister Gracie was sitting on the couch behind us, trying to watch TV while Jimmy and I wrestled on the floor in front of her -- it was my family's first TV which tells you how poor we were and how long ago this was. Gracie, like most middle school girls in late summer back then, wore a light cotton sundress, and like us, she was barefoot. Jimmy and I didn't care about her being there; I had lots of brothers and sisters, and Gracie was almost like one of the guys.

My dad worked in the oil fields and was often gone for stretches of time. He had built an ice house (the name they used to have for convenience stores) for my mom to run, out on the highway in front of our house. Mom had to be at the store most of the day. My older brother helped her, especially during the summer. He was still in high school, I think. Then there was Rose, and then there was Beth, who was not quite a year older than Gracie. I think both Rose and Beth may have been helping Mom that day. They weren't around. My younger sister Jenny was outside playing with our baby brother Charlie.

Gracie had quit trying to watch TV and was watching Jimmy and me because our wrestling had become more like humping. We didn’t know that, of course. He and I were belly to belly with him on the bottom. I had his arms pinned above his head and he had his legs wrapped around my waist, and we were grinding pelvises and not wrestling at all.

"I'll help you, Jimmy," Gracie suddenly said, getting up from the couch. She hitched up her sundress and straddled my back, just above Jimmy's legs. I remember that her cotton panties felt damp on my spine so I figured she had been sweating. She wriggled on me and her weight pushed Jimmy and my bellies together. With an "Umph!" Jimmy dropped his legs from around my waist and Gracie backed down onto my butt. Grabbing my shoulders, she pulled like she was going to pull me off Jimmy, but she didn't pull hard and instead, she started rubbing her pussy on my butt.

So I started up grinding with Jimmy again, and Gracie humped my butt, and things grew quiet except for breathing.

But then my little sister Jenny ran through the living room from outside, grabbed up a toy truck Charlie had left on the floor, and stopped to watch us.

"I'm pulling Scotty off of Jimmy," Gracie told her. "Go back and keep an eye on Charlie like you’re supposed to."

Jenny made no move to leave, so, I suppose in order to convince Jenny that we really were really wrestling, Gracie dug her fingers into my ribs. I howled because I was really ticklish back then and Jenny ran. I rolled off Jimmy, twisting under Gracie, and grabbing at her hands to get them off my ribs. Gracie stayed on top of me, and her pussy settled on the underside of my stiffy which at that point was aimed up my belly beneath my thin shorts.

Her eyes went wide and she backed down my lap to look down at my tented shorts. When she reached for the front of my waistband, I was too slow responding, Gracie exposed my little boner (actually sort of a proud boner for that age, it may have been close to four inches).

I managed to get my shorts back up over it, but the outline was still clear. Gracie scooted her pussy back onto it again, and leaning forward, she pinned my wrists beside my head, much like I had done to Jimmy. Watching my eyes, she began to rock her hips. There wasn't much fabric between the underside of my stiffy and the crevice of Gracie's pussy, and I felt it getting wet.

I lifted my head up, trying to see. Gracie pulled back her sundress and I could see that my stiffy had worked her white panties into her slit. Jimmy leaned in to watch as well.

"Sometimes," Jimmy whispered a moment later, "we wrestle naked."

Gracie's eyes shot up to mine. She chewed her lip, then rocked back on her haunches. "Let's go to Mama's room," she suggested.

It was probably the safest place in the house because no one was supposed to go into Mama's room when she wasn't there. Gracie led the way upstairs.

My parents room was on the front of the house, over the sleeping porch, and it had the best breeze of any room in the house. We closed the door behind us.

Gracie went to one side of the bed. I went to the foot of the bed. Jimmy went to the side opposite Gracie. Gracie glanced from me to him and back, then with a shrug, pulled her sundress off over her head and dropped it to the floor. She had small mounds for breasts. The boys in our family all wound up with high pecs and long bellies, the girls wound up with high breasts. Gracie's mounds were firm and symmetrical and her nipples were deeply red.

She looked at us expectantly, so me first and then Jimmy pushed down our shorts and let them drop to the floor. Jimmy, like me, had a stiffy. His was skinny, but about as long as mine. Gracie pushed down and stepped out of her cotton panties. She had a light down above her slit, not true pubic hair yet. I clambered up onto the bed and onto my back. I wanted to pick up where we left off in the living room.

Jimmy quickly got up and started to climb onto me.

"Let Gracie on first," I said. "Like downstairs."

Jimmy sat back and made room as Gracie climbed onto the bed on her knees, straddled my middle again, and lowered her wet crevice onto the underside of my dick. I swallowed hard. "That feels good," I said.

Gracie's eyes were down on where the tip of my dick appeared from beneath her slit. She planted her hands on the fronts of my shoulders and started to rock her hips like she had downstairs, making my stiffy vanish and reappear.

"That feels good!" I whispered.

Gracie nodded and started going faster. We were slippery down there because of how wet her pussy was.

She glanced up at me. "Do you shoot yet?"

I frowned. Why was she talking about hunting at a time like this? "You know I shoot. I've got my own 22."

"No," she said. "Do you shoot sperm yet? When you come, do you shoot anything from the end of your dick?"


