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The Little Nymhpo's saga continues as she goes for a walk. Gets into a pick-up with a couple of older guys. Gets a day job for the next door neighbor and gets caught in a family calamity shortly after her 14th birthday...
(Laura, a.k.a The Little Nympho)

Chapter 5

( Working for Harry )
… Barbusie …

It was about two weeks after the 'Icky Dicky' affair that I got a call from Harry, the old fart next door. His daughter thought it was time that he hire someone to help keep his house clean since he couldn't move around much with out huffing and puffing. And he had started drinking again. And she wanted some one to look in on him from time to time and make sure he hadn't swallowed his tongue during the night.

'Hello?" I answered the phone. 'Good morning Laura darling. This is Harry." The voice on the other end said. 'High Harry, how you doing today." 'Well, I was wondering if you were working anywhere, because if you weren't I might have a job for you." 'Really that would be cool Harry. It ain't got anything to do with your grandson's again dose it?" I chirped

Harry giggled a little and said. 'No dear, my daughter thinks I need a baby sitter he giggled. 'Why would you need a baby-sitter, Harry?" 'Well, it's not that I need a baby-sitter it's more that I need some help around the house doing my chores.

My daughter thinks I'm getting a little too old to be doing a lot of the things I used to do. Would you be interested. Laura?" 'I pay all my help pretty generously." He added. 'How much generosity are we talking Harry?" 'How about 200 a week, and you only have be here three of four days a week."

'Well, I could use the money Harry, but I can only do it till school starts again and then maybe help out part time on the week-ends or something. How would that be?" 'Oh darling you’re a life saver I'd much rather have someone I know and I like around here then some fat old hag that only wants to watch my T.V." I giggled at that one and asked. 'When do you want me to start, Harry?"

'Well, today's Sunday. How's tomorrow at 8 sound?" 'I'll be there Harry. Take care, see Ya tomorrow." It was late Sunday morning, the folks were all eating breakfast and I was horny. So what's a 13 year old horny teen gonna do. I went up stairs and put on a mini-skirt with no panties and a tube top and my sneakers and I went out for a walk.

I got about two blocks when a pick-up truck rolled up along side and there were two teen-aged guys inside asking me I needed a ride. I walked over to them and gave them a good look said. 'No, I'm on my way to church."

The guy on the passenger side looked to be about 18 had steel gray eyes and a nice smile and the driver was a little younger and had long brown hair and looked like he worked out. 'Hell girl, we can think of better things to do then go to church." 'Ya, like what?" I asked in my most innocent voice.

"Get on in here and we'll show you." My pussy was dripping juice down the side of my inner thigh and I could feel it. 'I don't know, Momma told me to never get into a strange mans car." 'Hell we ain't strange, I'm Jerry and this here is my best friend Bobby. There now we ain't strangers any more."

Jerry opened his door and stepped out he was about a head taller then me and I stepped up to get into the truck which wasn't easy, it was jacked up and had over sized tires on it. So when I stepped up and into the thing I know Jerry got a real good look at my bare ass under my mini-skirt as I climbed into the truck.

Jerry suggested we head out of town take a ride through the country side. As soon as we crossed the city line Jerry put his hand on my knee and I politely pull it off. 'Come on girl, I saw that you weren't wearing any panties when you climbed in." He ran his hand right up my thigh and strait into my sopping wet and pulsating pussy.

I went stiff and sucked in a lung full of air when he touched it and kept saying 'Don't, don't, don't, don't." but my voice was fading the more his middle finger tip stroked my rock hard distended clitoris. So I just sat back and opened my legs and let him finger fuck me real good and hard.

Jerry kissed me on the lips and I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue in his mouth and dueled with his tongue. I had my eyes closed and felt another hand on my left thigh running up till it found my pussy and Bobby said. 'Shit man, she ain't wearing no panties.This little girl wants to get fucked, man." And he shoved two fingers up in side me.

Jerry broke the lip-lock and said. 'Man, find a place to park this thing right now." No sooner then he said that then Bobby turned into a corn field on the edge of a gravel road. We went in about 100 yards and turned the truck into the rows of corn.

It being early august the corn was tall and green yet and it made for a real concealable place for two guys to fuck the shit out of a 13 year old hottie who was cumming real hard on jerry's hand when we turned into the corn.

