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The mortician finds out that sometimes, death can lead to birth and meets a sexy young woman who went for an unconscious swim.
Note to readers: Due to demand, I will continue posting stories both here in text form and over at the Sex Stories Forum where the related pictures and polls will also be at. Thanks for reading.


Year: 2007
Name: J.G.
Age: 27
Cause of Death: Asphyxiation by drowning
Other injuries: Post Mortem fetal extrusion.
Time between death and delivery to mortician: 32 hrs
Case Notes: A heavily pregnant woman was exercising near a lake in a park when she felt giddy and fainted, toppling into the muddy lake. A man who was passing by managed to drag her out after some time. Attempts at CPR failed to revive her and the would be rescuer turned into her rapist as his lust was stirred by the act of mouth to mouth and chest compressions on the now dead pregnant woman. After raping her, he left her body behind some bushes. When she was found more than 2 days later, ripening in the heat, she had given’ birth’…

Pregnant, drowned, rotting
Sexy belly thrice bloated
In death you gave birth

Pregnant women have always had a special place in my heart. I enjoy the sight of their milk swollen breasts, round sexy bellies and also a particular pregnant fragrance that they all seem to have. And all these are somehow enhanced when they die. The following case features a dead pregnant woman who was so eager to become a mother that she gave birth after she died through a seldom seen process named as ‘coffin birth’.
I was called to the morgue that day with the warning that it was going to be a messy and difficult job. A young pregnant lady was found drowned next to a lake almost 3 days after she had gone missing. She has started to decompose and her fetus has been partially forced out of her vagina by decomposing gases building up in her abdomen. Her family has requested the fetus to be buried separately so I am supposed to help ‘deliver ‘ it. I expected a boring joyless job as rotters do not appeal to me. I was to be very wrong.
The moment I was in the morgue, the sweet scent of decay hit me. The sheet covering her was bloodstained and had a large hump in the centre which covered her pregnant belly. I pulled up the sheet and was immediately struck by two things,
First, she had definitely started to rot. Her skin was slightly greenish and her abdomen was grossly bloated up with pregnancy and decomposing gases. Blood was seeping out of her mouth and navel and of course, my attention was gripped by the head and body of a rotting fetus that was protruding out from between her legs. It was the legendary ‘coffin birth’.
Second, all the above did not diminish her beauty and sexiness in any way. She was wearing only a bra which means all her feminine, pregnancy enhanced curves were fully visible. Her face had fortunately not started to bloat and rot but rather looked as though she was peacefully sleeping.
The stirring in my loins tells me that there was only one thing I should do. I needed to remove the fetus that is obstructing its’ mother’s vagina from my penis. I put on rubber surgical gloves and grabbed hold of the fetus. I gave it a pull and it moved out slightly and became stuck. I decided to pushed down on the woman’s bloated belly. To force out the fetus. In my excitement, I might have pushed too hard and the results were spectacular. A bloody, foul smelling fluid spurt out from the woman’s open mouth and nose, showering me with gore. At the same time, I heard a loud ripping sound followed by a very bad smell as she gave a post mortem fart. Finally, the fetus slid out of her vagina, trailing an umbilical cord. I quickly cut the cord and threw the fetus into a bucket nearby. I then proceeded to strip off my clothes and gave its’ mother and myself a good clean wash.
When we were both washed clean of all bloody fluids, I got on top of her and started to have sex with the ripe, sexy corpse of the pregnant woman. She seemed to enjoy it as I keep hearing sighing noises from her (probably decomposing gases escaping from her mouth). I nibbled on her nipples and sucked in her milk. It was tasted stale and slightly sour but I enjoyed it all the same. I spit some of the milk back into her open mouth as I kissed her . Finally, I put my penis into her mouth. . Her teeth rasped against my penis, arousing me even more as I cum into her mouth.
Finally, I was done. I started to embalm her and then washed her corpse another time before helping her put on a long green dress and black shoes. She looks rather deflated now that she has delivered her baby. I then put a layer of make up on her pretty face. She looks satisfied both with my sexual and gynaecological skills.


Name: ?
Age: 18
Cause of Death: Asphyxiation due to drowning
Other Injuries: Torn vagina and hymen from sexual assault. Bruise at the back of neck from a blow to knock her out. Abdominal distension from swallowed water.
Time between death and delivery to mortician: 6 hrs
Notes: A young woman was knocked unconscious at the beach by a homeless man and raped. She was then thrown into the sea where she drowned in her unconscious state. Her body was recovered hours later and delivered to the mortician, the victim of an apparent drowning…

Knocked out and ravished
Washed out with the tide you sink
Soon dead and bloated

Of all the types of death, my favourite is drowning. It leaves the corpse relatively undamaged (assuming the body is found quickly) And there is something about water bloated bellies that really turn me on. So when I was called to the morgue one day to embalm a young woman who had just drowned and washed up at the beach, I was happy as can be. I just hoped that she would not be ugly or obese. All my fears were unfounded when I looked upon my latest ‘customer’ She was very pretty and dressed really sexily in a hot pink sleeveless top under a white tank top with slits in it. Underneath these I could see sexy black bra straps. The curves of her small but shapely breasts could be clearly seen pushing against her wet clothes. Her parted lips seemed to be asking for my tongue and more. What really brought out her sex appeal was the sight of her smooth pale belly, swollen with the water she has swallowed, protruding sexily at me from under her clothing. Here’s someone I would have loved to be my girlfriend. Oh well. I guess it’s not too late to do certain things.
I made sure there was no one around and then I put my lips over hers. She tasted salty due to the sea water she was soaked in. I thus proceeded with one of my favourite activity, post mortem CPR. I pinched her dainty nostrils shut and then blew into her mouth. Her cheeks puffed out beautifully but her chest did not rise. It must be all the water in her belly pushing against her diaphragm which blocked her lungs from being inflated. I continued locking my mouth over hers and pinching shut her nose as I use my other hand to give her belly a hard punch. Salty water immediately gushed into my mouth from hers. I savoured the taste of seawater mixed with her gastric juices before swallowing it. I noticed that her belly was still rather distended. I held up her body and pulled off her white tank top. then straddled her body and sat down onto her stomach. A jet of water sprayed from her mouth like a fountain as smaller streams of water dribbled out of nostrils. After a few tries, her belly regained its flatness.
I then pulled off her pink top and shorts. She now lie before me clad only in her black bra and pink undies. I noticed blood oozing out between her legs, staining her panties. Had I sat on her too hard? I pulled down the undies and noticed that her vagina looked raw and torn. So , it was probably a rape and murder case. Upon close inspection, I noticed a discoloured area at the back if her neck. Someone must have knocked her unconscious and then threw her into the sea after raping her! For some reason, this realization arose in me a desire to rape her again. I stripped her naked and then washed her vaginal area clean. I then placed my penis in her slack mouth until it got hard before I entered her. I shot a couple of loads of cum into her twice defiled corpse, thoroughly enjoying myself. I fondled and squeezed her breasts and stroked the hair away from her pretty face as I was doing so. Her darkening lips gave her a certain goth appeal which excited me even more. Eventually, I stopped and finally started on what they paid me for.
I did the usual washing and embalming procedure and then dressed her up in a demure looking pink dress. A light layer of make up on her face restored a peaceful look to her, the trauma she received over the past 24 hours forgotten and hidden.


2012-11-01 05:31:45
Some of it didn't happen

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2012-11-01 00:17:19
Did this really happen?


2012-09-22 17:54:01
Thank you. Cleaning filth and restoring the beauty of corpses is truly a rewarding experience.

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2012-09-22 15:40:22
I love your stories.....such filth in them makes me want to read more.

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