Gracie bit her bottom lip again, which is what she always did when she was thinking. A moment later, she rose slighly on her knees and pulled my cock upward with her hand. "I just want to see how it feels -- just a little," She said. She rubbed the tip of my dick in her slit, forward and back and then, at the back of her slit she circled it around. Watching, I saw the end of my dick vanish into her slit. Gracie's eyes closed in concentration, and more of my dick vanished. I could feel it inside her. She was warm and wet and snug.

That snugness traveled part way down my stiffy. We hit bottom inside her, or I thought we did, but then something gave and Gracie sat all the way down on my lap and my entire dick was caressed in snug wet warmth. She moved and the sheath of her vagina slid up my dick, then back down.

Her legs flatted out to the sides and her weight settled fully on me. I gasped.

Gracie ground down into my lap and moaned softly. I gasped again and grabbed onto the outside of her thighs.

"How does that feel?" Jimmy asked excitedly. "Does that feel good?"

Gracie and I both nodded.

"Wow!" Jimmy exclaimed breathlessly, watching Gracie's hips rock forward and back, and circle. I held on and lifted my hips. She sped up and Mom's bed began to quietly creak. Gracie sat back, crossing her arms and covering her small breasts with her hands. She began rising and falling in my lap. Her long fingers were moving. She caressed her breasts with them. Jimmy and I watched.

But then Jimmy ventured his hand in and Gracie let him palm her left breast. He squeezed it tentatively and Gracie groaned softly in appreciation.

"Lean down," I said, "so I can feel one, too."

Gracie leaned forward onto her arms and offered me her right breast. Jimmy and I each had one, caressing the shape, feeling the hard nipple with our finger tips.Gracie grabbed our hands with hers and held them firmly to her breasts wanting more pressure. We gave it to her.

Her right hand dropped to the top of her slit where she rubbed in small circles with her fingertips. She sat up, grinding more firmly with her hips, almost out of the reach of my hand. I dropped my hand to the top of her flexing thigh. Jimmy got a hand on both breasts. Graice circled her fingers atop her slit. I held onto her thighs.

And then she was like a crazy girl, grinding hard and fast and whimpering loudly. Her pussy clamped down on my stiffie and I realized she had muscles down there. My own sensations were pretty strong and suddenly everything started tightening up in my pelvis. I started into my first-ever dry orgasm.

"Ah! Ah!" was all I could manage, and then Gracie’s body stiffened. Arching back, she shoved her fingers under Jimmy’s to pinch her nipples hard. Her insides squeezed on my dick, and squeezed again, and it was like I couldn’t breathe.

She relaxed and rocked more slowly. And then she rolled off me and onto her back beside me. My stiffy sprang back toward my stomach, all wet and glistening.

Jimmy didn't hesitate. He climbed over me and pulled Gracie’s knees apart, getting between them on his knees. His stiffy was stiff as a twig. "I want to try, too," he said.

Gracie spread her legs wide and she rubbed both sides of her pussy for him. Jimmy flopped down onto her and his hips started to pump.

"Wait!" Gracie said, reaching down between them. Jimmy pushed up. She grabbed his stiffy and guided him in. His narrow little hips adjusted, then shoved moved forward. Backed. Shoved forward. Gracie grabbed him by his bottom and Jimmy lay all the way down on her. They were almost nose to nose and he watched her face as he began to thrust.

Jimmy and I were always built much the same despite our ethnic differences. We were both skinny kids. I was always tan, except for my white butt where I wore shorts. He was tan all over. We thought we were cool when we got older, and we probably were.

I began to see him in a new light that morning, watching him and Gracie. His moves were fluid like a little athelete, his body lithe. Even to another boy, he looked, well, hot. I wondered if I looked that way to him.

It's not that Gracie didn't look hot as well. Even though she was my sister, she was a pretty girl. With her long legs wrapped behind Jimmy's, and her hands grasping his butt, she moved under him in a primal, almost animalistic way that I never knew girls were capable of. It excited me and my stiffy grew so hard it felt like it stretched my skin. I moved up against the two of them on my side, wrapping my arm over the back of Jimmy's waist and hooking my knee over the backs of his legs. I was going to rub against them, but Gracie turned her hand outward and grasped my stiffy. So I rubbed it on her palm.

Our three faces were close and I smelled their breath. Jimmy's was familiar from our wrestling. Gracie's had a strawberry flavor from toast and jam she had earlier. "I wanna try it like Jimmy’s doing when he's done," I said.

"You can get on me," Jimmy said.

He almost sounded like he wanted me to. So I did, dropping my legs outside theirs. Gracie pulled her hands out of the way and grabbed the backs of Jimmy's shoulders. I worked the length of my boner into the crack between his small fleshy butt cheeks. Draping his body with mine, I let him lift my hips with his and wrapped my arms under him so I could feel Gracie's breast mounds between their chests. Her mounds felt good. So did Jimmy’s familiar body working under mine. I started driving Jimmy's hips with my hips.

To be honest, it was a little awkard, but three kids that age can be awkward just from being excited. Jimmy certainly seemed to enjoy it. "Rub your stiffy harder in my crack," he said back over his shoulder. "It feels good."

I did, and soon, Jimmy was whimpering and shaking like I had earlier. He stiffened for a moment, then relaxed.

"I'm getting sore," Gracie said.

"But I haven't tried it with you this way yet," I protested. "Here, Jimmy, get off and let me try."