No sooner then we were stopped jerry had my tube top down and was sucking on my pert little titties. Bobby got out and got a large shipping blanket out of the tool box and spread it across the open tail gate and the ground below it and it made a nice place for fucking.

Bobby hollered at Jerry. 'Hay man, bring her back here." Jerry quit sucking my titties and took my hand and led me to the back of the truck. Bobby walked up and kissed me deep while jerry was taking off his pants. When jerry was ready, Bobby pushed me to the blanket on my knees and Jerry stuck his rock hard 8 inch dick in my face and I began sucking and slurping on it.

Bobby got his pants off and joined Jerry and then I was taking turns sucking both guys at the same time. Bobby's dick was huge, a good 10 inches I guessed and it jutted out like a huge banana. With a curve that pointed up. He was harder then Jerry. I sucked and stroked both till they couldn't stand anymore and wanted to fuck me.

Jerry pulled me up and bent me over the tail gate of the truck and guided his dick to my swollen sopping wet pussy from behind. As soon as he entered me I quivered and came really hard and that caused Bobby to climb into the bed of the truck so I could suck on him while jerry was drilling me from behind.

In about two minutes Jerry pulled out and shot about a half dozen wads of cumm across my back and naked ass. He and Bobby switched and now Bobby was behind me aiming that huge dick of his right at my gaping little hole and skewered me in one long stroke I cried out as he sank all 10 inches in, in one smooth stroke.

Jerry got in front and made me lick his dick clean and suck on it till it got hard again. Bobby was long stroking that big ol dick in long swift strokes making me cumm hard about every 30 to 40 seconds.

I just kept cumming, and cumming, and cumming, over, and over, and over. Till in about two minutes he pulled out and blasted about a dozen long hot streaming wads of man cumm all over my back and ass.

Jerry groaned that he was going to cumm again and grabbed me by my the head and quivered hard as he shot another big load of cumm down my throat. I swallowed and swallowed and took it all.

I was spent. Jerry was spent and Bobby was still hard so he flipped me over onto my back and began to lick on my sore little pussy with his tongue.

He licked me till I was horny again and then he fucked me slow and long missionary till I came another three times then he pulled out and shot another half dozen wads across my belly and pussy.

I was completely gone now and could hardly walk. I was dizzy and my legs were wobbly and Jerry had to help me get back into the truck. He pulled a roll of paper towels from under the seat and I wiped my pussy and ass dry of most of the cumm I had on me. We started for town and I told the guys that I had to stop some where and clean up a little before I could go home.

We stopped at a quick stop and I went in to the bathroom to clean the rest of the cumm off of me. And brush out my hair. As I sat on the throne taking a long awaited piss I giggled to myself thinking. 'I am such a horny little slut. I just got fucked damned good and proper buy two older guys in a corn field And I loved every fucking bit of it.

When I got back to the truck jerry handed me a fountain Pepsi and I said. 'That was real sweet of you Jerry." 'I just though you might be thirsty after all that awhile ago." I kissed him on the cheek and said. I loved every minute of it dude. Thank you, it was just what I needed."

As we drove back to my street I told them that I was horny all the time and if they wanted me again, I'd be around and ready for them. But I am only 13 so we'd have to be real quiet about it." Bobby piped up 'Gee, you think?"

I reached over and gave Bobby a peck on the cheek and whispered in his ear. 'I really liked your big ol cock dude, you can fuck me any time you want it." 'I'll put you in my little black book, darling."

They dropped me where they found me about two blocks from my house and I kissed them both good-by and started walking to the house. I walked in and went strait to my room and got my night shirt and a fresh pair of panties and went to the bath room and took a nice long bath.

Mom had gone to work and daddy was sitting on the couch when I got done bathing. It was getting dark and dad had sent the kids up stairs to get ready for bed.

I went out and sat down next to daddy on the couch and laid my head in his lap like I always did. 'Did you have yourself a nice walk, baby?" he asked stroking my hair.

'Yes I did daddy. Oh, I got a job today." 'You did?" he asked. 'Ya, for Harry next door." I said. 'Doing what baby?" He inquired. 'Helping him do some of the chores around his house that he just can't do any more. His daughter thinks he's too old to be doing some of the things he used to do and she wants some one around to keep him out of trouble. 'Your gonna baby-sit an old man, baby?" He said. 'Ya, kind of." I answered.

