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The mortician works on a freshly bathed woman who was all made up for a date. He then meets a young, pretty cheerleader who was full of life before she was struck by lightning.

Year: 2011
Age: 23
Cause of Death: Asphyxiation due to drowning
Other Injuries: Light chemical burns near nose and mouth area caused by chloroform. Torn vagina and hymen from sexual assault.
Time between death and delivery to mortician: 14hrs
Notes: Pic 1
A young woman has just finished dressing up for her dinner date with her boyfriend. Suddenly, the serial killer known as the ‘Kosmetics Killer’ (refer to earlier case ‘A Bad Idea’) broke into her house. He chloroformed and raped her. He then took off all her clothes and placed her into the bathtub. He turned on the tap and watched as she slowly drowned. After 15 minutes, he carried her out of the bathtub and placed her onto her bed. He dried her body and dressed her back in the clothes she was wearing before. He then used cosmetics from her bag to apply a thick layer of make up onto her bluish face before leaving. Her boyfriend arrived soon after to find her lying heavily made up on her bed. She also looked suspiciously bluish and bloated…

Washed and smelling good
Lovingly made up beauty
But belly swollen

This was the second victim of the infamous ‘Kosmetics Killer’. Once again, I was faced with the heavily made up corpse of a lovely young lady. Apparently the killer had grown more twisted and had drowned this woman in her bath tub before dressing her up and applying makeup to her face. Her boyfriend thought she was alive until he accidentally pushed on her bloated belly, causing a stream of water to flow out of her mouth. By then, it was too late to resuscitate her so she’s all mine now.

The victim was rather small built and slim but her belly looks grossly distended, stretched out round and smooth beneath her black colored spaghetti strap top. I have no idea why no one has tried to remove the water but then again I have learnt not to question my luck too much. She smelled heavily of perfume. I looked at her heavily made up face. She looked as though she was sleeping but there was a pained, troubled look on her lovely face. Poor girl. I cannot imagine the trauma she must have gone through being attacked, chloroformed, raped and drowned in one day. I hope it will get better for her now that she is safely in my hands

First, I wanted to relieve her belly of all the excess water first so I sat on the slab behind her and held up her upper body. Her head flopped back limply to rest on my shoulders. I could smell the fragrance of her perfume and as I kissed her, I almost spontaneously cum in my pants. I held back and instead wrap my arms around her distended belly. I gave a soft jerk inwards and this Heimlich action caused some water to flow out from her mouth. I jerked again, this time much harder and a jet of water sprayed out from her mouth and nose. I also noticed some foul smelling liquid seeping out from between her legs, wetting her skirt. I must have induced her to pee in death by pressing too hard on her bladder!

Soon, she regained her flat tummy. I striped her off her urine stained skirt and by now soaking wet spaghetti top causing her petite near naked body to lie before me wearing only a green bra and black panties. Her panties were stained with blood that must have been caused by her killer’s brutal rape on her. I stripped these off too and started to wash her nude body. Her red lips, demurely made up eyes and her hot naked body seemed to be inviting me into her. I quickly granted her wish and penetrated her with gusto. Her head moved around as I moved into her, as though she was asking me to give her more. I shot my cum into her body and then inserted my penis between her sexy lips, watching her cheeks and throat bulge out with each thrusting action and finally making her swallow a huge load of semen. I gave her a final wash, including carefully cleaning off the thick layer of make up on her face before hugging her and sleeping for a while beside her clean and fragrant body.

After that it was the more boring parts of the job. Her family had wanted her to be dressed in a pink toga top which exposed one of her shoulders sexily so I helped her put it on along with a pair of blue pants. I then applied a lighter layer of cosmetics on her face , giving her a more natural and serene look.


Year: 2011
Name: Y.J.
Age: 18?
Cause of Death: Cardiac arrest due to lightning strike
Other Injuries: Electrical burn marks on left shoulder and right calf. Minor bruising from fall after being thrown by the lightning. Severe gastric distension due to incorrect mouth to mouth resuscitation attempted on her.
Time between death and delivery to mortician: 7hrs
Notes: A hot, young cheerleader was struck by lightning, throwing her further than anyone in her team had thrown her before. She did not suffer much injury from the fall but went into cardiac arrest as her heart stopped beating. Many male friends came forward to try to resuscitate her but the one who got there first was too eager and tried a bit too hard…

Lightning strikes you out
Heart stopped, lips turned blue, friends blew
You bloat like balloon

A dead cheerleader was brought to me one day. Hot, sexy cheerleaders have always turned me on. This one had been struck by lightning during a sporting event and could not be resuscitated. She had a very pretty face and was dressed in the usual hot skimpy cheerleading outfit with a white tank top and a very short green skirt. She had also coloured part of her hair green to be in line with her team colours I supposed. Her body looked relatively uninjured except for 2 small electrical burns. Her lips were also purplish. The smell of her sweat together with the perfume she must have applied before her death gave her a very alluring aroma.
I then noticed that she had a strangely large pot belly for a cheerleader. It looks bloated so II pressed down on it and to my surprise, she gave a sexy sounding burp as gas came out from her mouth. She must have gotten gastric distension from over eager first aiders who kept blowing air into her stomach instead of her lungs, making her resuscitation a failure. I helped relieve it by continuing to gently press on her belly until it was flat and she had stopped belching. I also kissed her while doing it so she belched sour tasting gas into my mouth. It may sound disgusting but it felt good getting gas from a dead beauty. Even her post mortem farts forced out by my actions smelled kind of sweet. When her belly is flat again, I decided to try something I have always wanted to do. Cheerleading with a beautiful girl.

I lifted her light body above me by holding onto her waist and raised her until her sexy butt was in front of me. I shook her limp body around a few times and then threw her into the air, catching her as she flopped back down. I then pulled off her top, revealing her sexy black bra. I continued to move and twirl around with her limply in my arms, her shapely breasts bouncing with every move. Eventually, I got tired so I placed her back on the slab. I then stripped off all her clothes and proceeded to ensure that such a lovely young lady would not be buried a virgin. Her hymen broke as I entered her, smearing her thighs with bright red blood. I licked he blood and her cunt, thoroughly enjoying this young virgin that lightning has given to me. She probably have not given anyone a blowjob before too so I taught her how. She was a good student and did not complain as I repeatedly cum into her mouth, swallowing every drip of my semen.

Finally, I had enough fun. I washed her clean, embalmed her and dress her up in a much less revealing set of clothes. A violet sleeveless top and a black skirt which reached beneath her knees. She had definitely given me something to cheer about.


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