Jimmy got out from between us. I quickly took his place and Gracie guided me in. It felt good all over again, but maybe not quite as wet. It seemed a little funny, too, with me being nose to nose with my sister this way. And yet, for the first time, I noticed how beautiful her blue eyes were. She held my butt like she had Jimmy's and I watched her face as I pumped the way he had.

She frowned. "I really am getting sore," she said.

"But it feels good," I said.

"Fuck Jimmy," she told me.

"Ha, ha, funny," I said.

"No, really. Boys can fuck boys."

I stopped pumping. "How?"

Jimmy propped up on his elbow to listen.

"They fuck each other in the butt. It’s called cornholing."

My eyebrows went up.

"Seriously," Gracie told me. "You put something on your penis to make it slick, like the way Mama puts Vaseline on the enema thing when she uses it on us."

I eyed her skeptically.

"Really!" she said. "There's a boy at our school they call Crisco because he let a couple of other boys put Crisco on their dicks and fuck him and everybody found out about it."

I glanced at Jimmy. He looked as doubtful as I did.

"Or you can give each other blow jobs," she said. Obviously, Gracie knew a lot more about sex than Jimmy and I, but then, she has started middle school.

"I know about that," Jimmy said. "That's when you blow on a guys peter."

"You don't blow on it," Gracie said. "You suck it.”

“Why do they call it a blow job, then?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Gracie said, sounding a little annoyed. “Look, you can suck each other at the same time. That's called a sixty-nine." She pushed on my hipbones to back my stiffy from inside her. "I gotta go pee," she said. I rolled off and she got up from the bed and pulled on her panties.

"Can we do this again?" Jimmy asked.

She paused, then nodded. "Not after you start squirting sperm, though. I don't want to get pregnant."

"Sperm makes you pregnant?" I asked.

Gracie rolled her eyes and bent down for her dress. "I'll explain it sometime."

Jimmy and I watched her pull on her dress and then walk to the door. "You better straighten up the bed before you leave," she warned. "Or Mama’s going to kill somebody."

She left and closed the door behind her.

Jimmy and I still had stiffies. At that age, they don't always go down after a dry cum, and sometimes after two. He looked at me and I looked at him, and I moved over to lie on him like I'd been lying on Gracie. He opened his legs and grabbed my butt like she had, and we started grinding. We were nose to nose and our eyes met. (I used to think that his large almond eyes were so cool that I'd to stand in front of the mirror and pull at the corners of my eyes to look Japanese. My blue eyes never looked exotic like his dark ones.)

"I almost kissed her," Jimmy said, gazing into my eyes in return. "But I was afraid she might get mad."

Trust me, it made strange logic to a couple of grade school boys that fucking was different from kissing.

I nodded. "Me, too. She's got pretty eyes."

His eyes dropped to my lips and my eyes dropped to his. Neither of us had ever kissed anybody but our moms -- as long as you don't count Tommy Lewis' peck on my lips when he thought I was sleeping.

My lips lowered to Jimmy's and we kissed softly. We slowly took each other by the shoulders and pressed our lips more firmly.

After a long moment, I lifted my head, and my eyes fell to the lips I had just kissed. Boys sometimes have beautiful lips. Jimmy did.

"I like it," he said, his eyes falling to my own lips.

I nodded and lowered my face to his for more.


The door opened and we jumped, our heads jerking toward the door. It was just Gracie returning, and she quickly closed the door behind her. In her hand she carried a tea cup and a towel which she set in her lap as she took a seat on the edge of the bed.

"What's that?" I asked

"I got Crisco in a cup. If you're going to try cornholing, I wanna watch." She lifted the towel. "This is so you don't get Criso on Mama's bed. She'd skin us alive." Her brow furrowed. "Were you kissing?"

"We just wanted to see what it’s like, I said.

"Let me watch," Gracie said.

Jimmy and I looked at each other, our eyes went to one another's lips again, and I lowered my face back down.

I thought we kissed pretty good, but Gracie said, "You ought to try French kissing."

"What's that?" Jimmy and I asked.

"That's when you open your mouths and rub your tongues together."

Jimmy and I made identical faces.

"It's supposed to be very sexy," Gracie promised us.

I looked at Jimmy. He looked at me. Our eyes went to our lips, and I lowered my mouth to his. It was sort of natural actually. We had to figure out to tilt our heads slightly to either side, but once we had the fit, our mouths sealed and our tongues met. Our hips thrust in reflex. In seconds, I had my hands in Jimmy's hair and we were tongue wrestling like champs.

"Ya'll are good!" Gracie exclaimed under her breath. She set the cup and towel on the floor and scooted onto the bed on her back next to Jimmy and me. "I wanna try it," she said.

I moved from on top of Jimmy to on top of Gracie. She rested her hands on my shoulders and closed her eyes as I lowered my mouth to hers. When her mouth opened, I plunged in with my tongue. I rubbed my stiffy on the front of her dress and felt her mound through the fabric. In moments, Gracie's legs had come up on my sides, exposing her thighs, and her fingers were on the back of my neck. And then she moaned.

"I wanna try with Gracie, too," Jimmy said.