'He's paying me 200 a week and I only gotta help him out three or four days a week till school starts again." Sounds like my baby's growing up." He smiled and patted me on the butt. I raised up and gave him a kiss right on the lips and whispered.

'Is there anything you need me to do for you tonight daddy?" 'No baby, your Mom's been real good to me lately for some reason. You go on to bed and get a good nights rest." He smiled at me and added. 'You gotta work tomorrow."

I kissed him again longer and with a little tongue and hugged him tight and said I love you daddy." 'I love you too baby. Go on now." I went up stairs but I didn't go to bed I snuck into Dicky's room. And stood over him in the dark as he lay there sleeping.

After closing and locking the door, I pulled my nighty up over my head and crept over to Dicky's bed. He looked so sweet laying there with the street light filtering into the room through the window. I slowly pulled his blanket down and was pleasantly surprised to find that he was sleeping completely naked.

I cautiously sat on the edge of the bed and reached over and grazed my finger nails lightly across his bare thigh back and forth till his little dick began to swell up. The more I tickled his thigh the bigger his cock grew till it was twitching and oozing fluid from the end of it.

My pussy started throbbing and my nipples got a little itchy. I lightly tickled his nut sack and his cock twitched hard and up off his belly and hung there throbbing and twitching It seemed bigger then it was a few weeks ago but I didn't care. I just wanted to suck on it.

I lowered my head and snaked out my tongue and began to lightly lick on the top side of it up and down till he moved and moaned a little then he began to talk in his sleep. 'OOoooooo Ya Pammy, that's the way." He mumbled still sleeping.

'He's dreaming it's Pammy sucking his dick.' I thought. 'How rude.' But I kept on licking and then I got bold and picked it up in my hand and lowered my mouth to the head and wrapped my lips around my little brothers straining cock and began to suck on it.

I had sucked about a dozen strokes when he put a hand on the back of my head and whispered. 'What you doin Laura?" 'Shhhhh." I whispered back. And he lay there and let me suck some more. 'I wanna eat your pussy Laura. Please?" I moved up and kissed him on the lips and laid down beside him.

He reached down and slid his hand under my panties and right into my again sopping wet little pussy. He sank two fingers in and was finger fucking me and tongue kissing me at the same time. He then rolled me over as I pulled down my panties and spread my legs wide and guided his mouth to my throbbing wet pussy.

I held my lips apart and pointed to the bump in the middle and whispered. 'Lick on that." He did and I shivered and quivered through a half dozen real good toe curlers till I couldn't take any more.

I flipped him onto his back and began to blow him again till he was making so much noise that I had to stop for awhile. When he'd calmed down I went down on him again. And this time I sucked harder and faster in about two minutes he was shooting wad after wad after wad after wad into my sucking swallowing mouth.

I again took every drop and sat back on my heels feeling real proud of myself for my cock sucking abilities. Thinking, 'I'm gonna be one damned fine fuck for each and every man who dares to try me out.' I kissed Dicky on the lips and whispered. 'Thank you baby." I pulled my panties on and then my night shirt and left him smiling from ear to ear.

The next day Mom woke me at 6:00 she new I was going to work today for Harry and she wanted me to actually show up for the job. I got dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and headed down to breakfast. I eat a bowl of cereal, and at quarter to 8 I left to go to Harry's house.

When I got to Harry's house he was in the kitchen reading a newspaper. He smiled as I walked in and asked would like some coffee before you get started?" 'No, I don't drink coffee yet." I said. 'Well then how about we get started." Harry said. 'What do you want me to do Harry?" I asked.

'Well, you can start by vacuuming in the living room I guess." Then he handed me a list of things that his daughter wanted me to do and it was pretty long. She wanted me to do the dishes and the laundry and clean the kitchen and his bath room and dust and vacuum the spare room at least once a week. And it went on and on and on.

Harry looked at me and said. 'I intend to help too." He smiled. 'And once we get the place back into shape it won't take much to keep it that way." He showed me where everything was and I got to work.

By noon I had the laundry done and all the dishes washed and the kitchen floor mopped and was just finishing the living room when Harry called out for me to have some lunch.

He had fixed us both a really good ham sandwich and had some chips in a bowl and a bottle of Pepsi all set out on the island and I sat down and had lunch with Harry.