Obligingly, I slid onto Gracie's side, letting Jimmy onto her other side. That way we each had a leg we could hump. When Jimmy pressed his mouth to Gracie's, I pressed a palm to her breast. Through the thin material of her sundress, I felt the stiffness of her nipple and the firmness of her mound. She moaned and lifter her breast to me. I caressed it.

I kissed the side of her neck and she moaned again and turned her face from Jimmy to press the side of it to mine. I covered her mouth again. My hand met Jimmy's between the sides of our hips. We were both going for her panties at the same time, we worked together to get our hands inside. But we were rough down there, the way young boys can be with their hands, and Gracie squirmed.

"No," she said. "I told you, I'm sore down there. Get the Crisco and cornhole each other."

"How do we do it?" I asked.

"The same way you and I did it," Gracie said. "Get off me and I'll help."

I knelt up and Jimmy rolled off her to the side. Gracie sat up and scooted out from between us. "You do it to Jimmy first," she told me, getting off the bed. "Then he can do it to you." She spread the towel on the bed. "Here, lie on this," she told Jimmy.

Jimmy rolled onto his back with his butt on the towel, and opened his legs, pulling up his knees so I could get to him. Gracie already had Crisco on her hand and she grabbed my stiffy with it. "Ugh!" I murmured, almost doubling over, as she jacked it on. "There," she said. "That ought to do it."

I maneuvered on my knees toward Jimmy's bottom. "You gotta pull your knees higher," I told him, "for me to get to you."

He did and I scooted forward, directing the end of my stiffy at his exposed pucker. Gracie leaned in to watch. I pressed my glans at his opening and the tip slid in. The ring of his sphincter gripped me just behind my crown. As I eased my dick in, that tightness traveled down my shaft. "It feels good," I told them. "Different from Gracie. It's sorta tight."

Jimmy's pink stiffy pointed up his belly from his little tangerine-shaped scrotum. Seeing it, and my dick vanishing inside him, and then my belly pressing flat against his bottom, excited me as much as Gracie. I eased forward and back.

"Feels funny," Jimmy said. "But okay."

I grabbed the sides of his hips, trying to lift them for a better fit.

"Here," Gracie said. "Lift him up and I'll stuff one of these little pillows under the towel." So Jimmy lifted his hips and I held his bottom tightly to my lap as Gracie stuffed one of Mom's decorative pillows under the towel beneath Jimmy's butt. That helped.

He settled onto it and I started small grinds and short thrusts. Jimmy hooked his heels behind me and I held onto the sides of his hips. I ground, and he grabbed me by the butt to move with me. Our eyes met, and I wanted to lie down on him like we had done on Gracie. So I lay down, and as our faces drew closer, our eyes went to our lips. We kissed. As we humped, we French kissed, and our tongues probed one another's mouths.

Jimmy's hands swept my back and I wrapped my arms under him. We rested the sides of our faces together and I went flat on him, puming my hips. We tightened our arms around each other and our bellies moved together.

"You guys are good at this, too," Gracie whispered, sounding impressed. "That looks sexy."

She rested her hand on my flexing butt, feeling it, squeezing it. Jimmy squeezed my hips between his thighs and grunted softly in my ear as I went faster and faster. Soon I got my second intense feelings of the day, grinding in with the high, soft whimpers of a young boy. I slowed down.

"Did you come?" Gracie asked.


"Did you orgasm? Did you get strong feelings in your body?"

"Yeah," I murmured.

"That's an orgasm," she told me. "You came. Now it's Jimmy's turn."

Somewhat reluctantly, I pulled from Jimmy's intimate embrace and knelt up. He lowered his legs on either side of me. His stiffy arched like a twig up from between his legs. My own dick still pointed upward.

"Why don't you sit on him, like I sat on you," Gracie suggested to me.

"Yeah," Jimmy agreed. "I didn't get to do it that way."

"Okay," I agreed. I moved up Jimmy's body and straddled his waist, sitting down on his upturned dick. Its hardness felt good under my perineum.

"Kneel up," Gracie said. "Let me grease him."

I knelt up and Gracie reached in behind me with her Crisco. Jimmy's eyes flew open.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" I said.

Jimmy nodded.

"Alright," Gracie said. "Sit down."

I looked back and she had hold of Jimmy's stiffy, pointing it upward. I sat down and let her guide me and Jimmy together. I felt his hardness at my hole. It felt a lot bigger between my butt cheeks than it had looked. Steadying myself with hands on Jimmy's ribs, I eased down and felt his dick slip in. I eased myself all the way down, feeling it go up my butt.

I've had other guys tell me that they're the same way, so I don't think it's only the way I'm built, but for me, the best way to take a dick up my butt is to sit on it. Something magic happens inside. The angle presses my prostate and I can go a little crazy. And no dick ever fit better than Jimmy's that day.

"Ahhhh!" I said, catching my breath.

"Does it hurt?"

"No," I said, breathlessly. "It feels really, really good!"

"It feels good to have it up your butt?" Gracie asked with mild surprise."

"Yes," both Jimmy and I answered. Our eyes met. I grinned, he grinned. I leaned forward for another one of his kisses (another thing I don't think anyone has done better). His dick slipped out. "Oh, no!" I murmured.

"I got it," Gracie said, grabbing Jimmy's dick. "Sit down again."

He slipped in more easily this time. As I settled into his lap the pleasure came back, even stronger. I hummed, high, and closing my eyes, I rocked around on him, feeling, enjoying. Jimmy grabbed my hips. I cocked an eye open. His eyes were closed and his mouth hung open. Knowing that I made him feel good made it feel even better for me.

I ground my butt in his lap. We both made little grunts and moans. Our eyes flew open again. I wanted to kiss him. I wanted to hold each other while he was inside me like we did when I was inside him. Carefully, I leaned forward. Jimmy pulled up his knees behind my back and he stayed inside as I rested my hands on his shoulders and bent for the kiss I wanted.

Our mouths met and opened. His hands swept up my sides and over my back, and the way he felt over my body made me feel good.

But I had to sit up to get the deep angle again. When I did, the tops of his thighs against my bare made a backrest for me. I grabbed back under his thighs, holding the tops of his thighs to my back, and ground down.

I discovered I loved riding Jimmy's bock. My insides tingled from my balls to down the insides of my legs. I ground my perineum on the hardness of his pubic bone and it was like scratching a deep itch.

I made it to another dry come right before Jimmy did. I ground deliriously, whimpering like a hurt puppy. My sphincter clenched and clenched and Jimmy tensed, grabbing my legs hard and doing some high whimpering of his own.

We slowed. Our bellies and chests were heaving. Our eyes met, and Jimmy's head slowly rolled left and right. "We're gonna do this again," he said.


"You like it better than me?" Gracie asked, sounding slightly hurt.

I had forgotten about her. She was sitting cross-legged, rubbing the front of her panties. They were still wet, or wet again.

"Not better," I said.

"No, not better," Jimmy quickly agreed.

Gracie seemed satisfied.

My eyes met Jimmy's and we both knew, we liked it.

His dick slipped out. Like mine, finally growing soft for the moment. I leaned back comfortably against the tops of his thighs. I had the comfortable the feeling like boys get when they throw an arm over a buddy’s shoulders or a buddy lays his head back on your stomach or butt to watch TV. Only, more so. Jimmy reached between my legs and lifted my dick on his fingers. It was comfortable. It seemed natural.

"You could try a sixty-nine now," Gracie suggested. "You can clean each other off that way."

"What?" I howled.

"No way!" Jimmy exclaimed.

"Why?" Gracie asked. "It's only Crisco."

"And butt stuff," I said.

"Suit yourself," Gracie said, getting up off the bed. She grabbed up the tea cup. "Take the towel with you," she said, "and remember to straighten up Mama's bed."

She left and I lay down beside Jimmy. He rolled up on his side to face me and we intertwined legs. I laid a hand on the side of his waist and he laid one on my shoulder.

"We're like the best friends ever," I told him.

"Ever," he agreed.

We held each other's gaze, and the affection young boys sometimes share, passed between us. We pulled together into a hug, pressing the sides of our cheeks. When we leaned back, Jimmy gave me a grin and a shove, and I grinned and shoved back. We got off Mama's bed, straightened it, put on our clothes, and left.

For the rest of the day between us, everything was like normal again. But before he went home late that afternoon, he led me back behind the garage.

"You still gonna wanna, you know, do what we did?" he asked. "Because we can go back to just wrestling if you want."

"I like wrestling," I told him. "But I liked what we did, you know, this morning. Maybe we can tomorrow."

He grinned. "Maybe you could come over and spend the night."

"Yeah," I agreed enthusiastically. "That'd be great!"

We looked left, then right, then with my back to the wood siding of the garage, Jimmy leaned in and we kissed.


Us boys slept at night on the sleeping porch, and I was usually last to get up in the morning. That next morning, my older brother was already out of the house and my younger brother was outside playing when Gracie shook me awake.

"What?" I asked crossly, then remembered the day before. Did she want more sex? I sat up.

"Come with me," she said, so I got up and followed. I slept in only shorts, so I was already dressed for the day. Gracie was wearing the same light cotton sundress.

"Where is everybody?" I asked.

"Mom's at the store. Jenny and Charlie are in the backyard playing with the Taylor boys. Everyone else is gone except for and me and Beth." Beth was my next oldest sister after Gracie. She looked a lot like Gracie, but had filled out slightly more (maybe B cups at that point, but probably C’s – we were all skinny kids). She was maybe an inch taller than Gracie and was the quiet one in the family. Beth didn't say much because she was shy, but she wasn't any dumber than the rest of us.

"So where's Beth?" I asked.

"In her and my room," Gracie said. She stopped and turned back to me. "I told her what we did and that she can do stuff with you and Jimmy without worrying about gettin' pregnant. I could told her she can see what it's like, and she wants to do it – she didn’t say for sure, but I can tell."

My dick started to rise. At that age, stiffies spring up fast. I felt my dick lengthen and slide to the side and then upward inside my shorts. Gracie glanced down at the movement and a smiled played on her lips. "Come on," Gracie said, turning to lead the way again.

I followed her upstairs to the room she and Beth shared. Gracie let me go in first and closed the door behind us. Beth was sitting cross-legged on her bed reading one of the fan magazines Mom carried at the ice house. Beth was wearing snug cotton shorts which she had pressed. Her sleeveless gingham shirt was also pressed. Beth always kept her clothes nice, even at home in the summer.

"I brought, Scotty so you can give it a try," Gracie said encouragingly. "Look at his shorts. He's ready."