As we sat there Harry kept looking at me like he wanted to say something but didn't know how to begin so I asked. 'What's on your mind, Harry?" 'Oh, I was just thinking of how much you looked like my wife when she was a teen-ager. That's all." 'So how long has she been sick, Harry?" 'Oh going on three years now. Her doctor doesn't think she'll be around much longer."

I damned near started to cry. 'I am sooo sorry Harry, I didn't know she was that bad off." Tears welled up in Harry's eyes and he whispered that's alright dear I'm starting to get used to it. Though I'm not looking forward to burying her."

'Jesus Harry, I am so sorry." I got up and hugged him and he began to cry in my arms. I held on to this sobbing man till he calmed down then I grabbed some paper towels so he could wipe his eyes and blow his nose.

I went to his liquor cabinet and got a bottle of Jack Daniels and got a glass out of the cupboard and put some ice in it and poured him and good stiff drink. I handed it to Harry and said. 'Here Harry, I think you need this about now."

Harry took the glass and took a long sip and set the glass down on the counter top. 'That's just the way I drink this shit. How did you know?" 'I didn't Harry, I just made a drink. My dad drinks whiskey like that too. 'I'm gonna start upstairs now, you gonna be alright?" I asked. 'I'll be just fine darling you go on and get back to work." He said quietly.

I went up stairs and made Harry's bed and vacuumed his floor and cleaned up his bathroom while I was cleaning the bathroom I noticed a stack of magazines in a rack along side the toilet and I had to pee anyway so I closed the door and pulled my jeans down and reached for one of the magazines to see what ol Harry was interested in and the title read, 'Barely Legal.'

I opened it up and saw girls just a little older then me doing all kinds of naughty things, in all kinds of naughty ways. 'Damn Harry, you’re an old perv ain't Ya?' I thought as I went from page to page.

'I'll bet he's been damned horny since his wife's been ill." I thought. Then I wondered if the old fart would like some teen-age pussy again before he kick's the bucket. I grabbed the vacuum and went up to the spare room.

I had always wondered about something about that room and as I went to the window I looked down and could clearly see my bathroom and the tub though the window. It was a clear shot. I was looking right into my bath tub.

I looked around the room a little and found a pair of binoculars in one of the drawers. I put the glasses to my eyes and looked at my house and into the bath room and had a real close up shot of the tub and anybody that would be in it.

I started getting hot at the thought of Harry up here for the last three years watching me finger fucking myself in the bath tub. And my sisters and my Mom. Wow this guy had his own peep show. I put the glasses back right where I found them and went back to cleaning the room. It was nearly three in the afternoon When I came back down stairs and found Harry still drinking on the whiskey.

'Harry, I'm gonna go home now and take a nice long bath I'm all sweaty from all the work I did today. Do you want me to comeback in the morning and start cleaning out that basement?" 'Harry staggered to his feet and slurred. 'That'll be jussht fine dear, you can run along now, and I'll shee you in the mornin."

He tried to walk me to the door but just sat back on the stool and waved. 'Bye-Bye." He yelled out as in was leaving…

When I got home Dicky was sitting in the living room watching T.V. Pammy was up stairs and Mary was gone to a friends house. Where's mom and dad?" I asked Dicky. Grocery shopping." He said. I went up stairs and stopped at the bedroom door and pushed it open an inch or two.

And there was Pammy naked on her bed and just rubbing the hell out of her little10 year old pussy. I watched grinning as she bucked and quivered and went stiff cumming real good and hard on her vibrating hand. Then she cried out and I swear I saw a stream of pussy juice squirt a foot or so out of her little pussy. My mouth dropped open as I thought. 'My little sister is a squirter.'

I watched as the little girl collapsed on the bed out of breath and quivering over and over and over till the quivering slowly subsided. I waited another few seconds and knocked on the door and opened it. Pammy had put her panties back on by the time I knocked and was sitting up looking a little slack eyed and silly.

'What you doing, Pammy?" She grinned real big and said. 'Nothin." 'You were up here playing with yourself wasn't you." I teased. 'Did you cumm real gooood Pammy?" 'Your terrible Laura." She pouted.

I went over to her and sat down next to her and put my arm around her and hugged her. 'It's O.K. baby, everyone dose it. It's nothing to be ashamed of." She grinned and said, 'I'm getting better at it Laura. But now when I do it I've been squirting this water like stuff all over the place. Is that normal?"