Beth's eyes dropped to the front of my shorts. She quickly turned back to her magazine and flushed red.

"Come on," Gracie said encouragingly as she stepped up beside Beth's bed. "Put the magazine down."

Beth shook her head.

Gracie motioned me over stand beside her at Beth’s bed.

"Look," Gracie said. She pulled my shorts down, revealing my naked stiffy pointing skyward. Beth's gaze shot to it from the corner of her eye. Gracie closed two fingers around my dick. "Feel it," she offered. "The skin is really, really soft, but underneath, it's real stiff, like a stick."

Beth watched from the corner of her eye as Gracie moved the skin up and down my dick, but Beth made no move to touch me herself. In the meantime, since it was Gracie who was fondling my dick, I turned my attention to her. "We could show her," I suggested to Gracie. I wrapped my arms around Gracie's shoulders and pressed my nude body to the front of her thin sun dress. Gracie let go of my dick and closed her hands around my butt and pulled my stiffy firmly against her own pubic mound. I grabbed her face and pressed my mouth to hers. Our mouths opened, and our tongues slid on each other. Gracie moaned softly.

I pulled up Gracie's sun dress and grabbed her butt like she had mine, only to discover that she had no panties on. I pulled up her dress in front and she widened her stance, pulling on my butt to press my stiffy to her naked labia. I’m sure we looked nasty the way only two kids can.

I pulled her dress above her head and she only let go of my butt long enough for me to pull the sun dress off her. Then her hands were back on my butt, pulling my hips between her legs while she ground her pussy on my stiffy. My hands went to the two firm mounds of her breasts. I caressed them and I leaned in to kiss again.

Gracie and I were nearly fucking standing up. She moaned and I was making little grunts in that alto-pitched boy's voice I had back then. I felt moisture on my ballsack. Gracie was getting damp again. She turned on pretty quickly back then, though I think she was primed before she ever came to my bed.

"Let's fuck," I told her.

Gracie grabbed my hand and led me to her bed. She bounced up onto it, laid her head back on her pillow and spread her long, slightly-bent legs. I climbed up onto the foot of the bed on my knees, and Gracie's eyes locked on my stiffy. It wouldn't be the first time a girl's eyes locked on my dick as I got between her legs, but it was the first time that I had gotten it, and the look tightened my pelvic floor. I remember my body's reaction and how the way she looked at my dick made it even harder. I was learning the way of a girl and a boy.

My eyes fell to her labia. They were wet and slightly parted at the bottom. Gracie slid her hands down on either side of her pussy and spread her lips. I could see moist pink membrane at the entrance off her vagina. Gracie, too, was learning the ways of a boy and a girl. My dick jerked.

With no more preamble than that, I scooted up on my knees and pointed my stiffy down at her entrance. Gracie pulled her knees up to make it easier and she lifted her head to watch.

I eased in until we flattened together and the sheath of her snug vagina held my stiffy possessively. I ground in and Gracie reached down for my butt with both hands. I fell forward onto my hands, and used my right hand to caress her left breast admiringly.Gracie ground her pelvis hungrily up onto me. Bending, I planted my lips on hers and our mouths opened once again to one another. We kissed and ground.

I thrust into her grinds and broke the kiss to look down between our bodies. Gracie looked, too. Then our eyes met, and Gracie pulled me down onto her and wrapped her arms and legs around me, pulling me tight. I laid my head on her shoulder and wrapped my arms under her. My face was toward Beth. Gracie and I humped, and I watched Beth.

Beth was still sitting cross-legged on her bed, but facing us now, with her back against the wall. Their room was small, and their two beds were close together, so Beth was only a couple of feet away. She had set the magazine aside and was rubbing between her legs.

Gracie and I ground more than thrust. My stiffy wasn't long enough to do the hard pounding I could later after it grew. Still, it was fucking, and after watching Jimmy with Gracie, I knew how hot it could look, especially with Gracie's hands clutching my butt and grinding us together. I turned from watching Beth to suck on Gracie's neck, then covered her mouth again with mine.

The next time I looked at Beth, she had shed her shorts and backed to the wall again. Her hand was inside her panties.

"Scotty!" I heard Jimmy call from downstairs. "Scotty, you here?"

I raised my head and called out. "Yeah, up here."

Beth gasped. Gracie groaned as I got up from her and went to the door. Opening it, I leaned out just as Jimmy, barefoot and in shorts, reached the top of the stairs. "Come here," I told him.

He hurried to me and I let him into the room, closing and locking the door behind him. His eyes went right to Gracie's open legs and pink vagina.

"You take Gracie," I told him. "I'll take Beth."

Jimmy's shorts were already tenting. He jerked them down and dropped them to the floor, on the run. He climbed onto Gracie's bed and dove into her embrace.

I turned to Beth. She had frozen with her hand inside the front of her panties. Her eyes met mine and she swallowed hard. I went to her bed and got onto it on my feet, facing Beth, showing her my dick, wanting her to look at my boner the way Gracie had. I stepped up to my sister's crossed legs, and planting my feet wide apart and I bent my knees to show give Beth a close-up view of my stiffy.

Without even glancing up at my face, Beth reached tentatively for my dick and pressed my erection up against my belly with her fingers, feeling the spring of its stiffness. She slid the skin on it, up and down. She pulled it down from my belly, examining it. She swept her fingertips under my little ballsack softly. Then she did something unexpected. She kissed the end of my dick. Next she did something totally unexpected. She swallowed my boner into her warm, wet mouth. My knees nearly buckled.

Beth sucked and I felt her tongue work the underside of my dick. I grasped her head and my hips nearly bucked. She grabbed me by the hips, but kept sucking. She seemed to be getting just about all of my dick in her mouth.

Some girls -- and some guys -- like sucking a dick, at least a young dick. Beth did. She sucked with growing enjoyment and enthusiasm and I almost doubled over on her head as she held me by the balls and sucked hard. Her mouth and tongue moved boldly. She took her pleasure. It was Beth's first sex with a boy, and since it was her little brother, it wasn't like she had to worry about anything.

When something she did brought a response from me, she repeated it. That's why she pressed her fingers up under my perineum more firmly. I shuddered with a sudden dry orgasm.

Her sucking became too much. I pulled my hips back, but Beth seemed reluctant to let me go. When she finally did, I collapsed onto my knees, and then onto my butt inside her crossed legs, extending my legs out over her thighs right and left. That put my stiffy right against her panty-covered pussy – remember, stiffies don't always go down quickly when you’re too young to shoot cum. Beth dug her heels into my butt and pulled us tighter. My eyes fell to Beth's chest. She was breathing pretty hard. I started unbuttoning her sleeveless blouse. She rested her hands on my shoulders and watched.

When I had undone the last button, I opened her shirt and she forward from the wall to take it off behind her. Before her arms came back around, she undid her bra. I saw it go loose. She took it off and cast it aside and raised her chest to show me her breasts. I was mesmerized by them, and I was probably looking at them the way Gracie had looked at my boner.

Beth had real breasts. Not the mounds that Gracie had, but proud little breasts with upward pointing nipples. Beth swam a lot with one of her friends, and they wore two-piece swimsuits (those came before bikinis). Her breasts were creamy white against the tan of her shoulders and belly. Beth shoulders were wider for her body than Gracies, and her high breasts were spaced wider apart. They were beautiful twins. Even as I watched them, her nipples tightened and hardened.

Like a lot of boys that age, I had big hands. I remember the sight of my hands under her white breasts as I lifted them on my fingers for the first time. I slid my palms under them to caress the soft skin. I molded my palms to them to feel their shape. They excited me. I think breasts excite even the youngest of boys, even before pussies or asses do. Beth’s quarter-size nipples fascinated me, and I obeyed an impulse that must have been similar to Beth's impulse when she pressed her lips to my dick; I covered her right nipple with my closed lips, trapping her hard little nub between them. I sucked it between my lips and when Beth groaned softly, I let my lips part and sucked in her entire nipple. Beth tensed. When I felt over her areola with my tongue, she tensed even more, cupping the back of my head and neck with her hands. So I lathed it thoroughly with my tongue. Beth gasped. And then she moaned.

She obviously liked my appreciation of the breasts adolescence had given her, so I did to the left breast what I had done to the right. I used my mouth and my tongue. I used my fingers and my palms. And Beth caressed the back of my head like a young nursing mother.

I played and sucked, and then I noticed how wet her panties had become where my stiffy rested on them. I leaned back from her to look. We were pressed together down there and it almost looked like my stiffy was pointing up from Beth's panties. Through the wetness, I saw black pubic hair like I'd seen on my mom and dad when I was little. I pulled down the front of Beth's panties. Her pubic patch was much smaller than my parents. Her patch had the small tight shape of a boy’s or girl's first true pubes.

Beth lifted her hips to allow me to pull her panties down, so, backing, I pulled them off her and knelt up between her open legs. She pulled her knees up and apart to show me her pussy. Her labia were thicker, puffier than Gracie's. They were pink like my dick and just as bare and smooth. She rubbed the top of her slit with a finger on either labia, and when she rubbed, I saw a lighter nub of skin appear between them. It looked hard and stationary between her moving labia.

But Beth was still backed to the wall and not easy for me to get to. "Lay down," I told her.

Beth scooted around, and I scooted with her, until she lay her head back on her pillow and I was on my knees between her legs, getting that eye-lock on my cock from Beth that had excited me from Gracie.

"Remember," Gracie's strained voice came from the next bed. "It hurts a little at first but gets better."

Beth and I glanced over. Gracie was still on her back with her legs spread, but Jimmy wasn't on top off her. Instead, his mouth covered Gracie's pussy and she had her hands clamped on the back of his head. He looked almost like he was devouring between her legs.

Well, I hadn't tried that yet. So I bent down to Beth's pussy. And, wow! The smell!

Once Jimmy hit puberty, I loved the smell between his legs, and my favorite scent will always be young Asian male. But that morning, the vague smell of sex in the room that had barely registered on my consciousness, now grabbed me from my nose down to my prepubescent balls the moment I stuck my face between Beth's legs. It was like some electric drug shot straight in through my nostrils. It wasn’t overpowering; Beth was still young. But its effect was powerful.

I basically fell face-first into her pussy. Beth squirmed and grabbed the back of my head as I nuzzled and took another deep breath. My mouth opened, all on its own, and it was like pure reflex for me to start licking. I licked her juices and her opening. I licked up her slit which tasted faintly of girl piss. Then I hit that hard little nub I had seen earlier with my tongue it was like pushing a Beth button. She jumped.