'Well, I don't know Pammy, you might want to ask Mom. She is a nurse after all." 'But I can tell you this. A lot of guys are going to find that to be a real big turn on. So if it's not hurting you, I wouldn't worry about it too much."

She hugged me and said. 'Thank you Laura." I got up and grabbed my nighty and a fresh pair of panties and headed to the bathroom. I decided to take a bubble bath with the curtain wide open.

I knew ol Harry could use a trill about now, since I blasted the shit out of his day by asking about his wife. And the thought of that old fart watching and masturbating while I took a bath was making me horny as hell.

I lit some candles and lowered the lights a little and opened the curtain as far as it would go. Then I turned bon the water and poured in some bath oil and a little bubble bath and started to undress. I stood in front of the window and slowly pulled my t-shirt up over my head. Then I slowly wiggled out of my tight fitting jeans.

Then I slid my panties down and bent over with my ass pointing toward the window and pulled them off each ankle. I held onto the towel rack on the right side of the tub and stuck my bare foot with painted toes into the hot water. I swirled it around and around never looking out the window or up, knowing that Harry was probably steaming up those binoculars by now.

My little pussy was gushing and the juice was running down both thighs. I stepped into the tub facing the window then did a half turn toward the faucet end of the tub.

I looked down at my thighs and slightly fuzzy pussy, and reached down and ran my finger tip up my leg and got it slick and dripping with my own juice. I stuck the finger in my mouth and licked the juice off of it. Then I reached down and did the other leg the same way.

Then I slowly sat down into the hot water and laid back flushing the warm water across my titties with my hand as the tub filled to about half way. I laid my head back against a rolled up towel and closed my eyes.

I opened them slightly just enough to look up and out the window when I did, I saw somebody light a cigarette in the window of Harry's spare room. I instantly knew that Harry was indeed watching me as I was bathing.

I closed my eyes and slid my hand up and down my teen-age body stopping once in awhile to pinch and caress my nipples. I parted the bubbles that were covering my pussy and slid my hand down to my thigh and began to rub up and down getting closer and closer to my throbbing pussy.

I then shoved my hand into my pussy and began to rub and slide my middle finger up in side me. I began to rub faster with my right hand while pinching my titties with the left. My mouth dropped open and my breath got heavy and panting as I stepped up the pace. Two seconds later I arched my back and quivered hard cumming and cumming, over and over, till I stopped and settled down.

I stood up and sat on the edge of the tub facing the window and put my hand right back into my smoldering pulsing little pussy. I rubbed my pussy real hard and real fast. Throwing my head back shivering and quivering into another series of mind numbing waves of ecstasy and bliss.

My legs quaked, and my face grimaced, my eyes were shut tight. My hand kept sliding in and out of my pussy at a rapid pace till I squealed and quivered hard as the biggest one hit me like a freight train I quivered and quaked, again, and again, and again, and again. Till I slid slowly back into the tub and shivered though the after glow of a dozen real goooooood toe curling, teeth grinding orgasms.

I slowly let my head fall back to the towel and kept my eyes closed for a moment then I opened them just enough to see Harry lighting another cigarette and step away from the window.

I finished my bath and dried off, putting my panties on and sliding the nighty down over my titties. I brushed out my hair and rinsed out the tub and put my dirty cloths into the hamper. Then I walked out and went to my room and went to bed.

The next morning I was up before 6:00 and Ma was cooking bacon and eggs for breakfast I sat down and began to eat my eggs when Ma told me that I was going to the doctor Saturday morning for some birth control pills. 'Ma, why do I need those?" I asked. 'Because I ain't raising any grand babies that's why and I'm gonna show you how to use rubbers too. There's things out there now that will kill you if you get infected."

'So you be up and ready to go at 7:00 in the morning, you hear me?" 'Yes Mam." I pouted. Dad looked up from his paper and said it's just so you don't get into trouble baby." He said. 'And it's the right thing to do considering the way you are."

'O.K. daddy I get it, but I don't have to like it." I got up and rinsed my plate and put it into the dish washer and kissed daddy good-bye and headed out to Harry's house.

I knocked on the door but there was no answer. I knocked again and still there was no Harry. I started getting spooked. I pulled the mat up that had the key under it and opened the door I stepped inside and yelled out. 'Harry, you O.K.?" I heard a faint whine coming from upstairs and ran up toward Harry's bedroom.

I opened his door a little and yelled. Harry you in there?" 'I'm in the bathroom. I fell in the tub and hit my head." He answered back. 'Well are you decent can I come in?" I asked.

'Ya." he responded. I walked into the bathroom and there was Harry in the half filled tub, bleeding from a cut on his head. 'Jesus Harry, what the hell happened to you?" 'Oh hell, I was trying to get out of the tub and slipped that's all.

I fell forward and must have hit my head on the faucet or something." I reached in and grabbed Harry's head and looked at the cut real close. Then I slipped, and my hand went into the water and it was cold. 'Damn Harry, how long you been in here?' 'Oh, since about 7 this morning." He mumbled.

'Let's get you out of that tub sweetie and get you dried off." I said. I was then I noticed Harry's dick I was nearly as big as daddy's 'Woe Harry, you got a big ol wiener there, don't you."

'I'm sorry you gotta see me like this Laura." Don't be a prude Harry, I've seen lots of dicks already. Though not nearly as big as yours Harry." 'He looked up into my eyes and grinned. 'Ya, the ladies used to like that thing." 'Ya, I'll bet they did Harry." I smiled at him.

I got a towel and began to dry him off and as I did, his dick started growing. By the time I had him out of the bathroom and sitting on his bed he was rock hard and couldn't hide it. I just looked at it and asked. 'Harry, when was the last time you had sex?" 'Oh sweet Jesus it's been so long I can't even remember it, darling."

'Well, we have to stop that bleeding first Harry. You got any medical stuff around here?" 'Ya, there's some gauze and peroxide and band-aids in the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and found the medical stuff and came back and began to give Harry some first aid.

Harry just sat there with; his boner still tenting the towel and him oching and ooowwwing like a little boy being cleaned by his momma. When I had his cut cleaned and dressed, I sat down next to him on the bed. I looked at his massive boner wiggling under the towel and asked. 'So long you can't remember huh?" 'Yes" he whispered.

'Harry, when was the last time you had you some teen-age pussy?" 'Oh Jesus darling not since I took my wife's cherry when we were16 and in high school." 'You've never had any one except your wife, Harry?" I asked putting my hand on his bare knee.

'No, we married just out of high school when she got pregnant with my daughter. And then I went off to Korea and we've been married the whole time so no I haven't."

I reached up and kissed him lightly on the lips and asked 'Would you like some teen-age pussy, Harry?" He grabbed me and kissed me hard on the lips and sank his tongue into my mouth.

'Woe Harry, slow down sweetie, we've got all day." I pushed him back and laid on top of him and kissed him again nice and sweet on the lips.

I looked him in the eye and whispered. 'I don't want to fuck you Harry." He looked real disappointed real fast. And I smiled and said. 'I want to make love to you." And kissed him deep and sank my tongue into his mouth. He reached up and held my head as I kissed and nibbled on his ear loab.

I pulled the towel off his ragging 8 inches and wrapped my hand around it. 'Oooooohhh Ya Aaaaa," he moaned as I kissed and licked around his chest and nipples while slow stroking his rock hard cock with my hand.

Then as I slowly tongued my way down toward his dick I asked. 'Did you like watching me last night, Harry?' he stopped breathing knowing he'd been busted. He took a deep breath and sighed. 'Yes I did darling, you've got to be the prettiest thing I've seen since I first saw my wife."

I smiled and moved my head closer to his dick and licked the end of it and tasted his pre-cumm juice it was kind of sweet tasting. And I wrapped my lips around the head of his dick and sucked. 'Oooohh sweet Jesus." He cried out. As I sucked him into my mouth as far as I could get it.

As I licked and sucked and stroked his dick with my right hand, my left one was playing with his nipples. He told me to turn my ass toward him so he do some licking and sucking too. In seconds we were in a sixty nine and going to town on each other.

I just kept sucking and moving my head up and down on his dick till he was crying out that he was about to cumm I stepped up the pace and stroked faster till he let out a long loud groan, went stiff, and began to quiver hard.

I pulled off till just the head was inside my mouth and Harry exploded gushing wad, after wad, after wad, after wad, into my sucking swallowing mouth. 'Oooooohhh Hhhhooolllyyyy shhhhhhiiiitttt, here it coooooommmmeessss. Oooohhhh, Oooohhhh, Oooohhhh, Oooohhhh, Yaaa Aaaaa Oooohhhh, god damn girl." He panted and puffed and groaned and shivered again and again and again.