I licked on it, and she quickly directed me to lick around it, alongside it, lightly on it, just not hard licking on it. Her clit was obviously sensitive. I licked, she moaned and thrashed. For the first time, I used my fingers and tongue to explore a girl's anatomy thoroughly, and Beth enjoyed the examination. She thrashed and writhed and moaned, and her movements excited me. I wanted on top of her.

So I moved up, stopping when my face met pleasantly with her breasts. I nuzzled between them and my dick poked between Beth's legs. She pulled her knees up and it felt like the end of my dick slipped inside her without me having to direct it. I pushed my hips and felt my dick slide in, hit resistance, and slide through. Beth must have had a paper-thin hymen. She yelped, though, as I landed balls deep inside her.

Her thighs grabbed my hips in a vice and her arms clamped over me in a bear hug. So I didn't try moving until I sensed her relax. Slowly, I ground in.

Beth moaned softly. Because of our height differences (she was still taller than me at that age) my forehead was at the level of her jaw in that position. I could go for breasts or neck. Grabbing the fronts of her shoulders, I went for the neck first. Beth had a graceful neck. I sucked the nape of it and began to thrust.

Beth's knees came up and her hands felt over my back before drifting down to my butt -- we're a family of butt grabbers. We're all long armed and it's sort of natural for us. Later, my little sister Jenny grabbed my butt exactly the same way without any of us showing her first. I never had sex with my oldest sister, but all three of the others loved to pull their knees up, grab my butt, and pull with my grinds and thrusts. Same with my little brother Charlie and them, later, before I got out of high school.

Anyway, that morning, I discovered that Beth loved fast fucking. Her hands on my butt pulled faster and faster, and the faster I went the more noise she made and the more she thrashed. I discovered that fast-fucking a girl into a climax, especially a noisy girl whose juices flood at climax and whose pussy clutches, was hugely exciting. It was the first time I climaxed at the identical moment -- a dry one for me of course, not that we would have noticed with all the juices Beth put out.

Beth purred happily after, hugging onto me and grinding lazily up against me, but I was getting soft.

"Did you like it?" Gracie asked from the next bed.

We looked over and Jimmy was on top of Gracie again, but they weren't moving. They looked like they had finished as well.

"Yeah," Beth said in thick, contented-like voice, stroking my back.

"You want to try Jimmy next?" Gracie asked.

Beth's eyes went to Jimmy's body on top of Gracies. "Okay she said."

Jimmy and I got up, and he knelt up between Beth's legs, rubbing under his stiffy while he paused to survey Beth's body. Her eyes did the eye-lock on the dick thing with him, too. Then Jimmy took the plunge and I sat on the edge of Gracie's bed.

Gracie sat up and eyed my limp dick. "I didn't know you didn't have a stiffy any more," she regretfully.

I shrugged. Sorry.

Gracie wasn't about to take that as an answer, though, she reached between my legs to fondle me, and when that started to get a rise, she got onto all-fours on the bed with her face over my lap and her hand between her own legs, fingering. She sucked me up until she got me hard.

"Lie down on your back," she told me. "I want to do it that way again."

Even as I scooted up on the bed to lie down, Gracie was getting into position over me. She was ready. A moment later, she was rocking in my lap, eyes closed, rubbing the mounds of her breasts, and moaning.

"I want to try it that way," I heard Beth say from the next bed.

Soon, Beth was riding Jimmy on their bed the way Gracie was riding me on ours.

Gracie made me dry-orgasm again before she got off. Jimmy and I left their room with very limp willies in our shorts. Even prepubescent boys have their limits. I'm not sure about my sisters, though. When we left their room, they were still naked and Gracie had climbed onto Beth's bed with her.

"I was gonna ask you to spend the night at my house," Jimmy said as we walked down the stairs, "but I'm sort of tired of fucking now. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah," I agreed. "If they want to do it again tomorrow, we can tell them when we want to stop."

"Yeah," Jimmy agreed. He threw an arm over the backs of my shoulders when we reached the bottom of the stairs, and we went outside.

I did sleep over at his house that night. We had recovered, and nobody, including my two sisters, kissed like Jimmy.

Neither of our families ever moved away from our home town. Eventually Jimmy took over his family farm, bought others, and prospered. I went into medicine and managed to stay close to home for college and even medical school (Tulane, over in Louisiana). I returned home to set up practice -- never had anything else in mind.

Jimmy and I were roommates through college. Then, while I was in med school, he and I took frequent "hunting" and "camping" trips together. The first moment we were alone would always be spent in a long, hard hug. Even after we married and had children we continued our hunting and camping trips. Because, you see, no one ever did manage to kiss better than Jimmy.

There are other stories I could write about all of that. Perhaps, some other time I will.

These days, Jimmy and I are old and don't kiss anybody much any more-- at least that kind of kissing. We still go on hunting trips, but now-a-days, those trips end up on soft beds in motels or hunting lodges with a supply of Viagra. Most of the time, though, my wife and I will go over to his house, and while wives and kids are all inside (often my kids, too, because our families grew up together), Jimmy and I will sit on his porch and chat. At some point, he'll smile at me and wink one of those wrinkled almond-shaped eyes at me, and that will be enough.

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