Harry just kept on quivering over, and over, and over, till his mind blowing orgasm began to subside. He was still holding my head tight and on his deflating cock as I sucked each and every drop of cumm the cock had to offer.

He turned lose and I laid there with my head on his stomach and waited till his breathing got back to normal. I looked up at him and asked when was the last time you had a blow-job like that, Harry?" 'Sweetie I ain't never had a blow-job, that one was my first. The wife never would do that for me."

'Well, congratulations Harry, how did you like it?" I giggled. 'Well, so far it's the best one I ever had." He smiled and patted me on the head. Then he rolled me over and kissed me nice and good on the lips and began to lick his way down my chest toward my titties. He stopped and licked on them for awhile and the slid on down to my hot smoldering little pussy and started licking on it like a starved dog.

I was in heaven, this old man could some eat pussy now. He had a way of flicking his tongue rapidly across my clit that felt like a vibrator. I don't know how he was doing it all I know is that it was sooo incredible.

Harry made me cumm, and cumm, and cumm. Grinding my hips up off the bed into his pussy eating mouth and then cumming some more till I finally had to push his head away from my pussy so I could regain my senses. He laid beside me as I quivered in orgasmic bliss.

I rolled over on top of him again and took his dick in my mouth and sucked till he was hard again and then I mounted the man cow-girl and began to ride the pony. I rode poor Harry at a gallop. Slamming my pussy hard on his dick for about 5 minutes, cumming hard and good about every minute or two. Then I turned around and rode him reversed. And galloped some more. Harry stayed rock hard the whole time.

I just kept cumming, and cumming, and cumming, on this mans dick till I couldn't cumm any more. I jumped off and took him in my mouth again and sucked and slurped and stroked till he again cried out and came hard into my drinking mouth. Wad after wad, after wad, after wad, of man nectar down my throat.

When he was done squirting his jizzem down my throat I laid down in his arms and dozed off like that. He woke me up about an hour later and asked if I wanted to take a shower before I go home. He and I walked naked into his shower and he washed me and then I washed him. I got dressed, kissed him good-night and went home.

For the rest of that summer my little pussy got enough dick to keep me from going nuts. About twice a week I'd fuck the shit out of Harry. Then go home and either fuck my little brother into a quivering smile or I'd 'cuddle' with daddy on the couch late at night while Mom was at work.

On my14th birthday daddy took me shopping for some cloths. He bought me a couple of real skimpy bikinis and a couple of mini skirts and dresses that I could tease the boy's and male teachers with in school when it started. He also bought me a couple of teddies and a nearly shear nighty to wear at night.

I tried on the cloths when I got back home and Pammy said I looked real sexy in them. She was so sweet that I gave her my old bikini and some of my skimpier panties.

It was nearly Labor Day and three months after I turned 14, when mom announced that she was working another double and that I would have to help my dad with the kids. That was the weekend Mom caught me sucking daddy's dick.

On Friday night dad and I were on the couch like we always did and I was wearing one of the nighties that daddy had bought me. The kids were asleep and I was getting real horney sucking on his dick, when I glanced up to see Mom standing in the hall that led to the kitchen with her hand over her opened disbelieving mouth.

All hell broke loose and Mom started screaming and slapping the shit out of daddy. 'You nasty fucking bastard." She yelled. I tried to step in and got slapped hard myself. 'You get your nasty ass to your room young lady." As she kept swatting daddy on the head screaming and cussing and crying.

Well, about two weeks later Mom and dad separated and mom moved us to Krakow and into a three bedroom double wide. We had to change schools and that’s how I met Keith…..

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2015-08-18 22:10:27
Where is part 1 and 3

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2015-08-04 18:55:21
The spelling chain is real. Past tense cum is came

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2015-04-05 13:31:32
Love the fact this redkneck is correcting your grammar and his is worse thasn yours! Sometimes! not sonetimes, but seriously very good and its cumming cum or cummed never cumm!

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2012-10-04 16:49:15
my mom never caught me suckin my brothers cock or my stepdaddy. but did catch me in bed with a girl when i was 13 or so

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2012-09-22 13:19:04
This is a good story line. I do have one suggestion. Learn the difference between cloths and clothes. A cloth is a piece of material that you wipe something down with. They are sonetime also called rags. Another definition is that it is material you make things out of, such as clothes. People wear clothes not cloths.

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